DP/30: Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler

  • Jake Gyllenhaal has become one of Hollywood's most consistently surprising leading men. As Lou in Nightcrawler, he is the T2 of ambitious creeps. He discusses the film and his work with David Poland.
    Previous DP/30s with Jake -
    End of Watch: tvclip.biz/video/3PQauIcxJew/video.html
    Prisoners: tvclip.biz/video/AWnkOPKWYfU/video.html
    Shot in Los Angeles, November 2014
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  • Luca D
    Luca D 9 months ago

    Nightcrawler is one of the most incredible pieces of art ever made

  • kiko 1
    kiko 1 Year ago

    So many other youtube interview channels ruin their content with tons of jarring jumpcuts, camera changes and corny music. I appreciate DP/30 for showing us the raw, uninterrupted interview.

  • LeRoy Buchanan
    LeRoy Buchanan Year ago


  • Dapple Dog
    Dapple Dog Year ago +1

    If there's anyone who deserves an Oscar, it's Jake Gyllenhaal. He deserved one for Prisoners and Nightcrawler.

  • Dapple Dog
    Dapple Dog Year ago

    If there's anyone who deserves an Oscar, it's Jake Gyllenhaal. He deserved one for Prisoners and Nightcrawler.

  • Shweta Chatterjee
    Shweta Chatterjee Year ago +1

    I love all your interviews with Jake. Needless to say that I am his biggest fan

  • Desiree
    Desiree Year ago +1

    People at the Oscars must be blind... Jake puts so much dedication and passion into his roles!

  • Jordan Bernhardt
    Jordan Bernhardt 2 years ago

    J. J. No. Já n. Nnnn. N. John. gg á

  • Felitzitas May
    Felitzitas May 2 years ago +2

    He just has the most beautiful and soothing lough

  • Ray Deathray
    Ray Deathray 2 years ago

    17:38 I know he’s talking about Scott Lane, a Los Angeles stringer who runs the company Loudlabs. They have their own TVclip channel. He’s an interesting character who does some risky, sometimes shady stuff to get footage. He even sounds like Lou Bloom when he talks.

  • Cody
    Cody 2 years ago +3

    This is one of my favorite interviews ever 🙂

  • Jeslyn
    Jeslyn 2 years ago +2

    36minutes of Jake Gyllenhaal? I'M IN.

  • Sohail Rashid
    Sohail Rashid 2 years ago

    Don't let the NoFilmSchool cunts hear the font 22 talk!

  • Carolina Gomez
    Carolina Gomez 2 years ago +2

    Are there interviews for 2015 and 2016?

  • Lee Davis
    Lee Davis 2 years ago +1

    love your interviews so much David Poland!

  • borederthanu
    borederthanu 3 years ago +1

    29:04 bottom line!

  • 띠로리
    띠로리 3 years ago +6

    he's a real deal

  • Carlos Noriega
    Carlos Noriega 3 years ago +1

    Drink everytime you hear "compromising."

  • Youri Carma
    Youri Carma 3 years ago +29

    This guy Gyllenhaal got me interested in whole different style movies and that's progress.

  • jilly4jesus
    jilly4jesus 3 years ago +2

    love him with the stubble great actor & his real laugh o my

    O GLOW GLOW 4 years ago

    1:57 OMG i know it.. he is so AMAZING

  • Van da
    Van da 4 years ago +11

    Thanks for these interviews.
    I think, the trust and respect are on both sides. Clever questions, intelligent answers, the space, they both need, is given ... Just love watching these DP/30 videos.

  • DeePattyNour
    DeePattyNour 4 years ago +26

    I love the genuine respect the interviewer has for Gyllenhaal.

  • Roman R
    Roman R 4 years ago +68

    "i was shooting prisoners" made me chuckle a bit

  • affalaffaa
    affalaffaa 4 years ago +2

    Thought he was great in Nightcrawler, a real sociopathic nightmare and Enemy. Seems like a very likeable guy as well and so of course he hasn't got an oscar. I'll be very surprised if he doesn't get one before I die, but then I do live in a heavily guarded and very nutritionally healthy bunker with the best medics available. I have full confidence in the oscar process.

  • Violet Daisy
    Violet Daisy 4 years ago +45

    Will smith, Leonardo dicaprio, Johnny depp, jake gyllenhaal, Tobey maguire.. None has got an Oscar. But they are the best actors out there. The oscars is a joke.

    • kortizoll
      kortizoll Year ago +2

      Jakes got more range than Leo, you can see Leo in every movie, but Jake transform really well.

    • Karen N
      Karen N 3 years ago +2


    • affalaffaa
      affalaffaa 4 years ago +1

      @Ian Smart Yep, I'm hoping for that. The next few years could be really good for those guys. There are few things I like more than a decent film to watch.

    • Ian Smart
      Ian Smart 4 years ago +1

      @affalaffaa i AGREE. Leonardo and Jake are the best, but i think the others shouldn't be considered because they have given a few bad performances. There was a time when neither Jake or Leonardo were taken seriously and were seen as blockbuster pretty boys. It's easy to look at the present and see them as the only great ones, but all i'm saying is in the next 10 years we could see the best work come from the rest of them.

    • affalaffaa
      affalaffaa 4 years ago +2

      @Ian Smart I think the other three are great actors when the right film comes along for them. Depp in Donnie Brasco I particularly like, but neither he nor Pacino were nominated, for that film, at the oscars that year. Smith has his moments, Ali and pursuit of Happyness are good and I could not agree with the panning that some critics gave Hancock, a film I enjoyed, but It's not an oscar award winning performance from Smith.
      I chose DiCaprio and Gyllenhaal for the fact, in my eyes, that they have given consistently great and varied performances in their films. The way DiCaprio hasn't got an oscar yet is borderline scandalous! Maybe his luck will change with The Revenant. All just my opinion of course.

  • Greg TheGr8
    Greg TheGr8 4 years ago +1

    An amazing actor.

  • Wendi Koperkowa
    Wendi Koperkowa 4 years ago +3

    Very good interview! It's nice when nobody is trying doing the show and allow to actor take good speech. Another good thing is that interview is at day, when actor is not sleepy 😉

  • Graziela Almeida
    Graziela Almeida 4 years ago

    where did this interview take place, I can hear a baby's cry, it's Jake's house and child?

  • Stephanie Brown
    Stephanie Brown 4 years ago +1

    Jake I really liked Point Break too...lol I watched hit way too many times...... that was hilarious

  • Stephanie Brown
    Stephanie Brown 4 years ago +57

    Jake is completely engaging & mesmerizing. He' so real, humble, intelligent and respects his craft and loves people. His passion & commitment makes his so interesting... LOVE him!

  • limptastic genesis
    limptastic genesis 4 years ago +1

    such a refreshing actor, though I'm not surprised Nightcrawler made no money; very slow movie despite its genius.

  • Dizzy Blu
    Dizzy Blu 4 years ago +4

    I love dps interviews fuck you guys. Hes the only guy who gets big stars to talk in depth about their stuff and not celebs doing shit "for views" stuff.
    Although dude, without changing the format too much, stick some boobs and cats in, they will increase your views tenfold

  • jamiii hart
    jamiii hart 5 years ago +3

    He's so cute I consitter him as my boyfriend 3

  • Mrs. Reckless
    Mrs. Reckless 5 years ago +25

    I am mesmerized. He truly is a fascinating person which makes him an amazing actor.

  • zohaa zafar
    zohaa zafar 5 years ago +121

    in my head he got an oscar for that movie, damn honestly the movie was a piece of art

  • Silas Robledo
    Silas Robledo 5 years ago +2

    Mr. Poland, too often an interviewer will present the right people with the wrong questions. Thank God you don't do that.

  • Silrian777
    Silrian777 5 years ago +1

    A Dune mention, wow.

  • Tabitha Seccara
    Tabitha Seccara 5 years ago +4

    Fuck the Oscars, Jake kicks ass in this movie in every way, amazing acting

  • mounir benkniza
    mounir benkniza 5 years ago +1

    yes oscar for night crewler jack gyllenhaal

  • nero12345789
    nero12345789 5 years ago +3

    DP/30 I absolutely love your interviews. You are able to ask fascinating questions which get really perplexing and interesting answers from each and every actor you interview. Keep up the awesome job!

  • Alejandra Bocchio
    Alejandra Bocchio 5 years ago +5

    I like Jake Gyllenhaal so much, that I can write his last name without misspellings! He is a good actor, and he is better and better with each movie. My favourite is that with the spider "Enemy". I did not like Nightcrawler, but I did like his performance... althought he is way too much on screen... I'd like him to peek a supporting role sometime. I believe he is making a great career and that oscar will come sooner or later. Appart from that, I'm from Argentina, so go "Wild tales"

  • Jack Borden
    Jack Borden 5 years ago +3

    These are really good interviews.

  • DaveNoodles
    DaveNoodles 5 years ago +2

    Fantastic interview and a fantastic film. Also, the laid back( yet oddly still acting) film star shouldn't feel bad about Point Break. Bigelow rocks hard and I can say that with certainty despite not having not seen that Oscar winner one.
    Near Dark aka 80's Vampires With People From Aliens and Point Break aka Best Foot Chase Scene Ever both show that she knows how to kick ass. Hell I even liked her Blue Steel film back in the day. Fuck you, I was 11...

    • DaveNoodles
      DaveNoodles 5 years ago

      Not sure if it's the interview or me, but either way is fine.

    • liamsynthhead
      liamsynthhead 5 years ago

      So informative...

    • shoreloop
      shoreloop 5 years ago

      He had just wrapped Demolition & was readying to debut on Broadway at that time. Staying on that level of alertness must figure into the animated gestures, phrasing even daily convo. Not much time to turn it off?

  • gambie heroes
    gambie heroes 5 years ago +6

    I just watched nightcrawler, it's really a good movie.

    ASAFYY 5 years ago +2

    his charm has gone 5 years ago..

    • lo haze
      lo haze 4 years ago +12

      Nope, plenty of people still love him!

  • Tiffany Gonzalez
    Tiffany Gonzalez 5 years ago +4

    He was amazing in this movie. I was a little hesitant to watch, but he kept me trasfixed to the screen. It is bull that he wasn't nominated for an Academy Award.
    Like my IMDB page Tiffany Gonzalez :)

  • Danny Dolan
    Danny Dolan 5 years ago +235

    How he didn't get Oscar nominated is beyond me... He was brilliant

    • Evija Čaplinska
      Evija Čaplinska 5 years ago +32

      Oscar is a JOKE. I think last year he should be nominated for Prisoners as well - he was brilliant in it!.... so I don't really care so much about Oscars anymore!

    • olderloverxx
      olderloverxx 5 years ago +26

      Proving yet again for another year that the Oscars do not award the best talent. Jake was exceptional in this movie.

    • WupWup
      WupWup 5 years ago +16

      Yes, he was. I'm not saying he would've won, but I was really expecting a nomination for him. It's a shame.

  • Steve Schroth
    Steve Schroth 5 years ago

    no such thing as watching point break too many times! Also, it is NOT a horrible movie!

  • afternoond3light
    afternoond3light 5 years ago +1

    best fucking interviews on the web. jake is my hero.

  • Judah Matthews
    Judah Matthews 5 years ago

    When Jake laughs/smiles he looks like Dylan McDermott

  • popit198
    popit198 5 years ago +2


    • Lohan Fan
      Lohan Fan 5 years ago +1

      Sadly he didn't get a nom :(

  • Kassy Clem
    Kassy Clem 5 years ago

    Hey Jakey Flakey - What's your fascination with "the dark?" Wake up abbey, there's Light at the end of this dark tunnel!

  • a0705717
    a0705717 5 years ago +3

    what a great interview

  • ZaxProxy
    ZaxProxy 5 years ago +2

    I loved how intense it was, I was actually on the edge of my seat :D

  • astroception
    astroception 5 years ago

    point breaker a great horrible movie? how dare you!

  • Alexandra Tataryn
    Alexandra Tataryn 5 years ago +1

    Yeah... searching for bobby fisher. me too...

  • relinquis
    relinquis 5 years ago +5

    you guys have some of the best interviews together... hopefully he'll be busy enough for this to be an annual thing for years to come.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 5 years ago +2

    David, I hope you can get Rene Russo some day. She and Jake were both excellent in Nightcrawler.

  • killacass craigmile
    killacass craigmile 5 years ago +2

    As an Actor, after watching this, i realize how we share a very similar rule of ethics and technique. This reassures me.

  • Eugen Leonte
    Eugen Leonte 5 years ago +1

    Why is the interviewer such a jackass and behaving so unprofessionally ?

    • Sohail Rashid
      Sohail Rashid 2 years ago

      Eugen Leonte they have rapport from doin several interviews by this point
      Did you even hear them say so?

  • Rupert LaMontagne
    Rupert LaMontagne 5 years ago +10

    yeah i agree with everyone here. dp30 is pretty much the only interview channel i follow. deserves muuuuuch more exposure and love.

  • Jerald Brewer
    Jerald Brewer 5 years ago +67

    DP does great interviews for people who REALLY care about the craft of movies. Gyllenhaal gives a knock out performance in one of the best movies of the year. His comments are fascinating. This is absolute catnip for people who truly value movies as as serious art.

    • megan
      megan Year ago

      this is the first DP interview i've seen, but i agree! loved it, i was so captivated the entire interview.

    • James Clark
      James Clark 5 years ago +2

      Completely agree. I can't get enough of these videos and love what they're about!

  • chbjdbccs
    chbjdbccs 5 years ago +4

    love these interviews

  • Tom Cheater
    Tom Cheater 5 years ago +6

    such a great interview, you get some real depth from these guys its admirable

  • Joshua
    Joshua 5 years ago +4

    Shia Labeouf and this guy are my favorite actors . They are great

  • WupWup
    WupWup 5 years ago +20

    Cool interview! Totally love him - he's such an amazing actor! BBM, Enemy, Prisoners, End of Watch... saw Nightcrawer last week and he blew me away with his performance. Go get that Oscar, Jake! He's also a funny, down to earth guy as well.

    • bonnb9
      bonnb9 5 years ago +1

      Please don't forget Donnie Darko!! (( :

    • jokesterr119
      jokesterr119 5 years ago +2

      Well, maybe for Southpaw he'll get nomination

  • Caitlin Stedman
    Caitlin Stedman 5 years ago +14

    Great interview! Nightcrawler is an amazing film that really got me excited about movies in a way that I haven't been in awhile, at least not in mainstream cinema.

    • TOJO J
      TOJO J 5 years ago

      omg yes!! the dude has to get nominated if not the "academy" is crazy 

  • spatzhawk
    spatzhawk 5 years ago +10

    "Bottom line is that I just don't mess around" 29:04
    badass Jake xD I need to catch up on a lot of his work it seems he's in an awesome creative phase right now

  • iamlegend128
    iamlegend128 5 years ago +113

    Can someone explain how these videos have such low viewers yet they can get the biggest moviestars?

    • sean smithson
      sean smithson 2 years ago +1

      DP/30, I interview a lot of genre people at conventions and have done a lot of interviews for print publication. I hate the glittery shit, and sometimes (like when I had three cast members of THE WALKING DEAD in front of an audience of 5k people) I did my research, talked about the craft, the importance of training, etc...pissed some people off massively because I didn't ask "what's it like to be bitten by a zombie?" bullshit. The actors? Insisted I handle their interviews if they should return.
      People are stupid and general audiences are of the TMZ generation. They don't know their shit, don't know the artists work, etc.
      You are doing the lord's work. Keep it up.

    • Karen N
      Karen N 3 years ago

      +Luvie1980 i don't think they lmao

    • Pjor Berger
      Pjor Berger 4 years ago +7

      +iamlegend128 People prefers a 5 minute interview on Letterman or whatever where someone says something funny and the audience laughs...

    • Luvie1980
      Luvie1980 4 years ago +2

      @Charlotte you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Zesty Afrikan
      Zesty Afrikan 4 years ago +1

      @iamlegend128 it's too real tbh

  • aYellowTaxi
    aYellowTaxi 5 years ago +5

    Great interview!

  • FloidMr
    FloidMr 5 years ago +40

    I never like him. After Prisoners i change my mind.
    And look at the role selection. Source Code, End of Watch, Prisoners, Enemy, Nightcrawler... and Everest, Southpaw and new movie of Jean-Marc Vallée in future. Jesus, this guy is on fire. On of the most interesting actors in Hollywood right now.

  • Kelly Nygaard
    Kelly Nygaard 5 years ago +6

    Love the interviews, thank you!

  • Bryan8329
    Bryan8329 5 years ago +14

    I'm surprised to learn that it was under 10 million. Elswit made it look 5 times that much.

  • StarCrusher
    StarCrusher 5 years ago +68

    This was a good interview, haters gonna hate.

    • StarCrusher
      StarCrusher 5 years ago +21

      I just hope you don't take it personally, I've enjoyed all your videos since the start.

    • DP/30: The Oral History Of Hollywood
      DP/30: The Oral History Of Hollywood  5 years ago +48

      @StarCrusher I don't suspect that those "dislikes" are even watching the interview. Unfortunately, they are pissing on someone - my guest - who doesn't deserve the childish, thoughtless abuse.

  • zasddsaf
    zasddsaf 5 years ago +19

    best male performance of the year so far

  • TobiX
    TobiX 5 years ago +28

    Watched Nightcrawler yesterday. Was awesome, so intense.
    So much better than this meh-tier interstellar

    • Goniee Rogers
      Goniee Rogers 4 years ago +2

      @TobiX I only watched night crawler one time, only because his character gave me the creeps way too much that i just couldn't watched it again. that's how good he was.

    • Bookie Smith
      Bookie Smith 5 years ago +2

      Your DP is gorgeous.

  • Wahashak Abdi
    Wahashak Abdi 5 years ago +39

    such attractive much amaze

  • Leox Vitale
    Leox Vitale 5 years ago +11

    ***The dislikers are lurking in the shadows***

  • Steven
    Steven 5 years ago +38

    Good interview, what's with the thumbs downs?

    • Tr0nzoid
      Tr0nzoid 2 years ago

      Some people are surely responding to hearing the background noise, or they don't like questions, or they want to see a lot of movement and goofing off, or they just don't like the actor, or whatever.

    • Steven
      Steven 2 years ago

      I don't know why I'm still getting notifications about this comment given how much the rating has sorted itself out. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • TOJO J
      TOJO J 4 years ago

      @RagdollRalph lol

    • RagdollRalph
      RagdollRalph 4 years ago +1

      This was one hell of late reply xD @TOJO J

    • TOJO J
      TOJO J 4 years ago

      @RagdollRalph ok thanx for the info..