K-pop sensations BTS talk Eminem, fandoms, and learning English from ‘Friends'

  • Published on May 31, 2017
  • The Billboard Music Award-winning K-Pop sensations talk about their big night at the BBMAs, their favorite music, their love for their fans, and how Rap Monster perfected his English by watching 'Friends.'
    Full story: yhoo.it/2rFqayz
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  • Rohanifa Laguindab
    Rohanifa Laguindab 8 hours ago

    Yoongi killed me hahaha

  • djlivvy46
    djlivvy46 Day ago

    BTS are so entertaining that it would be very hard to have a boring interview with them, but this lady managed it - I really don’t know how.

  • jungkook jeon
    jungkook jeon Day ago

    2:32 😂😂😂😂

  • Sara .K
    Sara .K 2 days ago

    namjoon: they were so embarrassed because no one can speak engl-
    yoongi: hold my beer

  • Ashanti Christelle Soriano

    3:09 look at V

  • uWu
    uWu 3 days ago +1


  • Dolla3 AgustD
    Dolla3 AgustD 4 days ago

    3:17 Yoongi's little sarcastic laugh XD

  • sonja m
    sonja m 4 days ago

    Around 9:44 they said Halsey :(((( never heard that when I first saw it and now it happened!

  • Aygun Mirzayeva
    Aygun Mirzayeva 4 days ago

    20:35 😅

  • Aygun Mirzayeva
    Aygun Mirzayeva 4 days ago

    Jungkook reaction: what they are speaking?😂

  • champagne mami
    champagne mami 5 days ago

    10:48 jk realizes it’s IU

  • Fanfics For Days
    Fanfics For Days 5 days ago

    1:57 Awwww hobi said micky Minaj instead of Nikki Minaj

  • Tae Jin
    Tae Jin 8 days ago +1

    Omg namjoon's awkward missed handshake at the end😭 save namjoon😭😨😢😂💜

  • Dharani G
    Dharani G 8 days ago

    Tae's expression throughout this interview is priceless🤣he makes me laugh so hard💜love you tae 💜

  • sierra hugle
    sierra hugle 12 days ago +1

    9:10 Taehyung has stopped working. 🤣

  • Taliqa Rafiq
    Taliqa Rafiq 15 days ago

    How did they give this rubbish interviewer TWENTY MINS?? Out of every interview I have ever seen with them I've never come across anyone so disinterested when speaking to LEGENDS like is she even aware of that???

  • Mor Portakal
    Mor Portakal 15 days ago +1

    +Which album did you buy first?
    +Jungkook( *embarrassed* ):You know *IU* ?
    My cute kookie😄😃11:44

  • Maya Lauren James
    Maya Lauren James 17 days ago

    I cringed so hard. for being my age it’s weird

  • Susana Foodies
    Susana Foodies 18 days ago +1

    It you have a bad day don't worry watch jhope expressions

  • chillunicorn
    chillunicorn 18 days ago

    namjoon such a cutie here

  • Chonso Luirei
    Chonso Luirei 18 days ago


  • Michela Williams
    Michela Williams 19 days ago

    This interviewer was so awkward omg

  • Quinn y
    Quinn y 19 days ago

    16:05 "Chomorok....ah....yeah...um..singer dream is big bang..te song..yeah..oou.. song name is darbagis...darbagisson " That was cute tho😂

  • Quinn y
    Quinn y 19 days ago

    I want to know what tae is thinking

  • Quinn y
    Quinn y 19 days ago

    They all looks like depressed kids have homeworks and school next day..

  • Quinn y
    Quinn y 19 days ago

    Khajang 😆

  • 시말뱔구
    시말뱔구 20 days ago

    영어를 하나도 모르는데
    리액션이나 목소리 톤과 상황만으로 내용이 대충 해석되네

    ALEX LOPEZ 21 day ago

    I am back here after they performed in Billboard!!! With Halsey!!! Wooooooooo 💕💕💕

  • Atriastutik Yutub
    Atriastutik Yutub 21 day ago

    Who's name a host??? Now does anybody know who this is?

  • Snsd x BTS
    Snsd x BTS 22 days ago +1

    They are soo humble when they are compared to Beatles they were in shook their reaction was so cute 😍😍 It's like Namjoon & BTS 😂😂

  • Gacha Belle ._.
    Gacha Belle ._. 23 days ago +1

    Holy sheet this is 20 mins

  • Sandra Nabora
    Sandra Nabora 23 days ago

    Me too Girls Generation lmao

  • Zafiyah Fearnley
    Zafiyah Fearnley 23 days ago

    20:33 poor rm

  • Naman Saini
    Naman Saini 24 days ago

    Bts is my life and my love!!!💜💜

  • Naman Saini
    Naman Saini 24 days ago

    I am soo proud of bts for what they have received!!!! TODAY BTS HOLD MORE THAN '40' AWRDS IN ONLY 6 YEARS!!!!!!!!🤗💜💜💜😘 I LOVE U BTS💖💖💖💜💜💜💜💖💖💖💖

  • #W W
    #W W 25 days ago +2

    1-this was one of the most akward interviews ever
    2-Just replay the whole video and concentrate on v 😂😂

  • Ale 01
    Ale 01 25 days ago

    I don't think she's that bad. Other people don't have any patience and just ask RM the questions. She said she was excited what more y'all want her to do lol

  • Daniella Sion
    Daniella Sion 25 days ago

    All this time i thought IU pronounce like (wi) but its actually (ay-yu) 😕

  • Vkook Army BTS
    Vkook Army BTS 26 days ago

    ᵖᵒᵒʳ ⁿᵃᵐʲᵒᵒⁿⁱᵉ😂😭

  • Aubrey Domingo
    Aubrey Domingo 26 days ago

    V makes me laugh so hard. He's been in his own world most of the time in this interview 😂 I love you V ❤️

  • Elene Kaldani
    Elene Kaldani 27 days ago

    Oh god I love how awkward they are so freaking much♡♡♡

  • Braden Chan
    Braden Chan 27 days ago

    V is the best person in Bts

  • LilYoongle
    LilYoongle 28 days ago

    1 like=1 handshake for RM

  • Kirti Khanna
    Kirti Khanna 28 days ago

    I don't know but I think, the questions are just useless... Don't attack me pls... Just, some moments were epic

  • Tahlia Emery
    Tahlia Emery 28 days ago +4

    Taehyung in this whole interview is such a meme 😂😂😂

  • Kaylee Hartson
    Kaylee Hartson 29 days ago

    20:34 just give him the goddamn handshake

  • Batman r.a.
    Batman r.a. 29 days ago

    this woman is making the interview dead on her own I-

  • apoorva dwivedi
    apoorva dwivedi Month ago

    I usually see whole interview and laugh .
    Then I jump on the time stamp mentioned in comment and laugh even harder .. 😂😂

  • bnha memes
    bnha memes Month ago

    Rm:Maybe you should listen to this song
    Army: We already did!!!!!😍😍😍

  • Shriya Gupta
    Shriya Gupta Month ago

    V is so precious in American interviews aww

  • Tsinelas Diaries
    Tsinelas Diaries Month ago

    My dream is BTS and Eminem collab. 😍😍😍

  • Nigel Kotahatuhaha
    Nigel Kotahatuhaha Month ago

    Eminem still the greatest, son.

  • Be there or be square

    *free replay buttons for yoongi's... "hhhhhhhhha~"*

  • Lofty Radish
    Lofty Radish Month ago

    This is the most English I have heard Yoongi speak. He is totally just pretending not to speak English out of shyness.

  • I am Simran
    I am Simran Month ago +4

    What is V doing😂 he's such a cute baby❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Being himself😍

  • Chelsea Luck
    Chelsea Luck Month ago

    Look up there favorite Korean band
    Day day?

    BLACK PINK Month ago

    Now l know that suga likes 90's hip hop...

  • Anilie sharma
    Anilie sharma Month ago +3

    They are only 6, Tae is busy making contract with aliens 😂💜💜❤️❤️❤️😍

  • Sara Mtz.
    Sara Mtz. Month ago

    Dude this was so awkward bJAJAJAJAHAHA

  • Bu Bubble
    Bu Bubble Month ago

    Ok yahoo, they're performing at the BBMAS soon so we'll be waiting for that intreview this time ok? 😊💜🙏

  • Superuniversal
    Superuniversal Month ago +2

    interviewers are supposed to have personality

    BTS ARMY Month ago

    I’m living for Namjoon’s haircut!!!💜

  • Eulisa Lopez`
    Eulisa Lopez` Month ago

    2:46 yoongi😂.

  • Eulisa Lopez`
    Eulisa Lopez` Month ago

    1:20 ok it's kinda awkward.

  • caroline
    caroline Month ago

    i always come back to this interview for one reason. Yoongi. because in most us interviews, he seems disinterested because they tend to ask the same questions and you can tell when he doesnt like that interview. in this one he talks so much and is so involved in the conversation. i love it. plus hes so shy its so cute

  • Julia Quinonez
    Julia Quinonez Month ago +1

    3:05 Teahyung’s reaction when they got compared to the Beatles 😂😂😂💀

  • Banana Monster
    Banana Monster Month ago +1

    11:35 Look at Jungkook. He’s so nervous they’ll ask him the question.

  • Picci 81
    Picci 81 Month ago

    Onor for American army? Wtf?

    J THANG Month ago

    Did you guys look at v the whole time I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  • Indira Retana
    Indira Retana Month ago

    9:50 They wanted to collaborate with Halsey.
    12.04.2019 and here we are! BOY WITH LUV OUT NOW

  • MysteriousOtakuist
    MysteriousOtakuist Month ago

    Taes cough 14:26 my boy doesnt forget manners lmao

  • MysteriousOtakuist
    MysteriousOtakuist Month ago

    Tae's "whitney Houston" was so cute ommmmm he was so smol

  • MysteriousOtakuist
    MysteriousOtakuist Month ago

    suga like haaaaaa" when she beatles, B-ts 3:16

  • Kelvin josh j Buan
    Kelvin josh j Buan Month ago

    20:30 rm sad af

  • Claire K Ashizawa
    Claire K Ashizawa Month ago

    the iconic rejected handshake omfg

  • Lisa Geelen
    Lisa Geelen Month ago

    oh noo, the cringe!! at 20:31

  • 1-800-Idon'tgiveafck

    *RM's ignored handshake*

  • Allie
    Allie Month ago +1

    Can we please talk how how cute Namjoon looks with his hair down?

  • Lady Sugarquill
    Lady Sugarquill Month ago

    Does nobody think of getting a translator when interviewing a group that for the most part doesn't speak English?

  • kk grant
    kk grant Month ago

    Like no effence but like the interview was a little awkward like every sentence it gets so silent

  • Thug icorn
    Thug icorn Month ago

    V at the beginning tho

  • s.e.d.
    s.e.d. Month ago

    16:13 guys i cant find this song anywhere helpppppp

  • akanksha pravin
    akanksha pravin Month ago +1

    Believe me....... This isn't an interview, this is a GROUP DISCUSSION 😂

  • lily styles
    lily styles Month ago +1

    Kim taehyung's answers to every question always has me dying cuz he's never serious about his answers, he's always playin ughhh i love my little joker

  • I Live In Your Closet
    I Live In Your Closet Month ago +2

    uGH I think i just cringed into a different dimension

  • Sarah S.
    Sarah S. Month ago

    everyone is saying "no" when they're compared to the beetles but Jungkook's just... 3:05

    JUNGKOOKIE_ Month ago

    Taehyung and Jungkook are the cutest in the group😊#ARMY

  • Wanda Rivera
    Wanda Rivera Month ago

    Bts you are so good look baby wanna 💜💜

  • Amelie Nörreby
    Amelie Nörreby Month ago

    0:37 - 0:52 what is teahyung thinking about i wonder

  • Louise
    Louise Month ago

    I'm being hypsnotised by Hobi 2 years late

  • Hiya Dhadwal
    Hiya Dhadwal Month ago

    She didn't even know their names

  • acissej
    acissej Month ago

    Fave question and reaction: First album they bought with their own money
    Vocalists: Girl groups
    Rappers: Boy/hip hop groups
    And their reactions are to die forrrrr!! 10:45 click it!

  • Nemosja
    Nemosja Month ago

    It was like a teacher asking students for an answer xD

  • Annabella Dagpin
    Annabella Dagpin Month ago

    0:36 did anybody even notice V criying?!

  • s.e.d.
    s.e.d. Month ago

    This video confuses me so much. The boys make me happy but the interview itself is so awkward.

  • Nassbenmoumen
    Nassbenmoumen Month ago

    Bigbang , RM : theirs our mans😍🙏🏼 they are really BB FANBOYS . You guys should collaborate with Eminem, SUGA : HAHA 😂😂😂 I’m dead

  • Laura Is Temporary
    Laura Is Temporary Month ago

    0:25 just focus on taehyung's and yoongi's faces when she says "shawn mendes"

  • potat
    potat Month ago

    Tae is exactly like me in class