Charlotte, NC Wedding // Sydel & Damion

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
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  • julius dogta
    julius dogta 7 hours ago

    What a lucky toenail his brother in law is a 2x nba mvp

  • Ruth Singleton
    Ruth Singleton 17 hours ago

    They got married on my bday 😍😭❤️

  • wilfrid fred
    wilfrid fred Day ago

    Good to'see people happy

  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones Day ago

    Is he a G league player?

  • Sara Zwawi
    Sara Zwawi Day ago

    Didn’t anyone see the tv with the fortnit on it at 1:26

  • raphael opondo
    raphael opondo Day ago

    The pastor looks more like Curry though

  • Abby Sparks Jewelry
    Abby Sparks Jewelry 2 days ago

    This is beautiful! Love it when you see couples that are just so genuinely themselves with each other.

  • Kono Dutch
    Kono Dutch 2 days ago

    This made me cry.

  • Edwin Avendano
    Edwin Avendano 2 days ago

    at 4:02 every one has a iphone newer and same coler

  • Laila Sayeed
    Laila Sayeed 2 days ago

    Who is cutting the onions

  • Caroline Navukaro
    Caroline Navukaro 2 days ago

    Love how simple, elegant and fun everything was! Ayesha's part was so beautiful

  • amcra1
    amcra1 2 days ago

    Wtf does he have on? He looked a mess.

  • Kax Max
    Kax Max 3 days ago

    they know she has two brothers right? I mean just one clip of the guy. sucks

  • hedunlap
    hedunlap 4 days ago

    Why does his head look like a pineapple?

  • Studio H
    Studio H 4 days ago +1

    Ayesha ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

  • Isabella Ordaz
    Isabella Ordaz 4 days ago

    The Curry's know how to party😂

  • Kwame Montu-Ab-Ra
    Kwame Montu-Ab-Ra 5 days ago


  • J D
    J D 5 days ago +1

    Great video
    Hey, I saw Muggsy Bogues lol

  • Cap G
    Cap G 5 days ago

    Goddamn......... I really really hate watching this😔 puts me in my feelings

  • Mike 34
    Mike 34 6 days ago

    Make her sign that prenup while you still can brotha!!

  • Alene Miller
    Alene Miller 8 days ago

    Omg wedding was beautiful, I so love the Curry's, they are so wise and positive😍😍😍😍 Ayesha is my favorite chef to watch on cooking channel, love her beautiful self😍😍😍

  • aj loves you
    aj loves you 9 days ago

    He look like a douchebag 😂

  • Speak
    Speak 9 days ago +1

    Dude got married in capris..

  • Cin Morante
    Cin Morante 11 days ago


  • kester
    kester 11 days ago

    So beautiful

  • James Brown
    James Brown 12 days ago

    This is incredible, thanks for sharing this with the world

  • Layah Johnson
    Layah Johnson 12 days ago

    Lovely family 💞

  • Chrizzey Pippin Sundaezz


  • Khalani 904
    Khalani 904 13 days ago

    Steph have a classy, positive, beautiful family..... and his mama (Sonya) is so damn fine! Lol This was a great wedding. More of our Black queens deserve stuff like this..... not babydaddys, loneliness, and pain. Too bad society doesn't promote this kind of family oriented God loving happiness. (it hurts me too see Black families being torn apart by welfare, immigration, mass incarceration, and integration) smh God bless you all :)

  • Fleur Du Savoir
    Fleur Du Savoir 13 days ago +1

    What a beautiful ceremony😍...beautiful family you can truly and genuinely feel the love. This made me cry 😭😭

  • Mel S
    Mel S 13 days ago

    Its amazing how some of us have so much love and protection...

  • Fadzli Realtor
    Fadzli Realtor 14 days ago

    Is she Steph Curry's sister?

  • SugeAvery69
    SugeAvery69 15 days ago

    Just think...Steph didn't even see who showed up. 😂😂 I'm sure Ayesha told him when they got home. Hope he wasn't driving.. JK JK JK I love the Curry family. ❤️💓

  • jsj31313jj
    jsj31313jj 15 days ago

    This was beautiful...

  • Vona Rose
    Vona Rose 18 days ago

    This is beautiful

  • Max Factor
    Max Factor 18 days ago

    What a beautiful example of love... Congratulations.

  • Cindy
    Cindy 19 days ago

    What a beautiful fun time!

  • Angela Bush
    Angela Bush 19 days ago +2

    That Was So Fun to Watch, All The Godly Love I Felt Thru The Screen & The Beautiful Speeches to The Couple, Congrats To Damian & Sydel .

  • Angela Knight
    Angela Knight 20 days ago


  • 1BlessedGem
    1BlessedGem 21 day ago

    Simple. Beautiful. Elegant.

  • Sherry Jones
    Sherry Jones 21 day ago

    So so beautiful❤⚘😢😢

  • honey k
    honey k 21 day ago

    I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this but I know I'm not the only one who thinks this guy is down-low gay. His vows, his voice, the pants, shoes, danec, walk, hand gestures, did I mention his voice--- all gay. I just have to say it, sorry guys. She's beautiful and hopefully he's not on the DL. I pray he's not gay. May God bless them and keep them happy in love.

  • hibikime7021
    hibikime7021 21 day ago

    This was really beautiful

  • constance gomez
    constance gomez 21 day ago +2

    I would never put my wedding on social media

  • Wanda Howell
    Wanda Howell 22 days ago

    So nice

  • Shevica Tiller
    Shevica Tiller 25 days ago

    They look Beautiful together

  • Kagiso Mokoena
    Kagiso Mokoena Month ago

    I watched the episode of "say yes to dress" when she went dress shopping

  • Mary Gray
    Mary Gray Month ago +1

    What a beautiful wedding congratulations May your union be forever

  • Mbaire Wangui
    Mbaire Wangui Month ago

    oh my goodness! love this video

  • Endrea Alexander
    Endrea Alexander Month ago +2

    This was so fucking beautiful god bless them and to whoever else is taking this step into marriage 🙏💐💒

  • A Lindsey
    A Lindsey Month ago


  • Lola Palacios
    Lola Palacios Month ago

    WHY AM I CRYING????? such a beautiful wedding

  • A Dose Of Rox
    A Dose Of Rox Month ago

    Beautiful wedding vid!
    I watched a number of wedding vids so I could ask my videographer if he could catch certain moments such as my groom when I walked down the aisle! I posted mine on my channel if anyone is interested.

  • Sharon Jones
    Sharon Jones Month ago +1

    Congratulations, Sydel and Damion! May God Bless your marriage for many years to come! There is so much love in this family!!

  • FatGirlFashionFinds

    Riley at 5:51 😭 that girl’s a character

  • Sophia K
    Sophia K Month ago

    I love that it was simple and full of people they love

  • Sandra Campbell
    Sandra Campbell Month ago +2

    He's the luckiest man alive ,he's on the same basketball team as Steph ,the warriors, just love that lady ,and treat her as a queen ,as her mom said ,they're a very beautiful loving family. 💖💖

  • Pauline Robinson
    Pauline Robinson Month ago +1

    I have watched hundreds of these wedding videos but this was the most beautiful and most professionally shot of them all

  • Jewel justjewel
    Jewel justjewel Month ago +1

    What a lovely lovely family

  • slimkookie1
    slimkookie1 Month ago


  • Pam Burton
    Pam Burton Month ago +5

    Classy, simple, lots of love AND FUN throughout...
    What a wonderful wedding and reception💜💜

  • Nyree Banner
    Nyree Banner Month ago

    Ayesha Curry’s words made me cry! Beautiful family 😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Veronica T
    Veronica T Month ago


  • Shawna Oti
    Shawna Oti Month ago

    Just beautiful. Congratulations to the adorable young couple.

  • Bria Newkirk
    Bria Newkirk Month ago

    Aww that was beautiful😍

  • manman
    manman Month ago

    @ 5:41 just by the way he grabbed her face like that you could tell he couldn't wait to kiss her 🤵👰

  • rhashil paul
    rhashil paul Month ago


  • Candace Moore
    Candace Moore Month ago +3

    nooope! too weak to watch this... i'll be back when i have a man!

    • Candace Moore
      Candace Moore Month ago +1

      +Rachel McCall Amen. Thank you for the encouragement!

    • Rachel McCall
      Rachel McCall Month ago +2

      This is what I'm doing while I wait for him ( my future hubby) to find me... 1 Corinthians 7:34-35 Be Holy in body and spirit. Attend upon the Lord without distraction.

  • Simone Hedrick
    Simone Hedrick Month ago

    Ok lovely wedding but some should have said something to the husband about his pant and where the hell is his sock smh

  • Candice Cohen
    Candice Cohen Month ago +1

    Brought me to tears 😭 beautiful 💕

  • Kolu Rose
    Kolu Rose Month ago

    awh this is so sweet ♥️

  • Kylee Caggie
    Kylee Caggie Month ago +2

    This was so cute 😍😍😍😍💕💕 such a beautiful weeding they are so cute together ‼️

    NXE PXE Month ago +1

    This was so beautiful I shed a little tear like awwwwww 😢💖👰🙌🙌

  • Ieisha Breham
    Ieisha Breham Month ago +1

    This was really nice ❤️🙏🏾

  • Shirley Morgan
    Shirley Morgan Month ago

    Love is real

  • Deja Jones
    Deja Jones Month ago +2

    6:03 Yea Mrs. Michelle get it 🤪🤪🤪

  • Deja Jones
    Deja Jones Month ago +2

    Ok Mr. Damion making big moves 💪🏾

  • Tracie Parker
    Tracie Parker Month ago

    🌞🕊 just simply beautiful AMEN

  • Aaliyah S
    Aaliyah S Month ago

    This was so beautiful 😍

  • Justin Ching
    Justin Ching Month ago

    How long before he cheats and they divorce? I give it within 10 years.

  • Mark's Delicious Adventures

    The Curry family, I love everything about them!

  • Janae Davis
    Janae Davis Month ago

    Why Ryan got the shoe in her mouth @ 2:03 I'm weak! lol such a beautiful video

  • Darlene Meee
    Darlene Meee Month ago +1

    Ayesha speech was so beautiful....😫😭😍😍😍❤

  • Tracy Sharp
    Tracy Sharp Month ago

    This is what happens when you have god as your foundation!

  • Sun Kiss
    Sun Kiss Month ago

    wow the way this was edited made me shed a few tears

  • MrsButtersworth82
    MrsButtersworth82 Month ago +3

    Ayesha!!! Why you making me tear up?! I just love this family!!!

  • Donray Clower
    Donray Clower Month ago

    Steph should've shave his beard or at least lined it up.

  • Fatma Salima
    Fatma Salima Month ago +1


  • Karin Alexander
    Karin Alexander Month ago +1

    I love the big sisters words. They are: genuine.

  • B J
    B J Month ago +1

    The most important thing is that couples respect each other (more important than love) and never let ego, social media or any form of external distractions ruin the marriage. That’s hard to do these days but it can definitely be done. Best wishes.

  • Tiffany Russell
    Tiffany Russell Month ago

    Whew all these damn onions😭

  • Pelenaise Liu
    Pelenaise Liu Month ago

    I always loved sydel and so proud and happy for her! He is very handsome and she is just drop dead gorgeous can’t wait to see them both blossom and have their little family and stat their life such a lovely couple #lovethecurrys

  • Val Pow
    Val Pow Month ago


  • k Bact
    k Bact Month ago

    That's a lot of yellow

  • DosesofRaye
    DosesofRaye Month ago +1

    I already have an unhealthy obsession with the Curry’s and just wedding films in video. This is so beautiful and made me cry. I pray God protects & bless Mrs and Mr Lee for the rest of their lives🖤 I am so happy. I hope I find true love one day too when I’m ready

  • Yo Augie
    Yo Augie Month ago


  • Giannis Antetokounmpo

    1:24 really

  • Toni Hogan
    Toni Hogan 2 months ago

    Man oh man love is beautiful

  • Stan Brooks
    Stan Brooks 2 months ago

    Marriage is the mistake everyone should make.