Burgers | Basics with Babish

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
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    For this week's episode of Basics with Babish, I'm covering how to make a (not smashed) burger and fries.
    Join me 6/21 on Twitch for the burgers live cook-a-long:
    Ingredients & Grocery List:
    Russet potatoes
    Peanut oil (or preferred frying oil)
    Beef: short rib, brisket, and sirloin
    Burger accoutrements: tomato, iceberg lettuce, red onion
    Burger buns (plus butter to toast them in)
    Vegetable oil
    Salt and pepper
    American cheese (or your preferred cheese)
    Special Sauce ingredients:
    Garlic powder
    Onion powder
    Paprika (regular or smoked)
    Sweet relish
    Special Equipment:
    Vegetable peeler
    Meat grinder (I use the Kitchen Aid attachment)
    Deep fryer (or vessel suited for frying)
    Cast iron skillet
    Instant-read thermometer
    "Love Is Not" by Broke for Free
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Comments • 4 259

  • Exotica
    Exotica 14 hours ago

    I'm so hungry rn

  • Solenya
    Solenya 22 hours ago

    That first long, vertical slice down the shortrib almost got me aroused. Beautiful cut of meat man.

  • xHarux3
    xHarux3 Day ago

    I'll grind my meat after this video ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • LC 716
    LC 716 Day ago

    No offense because I like what you do, but it’s very expensive. Maybe try and do a separate series where you purchase a weeks worth of groceries on a budget and make 5-7 meals we can make for our families. That would be a great addition to your video series

  • Lindsay Girle
    Lindsay Girle Day ago +3

    Babish, i have an idea, and its silly but doesnt sound half bad. (Or maybe thats because im an animal)
    The blue burger
    (Burger is for alliteration itd more likely just be called a blue steak sandwich)
    Toasted Turkish bread
    Blue steak
    Blue cheese
    Blue lettuce (any of the types that work and if none work then use rocket idk)
    Blue tomatoes
    And seasoned however works best.
    Im not a pro but I love blue steak and I feel you're the only kind of person who could pull it off. (Dont judge me if Im an animal and like my steaks still breathing)

  • Ma Ca
    Ma Ca Day ago

    need some kind of pickle, spears would be perfect

  • Devon Bush
    Devon Bush Day ago

    "Hate on american cheese all you like, it is the best cheese for burgers" aaaaaaand..... unsubscribe

  • Miles Lewis
    Miles Lewis Day ago

    d r y
    s a l t y
    p r e
    s a l t e d

  • WhisperIn TheWind
    WhisperIn TheWind 2 days ago

    1. Thanks for ruining burgers for me now every time I make them with store bought meat I'm always gonna think of this video and how mines not good enough and 2 I'm slightly offended there was no well done burger truly the best of them all

  • Bite of the Bleeding Hollow

    Gross lol non grilled onions and you judge me for not having special sauce lol

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 2 days ago

    Always love the videos. However, some comments:
    1) The music for basics with Babish .. no bueno, you are better than that.
    2) No gherkin on the burger? sinful
    3) Disappointed you didn't do rosemary fries - significantly better and almost zero additional effort.

    • Luke Fernihan
      Luke Fernihan 2 days ago

      Good points, but it is called BASICS with Babish

  • Milk-San
    Milk-San 2 days ago

    I thought that putting the lettuce under the burger stopped the meat juices from making the bun soggy.

  • Gabriel Ortiz
    Gabriel Ortiz 3 days ago

    I'm hungry!

    NTH THN 3 days ago


  • Hitman47Sniper
    Hitman47Sniper 4 days ago

    That steaming trick is interesting,gotta give it a shot at work

  • Joseph Burnham
    Joseph Burnham 4 days ago

    You must have one big ass fridge

  • GT Gaming
    GT Gaming 4 days ago

    WTF U dont want to sound racist but my do white people love pink meat so much. Us black folk like it when it's dark and that's how we know it's done to. We also like to season our burgers with Garlic Powder, Seasoned Salt, and Ground Pepper. Seasoned salt is not that different from regular salt. It just gives our burgers a different texture and taste.

  • Greg
    Greg 4 days ago

    Thought peanut oil was non allergic

  • Dani Hebrang
    Dani Hebrang 4 days ago

    i like all my meat (burgers, steaks, etc.) well done
    *running away as fast as i can*

  • Sir Llama
    Sir Llama 4 days ago +7

    Take the paprika/onion powder/relish out of the secret sauce and add ~2tsp of Worcestershire sauce (depends on serving size you want) and ~1Tbsp garlic salt and you have yourself some homemade Cane's sauce.

  • nicky_ tdbp
    nicky_ tdbp 5 days ago

    Who watched the accidental crossover between this channel and worth it S5 sandwich episode?

  • Flat_Jinzo_Movement
    Flat_Jinzo_Movement 5 days ago

    Where's the George Foreman grill

  • Brandon DeMeyer
    Brandon DeMeyer 5 days ago

    We just call it fry sauce in Utah

  • David Ext
    David Ext 5 days ago

    what would the difference be between using meat ground finely or coarsely?

  • dom hasey
    dom hasey 5 days ago

    great video, but american cheese is horrible on burgers, i always use cheddar.

  • Daniel Vermaas
    Daniel Vermaas 5 days ago

    Aaaargh 😊😁😇 Why not using a trenching knife (to get rid of the silver skin) and a tomato knife for the.... you guessed it 🤪 🥃

  • K for the Win
    K for the Win 6 days ago

    trying to make a joke every second is kinda annoying

  • Landon Cripe
    Landon Cripe 6 days ago

    Says let the meat freeze but opens the oven?

  • Blondie
    Blondie 6 days ago

    I'm so inspired!! Love your channel!!

  • BLT Fireburst
    BLT Fireburst 6 days ago

    5:12 These aren't the only thing getting salted


  • Potato Studios
    Potato Studios 7 days ago

    I like my patties well done. I don't like uncooked/semi cooked meat.

  • kaliskawis
    kaliskawis 7 days ago

    why we should not salt the grounded beef before we form the patty?

  • Agent J
    Agent J 7 days ago

    Don’t season your beef before molding it into patties?? 🤔it’d be bland as heck..those peppers you put on top won’t go into the inside of the patties. Your recipe kinda sucks.

  • PhantomSavage
    PhantomSavage 7 days ago

    Personally I like to make smaller patties by forming them into smaller balls and pressing them down flat with a metal spatula into a cast iron pan or skillet... then I make up for the much, much thinner patties by stacking two on top of each other after broiling either white american or smoked gouda on top of them. The texture of the pattie changes when its squashed flat, especially if you use a higher fat content grind, and the contrasting texture of two on top of each other with the extra cheese does a fantastic job of coating your mouth with flavor and the sort of richeness that makes the all american cheeseburger great.

  • Bobb b
    Bobb b 7 days ago

    This is the most back handed directions ever in one of his videos ever and I love it.

  • After TheTech
    After TheTech 8 days ago

    American cheese is not even cheese :D

  • Tw1zedM1nd173 TM
    Tw1zedM1nd173 TM 8 days ago

    its3 in the morning and I'm addicted to watching these vids

  • Matthew Bright
    Matthew Bright 8 days ago


  • TJ
    TJ 8 days ago

    All that money spent for three burgers.. Back to the real world people..

  • American Remains
    American Remains 8 days ago

    You got a sub. but please sharpen your knives. They look dull as hell

  • Koetjes Gaming
    Koetjes Gaming 9 days ago

    Just got to a burgerking

  • Derek Head
    Derek Head 9 days ago

    Have you ever tried making the special sauce with cock sauce instead of ketchup? It adds a bit of spice to the burger but is weakened by the mayonnaise. Any time I make special sauce with cock sauce I always make a bit extra to dip my fries in its that good.

  • Henry Smothers
    Henry Smothers 10 days ago

    Tip, instead of butter use beef tallow, it turns out better, trust me

  • Joshua Carrick
    Joshua Carrick 11 days ago

    What did we do to deserve this man.

  • Niah Serawop
    Niah Serawop 11 days ago

    Special sauce is just fry sauce to utahans the real og's

  • Ultra Instinct Weeb
    Ultra Instinct Weeb 11 days ago

    Y’all mind if i season the meat before forming the patty?

  • A. D.
    A. D. 11 days ago

    Medium rare is always the best!

  • Adrian Munoz
    Adrian Munoz 11 days ago

    White peoples love there bloody meat

  • Hugo Clgr
    Hugo Clgr 12 days ago

    Making the burger patties from prime cuts but using industrial mayo to make the sauce... Like seriously Babish?

  • Carl tensine
    Carl tensine 12 days ago

    Wait, his name isn't Babish?

  • YellinInMyEar
    YellinInMyEar 13 days ago

    yeah, that's not cheese

  • Gabriel Ruiz Vázquez
    Gabriel Ruiz Vázquez 13 days ago

    Me caes muy bien wey, abrazo!

  • akcoon99
    akcoon99 13 days ago


  • Kolgejt
    Kolgejt 13 days ago +1

    This burger is raw inside... This is not a steak, you grinded bacteria on the surface of the raw steak and put them inside the burger without cooking it throu. Good luck getting food poisoning.

    • Frozen Chaos
      Frozen Chaos Day ago

      Exactly what I was thinking tho I didn't say anything incase I was wrong

  • Trap Incest
    Trap Incest 13 days ago

    Not Frenched fry
    It’s fried French

  • Christina Animates
    Christina Animates 13 days ago

    Why haven’t you opened a restaurant yet

  • Jacek Nawrat
    Jacek Nawrat 13 days ago

    american cheese is not cheese, therefore it's not the best cheese for burgers. You need to use cheese for that

  • james jamas
    james jamas 14 days ago

    To me burgers are a full meal on itself...
    I dont get why you would eat fries with them because you already have bread, id rather eat another burger.
    PS: no hate to americans but american cheese is shit, even on a burger. Id recommend using old cheddar, great flavour and creaminess.

  • Lil_Lemons58
    Lil_Lemons58 15 days ago

    If you aren't using brioche buns for burgers I will fight you

  • {Fë Mãń68}
    {Fë Mãń68} 15 days ago

    I’ve never had special sauce

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 15 days ago


  • Dave & Dan Modesto
    Dave & Dan Modesto 15 days ago

    After watching this a few times and rewinding a few more times during 1:08. I have come to the conclusion and I figured, I should probably let you know..
    At 1:08. Hey Babish? Those fries aren't done. XD

  • ZakeGaming
    ZakeGaming 15 days ago

    If you use store bought ground beef please for the love of god, cook that shizz brown all the way through. I don't want to get into it but that places that prepare ground beef are not always as clean as Babish's kitchen and that ground beef has several thousand times the surface area of the steaks and beef its made from and its all coming from the same low number of cutting tools and meat grinders so it has a much larger chance of getting some nasty microbes on it. This means that unless you prepare your own ground beef you are taking a large gamble with a rare/medium rare burg and may end up seeing it again later when your body won't let you leave the bathroom.

  • Xirtual
    Xirtual 15 days ago +1

    Should have put some bacon

  • baizeenamz
    baizeenamz 15 days ago

    Can you make sushi please

  • Rasheik Bailey
    Rasheik Bailey 16 days ago

    I hope you see this can you do quagmire salmon???

  • Jones Lego
    Jones Lego 16 days ago

    what proportion of short rib, brisket, and sirloin should I use? he didnt say it so im confused

  • Aaron Thompson
    Aaron Thompson 16 days ago

    whydon't you rinse the frys first?

  • Michael Wee
    Michael Wee 17 days ago

    how are u able to touch the handle of the cast iron without getting burned?

  • kickazz 12
    kickazz 12 17 days ago

    Dont think this is basic

  • Mango Gaming
    Mango Gaming 17 days ago

    Make hot dogs

  • jay man
    jay man 17 days ago

    I eat my burger with chicken nuggets instead of fries

  • awhey642
    awhey642 18 days ago

    Principal skinner is shook

  • ThatRipOff
    ThatRipOff 18 days ago

    I know this is old, but Babby can you show us how to make battered fries (the far superior form of french fry) sometime?

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee 19 days ago

    I personally can't stand shredded lettuce on burgers and sandwiches (too messy) but to each their own.

  • Unddo Zahaz
    Unddo Zahaz 19 days ago

    Raw onions on a burger make me sick I'm sorry I just can't. Grill those suckers man, plop them in a microwave, deep fry em, SOMETHING!

  • cjaymeme
    cjaymeme 19 days ago

    Personally, I like to sauté the onions in oil, and about halfway through the process, add A1 to give it extra flavor.

  • Blue Phoenix1357
    Blue Phoenix1357 22 days ago

    That’s fry sauce babish

  • Alicia Cuadrado
    Alicia Cuadrado 22 days ago

    Peanut oil is safe for those with peanut allergies! :)

  • Seyan Asokere
    Seyan Asokere 23 days ago


  • Weeaboo1141
    Weeaboo1141 23 days ago

    YOU FORGOT THE PICKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Damajah
    Damajah 23 days ago

    But what if you're poor.. I can't afford 3 steaks to make my own burgers but the store bought stuff is so bad.

  • James Smith
    James Smith 24 days ago

    You're so American. put beetroot, egg, pineapple, carrot and everything else you can find on the burger it makes it taste SOOOO GOOOD. but you do you

  • Shane Kim
    Shane Kim 24 days ago

    What's the longest time you can freeze those fries?

  • Brandon Kennedy
    Brandon Kennedy 25 days ago

    Looks great! Though I would've added in some Italian breadcrumbs and an egg yolk to the ground beef mixture to give it a great flavor and texture

  • Whale Whale
    Whale Whale 25 days ago

    I wanted to see him make smash burgers

  • Ashley Rodriguez
    Ashley Rodriguez 25 days ago

    So like, is that basically In and Out sauce? Cause my Midwest ass misses it

  • Ed Boy
    Ed Boy 26 days ago

    Does anyone know why he says you shouldn't salt the burgers before forming the patty? I wish he would explain this stuff as he goes along

  • Gabe Reacts
    Gabe Reacts 26 days ago

    Don't let Babish catch you slipping

  • Rainier Lim
    Rainier Lim 27 days ago

    Hey andrew if you can combine short rib brisket sirloin why not ad like bone marrow and why not someone on tasty did it with spaghetti

  • Leon Jackson
    Leon Jackson 27 days ago

    Nothing was basic about this

  • imdb88
    imdb88 28 days ago

    On the Big Hero 6 series, they have this fast food chain called Noodle Burger (who's robot mascot becomes a villain). It's basically a burger with deep fried noodles serving as the bun, and apparently this is a real thing.

  • Headless Chicken
    Headless Chicken 28 days ago

    I need a meat grinder attachment for my Kitchenaid, always wanted to do my own ground meat but the damn thing is just so out of my price point. Though it might be a worth while investment now with my kids growing up liking burgers and bolognese pasta us a few other ground meat items.

  • Daniel Rosin
    Daniel Rosin 28 days ago +1

    My Special Burger Sauce is a mix of Horseradish Sauce, Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Chopped Green Olives w/Brine, Paprika, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Cayenne Pepper, and a shot/dash of Worcestershire Sauce. Be sparing on the last two ingredients, they can swiftly ruin your sauce if overused.

  • William Rezaee
    William Rezaee 29 days ago +1

    did you make the in n out suace?

  • SynthGuy777
    SynthGuy777 Month ago

    The technique that freezes french fries right after blanching was done by Heston Blumenthal.

  • T West
    T West Month ago

    That Burger sucks...sorry.

  • logan
    logan Month ago +1

    mmmm smells like meat in here

  • Chris Sheetz
    Chris Sheetz Month ago

    please also grill the onions to add extra flavor

  • Michael Greenberg
    Michael Greenberg Month ago

    Can you make a vid on Cast iron like cooking with it and cleaning it