Scum - Carlin Takes Control

  • Published on Dec 1, 2012
  • Probably the best scene in the film 'Scum' made in 1979 featuring:
    Ray Winston - Carlin
    Phil Daniels - Richards
    John Blundell - Banks
    John Judd - Sands
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  • Jimmy Hopkins
    Jimmy Hopkins Month ago

    "My name is Hopkins! Don't forget it!"

  • Ramon
    Ramon 3 months ago

    Bullworth Academy in a nutshell

  • Jose sandoval
    Jose sandoval 5 months ago

    Who would win butch or Carlin

  • raksh9
    raksh9 11 months ago

    Dayum, homeboy split some wigs wid his lock in a sock! Oh wait, wrong country.

  • 혼모노
    혼모노 Year ago

    Carry on

  • Major MajorMajor
    Major MajorMajor Year ago

    How strong is the screw, that lad is like a rag doll to him.

  • 124madcow
    124madcow Year ago

    Got to respect the lads for not stitching

  • Alexio Gessa
    Alexio Gessa Year ago

    Carlin is the truth!

  • halouxy
    halouxy Year ago

    Carry on

  • Cedric Mercer
    Cedric Mercer Year ago

    Carlin is top dog

    A-KÆl RIURA Year ago

    pinche Jimmy Jopkins :v

  • Chlorodiazepoxide
    Chlorodiazepoxide 2 years ago +1

    did he say "im the daddy now"? fuckin europe. more specifically u.k. shits goofy

  • nlgbbbblth
    nlgbbbblth 3 years ago +2

    How you should deal with chuggers.

  • Mackleish
    Mackleish 3 years ago

    grew up to battle in the work races, pick up the pace fuckin jordan knows it

  • Gareth Glitter
    Gareth Glitter 3 years ago +3

    Advert for Robertson's Marmalade at 1:07

    • Lee McDaid - Guitar
      Lee McDaid - Guitar 2 years ago

      Yeah, but for some reason the TV shows a Bird's Trifle ad with Robertson's Marmalade tune playing over it?
      Take a look at 1:05 ( closing fridge door ) and at 1:18 ( bowl of trifle! )

  • WesIsaLeo
    WesIsaLeo 3 years ago

    I still like those "Mecca" scenes. How's Mecca these days, Archer?

  • Kingnotail
    Kingnotail 3 years ago +1

    That's for the fucking parklife video Phil Daniels!!

    • IndependentGeorge76
      IndependentGeorge76 2 years ago +2

      you should cut down on your pork-life mate, get some exercise

  • Imyournewpeppep
    Imyournewpeppep 3 years ago +1

    is that Danny John Jules aka Cat from Red Dwarf at 2:33?

  • Salomon Gonzalez
    Salomon Gonzalez 3 years ago

    Just like dog pound

    • A smoking ChickenFish
      A smoking ChickenFish 3 years ago

      +Salomon Gonzalez That Canadian remake just doesn't compare to this original classic

  • manweller1
    manweller1 3 years ago

    That's how you take care of business

  • Amanda Marshall
    Amanda Marshall 3 years ago

    All worked up over a film, wow..... hate to see if a few people here had a real life !!!!....

  • Kelly Hawkey
    Kelly Hawkey 3 years ago

    just love him 💝💝

  • cha0s10242
    cha0s10242 3 years ago

    I swear the scene in Dog Pound is so much more intense and realistic than this one.

  • Alex The chef
    Alex The chef 3 years ago +4

    There needs to be a remake of this and it needs to be British that crappy Canadian version don't cut it.

    • Jose sandoval
      Jose sandoval 6 months ago

      Alex The chef at least Davis got avaged in dog pound

    • Christopher Guarneri
      Christopher Guarneri 10 months ago

      Honestly dog pound was pretty good. Not as good as this but I good modern take on it

    • RamsFan
      RamsFan 3 years ago +1

      +Al staniland Then I hope it didn't detract from what the original life in a British borstal was set out to portray.
      This version did not portray the homosexuality of the main character (Carlin) with what he called his 'Missis'
      A sex slave he had at hand whilst he served his time.

    • Alex The chef
      Alex The chef 3 years ago

      +ScragNath There is a Canadian version but it's called dog pound

    • RamsFan
      RamsFan 3 years ago

      +Al staniland Its been made and remade. I have two versions. Whats with the Canadian stuff?

  • Primrose Stanley
    Primrose Stanley 3 years ago +12

    Carlin British trevor Philips

    • Felipe Sol
      Felipe Sol 2 years ago +2

      Primrose Stanley is more like jimmy hopkins, from Bully.

  • Heavyweightboxing Fan
    Heavyweightboxing Fan 3 years ago +4

    Part of the film is about standing up to bullies.

    • Kelly14UK
      Kelly14UK 2 years ago

      Nah it's just not on the cards in the cinema one. The young boy was homosexual and the greenhouse scene was simply "that prison thing". It's badness, pure and simple. +TheSealOfTheRose

    • TheSealOfTheRose
      TheSealOfTheRose 2 years ago

      +Kelly14UK Oh well it's not clear from this version.

    • Kelly14UK
      Kelly14UK 3 years ago

      The boy WAS gay. That's why he was hated by those bullies and the screws.+TheSealOfTheRose

    • TheSealOfTheRose
      TheSealOfTheRose 3 years ago

      +Kelly14UK No one was gay in the film. The younger one got raped by violent desperate but presumably technically heterosexual boys.

    • TheSealOfTheRose
      TheSealOfTheRose 3 years ago

      +Heavyweightboxing Fan Then becoming one yourself.

  • ad
    ad 3 years ago +1

    banks u barstad!

  • AintBigAintClever
    AintBigAintClever 3 years ago +8

    Expertly filmed, too. Single camera shot from him coming down the corridor to the games room, filling the sock, pausing in the doorway to the other room and up to the point where he clops the guy round the head. Can you spot where the sock was swapped for one filled with papier mache balls? :D

    • IndependentGeorge76
      IndependentGeorge76 3 years ago

      +Raskolnikov Nabokov a man must have a hobby i suppose

    • Raskolnikov Nabokov
      Raskolnikov Nabokov 3 years ago

      +Stephen hughes thats nice

    • Stuart Clark
      Stuart Clark 3 years ago +2

      I first watched this film in the Winter of 83/84 , it must have been a late night Friday night , on the TV ,
      i was working in a Pub in central London , and all the staff huddled round the table after work , drinking etc , we were all riveted by this film , it did make a lifelong impression .

    • Nick prosser
      Nick prosser 3 years ago +1

      +Stephen hughes on repeat

    • AintBigAintClever
      AintBigAintClever 3 years ago +1

      You've got it :)

  • Ian Rhodes
    Ian Rhodes 3 years ago +5

    When Winston could still act. And boy, he could act!

  • Jake Farron Merlin
    Jake Farron Merlin 3 years ago +2

    fackin well will toerag!

  • SrTuco
    SrTuco 3 years ago

    Awesome acting in the final scene.

  • melvert33
    melvert33 3 years ago +9

    Carry on...great line!!

  • Swango
    Swango 4 years ago

    Where's Dutch?

    KISS HOOTERS 4 years ago +6

    Two punches to the gut and then a hard knee too. Good moves!

  • bobSCOTT99
    bobSCOTT99 4 years ago

    Why do they keep saying "I slipped sir." Cos that's never gonna work.

    • Darkzz Lord
      Darkzz Lord Year ago

      what i wanna know is why the fuck guards or supperiors insist on asking the fucking question.It's like they don't fucking know that they're only making it harder on the prisoners or kdis

    • kingofburnttoast
      kingofburnttoast 4 years ago +2

      If you're called out as being a grass, then you will have an even worse time in prison more than ever, since everyone knows that you won't be trusted, so no one will bother helping you

    • Charlie
      Charlie 4 years ago +3

      Because in prison you don't want people to know you are a grass.

    • Silverback
      Silverback 4 years ago +1

      Cause they both know he had been beaten, it was just his way of saying I'm not going to say what happened indirectly, because the rules of the prison were not to be straight.

  • cameron cartex
    cameron cartex 4 years ago +9


  • paul hunter
    paul hunter 4 years ago +1

    just like porridge

  • Laurence Dillingham
    Laurence Dillingham 4 years ago +1

    My time spent in Rochester borstal ! Shit happens ! I'm the daddy now hahaha

  • rayjt17
    rayjt17 4 years ago +11

    I got this for christmas and watched it on christmas night, very much in the spirit

    • Gareth Glitter
      Gareth Glitter 3 years ago +2

      +rayjt17 I think this should be shown as the Christmas movie right after HM Queen's speech.....imagine watching this beside a roaring fire with all the family

    • Kingnotail
      Kingnotail 3 years ago +1

      +rayjt17 Did you wank over the bumming scene?

  • richard pickard
    richard pickard 4 years ago

    Wack ,youve been snookerd lol xx

  • farmerne
    farmerne 4 years ago

    Ok---is it really like this in Britain's reformatories or has this all been sensationalized?

  • sunkcontrol sunkcontrol

    im the fucking DADDY........

  • Kelly14UK
    Kelly14UK 4 years ago +3

    That screw's probably got a small willy.

  • 71yid
    71yid 4 years ago +6

    Awesome film. Very realistic, brutal, disturbing and compelling film to watch..even if it looks dated now. Arguably Ray Winstones best to date.

    • dave10172
      dave10172 3 years ago

      +71yid Films were better in the past as was music and sport.

    • BloodofBaphomet
      BloodofBaphomet 4 years ago +1

      It's a pity he died in 1990, we could have seen a lot more great TV plays from him. He was also very versatile and directed comedy dramas too. Remember Rita, Sue and Bob too?

    • BrainSpecialist
      BrainSpecialist 4 years ago

      +Videotape Memories Alan Clarke, not Alan Parker.

  • ChiefShittingBull
    ChiefShittingBull 4 years ago +5

    terrific film - saw it when it first come out - but that scene where the two nonces done the young lad in the greenhouse will haunt me forever . Ray Winstone was, is and always be The Man .

  • Metaldetector Experimenter

    Stabbings and beatings were common in borstals in those days not a place you want to be.

    • Extreme Weather
      Extreme Weather 3 years ago

      +Gary Hunter Yep. Violence bred violence. Their dads were not around or were in prison. Unfortunately, their kids went down the same route. Another generation on (and these generations are, oh, so short) Those kids bred in the 90s. In my just less than 50 years on this planet I've seen kids stabbing in the 70s to kids stabbing now. All to get a foot up the ladder that leads to nowhere. That is the power of this film. It is just bleak. And yet, within it, there is still just that seed of hope.

    • Kelly14UK
      Kelly14UK 4 years ago +7

      Yup and out of touch, posh, connected bastards sent vunerable non violent mentally wayward kids there.

  • LP-2014
    LP-2014 4 years ago +3

    "You let him do you over! you TWAT!"

  • dave win
    dave win 4 years ago +1

    Divide and beat the living fuck out of them.

  • Jack Regan
    Jack Regan 4 years ago +6

    Nice one Carlin, but Mr Sands was an absolute 100% B*****D!

    • nikki curtis
      nikki curtis 4 years ago

      +Jack Regan you would be on the bacon wing ;Thats for sure jackie

    • Jack Regan
      Jack Regan 4 years ago

      @1.06 The toady Eckersley knows which way the cards are stacked...

  • ClayMation
    ClayMation 4 years ago +2

    "I'm a daddy now!"

  • ClayMation
    ClayMation 4 years ago +5

    I just watched this movie, it was amazing. This is what filmmaking is about. Acting, raw and emotional!

  • Edgar Strauss
    Edgar Strauss 4 years ago +3

    Would of liked 2 see Sands get smacked back.

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez 4 years ago

    Dog Pound.

  • Gareth Glitter
    Gareth Glitter 4 years ago

    I always fantasize that I am Carlin. Richards is my ex girlfriend. Pongo Banks is the man she dumped me for.

    • Gareth Glitter
      Gareth Glitter 4 years ago

      +Scott Wilson Get back to the dole queue you semi literate chav

  • xxl96
    xxl96 4 years ago +13

    Ray Winstone played the tough guy even as a kid.

    • TwistedJayy
      TwistedJayy 4 years ago +2

      +norman no That must be why those strikes on Banks look so impressive.

    • norman no
      norman no 4 years ago +13

      he wasnt playing at it - winstone was a boxing champ as a young man

  • maxtache
    maxtache 4 years ago +1

    Why the fuck did he have to do that 365 shit. He must be really fucking struggling to put food on the table in that mansion. FFS.

  • MorningGlory
    MorningGlory 5 years ago +27

    Quality, quality film. Doesn't matter how old it gets, it's still as powerful as it was when it first came out. Absolutely superb

  • eddskip1
    eddskip1 5 years ago +4

    Did you notice the way Carlin sees Pongo in the mirror in the bogs before he does him over ?

  • letone rip
    letone rip 5 years ago +1

    yeah well cawwy on.

  • Josh Heaps
    Josh Heaps 5 years ago +5

    Next Time I'll Facking Kill Yaa

  • chris mahon
    chris mahon 5 years ago +7

    You all see Danny John-Jules who played cat from red dwarf playing snooker there ?

    • Kingnotail
      Kingnotail 3 years ago +1

      +SrTuco Don't forget Alan "Up Your Fuckin' Borstal" Igbon!

    • SrTuco
      SrTuco 3 years ago +2

      +chris mahon Yeah, there was The Cat from Red Dwarf. Other actors in the film were 'Micky Pearce' from Only Fools and Horses, Andrew Paul ('Dave Quinnan') from The Bill.

    • Mesrine Jacques
      Mesrine Jacques 4 years ago

      Nice one man !

  • skibadee66
    skibadee66 5 years ago

    when he goes to do pongo and that lad points him towards the bogs lol he smashes him in big style, imagine gettin your head run off some solid steel taps! sands knows he no longer has control of his wing from that moment on!

  • Julian Milnes
    Julian Milnes 5 years ago

    Bet naaaaahh!

  • Useless2112
    Useless2112 5 years ago

    Well they weren't in there for a holiday, let's put it that way.

  • TheSupremeSupplanter
    TheSupremeSupplanter 5 years ago

    Were people put into borstals for any crime committed?

  • Richie .Morris
    Richie .Morris 5 years ago

    I said get back shithead lol
    Evidently he takes no shit from anybody.

  • riandi oyond
    riandi oyond 5 years ago

    i like this film SCUM

  • Jedi Mind meld
    Jedi Mind meld 5 years ago

    Agree! Seize the day!!!

  • boolagog
    boolagog 5 years ago

    Yes prison does work and make people into more wholesome individuals

  • Gareth Glitter
    Gareth Glitter 5 years ago

    Pongo and Mrs Banks had to adopt

  • twiskins
    twiskins 5 years ago

    That's Archer who does that, can't keep his mouth shut haha

  • Redgrizzled
    Redgrizzled 5 years ago

    yeah such a awesome scene

  • Kristopher Kondrad Kris J. Kondrad

    Awesome scene, especially after Carlin tries to do his time in peace, but is pushed into a corner. I love the scene where Richards breaks it down to the screw in the dayroom over tea, sometimes words hurt more than actual physical violence.