Burgers | Basics with Babish

  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
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    For this week's episode of Basics with Babish, I'm covering how to make a (not smashed) burger and fries.
    Join me 6/21 on Twitch for the burgers live cook-a-long:
    Ingredients & Grocery List:
    Russet potatoes
    Peanut oil (or preferred frying oil)
    Beef: short rib, brisket, and sirloin
    Burger accoutrements: tomato, iceberg lettuce, red onion
    Burger buns (plus butter to toast them in)
    Vegetable oil
    Salt and pepper
    American cheese (or your preferred cheese)
    Special Sauce ingredients:
    Garlic powder
    Onion powder
    Paprika (regular or smoked)
    Sweet relish
    Special Equipment:
    Vegetable peeler
    Meat grinder (I use the Kitchen Aid attachment)
    Deep fryer (or vessel suited for frying)
    Cast iron skillet
    Instant-read thermometer
    "Love Is Not" by Broke for Free
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  • Owen Grady
    Owen Grady 4 hours ago

    I don't care what your opinion is about meat, burgers are cooked *well done.*

  • ceaser williams
    ceaser williams 2 days ago

    who or what is a babish then

  • rjmontoya
    rjmontoya 2 days ago

    Wrong, you can definitely salt the ground beef before forming into patties, unless you think you know better than Heston Blumenthal. And, incorrect use of the word "whom." Maybe just stay away from that one.

  • Ozzyfisk
    Ozzyfisk 5 days ago +19

    This comment will get lost because this video is old, but please hear this:
    Tasteless beef does not a bad burger make, but a tasteless bun will. The bun is BY FAR the most important part of the burger. It sounds stupid. It sounds ludicrous. But think about it. Imaging the most perfect burger, exquisitely seasoned and tantalizingly juicy . . . and put it on a dry, bland bun. It will ruin it, I promise you.
    If you still don't believe me, do an experiment. Here's what you do:
    1. Make one fully seasoned burger and put it on a basic hamburger bun.
    2. Make one burger with no seasoning, but put it on a high quality toasted bun.
    3. Taste.
    That's all you need to do. It'll change your life.

    • Teunske202
      Teunske202 2 days ago

      +Ozzyfisk Thanks! Will try them soon

    • Ozzyfisk
      Ozzyfisk 2 days ago +3

      +Teunske202 Brioche buns are a great choice. Lots of restaurants use them. There are always other options, but they are a good start.

    • Teunske202
      Teunske202 2 days ago

      What kind of buns do you recommend?

  • spektakelkd
    spektakelkd 7 days ago

    oh ffs. this ruined me going to bed. i want to eat now : (

  • Azael Contreras
    Azael Contreras 7 days ago

    “I know, and that’s not my real name” 😂

  • Mosi Laszlo
    Mosi Laszlo 8 days ago

    When I was a kid I mixed ketchup and mayo and called it special sauce... I thought I invented it

  • Virgo v
    Virgo v 9 days ago

    I use japanese mayo in my burger sauce and skip the sweet relish and mince hot pickles instead. And use a griddle so i can make a few burgers.

  • Drezl Vgv
    Drezl Vgv 10 days ago

    well i tried to do it but ı screwed and have rock instead of a bun

  • Vince Russell
    Vince Russell 10 days ago

    Burgers with bobish

  • catscradle
    catscradle 11 days ago

    Special sauce is also great on crispy chicken patty sandwhiches

  • Scitobor 123
    Scitobor 123 11 days ago

    How dare you, Don't desecrate The Fry sauce with Radish (its supost to be a smooth sauce)

  • Sharkadoodledoo
    Sharkadoodledoo 12 days ago

    The special sauce is actually fry sauce

  • Steral1012
    Steral1012 12 days ago

    Yo, ketchup and mayo is fry sauce... just in case you didn't know.

  • Diversity Dan
    Diversity Dan 12 days ago

    I am pretty sure Babish would throw me in some sort of prison. My burgers are always on plain white sandwich bread, with Kraft cheese, never seasoned store bought ground beef with mayo. Pretty much nothing else. They are also little misshapen well done little pucks.

  • Jeremy Marx
    Jeremy Marx 12 days ago

    In Utah, we call that Fry Sauce, and it's an institution unto itself. Created in 1950, at "Arctic Circle", it can be found in almost every restaurant, burger place and food truck that has something that you can dip into it. Most places here make their own version with slightly different ingredients.

  • Jackie F
    Jackie F 12 days ago

    OMGoodness!!! Mouth watering.....I need!..I want!! ...

  • mayank shah
    mayank shah 12 days ago +2

    Who's here from the 3 day potatoes salad?

  • nightninja87
    nightninja87 12 days ago

    hey babish can i keep em frozen and do step two at a later date?

  • The Brand New Gamer
    The Brand New Gamer 12 days ago

    Good but where's the CHEESE!

  • doodlebuggyjump15
    doodlebuggyjump15 14 days ago

    Babish needs new & better knives. Maybe Shun knives. heh heh

  • Hashirama Senju
    Hashirama Senju 14 days ago

    5:30 instructions unclear: got third degree burns on my butt

  • Steven Burks
    Steven Burks 14 days ago

    I choose to season my meat before forming the patties, just something I've always done. To each their own. This is what I choose to do.

  • o o
    o o 15 days ago

    I hate myself. I went to the store and looked for garlic and onion powder. I couldn't find any. My dad said ''Oh look there. Garlic and onion *salt*". I said that's not what it is. He said that it was the same. It definitley wasn't.

  • Lanthanaas
    Lanthanaas 15 days ago

    Why is it bad to salt the meat before forming the patty?

  • MrZombie
    MrZombie 15 days ago

    Nice Burgers shame its ruined by the choice of bun

  • L
    L 15 days ago

    You remind me of Alton Brown in Good Eats ❤️

  • JoybuzzahzTV
    JoybuzzahzTV 17 days ago

    What if I have a allergy to Canola and Vegetable oil which I believe is a mixture of Canola and soy-bean

  • Rand0mUser
    Rand0mUser 19 days ago

    American cooking be like: whatever you do make sure to put it in the freezer

  • Dr. Feelgood
    Dr. Feelgood 19 days ago

    Im such a fuckin weirdo- i love ketchup but i dislike tomatos- weird textures ma dude

  • Music account
    Music account 20 days ago

    “Burgers| Basics with Babish” ...
    Alright guys so once you’ve got your meat broken down freeze before we use the meat grinder that everyone has

  • Lucas Odum
    Lucas Odum 21 day ago

    unpopular opinion: well done burgers are good asf

    JWVLOGS 24 days ago

    Basics with bepis

  • Justme Asifyoudidntalreadyknow

    I wonder how many people actually "rinsed" the short rib after cutting.. "because he said to" lol

  • Chester Forrester
    Chester Forrester 25 days ago

    That's a tasty power move right there with that pimenton de la Vera. I see you Andy, I see you

  • Stef Träumer
    Stef Träumer 25 days ago

    Ketchup and Mayo- Fry Sauce!!

  • Brigette Anderson
    Brigette Anderson 26 days ago +1

    You can have your sauce, but I'm from Texas!! The only sauce that belongs on a burger is mustard!!! Also, sauteed onions are the BOMB and way more tasty than raw ones!! Other than that, you nailed it, especially with the Med-Rare version!!!

    • Olordrin
      Olordrin 11 days ago

      Both. Put both on. You get both flavors and textures and it's totally worth it. White onions for the cooked, red for the raw.

  • Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung 26 days ago

    so basic

  • ASAP Mangos
    ASAP Mangos 26 days ago

    What happens if you salt your burger before forming the Patty ?

  • SemkOld
    SemkOld 26 days ago

    Does this have to be done on a cast iron? What changes are needed for nonstick pan?

  • VaC Gaming
    VaC Gaming 26 days ago +5

    Don't place your fries on a paper towel, when you take em out of the freezer there are gonna be stuck to the paper towel, at least that's what happened in my case tell me If I did something wrong

  • Cihan Depe
    Cihan Depe 27 days ago

    Idc what anyone says about fake cheese this and that. American cheese gives burgers that taste that a burger needs and doesn't taste right if it doesn't have.

  • tanner meche
    tanner meche 29 days ago

    Ok I just realized that babish has a goku symbol tatto on his right forearm

  • Yep It'sMe
    Yep It'sMe 29 days ago

    you should go with a couple slices of tomato and pickled onions

  • Dennis Relayson
    Dennis Relayson Month ago

    4:23 sounded a lil bit wrong

  • Kyle Wilhelmsen
    Kyle Wilhelmsen Month ago +1

    Disappointed he didn't fry the fries with lard, that's how McDonald's originally did it and they are gosh darn world famous. They left the lard in the past cause of some asshole that sued them, and it's just never been the same since

    • Phazz
      Phazz 17 hours ago

      Well, I'd assume they abandoned the what 90 or 95% beef fat, because they didn't want to murder millions of people, right?
      You can eat that stuff maybe every few weeks or something and that's fine, but people who frequent McDs would just kill themselves even faster with all that fat. Fat itself isn't the devil, but some discipline is necessary and considering the fast food state in the US, going a little less insane on the "I need more fat and sugar in every single meal" isn't something to be condemned for.

  • Kyle Wilhelmsen
    Kyle Wilhelmsen Month ago

    Feed hole

  • Kyle Wilhelmsen
    Kyle Wilhelmsen Month ago

    Heaping helping

  • alex East
    alex East Month ago

    Do a good burger episode

  • jumping the smark
    jumping the smark Month ago

    American cheese sucks in/on anything except burgers

  • itsKingAce
    itsKingAce Month ago +29

    "Sir, you caught a parasite from raw or undercooked beef."
    "BuT GoOd BoRgEr"

    • le polite cat
      le polite cat 15 days ago

      "nAiCe bOorGeEr"

    • JoybuzzahzTV
      JoybuzzahzTV 17 days ago +2

      +Darian Mavandad , if you buy beef from a local rancher it wouldn't matter that much.

    • Darian Mavandad
      Darian Mavandad 26 days ago +2

      itsKingAce if you grind ur own beef it shouldnt matter that much

  • Simon Holmqvist
    Simon Holmqvist Month ago

    A burger should be cooked through!

  • Ali Gilani
    Ali Gilani Month ago

    Whats silver skin

  • アレックスAlexander

    Man I wish Babish had said if peeling the potatoes or not at all changes the way you cook them. I love skin on my fries, and I doubt it changes anything at all, but since I have no idea for sure or not, looks like I’m skinning my potatoes....

  • Adam Ibrahim
    Adam Ibrahim Month ago

    Fries in the burger >

  • oswaldo padilla
    oswaldo padilla Month ago

    how does putting lettuce underneath a hot object prevent it from wilting

  • Hi
    Hi Month ago

    nah, burgers belong well-done, this aint steak

  • Blassy Trevino
    Blassy Trevino Month ago

    Did u use the pan from pubg

  • Emery Olson
    Emery Olson Month ago

    Mayo and tomato ketchup is called fry sauce. Not special sauce, not fancy sauce, but fry sauce.

  • AvengedKyle
    AvengedKyle Month ago

    My opinion, I'd rather have my lettuce not shredded.

  • Djxjxixsm Jxjskjzxn

    Frenched fries? Funnily, the French don't call them French fries, they're called frites, and they're Belgian.

  • Vebrik
    Vebrik Month ago

    You missed a great opportunity to call this video “Burgers with Babish”.

  • Insignificant Goose

    This makes me want food

  • GlieseGames
    GlieseGames Month ago


    • oh no
      oh no 9 days ago

      It very much is

  • jorssu13
    jorssu13 Month ago

    Well done is the only way to eat beef patties

  • Halojugjug
    Halojugjug Month ago

    “I know, and thats not my real name.”😂

  • Trevor Morrison
    Trevor Morrison Month ago

    Do you think gordan ramsey would like your burger if he tested it

  • SixBones6 _
    SixBones6 _ Month ago


  • Sensei Cincryza
    Sensei Cincryza Month ago

    Then go to your "mEaT GriNdEr" who tf frfr has a meat grinder in their kitchen?

  • James Northey
    James Northey Month ago

    i use sea salt where you use Kosher, is there a difference

  • Deforce
    Deforce Month ago

    I like my beef medium well. Fight me.

  • Pokemaster Charlie
    Pokemaster Charlie Month ago

    Babish's basics in cooking and charisma.

  • Toxitaro/Zigzag2264

    I must be a weirdo, because i can't stand mayonnaise.

  • delcidkidv
    delcidkidv Month ago

    Babish isn't his real name!?

  • Jack Jordan
    Jack Jordan Month ago

    WhErE tHe PiCkLeS aT

  • Zakaria dini a
    Zakaria dini a Month ago

    Yo man u the best man, funny

  • themusicdr
    themusicdr Month ago

    two things:

    1) what kind of hormone have those veggies been fed - theyre bloody massive. i mean the tomato and onion are both the size of a small bowling ball!
    2) in none of the 3 finished products does the beef look at all properly cooked

  • Leo Chavez
    Leo Chavez Month ago

    Im sorry did you say

    B O N E L E S S

  • wowfood
    wowfood Month ago

    So, while I appreciate advice like "Don't salt the burgers before you form the patties" could you also tell us WHY we shouldn't season before forming? I mean I'd like to know the reason behind doing something, rather than just blindly following.

  • Ian
    Ian Month ago

    Too thick for a burger. Smash burger all the way

  • James Hill
    James Hill Month ago

    Made this.... is excellent!

  • One Tricky boi
    One Tricky boi Month ago

    1:12 WAIT WHAT

  • YoungDemonKing 420
    YoungDemonKing 420 Month ago

    Coolest and Dopest chef on TVclip 😎😎❤️🔥

  • Edenjung
    Edenjung Month ago

    Frying frys with peanut oil?
    Are you Mad?
    One uses cattle suet thats the way you do it in belgium.
    And thats the tasties way.

  • bret zanotelli
    bret zanotelli Month ago

    Thank you for being so calm and wholesome. I have a lot of issues with sensory overload and it's really nice to watch relaxing videos like this to calm down a bit, and I get to learn something about cooking at the same time. Cheers Andrew, thank you again.

  • TriedGryphon
    TriedGryphon Month ago

    In Europe the mixture of ketchup and mayo is just called 'Cocktail Sauce'.

  • Will  C
    Will C Month ago

    Wrong use of whom....


  • L2THEC1
    L2THEC1 Month ago

    Babish, I know you can probably cook me under the table but if you soak the fries for an hour in water first it will change your life....lol...Great Video

  • Quinton Jones
    Quinton Jones Month ago

    Darn you Babish and your delicious cooking! Made me go out and spend good money on kitchenware and ingredients!

    Totally worth it though. Keep it up my man. Great channel.

  • awenindoe
    awenindoe Month ago

    ...thinly slice some tomatoes. I like them about the quarter of the width of a sheet of paper :P

  • Toomer's Oaks
    Toomer's Oaks Month ago

    Damn... Now I want a burger. I live about an hour away from the nearest store... Who wants to bring me a burger plz?

  • Centurion Zues
    Centurion Zues Month ago

    I don’t like sweet relish for the special sauce, so I just use dill, it still taste really good

  • Connor Clarke
    Connor Clarke Month ago

    That sirloin made my mouth water like Niagara falls. Damn that looked juicy.

  • ars tans
    ars tans Month ago

    Those tomatoes are some real gmo shit half bigger than those in europe

  • IrkMcSpamtroll
    IrkMcSpamtroll Month ago

    I usually rinse the potatoes thoroughly after cutting and use a health amount of seasoning on the burger.

  • Alec Rigg
    Alec Rigg Month ago

    You probably get this a lot, but can you make a GOOD BURGER? Preferably with Ed's Sauce? :D

  • Tris The o mighty
    Tris The o mighty Month ago +3

    Fun fact his name is binging not babish

  • ntkn
    ntkn Month ago

    the best burger is the burger without all the bull shit condiments. just bun, patty, cheese no lettuce no tomato, its a distraction. everything else makes it messy. if you have to cut into it just to eat it you are over doing it. i hate when a burger is stacked to the ceiling because its sitting on a mountain of lettuce tomatoes onion etc. the entire point is to taste the meat of the patty, not overwhelm it and smother it in a bunch of other crap.
    people have forgotten the simplicity of a classic american burger. but hey what do i know, im not a chef.

  • Steven Tidwell
    Steven Tidwell Month ago

    I wish I could send this video to every vegan on Christmas. It would offend them twice. Once for the meat and twice for assuming they participate in Christmas.

  • Julius Colina
    Julius Colina Month ago

    All my friends thought I was weird for putting the special sauce on my burgers...