"Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding" Live at the O2 London - TREVOR NOAH

  • Published on May 21, 2018
  • Here's a clip from Saturday nights show at the O2 London! Thank you to the 16,000 people that came out and made this show a dream come true!
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Comments • 2 071

  • EButta71
    EButta71 2 days ago

    Trevor I LOVE YOU!!!! I'M IN TEARS lol!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jerin Sebai Anak Kendawang

    His butty so sexy

  • Tori Temi
    Tori Temi 11 days ago

    😂😂😂 The naija switch oo
    Uncle Adebayo

  • Snow Fox Games
    Snow Fox Games 12 days ago

    I honestly didn't give a shit about the wedding o think that was the same for a good few Irish people they probably look at and went hmm thas a nice dress and that was the end of it

    ALISHA MUKHTAR 14 days ago +1

    We all needed that. Learn something from this people

  • DoLLfACeKiLLa AnGeLiNo


  • Adegbola Rachael
    Adegbola Rachael 16 days ago

    My dad lost it when he watched this video because his name is Adebayo😂😂😂😂

  • abena Prodigy
    abena Prodigy 17 days ago

    Trevor got Nigerian accent too 😂😂.... whole family in the carriage 😂😂😂😂

  • Bitan ya
    Bitan ya 24 days ago

    It's like am addicted to ur jokes,am watching it in the morning on my break,on my another break and at night before bed🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Ayana Benjamin
    Ayana Benjamin 24 days ago

    Great English accent!

  • Steve Dan
    Steve Dan 27 days ago

    The whole time i thought he was talking about a “black pasta” (instead of pastor)

  • Time pictures- IC
    Time pictures- IC 29 days ago

    God save the Queen 😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Christina Watson
    Christina Watson Month ago

    You are outstanding 👍👍😊😂😂😂

  • wiwien
    wiwien Month ago

    Cute butt and tummy, Trevaaahh

  • louise ngo bikond
    louise ngo bikond Month ago

    You are truly blessed Mr. Noah!

  • Miossoty Johnson
    Miossoty Johnson Month ago

    Palace need some color up een deh

  • Sophia Khan
    Sophia Khan Month ago

    I am brown from pakistan and I play the cello

  • Dennis Albert
    Dennis Albert Month ago

    God save Kenya, God save the Queen

  • trudy227
    trudy227 Month ago +1

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😂😂😂I’m done✌🏾♥️

  • EL be
    EL be Month ago

    Omg second day have been watching videos. Soooo funny.... so many topics has been opened with a funny however polite form. Usually when people are talking about something it is insulting but he is doing in a smart way.

  • Eneh patrick Bisong

    They like asking who was there for you here in Nigeria.... More like they were there for u so that they will attend ur wedding

  • Joe S
    Joe S Month ago

    The reaction to the pastor/minister from the brits was justified though, we just dont get that pretentious drivel lol and he went on far too long talking shit! Most of the royal family are probably atheist too, they just cant admit it

  • Catherine Joy
    Catherine Joy Month ago

    Another winner from Trevah!!!

  • Jackie Sampieri
    Jackie Sampieri Month ago

    Hahhhha that's exactly how a Mexican wedding would be!!!!!


    Trevor walks like he has to pee 😂

  • cheeese bomb!
    cheeese bomb! 2 months ago


  • Jill I
    Jill I 2 months ago +3

    Of course the pastor had to talk about Slavery.......
    The English literally were masters of slavery, you can't just ignore that obvious fact!!!

  • Jill I
    Jill I 2 months ago +2

    Meghan Markle is NOT Black....she is Mixed race and identifies as such!
    Funny video tho.

    • Resistance 313
      Resistance 313 15 days ago

      She looks so white I dont see no black lol

    • gišha
      gišha Month ago +1

      she is the whitest black person I've seen. So whit I wondered where the black person in the royal family was

  • Khushboo Pidiyar
    Khushboo Pidiyar 2 months ago

    Absolutely love his sense of comedy and timing.

  • Satoru Kuroshiro
    Satoru Kuroshiro 2 months ago

    When you forcefully point out inclusiveness, it stops being inclusive and becomes tokenism.

  • kk ok
    kk ok 2 months ago

    Meghan's dad is white Trevor her mom is black

  • Conservos
    Conservos 2 months ago +1

    Give this guy a few minutes, and he is bitching about race.

  • Teex XHIKARU
    Teex XHIKARU 2 months ago

    lol. nice one but the Nigerian impression was quite South African ha. Nigerians don't add ha ha 😂 @Trevor Noah

  • Esther .period
    Esther .period 2 months ago

    His Nigerian interpretation was so spot on was laughed so hard I cried

  • Terry Walker
    Terry Walker 2 months ago

    Lol, when he references "black people" he does it in an African accent and with African references. Although funny, I could not relate to those "black" references. Just goes to show "black" is not a one size fit all term. Depends on your national and ethnic background.

  • Ally Mngwaya
    Ally Mngwaya 2 months ago

    I like you Trevor, you talk reality in funny way

  • Nombasa Kumalo
    Nombasa Kumalo 2 months ago


  • Lourey Balabag
    Lourey Balabag 2 months ago


  • Armstrong Fernando
    Armstrong Fernando 2 months ago

    this is awesome man

  • Ibsizzle
    Ibsizzle 3 months ago

    I was trying to figure out what slavery has to do with black pasta.

  • Michelle Fletcher
    Michelle Fletcher 3 months ago


  • Fathima Aamina Nawaz
    Fathima Aamina Nawaz 3 months ago

    Tough crowd...barely laughed compared to most of his other audiences

  • Lisa Hoyt
    Lisa Hoyt 3 months ago

    Oh no I'll trash other whites on a whole. You know like Southerners. 🤔😜

  • lwandile phill goniwe
    lwandile phill goniwe 3 months ago

    You was chubby here boy.

  • Abbot david-west
    Abbot david-west 3 months ago

    This is my first Trevor Noah show.

  • mavis akolor
    mavis akolor 3 months ago


  • C Brown
    C Brown 3 months ago

    Accents for days

  • jabulani theron
    jabulani theron 3 months ago +1

    "I don't need you a******'s to save me, I drive myself" 👀 that's a very dark joke

    TheCWMHALL 3 months ago

    Fantastic , such humour !

  • S R
    S R 3 months ago

    People from Arab countries are called Arabs. Plz dont say Arabic.

  • thantei c
    thantei c 3 months ago


  • Arina Savva
    Arina Savva 3 months ago

    He is missing a point..its not about black...anymore..It about how British monarchy trying to survive ..in the future world ..with a little distress for now..."color +popularity"..If Harry would be a future king- Megan Markel would never happens.... very sad..every one still stuck on the "black"...

  • Jen Has Bananas
    Jen Has Bananas 3 months ago

    I love him ❤️

  • Chukwuma Ezeani
    Chukwuma Ezeani 3 months ago

    uncle adebayo...lol

  • DALIM5
    DALIM5 4 months ago


  • oyinbo peppe
    oyinbo peppe 4 months ago

    His British accents are crap, they are American impressions he is copying, not accurate.

  • Andre Newcomb
    Andre Newcomb 4 months ago

    Tradition is tradition. And it was their event in a family building.

  • The Weeknd Includes Friday's

    "Let me tell you something. A *black cellist* has cancelled itself out!"

    -Trevor Noah (2018)

  • Kees Manuel
    Kees Manuel 4 months ago

    Trever is hilarious.

  • langelihle chimanya
    langelihle chimanya 4 months ago

    he is thicccccc

  • Oelc Raj
    Oelc Raj 4 months ago

    He is so good

  • Awanthi Munasinghe
    Awanthi Munasinghe 4 months ago

    Trevor, u r the best in whole world... we love u sooo much and don't miss any of you. Pls visit sri Lanka...

  • Thurance Cameron
    Thurance Cameron 4 months ago +2

    Omg Trevor you nailed it...Respect to your hustle

  • Jessyca Yong
    Jessyca Yong 4 months ago

    He’s awesome! I’m here (too) for his cute ass.. and accent 🤣

  • Emmanuel Okwesie Arhin
    Emmanuel Okwesie Arhin 4 months ago

    Trevor, you are so good

  • Charlotte Makuvire
    Charlotte Makuvire 4 months ago

    I always come back to this video it cracks me up *God save the Queen* 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sa Mah
    Sa Mah 4 months ago


  • Nifemi Makinde
    Nifemi Makinde 4 months ago +7

    😂😂😂😂 yes ooo
    That Nigerian accent
    All of us must enter the carriage😂

  • Mo Beats
    Mo Beats 4 months ago +12

    "If it was a real black wedding, it would never end"

  • charnte carolus
    charnte carolus 4 months ago

    Lol that Nigerian Uncle sounds like a coloured mother

  • Bianca Pinheiro Toivola

    Game is in the end !

    SAKSHI SRIVASTAVA 4 months ago +1

    True shit .. cool set ❤❤

  • Your Son
    Your Son 4 months ago

    The video should be named:"Black wedding vs White wedding "

  • Bianca Pinheiro Toivola

    M.M. gGonna see funy Man in America ,love!

  • Brown Sugar
    Brown Sugar 5 months ago

    I agree with him 😂 😂 in Mexico wedding is not just the bride day or groom day it is family day too 😂

  • Fatxi Ahmed
    Fatxi Ahmed 5 months ago

    You the finniest comedian ever

  • Bianca Pinheiro Toivola

    So funny Man!kkkkkkkk

  • Bianca Pinheiro Toivola

    Trevor Noah is Meghan baby's dad!

  • Flourish Omoregie
    Flourish Omoregie 5 months ago +1

    Omg damn Trevor's Nigerian accent is on point...ok not so on point he didn't say Adebayo right but he did good

  • Barredhu Elema
    Barredhu Elema 5 months ago


  • Michael Namoongo
    Michael Namoongo 5 months ago

    Smart comedian

  • Aditi Dutraj
    Aditi Dutraj 5 months ago

    I love you Trevor!

  • legend
    legend 5 months ago +1

    just here for NOAH
    dnt give a damm care about the weeding

  • Rae Rara
    Rae Rara 5 months ago

    😂😂😂😂 please the black wedding

  • Lucia Gabriela
    Lucia Gabriela 5 months ago

    I love #TrevorNoah 💖 Amazing, I watch as much as I can to brighten my day 🤣

  • PrettyNerd
    PrettyNerd 5 months ago

    I always hated the word minority because its used to demote people of color and its a misnomer since the "minority" is actually the "majority" if you think about it. its more people of color than whites in this world.. just saying.. lol..

  • ochasi charles
    ochasi charles 5 months ago +1

    the naija accent isnt naija enough....but i love this trevor guy

  • serk serk
    serk serk 5 months ago


  • 1coco5
    1coco5 5 months ago

    Yes black wedding celebration are a few days. Gotta celebrate with family and honor the ancestors!

  • 1coco5
    1coco5 5 months ago


  • Sakhile welcome Sibanyoni Sakkie

    i wanted michael ross to marry rachael #Suits

  • Precious Agom
    Precious Agom 5 months ago

    He murdered the Nigerian accent 🤣🤣🤣

  • alex
    alex 5 months ago

    This is still♡

  • bubblez
    bubblez 5 months ago

    the Nigerian accent tho 😭😭🤣🤣

  • Renzo Cordero
    Renzo Cordero 5 months ago


  • Nav_Vein
    Nav_Vein 6 months ago

    5:20 For those who came here for the Nigerian accent tho' ..

  • Gaucigan Elam
    Gaucigan Elam 6 months ago

    5:20 is the part you're looking for

  • Shubrakshi Seth
    Shubrakshi Seth 6 months ago

    Your accent or accents ..... I luv u trevor

  • raihaji
    raihaji 6 months ago

    Love the mix if sophisticated English and ghetto "accent" ...and of course you are so hilarious #TrevorNoah

  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi 6 months ago

    the pastor thought he was in America still.. haha.