NEW UPDATE: Best Champions TIER LIST - League of Legends Patch 9.7

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Patch 9.7 has been an excellent patch, highlighting Kindred, Jax and Vayne. Watch this video for updated tier lists for mid, jungle, adc, support, and top lane.
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    This video is for: Anyone looking to find the best champions for Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc, or Support in the new season. This video is also great for beginner players looking to improve by picking champions that are easy to play and rank up with.
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Comments • 290

  • Aj Federizo
    Aj Federizo 7 months ago

    Woohhh my idol jungler nightblue3 HAHAHAHA.. lit jungler af

  • Daniel Glanert
    Daniel Glanert 7 months ago

    are you doing the 9.8 ep ?

  • MarvelMC 0808
    MarvelMC 0808 8 months ago

    Why are there 2 trundles in b tier

  • RockyIsBossGR
    RockyIsBossGR 8 months ago

    I played ahri 1st game and i raped a yasuo mastery 7 with 200000 pts . Oh yeah yeah

  • Stirling Clay
    Stirling Clay 8 months ago

    MF does not deserve even a B tier lmao i cant say anything i main draven and every game i come across with a MF i hard counter them

  • Sigurd Simensen
    Sigurd Simensen 8 months ago

    Vayne has no weak spots, lol? Ever heard of early game?

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok 8 months ago

    Riot is simply retarded, 1521421521 champions in the game just to spam your brain with garbage and only 5 playable per lane.

  • Calvin Maki
    Calvin Maki 8 months ago +2

    I like how nunu just doesn’t exist. I’m a nunu main and apparently I play a nonexistent champ

  • Edmond Li
    Edmond Li 8 months ago

    You really had to do nunu and willump like that. :D still gonna main them.

  • Simon Gloutnez
    Simon Gloutnez 8 months ago

    Where is kog maw? x)

  • Shun
    Shun 8 months ago

    2:45 notice you guys have double trundle

  • Shen LoL
    Shen LoL 8 months ago

    Shen is the last one 😢

  • Josh
    Josh 8 months ago +1

    I started playing kha zix today and I can see why he is s tier

  • Samuel Jansson
    Samuel Jansson 8 months ago

    yes me thicc boy taric back in the game

  • Kurt Stephen
    Kurt Stephen 8 months ago

    Vayne yup yup the hell she's doing in top

  • Olegna Carbean
    Olegna Carbean 8 months ago

    C-tier Akali mid? Why is that..

    • Johnathan Cox
      Johnathan Cox 8 months ago

      Because everyone blocks her and isnt good in team fights she's a good distraction but a ap lux would be better team wise. As a solo assassin akali can solo carry games tho

  • Ramu Hatting
    Ramu Hatting 8 months ago

    7:55 RIP Zven

  • Germany is Kawaii
    Germany is Kawaii 8 months ago

    Cho indeed needs love ;-;

  • Its Time
    Its Time 8 months ago

    the issue i have with these videos
    is, the numbers and shit are stupid
    just because a win rate increases by a slight % doesnt mean the champion is fuckin bad?
    theirs soo much that goes into a champions database that its kinda stupid to just assume a champion is bad
    chogath has always been fuckin busted? he devourers minions and hes the only champion in game that can get 5k base hp with literally no effort.
    dr mundo is insanely fuckin busted
    hes always been busted since they made his E strong as shit.
    dr mundo is a whole kit for a god like champion and ive played him jungle since before i got banned in s7
    theirs soo manythings i agree with and disagree with on videos like this

    • Its Time
      Its Time 8 months ago

      the cold hard truth about this game. is theirs always going to be a few factors that make a champion strongest
      but you want to know who one of the strongest champions in game is?
      im willing to bet my bottom dollar max build
      run attack speed/lifesteal mundo
      with a few tank items against ANY CHAMPION IN GAME/ MAYBE EVEN VAYNE OR ANY OTHER FAST ADC
      and if you land your Q on the adc or anyone and slow them enough so you can get melee distance
      you will rek them
      mundos R and his whole kit in general is just fuckin insane.
      when i played mundo jungle
      i went with the warrior blade for the damage
      but then i immediately went into, situational items depending on the team comp
      i would go into like tiamat, into statik shiv, into ravenous into thornmail /spirit visage or whatever
      i just personally understand how to build situational
      but i always got ravenous hydra for wave clear and life steal

    • Its Time
      Its Time 8 months ago

      i even use to jungle taric s7
      and him and mundo as well as diana were like my main champions
      people fall into these ideas way too late
      because everyones too busy worrying about what the fuck korea is doing with builds
      stop doing worrying about them and use common sense for builds.
      you want to know what makes a champion op?
      their kit.
      break down a kit now for each champion, and really fully grasp what their kit offers as far as utility goes
      then track down scaling. is it a champion like janna? where they have a good kit, but their scalings for all abiliteis suck?
      therefore they just arent strong??
      or do they get passive buffs from their skills or something?

  • D0sxx Gaming
    D0sxx Gaming 8 months ago

    Why does lux have you suck? She's so fun to play

  • D.T. Gray
    D.T. Gray 8 months ago

    So is twitch jungle or bot?

  • /V I G G E R
    /V I G G E R 8 months ago

    can we atleast agree that riven should not be a tank 1 shot assassin bruiser frontline champ and needs a nerf?????

  • KRNG Chris
    KRNG Chris 8 months ago

    says able to 1v5 at level 16... posts a video of her 1v5 at level 14

  • blaz lojk
    blaz lojk 8 months ago

    Im happy i main vayne from the start of s8 already! You need to try her out

  • No Name
    No Name 8 months ago

    I think you forgot Mordekaiser on the top lane tier list

  • Shawn Nguyen
    Shawn Nguyen 8 months ago

    how is braum bad wtf

  • Safynix DNA
    Safynix DNA 8 months ago

    plz guys i want to know if ryze is gonna get any update or not ? ty

  • AZ3R1
    AZ3R1 8 months ago +1

    I think master yi deserve to be in A or B + he is good in team fight and low elo if u play him well and after getting winds end rage blade no champ can 1v1 him

  • Colin Kew
    Colin Kew 8 months ago

    How is hec not the strongest jungler?

  • Adjusting
    Adjusting 8 months ago

    Ask your analysts what do they recommend to beat fooking Renekton

    • Arti
      Arti 8 months ago

      riven does everything that renek does, but better ... just pick that garbage multitask champ and you'll be fine. also ornn works wonder if you play him good, i made a renek ragequit because i kept clapping him with brittle a millisecond before his stun,denying his stun bullshit combo, he just tilted out of his mind in the chat lol (ornn without shield is unplayable tho, pick him with caution lmao)

  • Kelechi
    Kelechi 8 months ago

    No sej or nunu lol wut

  • Quang Huy Lương
    Quang Huy Lương 8 months ago

    It just a game

  • Drago Player
    Drago Player 8 months ago +2

    Wheres my boy Heimerdinger tho?

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M 8 months ago +19


    • Reclaim_TV
      Reclaim_TV 8 months ago

      It's all based on winrate my dude.

  • B Grater
    B Grater 8 months ago

    Who are your analysts...? Cho should be at least A tier. He doesn't get out traded 😂

    • Arti
      Arti 8 months ago

      he gets out traded, then he kills 4 cs and gets back all the health he lost lmao, definitely not on low end of B tier

  • kaas banaan
    kaas banaan 8 months ago

    Where did jng sejuani go?

  • Funktastix 0
    Funktastix 0 8 months ago

    You pretend like vayne is the perfect champion. She’s garbage in lane for the most part. You have to wait for a little while to even be able to fight, especially if your enemy has a fed mid

  • Papa PIERCE34
    Papa PIERCE34 8 months ago

    I’m trying to understand why even pros pick Akali but every tier list has her as a bad champ

  • ghost 115566
    ghost 115566 8 months ago

    When are the vayne nerfs coming?

  • Infernal Shadows
    Infernal Shadows 8 months ago +1

    Lol yasuo adc

  • Keyn Domingos
    Keyn Domingos 8 months ago

    Where's Sylas jung??

  • John Debate
    John Debate 8 months ago

    sej and nunnu not viable?

  • BRH Gamer
    BRH Gamer 8 months ago +1

    Glacial augment ahri is really strong. The early cdr maxout makes her a great roamer. Since i am rank 1 rammus world, i can tell you hes also pretty strong.

  • Hato
    Hato 8 months ago

    so in the video, Kai'sa is S tier, but when you go to the pro guides website, Kai'sa is C tier. ???? Misleading information, and Kai'sa isn't the only champion. apparently Vayne is S plus., but is A tier on the website, hmm. Doesn't make sense.

  • toilet papper
    toilet papper 8 months ago

    I didn’t see Sejuani in the jt teir list but I saw to trundles I’m assuming one was supposed to be sej

  • Roberto Aguilar Salazar


  • Ocean Clovers
    Ocean Clovers 8 months ago

    Kindred is not S tier

  • Nicholas De Conno
    Nicholas De Conno 8 months ago

    Swain has not been in any of your recent tier list videos guess he in rank z

  • Seth
    Seth 8 months ago

    Lux not even on the mid tier list?

  • Joshua Wang
    Joshua Wang 8 months ago

    Where is Nunu and Willup on the Jungle Tier list?

  • José González
    José González 8 months ago

    I've been spaming GLP Ahri Build, I liked that build since it was created. But I think this patch it became stronger for no reason... Although I think Electrocute Ahri is better if you want to snowball harder. GLP Build is good but you have to play it a lot to see results.

  • lilili lululu
    lilili lululu 8 months ago +1

    mundo in a balanced viable pick situation now. he have clear weaknesses and also strong at some point

  • Gaming Addictions
    Gaming Addictions 8 months ago

    Taric jg op

  • CJ LaFleur
    CJ LaFleur 8 months ago

    People still underestimating Akali. Everyone has her C or B tier, but she's about an S tier champ if you know what you're doing. She's perma pick/banned in pro play too, and pretty much perma banned in high elo. I know she's A tier in top here but being C tier in mid is completely unjustifiable.

  • clown
    clown 8 months ago

    Feel like bard is underrated rn. He fucks shit up if hes built a secondary apc

  • carlos medrano
    carlos medrano 8 months ago

    poor shen

  • inias V
    inias V 8 months ago

    where is ekko jg?

  • carlos medrano
    carlos medrano 8 months ago

    neeko is C tier on top with 51% of winrate, wtf?

  • Seth Berjansky
    Seth Berjansky 8 months ago

    Why your website have kindred at below average tho? :/

  • RetroGames
    RetroGames 8 months ago