Jacksepticeye's Office Setup Tour

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • People always ask about my setup so here it is!
    Thank you Origin for the brand new MONSTER PC bit.ly/2O4P5Uc
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  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye  29 days ago +3915

    Pc specs:
    i9 9900k at 4.6GHz CPU
    64GB RAM
    Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti
    2x 1Tb hard drives
    Elgato HD60 pro capture card (for consoles)
    Everything else:
    Shure blx4r wireless lav
    Sennheiser mkh416
    Sony a7r ii
    Elgato key lights
    Elgato stream deck
    Logitch pro g mouse and keyboard
    GoXLR mixer

    • Jadon Carew
      Jadon Carew Day ago +2

      I only have 30 subs but I upload every other day and I also only get like 20 views a video sometimes even 5. I don't understand why. I even have an actual setup but no one watches my videos

      SKRAPPY Day ago

      Dam you running the super high end, so yeah you rocking the strongest computer out there. Must be nice.

    • Will Brittan
      Will Brittan 5 days ago

      No SSD?

      but how will you boot up papers please in under 10 seconds? xD

    • stealth _uty
      stealth _uty 8 days ago

      Shiiitttt, thats my dream specs! While i could only afford rtx 2060, it's still good tho, but rtx 2080 ti is just the best vga card

    • Milkman Gaming
      Milkman Gaming 12 days ago

      Hard drives?! My boy, you are missing out! You need (not actually need, using hyperbole) a 2tb NVME for your boot and a couple 4tb Sata SSD's for your mass storage! No reason for a boss like yourself to be waiting around on spinning disk storage!

  • STILL.Unknown
    STILL.Unknown 57 minutes ago

    What headset do you use Jack

  • Or9ng
    Or9ng 5 hours ago

    What is the main microphone that you use?

  • Professor Optics
    Professor Optics 6 hours ago

    Hey man, wanted to find out how often you get "the shot" on the first go, or if you have to sometimes re-record because of reasons?

  • Manikrishna Kewalia
    Manikrishna Kewalia 9 hours ago

    hey JACK could you tell your friend FELIX to get that camera

  • fudgey
    fudgey 11 hours ago +1

    a titan rtx is actually better

  • Aiden Drew
    Aiden Drew 17 hours ago

    YES! Drums..... So when r u going to make another one?!

  • Kiki 1212
    Kiki 1212 Day ago

    Me: Huh. I haven't had an ad in a while.
    TVclip: Wait. That's illegal.

  • Gambit896
    Gambit896 Day ago

    Awesome tour Sean 😁.

  • FadedCool
    FadedCool Day ago

    Damn I over here with a gtx 1050 8gbram like the second or third worst i5 with razer cynosa chroma with a 20$ mouse ttesports iris optical rgb and 50 dollar headset I’m currently saving for nzxt bld pc

  • GMD JuliussBois
    GMD JuliussBois Day ago

    There are BARELY any views.. What happened??

  • FurryGirlLover Cleveland

    I hate this Jack I want the green hair Jack back

  • Sepmik
    Sepmik Day ago

    as many other youtubers have changed, jacks only changed his look. all 3 mm of his beardXD love ya jack

  • Carter Johnson
    Carter Johnson 2 days ago

    How tall is he?

  • Thom
    Thom 2 days ago

    Monitors are the Asus VG278QR (I think)

  • Callum Russell
    Callum Russell 2 days ago

    Jack going grey?

  • PJ Bosman
    PJ Bosman 2 days ago

    What headphones do you use at the moment? Seeing that you don't use your Philips Fidelio X2's anymore?

  • Chris Bray
    Chris Bray 2 days ago

    Hello sean i am wanting to start a youtube channel for gaming and i would like to know what equipment i should get to start it but at a fairly cheap price hope you respond

  • K Factor
    K Factor 2 days ago

    Hey Jack so I don't know if you'll ever see this comment or someone else will answer but what headphones do you use?

  • Kaylee K
    Kaylee K 2 days ago


  • XtremeRebel 243
    XtremeRebel 243 2 days ago

    Have you dipped your beard in glitter again?

  • Kidddo
    Kidddo 2 days ago +3






  • K-Jay Punzalan
    K-Jay Punzalan 2 days ago

    What vlogging camera does Jack use

  • Storm
    Storm 2 days ago +3

    Jacksepticeye is starting to look like a viking with that MAJESTIC BEARD AND LONG HAIR

  • No2mic
    No2mic 2 days ago

    house tour??

  • nerd stuff
    nerd stuff 2 days ago +1

    Aperntly jack thinks size dose not mater mmmmmm......

  • Reid VanIddekinge
    Reid VanIddekinge 2 days ago +3

    Can you make one about your Vr setup?

  • Billy Bobman
    Billy Bobman 2 days ago


  • Justin
    Justin 3 days ago

    Jack literally has the best computer possibly Jesus Christ

    • sulfurrZ
      sulfurrZ 23 hours ago

      @Justin honestly I don't know why o said no. mainly because being a major nerd I know you can top this but it's not viable like overclocking with liquid nitrogen and sli'ing 3 2080tis

    • Justin
      Justin 23 hours ago

      sulfurrZ definitely one of the top pcs u could have for gaming if not the best

    • sulfurrZ
      sulfurrZ Day ago


  • The10k Gaming
    The10k Gaming 3 days ago

    Why does he look like Joseph seed from far cry 5

  • Jessica Weiss
    Jessica Weiss 3 days ago

    Hey jack what headphones are those

  • BradsGaming
    BradsGaming 3 days ago

    What monitors does he use?

  • Caydin Browning
    Caydin Browning 3 days ago

    Hey jack what is you pc name?

  • Nate Rosenfeld
    Nate Rosenfeld 3 days ago +1

    May I suggest curved monitors? They are nicer in my opinion compared to flat.

  • Davie Kelly
    Davie Kelly 3 days ago

    I thought when he said GeForce he said cheese board 😂

  • Offical_ToothPick
    Offical_ToothPick 3 days ago

    Returning subscriber never seen him yet. OMG WTF IS HIS HAIR OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG PLS NO

  • max patryk
    max patryk 3 days ago

    Jack It is not the strongest btw the titan rtx is

  • Subscribe To Me For No Reason

    Jack's beard is so shiny here uwu

  • Universal Virus
    Universal Virus 3 days ago

    What headphones you use??

  • Rylan Kennedy
    Rylan Kennedy 3 days ago

    I have the same mouse as he does its amazing

  • dhROOV
    dhROOV 3 days ago


  • Purple Operations
    Purple Operations 3 days ago +1

    More of building sim also the your setup is ok but you need to get a threadripper and a new motherboard and a RTX Titan 24 gbs of vram

  • Random Universe
    Random Universe 3 days ago

    Free food.

  • Aneuo
    Aneuo 4 days ago

    *Realizes I’m too broke to buy anything*

  • 1 234
    1 234 4 days ago

    Who knows what his first place is

  • Torez Naidoo
    Torez Naidoo 4 days ago


  • William Corcoran
    William Corcoran 4 days ago +1

    Best setup jack 😍

  • Shadow Kidd
    Shadow Kidd 4 days ago

    Sixty fucking four GB of RAM what the actual fuck

  • Static Wolf
    Static Wolf 4 days ago

    Can we talk about how it looks like he has got eye shadow on 🤣😂

  • AceDestruction
    AceDestruction 4 days ago +3

    My man Seán literally has my dream pc, that sexy trident z royal is amazing.

  • Čârtôôłôrd 767

    Anybody like raccooneggs


    Is his hair white

  • recatosenpai
    recatosenpai 4 days ago

    thanks for this gaming setup!

  • araz tavakoli
    araz tavakoli 4 days ago

    Plz shave your beard

  • Crazy Top 10
    Crazy Top 10 4 days ago

    You're setup is better than pewdiepie's

  • Amandi
    Amandi 4 days ago

    You look hella diffrent

  • Orangemojo
    Orangemojo 4 days ago

    I have no spare rooms in my house to stream and I steam in my room anyway. How much was the foam on the walls

  • BulletN3ctar
    BulletN3ctar 4 days ago

    Is that gray hair that I'm seeing?

  • MRCRACKER cracker
    MRCRACKER cracker 4 days ago

    I'm just notecing but it looks like he has white hair

  • Adrian Ruiz
    Adrian Ruiz 4 days ago

    Only if I was a gamer like Jack

  • DeadSkoll YT
    DeadSkoll YT 4 days ago

    How old are you?

  • the amateur artist
    the amateur artist 4 days ago


  • Rwqnda
    Rwqnda 4 days ago +1

    oh shit he finally got a second monitor

  • Ron Swansen
    Ron Swansen 4 days ago

    Kan you do Vlogs?

  • FlapJack
    FlapJack 4 days ago

    Spoiler alert jack doesn’t have a house it’s just his office

  • SpearmintGaming
    SpearmintGaming 4 days ago

    Hate the hair

  • Adela Ahmad
    Adela Ahmad 4 days ago

    Sheesh good shite

  • Shneeples
    Shneeples 4 days ago

    if you guys need a free easy to use but really nice editing software, use lightworks, no payments needed and its really good

  • George Watt
    George Watt 4 days ago

    You’ve changed from the last room tour

  • YTG Chaos
    YTG Chaos 4 days ago

    Hay Jack I was walking around the other day and it was the area u are from in Ireland I can't say it here but if u want to know just ask me have a good day

  • jayden doyle
    jayden doyle 4 days ago

    8:18 nice attempted on b-roll

  • littleberry cake
    littleberry cake 4 days ago +1

    The camera is sitting on a solid "aerm" 🤣👏 I love that accent boii

  • Tyrone Jefferson Wenzel Washignton to the power of 9 Williamson

    *cough cough* I think you're forgetting the Nvidia RTX Quadro 8000 but whatever who's really paying attention (or the Tesla V100 or RTX Titan)

  • Theoblaze420
    Theoblaze420 5 days ago

    Jack looks ugly with a beard

  • Gonna Games
    Gonna Games 5 days ago

    i mean a quadro is better but ok

  • Christian Hayes
    Christian Hayes 5 days ago

    Where da green hair

  • Bladadinya
    Bladadinya 5 days ago

    Jesus, how many 8gb RGB gskillz sticks of ram does he have in that pc

  • Will Brittan
    Will Brittan 5 days ago

    When he said the 2080ti is the most powerful GPU on the planet

    *Well yes but actually no...*
    (Strongest CONSUMER GRADE gpu xd)

  • GameZta
    GameZta 5 days ago +1

    You didn't talk about your monitors

    FACE LESS 5 days ago

    Your hair looks grey

  • xXBenXxTV
    xXBenXxTV 5 days ago +1

    You should have a stream/editing PC and a Gaming PC

  • xXBenXxTV
    xXBenXxTV 5 days ago

    Tfues is a LOT BETTER PC but yours is still REALLY NICE 👍

  • DJDEX04Gaming
    DJDEX04Gaming 5 days ago

    I’m pretty sure the 2080 ti isn’t the strongest gpu rn😂😂😂

  • LateRooster
    LateRooster 5 days ago

    I recently got a AMD Asus Arez Strix RX Vega 56 8GB GPU, first gpu i ever had and its awesome.
    other specs are a I3-8100.
    16GB of ram.
    1 tb harddrive and 1 120 gb ssd

    • LateRooster
      LateRooster 4 days ago

      @Farhan Siddik I know but hte Bottleneck is not that bad luckily enough it has 3.6Ghz and yes it only has 4 cores but i can play alot of games of the triple A's on High

    • Farhan Siddik
      Farhan Siddik 5 days ago

      The i3 bottlenecks it. You should get an i5 or i7 in the future

  • Mr Delicious
    Mr Delicious 5 days ago


  • chacepfait
    chacepfait 5 days ago

    im pretty sure you dont need 64 gb of ram

  • Matt D.
    Matt D. 5 days ago

    Sean McShinyBeard

  • swaggster2006
    swaggster2006 5 days ago

    Um you jack you missed the keyboard and mouse

    BANKX 5 days ago

    Ok ok i haven’t been on jacks channel in a wile but when did you start looking like pewds

  • Larry
    Larry 5 days ago

    jack is an old man now

  • Silly Skits
    Silly Skits 5 days ago

    your hair looks white

  • Fluffy _MrSheep
    Fluffy _MrSheep 5 days ago


  • Lilchoppa
    Lilchoppa 5 days ago

    But can your pc run Minecraft on fancy settings?

  • bix emp
    bix emp 5 days ago +1

    i have 1050 ti
    i'm so jealous

    • CodeOne YT
      CodeOne YT 4 days ago

      don't be. It's one of the best gpus for the price. I stream all the time on twitch without a problem

  • Iron Nutz
    Iron Nutz 5 days ago

    Change ur hair back

  • DRGameplayswithMilan
    DRGameplayswithMilan 5 days ago +1

    Sean: I like to have everything top quality and on the high end!
    Broken Light: Sean why you bully me?
    Sean(probably): F*ck you I don’t care ‘bout ya!
    Broken Light: Am I A Joke To You?
    Sean: YES!!!!!!

  • Daniel Benally
    Daniel Benally 5 days ago

    Hey jack I’m starting a TVclip channel and what’s a good video editing app for iOS I need some help

  • Austin Mays
    Austin Mays 5 days ago

    Oh hell no it’s at 666k views

  • WarriorGT
    WarriorGT 5 days ago

    666,667 views. Noice

  • Justin Manning
    Justin Manning 5 days ago

    Jack has eight hair now