3 Ways to beat The Tethered from Us (2019)

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
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  • YxZR
    YxZR 2 minutes ago

    So glad I’m from the UK

  • Jin_ DoesStuff
    Jin_ DoesStuff Hour ago

    Also Umbrae looks like a pedophile going to sexually abuse a child

  • Jin_ DoesStuff
    Jin_ DoesStuff Hour ago

    The American military have FUCKING CLOAKED VEHICLES. WITH WEAPONS.

  • Shadow Sphinx
    Shadow Sphinx Hour ago

    if red isnt tethered, since they switched, why cant they speak

  • SkipMc 『Ysauce』
    SkipMc 『Ysauce』 4 hours ago

    *laughs in european*

  • GA Comics
    GA Comics 5 hours ago

    13:03 By the size of those rims I can tell they stole a car owned by another black person. Actually, those rims are probably why they picked that vehicle.

  • Bianca Ysmael
    Bianca Ysmael 5 hours ago

    Build a wall

  • Bianca Ysmael
    Bianca Ysmael 5 hours ago


  • Brittney Bitch
    Brittney Bitch 5 hours ago

    Nope not befause she was good at dancing.
    On a scene she was dancing and she screamed. The tethered never heard that underground so they gathered around her which means red is their leader

  • Damon Downs
    Damon Downs 6 hours ago

    That movie was really stupid and lacked consistency. If it was about white people and made by a white person, people wouldn’t pretend to like it so much.

  • Dustin
    Dustin 6 hours ago

    Let's be real, the government would never have just left all those clones down there. They would have either killed them all and burned them (most likely) or admitted what they did and released all the clones on the surface, giving them names and places to live (least likely bc of the scandal that would cause.)

  • Ryan Heath
    Ryan Heath 6 hours ago

    1. I thought she planned the invasion to expose the injustice of the tethered being abandoned and their mistreatment thus the "story time" moment.
    2. She loves Gabe? that's her family? It doesn't matter if she was one of the tethered as it shows her son knowing the truth in the end and it changing nothing.
    3.They can feel it. The son shows that in the closet scene and at the end with the death in the fire.
    4.The government can do what it wants? We arent shown WHY they were abandoned and not killed but I bet it was for a good reason. They had enough sense to clone people and build a mental tether so I am sure just as much thought went into abandoning them.
    5. Black budget and the US is in no short supply of power.
    6. The government puts logos on everything and I am sure if it made sense to the plot to have them PROVE the government was behind it and not assume the audience would trust the word of a woman who spent her life down there... they would have put it in the movie. Why would she make it up? She was honest about everything else including her whole plan which came to pass as she said.
    7. If you are worried about the reproduction of the clones not being scientifically accurate then you must make everything scientifically accurate. Explain the tether. How did the people below the surface act as the people above in a mirror fashion movement for movement... It is all possible or none of it is. Suspension of disbelief is the cornerstone of storytelling.
    8. People say things that arent true sometimes. North, south, east, west... the earth is flat. It is a movie and the characters in the movie are foul-able.
    9.The rabbits... The government made the plan and it worked... If they made cloned people tethered to other people I am sure they could work out the kinks to the whole "how are we gonna feed these rabbits for generations" brain buster.
    I could go on... I don't agree with the list needless to say.

  • Christopher Fryant
    Christopher Fryant 6 hours ago

    Fuck going in to that underground tomb to try to shoot Red. If she can lay her hands on all those guns and a full suit of body armor surely she can find some dynamite to cave in the entrance, let them all rot down there.
    She's got that connection so she'll know if there are other entrances and she can take care of them all. Only other thing she needs is a shotgun to blast any of them stupid enough to try to rush the exits.
    If hunting her with guns down in the underground would supposedly work then this should work even better.

  • Yo Waddup
    Yo Waddup 8 hours ago

    Yo the virgin part killed me

  • Landon Delong
    Landon Delong 12 hours ago

    i have a very " strange " idea. remember bird box and quiet place or any monster movie for that matter, well i have an idea. 1st step: lure the tethered in to a confined space of any sort, Step 2: capture the monster or monsters with the best technique possible, Finale Step: release said monster in confined space ( make sure neither the tethered nor the monster can escape ) and watch as the tethered get torn into pieces and therefore ending the attack.

  • mr.kitloin
    mr.kitloin 12 hours ago +2

    How to beat the tethered

    Hide in a room with only one door and a shotgun. No windows or closets. If they come in blast their brains out.

  • Angelic Devil
    Angelic Devil 13 hours ago +1

    Pull a 2012 get a helicopter and book it out of the country

  • Eternity Star
    Eternity Star 13 hours ago

    What if this happens what if you go to Area 51

  • loli_withagun
    loli_withagun 14 hours ago


  • ThePS Gamers
    ThePS Gamers 14 hours ago

    Just don’t go to the house at all just stay at your house the day the tethered invade then the next day go to the house

  • Joseph Castillo
    Joseph Castillo 14 hours ago


  • frostyshadow10
    frostyshadow10 14 hours ago

    Take a hot air balloon

  • D.C Al Fine
    D.C Al Fine 15 hours ago

    Literally, the tethered concept is stupid. You can easily gun them fuckers down, they only use scissors/melee weapons. They would not stand a chance.

    • D.C Al Fine
      D.C Al Fine 15 hours ago

      Just saw the 3rd way, didnt see this was brought up.

  • Alberto Brioso
    Alberto Brioso 16 hours ago

    If hey copy the surface dwellers, do they have sex?

  • Ticci Toby
    Ticci Toby 17 hours ago

    maybe gas

  • king of games and anime

    (Tethered join hands across America)
    Canada: what the fuck is going on?

  • B
    B 17 hours ago

    I thought that Adelaide didn’t actually know she was one of the tethered until the fight she had with Red? Like, since they share a “soul” she grew up confused, thinking she was the original and not the clone 🤔 Otherwise agree with everything lol 🤣

  • Onni Ahonen
    Onni Ahonen 18 hours ago

    if they had the boat in a dock near the ocean then it would be GG EZ for them because the tethered are human so just go to the ocean XD.

  • Rachel Purity
    Rachel Purity 18 hours ago

    May people could have just used their guns to def- oh yeah this is California.

  • Rachel Purity
    Rachel Purity 19 hours ago

    Just as a comment on the first 30 seconds of this video:
    1. Gross profit does not indicate how good or bad a movie is WHATSOEVER.
    2. Many people who said they liked it did so because of the hip theme it has: "Whypeepo bad, because slavery and need to make up to black peepo."
    3. This woke message and slavery thematic got it its prizes.
    Seriously, if you wanna win an award, just appeal to the ever insulted and woke millennials and everyone will have to give you prizes since it would be racist not to.
    This trend can be observed in Hollywood VERY EASILY.
    So no, you're not a moron for not freaking out about how great Get Out was, since it really just had an interesting enough plot.
    What sold it to people was the woke message I mentioned.

    Edit: The fact that US doesn't make sense either further shows that the writer ain't really good.
    Just another piece of evidence that it's just considered good because "woke".

  • Dod40
    Dod40 19 hours ago

    I’d be terrified to call someone about a military base. You have guts.

  • Dalton Bedore
    Dalton Bedore 19 hours ago

    i never seen someone miss the point of a story so completely. bravo sir you win r/wooosh

  • SNaNNes
    SNaNNes 21 hour ago +1

    Just electrocute one of them Holding hands

  • X_.Brand._X
    X_.Brand._X 21 hour ago

    Answer, live anywhere but America

  • Jamie Thomas
    Jamie Thomas 21 hour ago +1

    What about the people in Hawaii or Alaska?(It is possible that its only continental United States b/c there was about 2.36 million people involved in the hands across america event according to Film Herald, and i believe there is about 2.75 million people in the United states at the time of making this comment, and there isnt 300,000 spare people in Hawaii and Alaska [Literally just about no one lives in either lol])

  • boiii
    boiii Day ago +1

    “Wouldn’t the cost of keeping all these lights on underground cost millions of dollars in electricity bills over decades?” Yea thats true but government could pay it with the taxes they get i guess

  • Dead End
    Dead End Day ago +1

    Nintendo guy enters:

  • Eliot De Santa
    Eliot De Santa Day ago

    did anyone else crack up at the caption-noises for Abraham?? just me? okay then

  • Gray Young
    Gray Young Day ago

    Here’s my question, we’re the tethered only made to control the people living in the area that would be covered to form the line? Because that makes zero sense and it feels like they’d have made the tethered for everyone in America. And also... did only the wilsons survive (in their area)? Yes they had intel from Adelaide but how about when they were split up? But beyond these plot holes I genuinely loved this movie. Also this was my first real horror movie so I watched half of it with low volume and eyes mostly covered anticipation jump scares

  • Bella Sandberg
    Bella Sandberg Day ago +1

    As someone from Santa Cruz, i think this will prove to be helpful

  • Andrea :D
    Andrea :D Day ago

    *Everything wrong with us*

  • Frosty Conservative


  • Jennette Lundmark

    How to beat Us don't live in America

  • copycat brain
    copycat brain Day ago

    Keep driving even if you hit one of them

  • ItsMeSam
    ItsMeSam Day ago

    “Hands Across America”
    *_Laughs In Filipino_*

  • Teagan Willier-Lauck





  • Trevor Fischnaller


  • Delet this
    Delet this Day ago

    I didn't get how Adelaide was able to switch with red. Why is she able to have independent thoughts and motives if everybody else has to copy their double. Not only that but why did she feel the need to kill people when she could just break the cycle and prevent the tethered from reproducing and try to integrate them into the world. Why was she taking this out on innocent people that didn't do anything wrong a day in their lives. Also how the did they sustain themselves off of raw rabbits? I'm pretty sure humans can't properly grow off of that source of food. And how did they have water, clothes, rabbits, and electricity. There's so many things that just made no sense that seem to get ignored. If you were to make a full video about unanswered questions and other reasons why you didn't like the movie that'd be fantastic.

  • Brown ies
    Brown ies Day ago

    Make more of these videos because i love them

  • Justin T.
    Justin T. Day ago

    Diamond has better durability you stupid clone

  • Theresa J
    Theresa J Day ago


  • Michael Korhecz
    Michael Korhecz Day ago

    lol i just keep laughing at the fact that the army could send a few warthogs an mow EVERY tethered person down hahaha

  • L.J. Small
    L.J. Small Day ago

    Since all the tethered are psychic, wouldn’t that mean all of them could use telepathy with each other? So then Red learned to use her psyche to develop psychic abilities. In short, this movie doesn’t make enough sense to you is ig because of the tethered being psychic.

  • Alex Schmurr
    Alex Schmurr Day ago +1

    I can answer one plot hole. They didnt kill them likely due to ethics issues. Are they human? Or just clones. So they likely opted to just allow them to live underground since it's easier than killing all of them

    • Chong Yong Qi
      Chong Yong Qi Day ago

      Alex Schmurr easy, just outsource the murder of the clones to people who wants to hunt down humanoids for fun and profit

  • Nathaniel Antonio
    Nathaniel Antonio Day ago +1

    Me just get a minigun.....and mow em down like in call of duty

  • Munchi
    Munchi Day ago

    8:55 sick tricks bro.

  • Broke boii
    Broke boii Day ago

    Just nuke the usa

  • MyAwesomeCovers Plus

    Such a boring video, disliked

  • Nathan Flowers
    Nathan Flowers Day ago +2

    If only this was in texas

  • Karlelian Raindeer
    Karlelian Raindeer Day ago +1


  • Karlelian Raindeer

    So the project happened in the 50's or 60's, possibly the 80's. What about people who immigrated after that? Would they have doppelgangers?

  • Karlelian Raindeer

    What about immigrants? Say if Joe Euro comes from Russia in the '90s, is there now a Tethered of him underground?

  • Saperoi
    Saperoi Day ago +6

    /gamemode creative
    /kill @e[type=tethered]

    edit: changed the T to t, thanks CR Marsh

    • CR Marsh
      CR Marsh 20 hours ago +1

      @Saperoi np bRo

    • Saperoi
      Saperoi 20 hours ago

      @CR Marsh Thanks bro

    • CR Marsh
      CR Marsh 20 hours ago +1

      lowercase t bro or you'll get an error message and in the time it takes you to up arrow and retype, that's when they'll get u

    • Saperoi
      Saperoi Day ago

      the regular kill @e kills all entities: actualv humans, tethered, rabbits, ....

  • AbysmalAce139
    AbysmalAce139 Day ago

    Nuke em

  • DatBoiWitNoGame ButGd

    Hey man we got the same whistle when we say s

  • Karol Ghibaudo
    Karol Ghibaudo Day ago

    The tender red should give herself a fatal injury they survive and red dies

  • red bonnie
    red bonnie Day ago

    my idia is to chalnge them to a pokemon battle ! ez win

  • Seamus Finnigan
    Seamus Finnigan 2 days ago +3

    1 in 11 Americans has a gun, just wreck them up dude

  • Nitro-Leak 021
    Nitro-Leak 021 2 days ago

    So people that look the exact same as us come from the underground and are killing their dopolganers with long golden scissors and red jumpsuits and he tells us to make a paper fortune teller

  • Khang Nguyen
    Khang Nguyen 2 days ago

    Nuke them

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson 2 days ago +1

    In the movie: All Americans don't have guns so they all died except them.
    In real life: Almost All Americans have guns to protect themselves

  • Filip Vujanic
    Filip Vujanic 2 days ago +1

    Two words: Tsar Bomba

  • Inaya Ikram
    Inaya Ikram 2 days ago +2

    Starting a GoFundMe to give Umbrae some UmBROWS

  • dontwana usemyname
    dontwana usemyname 2 days ago

    Beat way to beat the tethered is to write a better movie. Jesus that plot is stupid.

  • Ultra noob Overload
    Ultra noob Overload 2 days ago

    14:53 Uncle Sam would be proud