Braun Strowman bites into a whole pineapple

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • German WWE Network announcers Tim Haber and Calvin Knie comfort Braun Strowman with fresh fruit, but didn’t expect The Monster of Men to take a big bite out of a whole pineapple.
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Comments • 240

  • Rashawn Fuller
    Rashawn Fuller 27 days ago

    Idk how they could dropped the ball with Braun he could of been a hulk like child minded small talk monster but nawwwwwww

  • Helbert Gascon
    Helbert Gascon 28 days ago +1

    Coconut please...

  • Mahissimo
    Mahissimo 28 days ago

    You can literally see that exact moment when Strowman realizes that each of these peels isn't as bad as he expected. Great comedy.

  • abd al
    abd al 29 days ago

    monster among man

  • Bindiya Bhagat
    Bindiya Bhagat 29 days ago


  • Vance Chariot
    Vance Chariot 29 days ago

    WWE: Braun Strowman bites into a whole pineapple!

  • Rajeev Lochan Behera
    Rajeev Lochan Behera 29 days ago

    Monster can eat everything.....

  • Pamela Clinton
    Pamela Clinton 29 days ago

    Wwe hang ur head in shame making a great superstar do that! When u will u have him in a dance off same as Kali big show and kane! Braun for AEW!

  • Shov Ki Creatiwitty

    these are all cookies in d form of fruits...😋😋

  • Zedthejoker
    Zedthejoker Month ago

    How to eat a banana and not look gay

  • Doge
    Doge Month ago

    A pineapple is a regular apple in Braun’s eyes..

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall Month ago

    Wait, so if Braun Strowman is (billed at) 6'8, how tall is Tim Haber???

  • Prem Kumar
    Prem Kumar Month ago

    Publicity ke liye maa bhi chudwa lega

  • PaulPlaysMinecraft
    PaulPlaysMinecraft Month ago

    Please get a decent mic

  • Thot Police: Officer Limmeh

    Can he bite into a coconut though???

  • BlazeBlast321
    BlazeBlast321 Month ago

    He eats just like me, never remove the peel.

  • Super Daige
    Super Daige Month ago


  • قنات منوعات12


  • Randall Williams
    Randall Williams Month ago

    That pineapple got those hands and those teeth lol

  • Nathan Tait
    Nathan Tait Month ago

    He will be representing subway soon.

  • ABU ZEZO 999
    ABU ZEZO 999 Month ago +1

    I like to have a fun spirit unlike Brooke

  • Prince-hollie
    Prince-hollie Month ago

    Braun: Eats banana with the peel
    The other guys: 👀👀

  • Wafa Zozo
    Wafa Zozo Month ago +1


  • Kelly Bills
    Kelly Bills Month ago

    Give him a coconut

    BIG MAN Month ago

    Monster teeth

  • Phy Sics
    Phy Sics Month ago

    Braun strowman is weirdr than I thought

  • Elias Adriano Scholz

    Die waren ja deutsche

  • Adrian Denila
    Adrian Denila Month ago

    oh my goodness!!!

  • Editing Hacks
    Editing Hacks Month ago

    Me and him could be bffs

  • Kiran Riar
    Kiran Riar Month ago +1

    Brown is a cool 😎 guy

  • Jon Moxley
    Jon Moxley Month ago +1


  • Mission NTPC
    Mission NTPC Month ago

    Why waste anything when you can eat everything!!!

  • plucky peyas
    plucky peyas Month ago

    1st time saw a person eating banana & pineapple without peeling the skin. Give him a doorian too

  • Innocent Ntuli
    Innocent Ntuli Month ago

    Almost thought that was a jon moxley new tshirt

  • Nate Davies
    Nate Davies Month ago

    That is genuinely terrifying.
    He swallowed the part of the peel he bit off.
    And took another bite of the pineapple 😱

  • Steve Prabhu
    Steve Prabhu Month ago

    We also say in french « BANNANAS » (bannane +annanas)

  • fadzly mursyid
    fadzly mursyid Month ago +2

    Seeing Braun strowman here make me miss brain strowman his long lost brother

  • Camille Hans-Refior

    He is awesome braun!!! 😂 💪🏼

  • Gavin Lee
    Gavin Lee Month ago

    I met the German team at a hotel during Stomping Grounds

  • Ryback TV
    Ryback TV Month ago


  • Raptor King237
    Raptor King237 Month ago

    Well ok then

  • Julian Canizales
    Julian Canizales Month ago

    I'm waiting for a Cactus

  • GazzySmokes Entertainments

    The monsta among mennn, the guy in the side tall asf tho😂😂😂

  • Josephson Ognita
    Josephson Ognita Month ago +1

    Ladies & Gentlemen WWE's Monster Among Men Getting These Hands Braun Strowman! Hashtag Super Megaforce Braun Strowman!

  • Priti Mehta
    Priti Mehta Month ago

    Braun strowman teeth so strong baby

  • Alex Mackiewicz
    Alex Mackiewicz Month ago

    Meyby brown get banana xDD!?

  • IGot Stylez
    IGot Stylez Month ago

    He Gonna turn heel

  • Eric Adams
    Eric Adams Month ago +9

    "Built like a meat castle."
    Shreds and eats fruit, peeling and all...

  • jeff brady
    jeff brady Month ago

    Meat castle

  • jeff brady
    jeff brady Month ago

    That's a man that loves his fruit

  • Richa Pathak
    Richa Pathak Month ago

    Braun Strowman: entered the chat
    Pineapple: left the chat
    Fruit ninja: Hey I was the first to do that.

    GUTOM Month ago


  • Mike H.
    Mike H. Month ago

    Get these hands.

  • Mr Foster
    Mr Foster Month ago

    They didn’t even invite brains strowman

  • 7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi
    7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi Month ago

    WOW HAHAHAHAHAHA Damn Braun !!

  • Leonardo Stevensen
    Leonardo Stevensen Month ago

    When I saw the title I was like"he he he you're kidding right😐😐😐"??

  • Youtube waalo Ka baap
    Youtube waalo Ka baap Month ago +1

    braun strowman look shorter than ever

  • Harrison Mueller
    Harrison Mueller Month ago

    Seeing Braun Laugh is probably one of the rarest and weirdest sights in wwe

  • IncorporatedOps
    IncorporatedOps Month ago

    This was a bigger feat of strength than lifting the Big Show.

  • BroBuster
    BroBuster Month ago

    Bit of a tall announcer you have there.