7 Strange Rules Every Sister Has To Follow In The Loud House

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • 7 Strange Rules Every Sister Has To Follow In The Loud House
    You will not believe the things in these episodes i found. The family has some very crazy rules! Lincoln loud is going to be upset.
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  • Wolf Gamehuntress

    I’m homeschooled

  • Sofia Mather
    Sofia Mather 3 hours ago +1

    Lucy died her hair because she’s a goth

  • Doom 124
    Doom 124 5 hours ago

    I am home school

  • Hannah Tagubar
    Hannah Tagubar 8 hours ago

    Well i dont think lucy is not adopted how about aunt ruth she has black hair

  • Gacha Trent
    Gacha Trent 8 hours ago

    i was like 9 and i got to sit in the front seat

  • Rayquaza Nova
    Rayquaza Nova 9 hours ago

    “Luna is the adopted because she has BLACK hair”
    Hair dye: Am I a joke to you?

  • Turd Lover
    Turd Lover 9 hours ago +1

    Where I live I have to be 8

  • Zumae Wilkins
    Zumae Wilkins 10 hours ago

    I would like to point out that a few of the girls are in fact home schooled, like Lola. She has home schooling because of her pageantry. There was even an episode when Lincoln convinced his parents to let him do home school and since he sent his time fooling around, he was not ready to take the exam to test if he'd actually been doing his school work. So that rule about them having to go to public school I believe you need to review. Also that whole it's a rule that the younger kids can sit in the passenger seat; that really should not be named as a rule but rather something they allow. In any case I feel like this video is more of your opinion of what some of the rules of the house may be and some could have used more thorough research. Nice try though, I was kinda expecting some thing more on the lines of the rules between the siblings, like the bathroom situation and such.

  • Aoi Hito.
    Aoi Hito. 11 hours ago

    Me:I’m about to ruin these. Sorry
    Rule seven:actually you got a lot of it covered
    Rule 6: The loud kids are seen running on the stairs many many many times. So was this a later implemented rule or what.
    Edit:You also said twelve kids. Seriously do you guys even watch the show
    5: I mean really Lana is the one with all the pets and o guess Lisa(although they are probably more test subjects)
    Rule 4: I’m gonna have to complete shut this one down. In that same episode you shown rule 6 was the episode Racing hearts which follows the royal woods race(I forgot the name) with Luka and Sam, Who are a couple, and it’s proved in the episode, and Luna is 15 which completely shuts down this rule of being 17.
    Rule 3: That rule couldn’t have been implemented to both of them when they were children. Rita and Lynn Sr. Weren’t born family louds(or I hope not). Rita was her birth name. The l thing is most likely something they came up with after marriage.
    2: yes they do have to go to school. But there are eleven kids so the parents need to work a lot. Rita is a dentist which is a good paying job and Lynn (worked in IT but is now a restaurant owner). They‘d be too busy with their jobs to homeschool. Maybe not because they homeschool Lola during pageant season as it was mentioned in an episode. But it doesn’t have special requirements as this takes place in Michigan and they don’t have any specific degree requirements. But anyways. They had homeschooled and do allow it. As in the same episode I mentioned about Lola , the others were allowed homeschooling if they were actually working and all.
    1: how is that a rule? 😅
    8:12 grandpa. How much of the show do you guys actually watch? 😅
    Some may argue the hair color may be dye. But she’s only 8 so... why would they have her hair dyed. Also don’t forget her pale skin. (It May be result of something else but whatever)

  • M3ZA_ 2
    M3ZA_ 2 12 hours ago

    Lucy loud gets her hair color from her great grandma

  • TinyCutieon
    TinyCutieon 13 hours ago


  • TinyCutieon
    TinyCutieon 13 hours ago


  • TinyCutieon
    TinyCutieon 13 hours ago

    Bruh Luna is dating Sam

  • meadow Sanderson
    meadow Sanderson 18 hours ago

    I have a dog 🐶🐕

  • Yairennys Luperon
    Yairennys Luperon 19 hours ago

    im 12 i have been sitting in the front seat since i was like 8 soooo

  • Iarecat AJ
    Iarecat AJ 20 hours ago

    5:00 But at the end of the episode when things go wrong, Luna says "Maybe we should finish this as just friends" suggesting they were doing it as gfs

  • Hedgie Chan
    Hedgie Chan 23 hours ago

    I’m homeschooled

  • Sky Star
    Sky Star Day ago


    I was 6 years old and I was in the front seat
    We passed a police and he said nothing
    Soo. Shut up

  • Xxiaqua_bule hi
    Xxiaqua_bule hi Day ago

    0:34 am allowed to sit there because am so tall am 5'5

  • Brenda  Price
    Brenda Price Day ago

    The Loud House: breathes.

  • Aileen Marie
    Aileen Marie Day ago

    My friend has sat in the front seat ssence 6

  • Aileen Marie
    Aileen Marie Day ago

    I m home schooled

  • Ally Brooklyn
    Ally Brooklyn Day ago

    I ride in the front seat and I'm 8years old

  • Forever Rayne
    Forever Rayne Day ago

    None of these are shocking.

  • • M ø n s t e r • C a n d e h •

    Lucie could've gotten her hair colour from another member of the family or even just dyed it, but whatever I'll take it c:

  • Kawaii Mii
    Kawaii Mii Day ago +4

    1% will like this for good luck
    10 years infact

  • Penelope Ewing
    Penelope Ewing Day ago

    i'm 9 and i sit in the passenger seat with my seatbelt and they turn off the safety bubble thing and i'm fine

  • Nixon Skellety Boy Sanchez

    There is a 11 Kids in the family

  • noah fox
    noah fox Day ago


  • Kelci F
    Kelci F Day ago

    I’m allowed to sit in the front if I’m the only child in the video and I’m only 11

  • Fun
    Fun Day ago

    What about the grandma that episode she has black hair

  • GalaxyCool 100
    GalaxyCool 100 2 days ago

    Charles smile looks creepy

  • Olivia Jordan
    Olivia Jordan 2 days ago +1

    Sam and Luna is THE BEST XD

  • miranda matthis
    miranda matthis 2 days ago

    This sucks! I have seen every single episode and Lucy has DYED black hair and 3 of them have had a bf/gf
    Stupid video

  • Mr. Yus Gamer
    Mr. Yus Gamer 2 days ago

    This is just lazy

  • Universe Of Films
    Universe Of Films 2 days ago

    Lucy may be biological. She just is different.

  • Universe Of Films
    Universe Of Films 2 days ago

    Lucy is the one.

  • Universe Of Films
    Universe Of Films 2 days ago +1

    Luna is g@y?

  • Universe Of Films
    Universe Of Films 2 days ago +1

    Hey what a ya know its a animation. Anything can happen.

  • Universe Of Films
    Universe Of Films 2 days ago +1

    Charles the dog is better.

  • Universe Of Films
    Universe Of Films 2 days ago +1

    A belt. That is surprising.

  • Eevee Pokemon
    Eevee Pokemon 2 days ago

    I'm a huge fan of u

  • Hunter Hose
    Hunter Hose 2 days ago

    What about the pink little girl?

  • Kaylen Sweet
    Kaylen Sweet 2 days ago

    I'm homeschooled!

  • Eva Kiritpal
    Eva Kiritpal 2 days ago

    But the loudes great grandma look like Lucy

  • Heather Salpietra
    Heather Salpietra 2 days ago

    It actually can’t be Lucy because they have a great grandma Harriet that looks just like lucy

  • Dorota Klenk
    Dorota Klenk 2 days ago

    It’s not Lucy loud she takes after great grandma Harriet

  • Braylon Triplett
    Braylon Triplett 2 days ago

    I’m aloud to ride in the front seat and I’m only 10 turning 11 next week

  • MessyCat and Dex
    MessyCat and Dex 2 days ago

    Lucy dyed her hair OBVIOUSLY

  • Nex
    Nex 2 days ago

    I ride in the passenger seat and I'm 10
    I know it all

  • Ron The Bravest Knight

    They are 11 kids not 12

  • Mistah Mario
    Mistah Mario 2 days ago

    Calobi why dont you stick to what you actually know instead instead of milking fake things for veiws and likes

  • Trendy Tigers
    Trendy Tigers 2 days ago

    A ticket for an eight year old sitting in the passenger seat.....

    Some logic...

  • Nana PlayzRoblox
    Nana PlayzRoblox 2 days ago

    but....Luna likes sam luna is gay0-0

  • Sayed Abdelatty
    Sayed Abdelatty 2 days ago

    I was haveng 100 puppies so i adabted to people

  • andy bvb stay alive
    andy bvb stay alive 2 days ago +1

    Omfg there's 11 kids not 12 the white puppy was 1 epasode they found the puppy n at the end of it the real owner takes the pup home they have 4 pets a hamster a cat a dog and a bird not a chicken and Linkin and Rony Anne are together like if you actually watch the show you would Kno this basic information n learn how to cut your videos properly without repetinig the same 3 words like seriously I watch this show constantly n I'm pissed

  • dump asshole
    dump asshole 2 days ago

    Lucy dyed her hair

  • Don't Trust The Internet

    Actually it’s been confirmed that Lucy dyed her hair black.

  • Brynna Chronister
    Brynna Chronister 3 days ago

    Why is he saying that Luna wants to be gay?

  • wolfgaming
    wolfgaming 3 days ago

    Lusi has black hair dye

  • Caleb Byarushengo
    Caleb Byarushengo 3 days ago

    There is 11 Children.

  • Jocelyn winter
    Jocelyn winter 3 days ago

    I used to be home schooled but this year is the year I have been put in public school

  • gamingwithsara cat
    gamingwithsara cat 3 days ago


  • Carmen DeRouseau
    Carmen DeRouseau 3 days ago

    In the real world it is normal if there -Tall
    -No other adult and it's a cartoon doesn't mean we have to follow them

  • Shane Doyle
    Shane Doyle 3 days ago +2

    "They let kids sit in the front sit before they are THIRTEEN"
    video: *Points to Luan, who in the show, is 14*

  • Karina And Titi Rios

    I honestly was about to make a racist joke about the thumbnail but I realized I would offend other people and most people know what I would say so, whoever was reading this comment, Have a wonderful day!

  • Pizza Time
    Pizza Time 3 days ago

    Is Luna gay

  • supreme studios
    supreme studios 3 days ago +1

    Rule 2 is incorrect, you forgot the episode where they all were homeschooled cause they thought just Lola being homeschooled for pagents was unfair. So Rule 2 is *incorrect*. Rule 1 is incorrect, Lucy could have dyed her hair cause its a *natural color* her parents could have let her. And in the episode where Clyde and Lincoln find out his birth story, Lincoln says they have a book for every childs birth story, they included Lucy's so Rule 1, *incorrect*

  • sonic605
    sonic605 3 days ago

    My parents let me ride in the front seat ever sents I was 6

  • The moon Brother
    The moon Brother 3 days ago

    I do that stupid I'm 10

  • Cullin Ward
    Cullin Ward 4 days ago

    This guy is dumb

  • Shadow Gamer
    Shadow Gamer 4 days ago

    I know im way late ;-: But umm... Im homeschooled :P

  • The withered Plushy
    The withered Plushy 4 days ago

    In California the age is like 9

  • rubi clardi
    rubi clardi 4 days ago

    just cuz lucy is different doesnt mean shes adopted, because in my real family (not my adopted one) i am different from everyone else. NOTHING in common, its like i dont belong there, but they ARE my real fam you idiot!!

  • rubi clardi
    rubi clardi 4 days ago

    and Lincoln cant date bobbies sister because lori is dating bobbie and lincoln+ronny-ann would be insest if lori marries bobbie lol