K-pop sensations BTS talk Eminem, fandoms, and learning English from ‘Friends'


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  • Evelyn nnn
    Evelyn nnn Day ago

    Suga omfg savage XD

  • Btslover 9872341
    Btslover 9872341 3 days ago

    3:09 - 3:10 Taehyung:*inhails*No

  • feigrmiff XX
    feigrmiff XX 3 days ago

    Jk:... Haru haru?
    Jm&Jhope: Day Day?
    Rm: One day One day?
    Hotel: Trivago

  • feigrmiff XX
    feigrmiff XX 3 days ago

    I just realized that jimin and v sorta had colds during this trashy interview

  • feigrmiff XX
    feigrmiff XX 3 days ago

    That Girls Generation and IU tho FANBOYS

  • Andrea
    Andrea 5 days ago


  • Alexandra Gac
    Alexandra Gac 5 days ago

    Es triste lo abrumados que se ponen por no poder hablar en inglés osea decir lo que sienten por las army ...Pero porque no aprenden Osea que les hagan clases no?

  • Dance music n weirdness hav taken over me

    There were so many things going on in this interview.... I didn't know where to look at... A compilation of Tae tae zoning out... Jimin being shy... Jhope being jhope😂... Suga scratching his head... Kookie being a cute Lil fluff😘....so many.... 😂😂

  • Dance music n weirdness hav taken over me

    05:26 did anyone else hear kookie breaking his neck.... Like Damn... It was so silent.... 😂😂

  • Rachel Jade
    Rachel Jade 8 days ago

    3:05 Nooooooooooo *but lowkey yes*

  • jadeplayz Roblox
    jadeplayz Roblox 9 days ago

    I literally searched bts of red head girl interview.

  • I'm SooNe 9
    I'm SooNe 9 11 days ago +1

    11:20 V:"SNSD is the best korean musician"
    Taehyung, thank you for this♥️💙

    HABIBA HANY 11 days ago +1

    V is so weird in this interview i think he was speaking to his aliens friends 🌝

  • Chu li
    Chu li 12 days ago +1


    • Amber
      Amber 11 days ago

      It was the interviewer I think

  • Adachi Selas
    Adachi Selas 12 days ago

    Joon is so smart and articulate. He’s so impressive every American interview how he expresses his ideas in English even though it’s not his first language.

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 13 days ago


  • BTS&Army Rock
    BTS&Army Rock 14 days ago

    Oughhhh the lady is so awkward😂

  • Heinsha Hurry
    Heinsha Hurry 14 days ago

    This video just told me to become an interviewer just to give BTS a proper interview except that of Zach.

  • Arul Johnson
    Arul Johnson 14 days ago +1


  • Mich Sm
    Mich Sm 15 days ago

    Great interview, loved it. The questions were interesting and not only focused on aRMy like other ones.

  • GiveMeTheMemes
    GiveMeTheMemes 15 days ago

    BRUH when RM was trying to shake that ladies hand all the way in the end of the video... NO! Why are you like this RM? You have the worst timing and it's so awkward..

  • Eva Amore
    Eva Amore 17 days ago


  • Stolenmyheart28
    Stolenmyheart28 17 days ago

    12:56 Jimin saying the most recent album that he bought is RM. 😀

  • Jeno _te
    Jeno _te 18 days ago +1

    حسبي الله حسيت باحراج وهمي يمشو الوضع مو فاهمين اشي
    وتاي راح لعالم الفضاء وكانه ما يعرفوا انهم في مقابله وفي كاميرا 🐸💔😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yohana Puspa
    Yohana Puspa 19 days ago +1

    So RM, never leave your babies, even if it’s a bathroom business just take them in 🤣

  • abcxyz
    abcxyz 19 days ago

    Ughh!!!! Can u please stop acting cute tae??
    my cheeks are starting to hurt cause i cant stop smiling looking at u

  • Ariana Ditchik
    Ariana Ditchik 22 days ago

    10:53 omg eminem i stan

  • Ariana Ditchik
    Ariana Ditchik 22 days ago

    10:25 namjoon taking about biggie , who tf is cutting onions? 😔

  • Crázÿ
    Crázÿ 23 days ago

    At the End tho lol RM’s ignored handshake lol

  • Jungkook Jungkook
    Jungkook Jungkook 23 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about Suga at 3:17😂

  • Yankit Lepcha
    Yankit Lepcha 23 days ago

    Your such a great leader RM 😘 much love BTS❤

  • Fatima Salgado
    Fatima Salgado 23 days ago


  • hotcherry things
    hotcherry things 23 days ago

    Host is like boring

  • Zeinab Basher
    Zeinab Basher 23 days ago

    V face 14:22

  • Lindiwe Jackson
    Lindiwe Jackson 24 days ago

    This interviewer is boring af

  • Wae Junsung
    Wae Junsung 24 days ago

    Chandler is my favourite too Namjoon. 👍🏻

  • A queen :’p
    A queen :’p 25 days ago

    11:13 what did he say?

  • First Last
    First Last 25 days ago

    Jungkook @ 7:13 - 8:20

  • Sofia Boegh
    Sofia Boegh 26 days ago

    damn it's so fucking cringey how everytime they say "do you know *insert kpop group or soloist*?" she answers "yeah I've heard of them" like clearly she hasn't ukjbmnsfd

  • Sameer Patil
    Sameer Patil 26 days ago

    I wish i can be that host,we would have sooo fun,bts!

  • •_• Hola
    •_• Hola 27 days ago

    The whole time I could only focus on how Tae's shoes were white while the others were black

  • SunTree
    SunTree 27 days ago

    what would you eat in usa? who would collab? who is your favorite artist? who wan't you meet?
    They aren't from another planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTS is worldwide !!! american celebrities are begging, asking them to collab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • neetu daakoti
    neetu daakoti 29 days ago +1

    Lmao!!!..Just look at v....!!! Busy in his own world

  • Atiqur Rahman
    Atiqur Rahman Month ago

    ummmm.... RM: [handshake] ummmmm ok no problrm....
    oh my god RM: [Inside] you know how embaressing i have to be... why didnt you handshake
    army from bangladesh... love u bts... love you cutest leader RM

  • Sheddie9
    Sheddie9 Month ago

    Never knew I needed a video of BTS singing Daesung's 'Look at me Gwisoon' :'D

  • Gabriela Soares
    Gabriela Soares Month ago +1

    Jimin is so cute when he's embarrassed💜

  • Gabriela Soares
    Gabriela Soares Month ago +1

    This entire video is a meme😂


    BTS except Yoongi : **starts cheering and screaming**
    Yoongi : *e..e....E.....e*
    BTS : **still cheering loudly**
    Yoongi : (in his mind) *BISH WHAT THE FUCK- !!*
    Me : **slowly dying** i think i need Namjoon's Pureness
    (flashback to his "pureness") Take it off now girl~ just take it off~
    Me : Never mind, i take my words back.. i need jimin's holy booty 😂😂

  • Amrutha Acharya
    Amrutha Acharya Month ago

    11:44 that "You know IU" moment 💜

  • Mathilde Vera Carroll

    R.I.P namjoon's hand

  • Sabrina Khan
    Sabrina Khan Month ago +4

    Tae tae alone was the most entertaining thing in this interview 😂

  • ChimChim's Jam
    ChimChim's Jam Month ago +3

    Her laugh....

  • celina carrillo
    celina carrillo Month ago

    Sugaaaaas embarrasing RM. Lol They should practice before interwiews.

  • Po prostu BangTan
    Po prostu BangTan Month ago


  • Kim Samarinta
    Kim Samarinta Month ago

    The interviewer clearly doesn't know all the songs they're talking about LOL

  • tierra
    tierra Month ago

    Haha the handshake always gets me😂😂

  • Arni Rozario
    Arni Rozario Month ago +1

    9:07 I was wondering what V was looking at... was he solving the theory of that carpet or ??

  • I am Paulina
    I am Paulina Month ago

    20:34 Look at Hobi😂😂😂😂

  • Thays Godoy
    Thays Godoy Month ago

    V at 18:32 wtf we can clearly hear it, thats so badass


    Omg jhope 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bangtan Sonyeondan!!!!

    I love V's no In this Video😂😂😂😂

  • Jasmine Cheda
    Jasmine Cheda Month ago

    The interviewer kind of seems uninterested and awkward.Boring face.No offence.My boys r so excited😅

  • julie rossie
    julie rossie Month ago

    Seriously this interviewer don't know how to interview Lol

  • Merry Kidane
    Merry Kidane Month ago


  • Andie Xulu
    Andie Xulu Month ago

    J-hope is sunshine

  • Alyssa Zane
    Alyssa Zane Month ago

    Poor RM at the end 😂😂💜💜 aggggh
    Also tae was so cute in dis video i almost died 😩😩💜

  • Melissa Shrestha
    Melissa Shrestha Month ago


  • Jimmy M
    Jimmy M Month ago

    The awkwardness gives me anxiety

  • Michelle Wu
    Michelle Wu Month ago

    They need someone can talk in Korean for the interview.

  • Michelle Wu
    Michelle Wu Month ago

    This interview is so dry. I feel sorry to the boys getting bored from it.

  • Sarah Sisitoutai
    Sarah Sisitoutai Month ago

    When I first heard about K-dramas and K-Pop I thought it was stupid cause I didn't understand but I was so so so wrong K-Drama and K-Pop is the reason why I learn't Korean even tho I'm not an expert but I'm slowly improving very very slow.

  • Sarah Sisitoutai
    Sarah Sisitoutai Month ago

    If I was there I would be like "Super Junior Super Junior..done I'm outta hea"

  • Sarah Sisitoutai
    Sarah Sisitoutai Month ago

    J-Hope's stare tho 1:37 ..... and then he smiles.

  • kidlisaXx
    kidlisaXx Month ago

    3:07 they deffo agreed 💀

  • kidlisaXx
    kidlisaXx Month ago

    3:07 they deffo agreed 💀

  • Kusum Thapa
    Kusum Thapa Month ago

    Yoongi is so 😂😂.Lmao

  • bharghavi j
    bharghavi j Month ago

    At 2:42
    RM : no one cannot talk in english
    Suga: hey i watched ur videos and ur video are so nice 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Nova Rai
    Nova Rai Month ago

    Namjoon miss handshake

  • jackie gonzalez
    jackie gonzalez Month ago

    “maybe you should listen to the song”

  • Abby Jones
    Abby Jones Month ago

    Yoongi just doesn’t give a single fuck in this entire thing😂

  • Khushi Khan
    Khushi Khan Month ago

    9:49 Hobi said Halsey aww I love this friendship

  • Chubbypaws
    Chubbypaws Month ago

    That interviewer made the whole interview awkward lmao

  • edible Lemon
    edible Lemon Month ago

    You know iu?

  • chim chim
    chim chim Month ago

    i know i’m so late but did anyone notice tae’s face in the first 10 seconds of the video😂

  • Hana Palani
    Hana Palani Month ago +1

    This interview was all over the place 😂😂😂

  • Mayuri Nath
    Mayuri Nath Month ago +1

    In the entire interview V was in his own world 🤣 Poor RM couldn't shake hands 🤣 & God knows who was making that Jin's signature Khrrrrrrrrrrr sound

  • Mansi Garg
    Mansi Garg Month ago +1

    3:06 V's reaction 😂
    8:30 hoseok is like a kid 😂😂
    7:35 what does tae want to say?
    8:04 that 'room' was so cute ❤️
    13:05 it's so awkward around here 😂😂
    14:15 hoseok 😂😂
    16:05 V's english is so cute
    16:18 that was so adorable ❤️❤️
    20:09 just look at V's reaction 😂

  • Batool Shareef
    Batool Shareef Month ago

    I couldn’t stop staring at tae’s ankles they’re so pretty

  • sandeep sahni
    sandeep sahni Month ago

    Jungkook at 8:37....aww cutieeee

  • JD Onfroy
    JD Onfroy Month ago

    BTS is short for Beatles

  • della jackson
    della jackson Month ago +1

    The fact that jimin would explain to RM in such detail his answers and RM would gesture to tell the camera, and then he’d get flustered and give a two worded answer along with a thumbs up.

  • RenRen Jamskookie
    RenRen Jamskookie Month ago

    Namjoons awkwardness gives me life

  • yehet ohorat
    yehet ohorat Month ago

    It’s only the first question and rm is already embarrassed

  • yeppeoko
    yeppeoko Month ago

    yahoo has left the chat.

  • Alyssa Borja
    Alyssa Borja Month ago

    They’re improving in understanding english.

  • Jillian Clark
    Jillian Clark 2 months ago

    5:52 they all stare at her like why is she laughing lol

  • janyfar emma
    janyfar emma 2 months ago

    This is the most awkward interview in bts history. And she the worst interviewer ever

  • living in an UNBELIEBUBBLE

    So it's were all the memes came from

  • Anna Hernandez
    Anna Hernandez 2 months ago

    14:13 "haha"