• Published on Sep 8, 2007
  • 311 is great,this song has cool bass and guitar
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  • Hit Or Miss Krew
    Hit Or Miss Krew 13 minutes ago

    So worth looking for this joint...

  • manny heffley
    manny heffley 18 hours ago

    Why did you have to ruin such a good song. Why?

  • John Moore
    John Moore 20 hours ago

    Alexis Hernandez in Austin texas

  • Mike Lopez
    Mike Lopez 21 hour ago

    So much has changed

  • Joe Permenter
    Joe Permenter Day ago

    I always thought that The Police would arrest this drummer for Steward Coupling.

  • Caleb Hodgson
    Caleb Hodgson Day ago

    I think I might be vegan....lil help?

  • Morgana
    Morgana 2 days ago

    311 was an inside job

  • Louie Guadalupe
    Louie Guadalupe 2 days ago

    I'm.like betle juice.but a good guy cartoon.im always here, say my name three times, America comes running.forever.....

  • Zurab Gagnidze
    Zurab Gagnidze 3 days ago

    Fuck commercials !!!!

  • Christy Whiteman
    Christy Whiteman 3 days ago

    I'm so glad I listened to this 🖤

  • Waldo Rojas
    Waldo Rojas 3 days ago

    Saw these guys perform in the quad, bro. Banged a bunch of Cherokee chicks after the show

  • neon mall
    neon mall 5 days ago

    Who here ever goes back to a song and find delay that u didn't hear the first time

  • Ida Mendez
    Ida Mendez 5 days ago

    Wooooah I love these guys still. After 22 years!!!!

  • Reilly Patry
    Reilly Patry 5 days ago

    I've listened to this song for years and five months ago I met a girl named amber and we went out starting April fools we broke up last night officially I tried preparing myself for about a month and it didnt work but today I did some deep thinking and ran it over in my head and I figured I was okay so I listened to this to test if it worked and I passed so yeah thanks 311 yall still and always will have them great vibes

  • Humble PhoeniXx
    Humble PhoeniXx 6 days ago +2

    50 First Dates has one of the best movie soundtracks ever ❤️ always loved this when I first heard it on there I remember couldn’t wait to see the end credits to find it

  • heady
    heady 7 days ago

    back of the days, first time hear it, i tot its incubus.

  • Diablos Diaz
    Diablos Diaz 7 days ago

    Everytime I hear this song randomly it takes my mind back to the 90s as a kid while my parents drove LA at night and I pass those amber streetlights. The huge buildings w lights, not knowing truly how hard life is...my sister would play this song and I hear it often. Just thought id pay the song a visit after hearing it on the radio once more. ❤

  • Sonny Chavez
    Sonny Chavez 8 days ago

    Came here from slightly stoopid - 4 am

  • shahla1123
    shahla1123 9 days ago

    I've listened to this song a million times before I met him, now he tells me how my face lights up when I smile at him. And he sings me my song🔥💛🌙 And I was never the same

  • Noah Fox
    Noah Fox 9 days ago +1

    I need to see 311 live what kinda money is that gonna take to make that happen

  • Noah Fox
    Noah Fox 9 days ago +1

    I need to see 311 live what kinda money is that gonna take to make that happen

    • Robert Castaneda
      Robert Castaneda 5 days ago

      Lots food is expensive at concerts buy outside food lol jk

  • Luis Verano
    Luis Verano 9 days ago

    Sometimes you got to fight...brainstorm..

  • Flexx master p
    Flexx master p 9 days ago

    wait I got to tell you something

  • Kevin Holmez
    Kevin Holmez 9 days ago

    What's That bass hit, sounds like Clint Eastwood

  • PricklyVicky🍐
    PricklyVicky🍐 10 days ago +5

    Amber is associated with energy. Because it is such a bright, warm color. I also read the biblical meaning of amber represents the glory of GOD.

    JORDANA ROBERTO 11 days ago

    Guys. I just got it from my bf and then went BOO DE LEH DEE DOH BOO DE LEH DE DOH and it was the color of my energy.

  • Katharine Ho
    Katharine Ho 12 days ago

    hey jack

  • Charles Ceniceros
    Charles Ceniceros 12 days ago

    cancion de marihuanos

  • Austin Mitchell
    Austin Mitchell 13 days ago +1

    7.1k people have shit for energy

  • Meeminator
    Meeminator 13 days ago +8

    Anyone here in September 2019 deserves an award for having such a good taste in music

  • Меруерт Батыржан

    2019 02.09😂❤❤✨✨

  • Aisian ThreeQUISIANS
    Aisian ThreeQUISIANS 13 days ago

    This Was my moms favorite song. I used to listen to it all the time with her when I was younger.

  • Lheon Quinol
    Lheon Quinol 14 days ago

    So many memories with this song.

  • Jedi Knight Joshua
    Jedi Knight Joshua 14 days ago

    This song snaps

  • Angelina Draws
    Angelina Draws 15 days ago +30

    Well if you’ve come back in August 2019 you have some good taste..

    • Peachy♡
      Peachy♡ 10 days ago

      Exactly. I need a whole playlist of THIS vibe.

    • The life of Adrianne Phillips
      The life of Adrianne Phillips 12 days ago +2

      Angelina Draws I’m on September now weee

    • Meeminator
      Meeminator 13 days ago +2

      It’s September my dude (I’m saying this cause your comment was posted a day ago, which was the first of September)

  • Wayde Anderson
    Wayde Anderson 15 days ago

    50 first dates

  • Vanilla Spice
    Vanilla Spice 15 days ago +1


  • Jevon Ortiz
    Jevon Ortiz 15 days ago

    It’s a long scary road home🇬🇧🇩🇪🇫🇮

  • William Brewer
    William Brewer 16 days ago +1

    My baby loves this song...guess I do too..kinda grows on ya

  • Kururezu
    Kururezu 18 days ago


  • PricklyVicky🍐
    PricklyVicky🍐 18 days ago

    Best chill song ever 💛.

  • Jess Green
    Jess Green 19 days ago

    Anthony David does a cover of this that's beautiful

  • SleepIs Life
    SleepIs Life 21 day ago

    Nick was so cute back then😜.
    Such a relaxing song

  • Roberto Contreras Jr.

    This song is perfect to take the car and drive to highway to nowhere

  • James Reilly
    James Reilly 22 days ago

    Sounds better at 1.25X speed

  • aerodicus
    aerodicus 22 days ago

    Amber brought me here.

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson 22 days ago +10

    Whose ready to hear this gem at the cannabis cup tomorrow?

  • tu.shi.ki
    tu.shi.ki 22 days ago

    im so high whh

  • PukeOn MyCock
    PukeOn MyCock 23 days ago

    Sex.....this song is just pure sex.

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez 24 days ago

    Y’all some corny mfs

  • John Baniaga
    John Baniaga 25 days ago

    Anyone know a genre/ same style or vibe to amber? I swear to god this song is on repeat since I was a kid lmaooo

  • michelle garcia
    michelle garcia 25 days ago


  • Ronnie Marquez
    Ronnie Marquez 26 days ago +1

    My dad and mom played this all the time when I was little forever a banger

    TEKU PEN 26 days ago

    I was in hilo and I met this actual model and wow how this song makes me sad

  • Sukoshi Kanatomo
    Sukoshi Kanatomo 27 days ago

    d a n c e s

  • Brandon Matthew Dunn
    Brandon Matthew Dunn 27 days ago

    Funhaus sent me here lol

  • Nadine Villa
    Nadine Villa 29 days ago

    ME💙💜🖤♌💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚 Me2vcf SugarVillan756@gmail.com villan@sou.edu Villan756@microsoft.com MiA@trinityminisries.org, LLC ©® ™

  • Francisco Sanchez Gonzalez

    2019 b&g

  • FlashViralNews
    FlashViralNews 29 days ago

    this may be the only song that makes me feel free

  • Eli Walker
    Eli Walker Month ago

    if only the lyrics werent shit