Lucy Hale Tries 9 Things She's Never Tried Before | Allure


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  • Lovely Nana
    Lovely Nana 4 hours ago

    Not to be mean but poor clown didn't blink she was so fast to tell him and his cute little nervous voice omg I felt so bad

  • Anny the Kitty
    Anny the Kitty 9 hours ago

    As a former tubist i'm cringing and dying of cuteness

  • soumya Saini
    soumya Saini 20 hours ago +1

    Sound likes Selena Gomez....3

  • lmh vlogs
    lmh vlogs 4 days ago +1

    I love her laugh at 1:37 so cute 😂😂

  • Ellen Tomelin
    Ellen Tomelin 5 days ago

    KD os br's fãs da Anã revoltadissima de nossos corações?

  • sofie clibs
    sofie clibs 7 days ago

    She is not playing with a Barbie ?

  • スリーアリス
    スリーアリス 8 days ago

    Oh my god, I can’t believe I was born on June 14th. Lucy and I have twin birthdays

  • Ráhel Herendi
    Ráhel Herendi 9 days ago

    what happened to her mouth while she was bowing at the end?

  • Fiona Huang
    Fiona Huang 10 days ago

    the tuba sounds like a whale

  • Queen Cute
    Queen Cute 10 days ago +1

    *she looks like Khloe Kardashian*

  • Queen Cute
    Queen Cute 10 days ago +1

    She looks like Khloe Kardashian. Just me? Okay...

    *leaves room*

    P.S. she doesn’t look like Selena Gomez so yeah just saying

    In my opinion though don’t hate on me

  • Sierra Bullock
    Sierra Bullock 10 days ago

    I love her 😂

  • 66v.e.r.a6
    66v.e.r.a6 12 days ago

    9 things she has never tried before and in the barbie scene she told how she had to do exactly that in some commercial 😂😂

  • Tee Abbs
    Tee Abbs 12 days ago

    2:11 she's looking totally like Selena here.

  • Roshita Anand
    Roshita Anand 15 days ago

    She is so cute

  • Ella Salvatore
    Ella Salvatore 15 days ago

    The tuba is bigger than her 😂

  • Török Veronika
    Török Veronika 16 days ago

    -play truth or dare-

  • Why So Serious
    Why So Serious 17 days ago

    I wish i was the clown lol

  • Marii Beto
    Marii Beto 19 days ago

    I was also born at june 14 omg

  • Ashley Ocampo García
    Ashley Ocampo García 20 days ago

    "She's a whole new woman" XD

  • Citrofortunella
    Citrofortunella 20 days ago

    last on is cheat. scissors aint a barbie hair tool

  • Nao Ritsu
    Nao Ritsu 20 days ago

    That clown is so precious 😂♥️

  • Amelia Pendragon
    Amelia Pendragon 20 days ago

    omg though the recording of the person saying the Welsh village was sooooo bad too 😭

  • pari meharunkar
    pari meharunkar 21 day ago

    her eyes 😍

  • Ezgi Yiğit
    Ezgi Yiğit 22 days ago

    She looks like selena gomez

  • Sarina Kiara
    Sarina Kiara 23 days ago +1

    1:37 i died 😂😍

  • Alejandra Leon Concha
    Alejandra Leon Concha 24 days ago

    I love

  • the void
    the void 24 days ago

    Is that clown social repose

  • munchin kimchi
    munchin kimchi 24 days ago

    she is used a character reference that I read, under the name of “Margo” sop that’s I can think of :)

  • Noah McDonald
    Noah McDonald 24 days ago +1

    Hey it’s Lucy Hale I haven’t seen her for a long time the last time I saw her she was in pretty little lairs

  • gb04 xoxo
    gb04 xoxo 25 days ago +1

    Her laugh especially with the clown is so cuteee 😍😍😍😍

  • 123avnee
    123avnee 25 days ago +1

    Watching her just made me want to be bff's with her since forever and even more now!!

  • 123avnee
    123avnee 25 days ago +1

    haha how does she know what couch cushion tastes like!! she wass sooo cute and funyyy

  • Matt Juarez
    Matt Juarez 26 days ago

    Pretty little liars ❤️😘

  • Abigail A
    Abigail A 26 days ago

    1:37 Lucy's laugh is everything 😂😂💗

  • xo peachy xo
    xo peachy xo 27 days ago

    I have the same birthday as Lucy Hale holy moly I never knew that! Lol I love her. And yes, I know I'm very strange 😅

  • Natalia M
    Natalia M 27 days ago

    OMG HER LAUGH LOL 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • rachel lindmann
    rachel lindmann 27 days ago

    she's so cute

  • siri sophie
    siri sophie 27 days ago

    omg i love her and her laugh

  • Babygirl _gabby
    Babygirl _gabby 28 days ago

    I love her laugh

  • Muhammad Hanifa Al Farabi

    Shes so attractive

  • Maggie Mason
    Maggie Mason 29 days ago

    she reminds me of joey king here. the laugh and everything.

  • The Inquisitor
    The Inquisitor 29 days ago

    I watched like 5 series of ".... tries 9 things she've never done before"and all I can say is that noone was as funny as Ruby Rose. Like, they are all okay but I can never smile while watching this video. Only Ruby made me smile.

  • Jocelyn Allen
    Jocelyn Allen Month ago


  • forever lazy
    forever lazy Month ago

    The tuba being bigger than her was something that I didn't know that I needed.

  • Parizeh Khan
    Parizeh Khan Month ago

    She looks and sounds like selena Gomez 😊😊

  • abigail rice
    abigail rice Month ago

    Lol I’ve been playing tuba for three years and that made me cringe so hard 😂

  • Magic Puff
    Magic Puff Month ago


  • Natylie Manalaysay
    Natylie Manalaysay Month ago

    She look like Selena Gomez

  • Anastasia Vo
    Anastasia Vo Month ago +4

    She was just squashing that pastrie as if it was an accordion 😂💀

  • Jelena Damnjanovic
    Jelena Damnjanovic Month ago

    "He looks friendly"😂😂

  • anglena shamoon
    anglena shamoon Month ago

    She kind of looks like Selena Gomes

  • maria couto
    maria couto Month ago

    In the end she had something on her mouth. What is?

  • cristiana oliveira
    cristiana oliveira Month ago

    0:29 cutest thing ever!!!!!!

  • Chrysanthi B
    Chrysanthi B Month ago

    *"she's a whole new woman"* I'm crying 😂😂

  • Orchid _lava1011
    Orchid _lava1011 Month ago +2

    Isn’t anybody gonna talk about how she low key looks like Selena Gomez ??????

  • Maybelin Herrera
    Maybelin Herrera Month ago

    she's so cute

  • -L!T T!L-
    -L!T T!L- Month ago

    You look a tiny diffrent from Truth Or Dare

  • Ruby Anne Locklear
    Ruby Anne Locklear Month ago

    that clown is the icon we all needed

  • Filipa Gomes
    Filipa Gomes Month ago

    1:39 her laugh hahaa

  • Chole Kingston
    Chole Kingston Month ago +3

    She is my favorite character from pretty little liars

  • Giuliano Lanzilli
    Giuliano Lanzilli Month ago

    This woman never ages: she's 29 and could pass for a 19-year-old (or even younger). Must be her baby face

  • Antonio Nathan
    Antonio Nathan Month ago

    If u block from her nose go down it's totally Selena Gomez

  • Daniella D.
    Daniella D. Month ago

    The one thing that I love so much about Lucy is her laugh. It's so unique and contagious 😂❤

  • Kate Lds
    Kate Lds Month ago +1

    That trombones bigger than lucy 😂

  • Hailey Jaramillo
    Hailey Jaramillo Month ago

    She so cute hahaha

  • My Dear Journal
    My Dear Journal Month ago

    The bread ASMR was funny because she also did a full asmr video for W. magazine 😂

  • Madison Cecil
    Madison Cecil Month ago +1

    I love Lucy and her sense of humour 😂❤️

  • A.V.A DoesStuff
    A.V.A DoesStuff Month ago

    I’m welsh and can’t pronounce that lol

  • Courtney Haylock
    Courtney Haylock Month ago


  • Oh My Gamers
    Oh My Gamers Month ago

    She never done a staring contest!!!???

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee Month ago

    I was born in June 14 tooo

  • Ffion JE
    Ffion JE Month ago

    im welsh and your were so close (not) :3

  • roblox_ lover123
    roblox_ lover123 Month ago

    (Aria) I love you

  • roblox_ lover123
    roblox_ lover123 Month ago

    Your so pretty

  • Juice C.
    Juice C. Month ago

    Selena Gómez at 1:01-1:03...

  • Jayda Griffith
    Jayda Griffith Month ago

    I PLAY THE TUBA (she didn't do terribly)

  • Αφένδρα Συκούδη

    The song at the background please ??

  • Allyson zavala
    Allyson zavala Month ago

    Her laugh on 1:36 😂😂

  • Allyson zavala
    Allyson zavala Month ago

    I Love her

  • J
    J Month ago

    I love you Lucy

  • Christina Z.
    Christina Z. Month ago

    Can someone tell me the music in the background?

  • Cara Natt
    Cara Natt Month ago

    ive learnt that welsh name of by heart, im laughing at the way you said it xx

  • Scarlet O'Hara
    Scarlet O'Hara Month ago

    I love her

  • Andrea14
    Andrea14 Month ago

    She's so adorable omg

  • Zissy Malfoy
    Zissy Malfoy Month ago

    She never tried styling Barbie´s hair with Barbie tools??? o.O

  • Amanda Moskal
    Amanda Moskal Month ago

    Hahaha I love her!

  • heyitssyeeda
    heyitssyeeda Month ago

    She reminds me of selena gomez a little bit

    EVELYN COOPER Month ago

    I was born on June 14

  • Rosey Aragon
    Rosey Aragon Month ago

    What is the song that they are using?

  • Mia Salinas
    Mia Salinas Month ago

    I was born June 13 and her June 14

  • Kayden Alvarez
    Kayden Alvarez Month ago

    I love her laugh

  • becca Cameron
    becca Cameron Month ago

    my family is welsh and i am half and i can't even say it as good as she did so i think she
    was actually really good at it love you Lucy hale 💖💖💖

    EET FUK Month ago

    I want to see her voice act a cartoon movie

  • Rim Kadri
    Rim Kadri Month ago


  • Cassie Mcshane
    Cassie Mcshane Month ago

    Why Is she perfect tho

  • Une galaxie lointaine, très lointaine

    Song plzzzz 😩

  • Kayla Pickles
    Kayla Pickles Month ago

    Lucy’s laugh at 1:38 is contagious

  • happinebob
    happinebob Month ago

    She looks so different than she used to

  • Venus 5
    Venus 5 Month ago

    What did she have on her mouth at the end??