10 Signs You’re Way More Intelligent Than You Realize

  • Published on Dec 21, 2017
  • You are way more intelligent than you realize! Here's a list of signs that actually indicate a super bright mind. They are all scientifically proved, so if you feel like a few of them are true for you, you have every reason to call yourself a genius!
    You realize how much you don’t know 0:48
    You wear the same clothes every day 2:00
    You can feel what others are thinking 3:01
    You can perfectly control yourself 3:50
    Your eyes are blue 4:53
    You are a chocolate lover 5:54
    When you’re upset, you know what’s bothering you 6:56
    You talk to yourself 7:47
    You can’t stand any background noise 8:35
    Your handwriting is messy 9:21
    - Justin Kruger and David Dunning worked with a group of Cornell University undergrads and published the results of their research in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 1999. They asked students to predict their scores after being tested in Humor, Logical reasoning and English Grammar. Those who were 100% sure they did outstandingly well ended up with worse results than those who were more critical of themselves.
    - Psychologist Oliver Burkeman has done some serious research on the lifestyle of the brightest minds in the world. He concluded that smart people tend to save up their mental abilities for more important things. Unless those smart people are fashion designers or Lady Gaga, of course.
    - Empathy is a sign of exceptional mental intelligence. If you are emotionally intelligent, you love meeting new people and learning new things. According to psychologist and author of Focus: The Hidden Drivers of Excellence Daniel Goleman, people who care a lot about others and can feel them well, generally, succeed in life.
    - The ability to control instincts is what we know distinguishes humans from animals. Genius people went even further: they manage to overcome and control any impulses they have. If you can plan and achieve goals without being distracted by emotions you are more intelligent than you might imagine.
    - Professor emeritus of the University of Louisville Joanne Rowe has concluded light-eyed humans, and even animals are way better at activities requiring self-pacing than the dark-eyed creatures. The fact that you are better at self-paced activities means that you like paying attention to every detail.
    - M.D. Franz H. Messerli, who is most likely a chocolate lover himself, published the results of his study in The New England Journal of Medicine. He tried to link genius (Noble prize winner kind of genius) per ten million people with the amount of chocolate consumed in certain countries. And he found it.
    - Genius people don’t stick to the past. And, they don’t blame everyone and everything around for their sadness. Psychologist Daniel Goleman explains a real genius does not only address problems but also recognizes emotions when he feels them, and not ignores them.
    - Psychologists Daniel Swigley and Gary Lupyan conducted a whole study on it. The good self-talk, according to them, helps us sort the important thoughts from useless stuff going through our minds.
    - A study conducted at the Northwestern University has stated that a genius hates any kind of background noise because it prevents him from concentrating on important issues.
    - Next time someone criticizes your handwriting, simply nod, say “I am sorry you don’t get it” and triumph on the inside. Messy writing is one of the signs of a genius!
    Did you recognize any of these signs in yourself, or maybe you are now positive your best friend is a genius? Feel free to share it in the comments section.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  Year ago +2591

    Hey guys! Are these signs true for you?
    Btw, here's the hardest test ever (will you dare to click?) tvclip.biz/video/Kt8RupLIkBQ/video.html&t=1s

  • Franciss 06
    Franciss 06 16 minutes ago

    Hey! Blue eyes??! My eyes are totaly different every day!
    Yesterday it were green and brown and today it's light green (maybe turquoise) and the lightest brown I've ever seen.
    Is this a being genius sign?

  • Allie Baghdoian
    Allie Baghdoian 47 minutes ago

    I got everything except blue eyes and I talk to myself a lot my friends sometimes call me odd

  • Julia
    Julia 2 hours ago

    Most of what was in this video is possessed by those with the melancholy temperament type especially MelChlor (ISTJ). Yet, they aren't the only intelligent ones.

  • Mary Grace Asio
    Mary Grace Asio 2 hours ago

    Well, i feel pretty good about myself now, , i alwys think i am not genous..
    People around me alwys told me i am geneous but i dont believe them..now tnx on this video i am really intelligent😊

  • Jaison Jaison
    Jaison Jaison 6 hours ago

    Entho umbitharam aada kanikunna

  • dad 98
    dad 98 9 hours ago

    I'm sorry but when the video said blue eyes i immediately connected it to being white i have never seen an Indian person with blue eyes and i know these motherfuckers have some really hidden smart people.

  • Piyush Thakur
    Piyush Thakur 11 hours ago

    Except 2 everything matches my hobby

  • Piyush Thakur
    Piyush Thakur 11 hours ago

    👍 in maths what you told

  • viola lala
    viola lala 15 hours ago

    Haha just found out more about my self 👌thank you

  • charbren 888
    charbren 888 19 hours ago

    Some of this stuff is BS- Some of it is very true.

  • Rayhan Parvez
    Rayhan Parvez 21 hour ago

    Wow I’m really intelligent like wow

  • Rayhan Parvez
    Rayhan Parvez 21 hour ago

    I wear the same jeans everyday

  • Rebecca beccus Toften

    Oh , im a geanius then??? Im gonna exspose my Friends.

  • ##Evangeline ##
    ##Evangeline ## Day ago

    I was feeling kinda decent until he said that if you like to interact with other people, you're a genius. Then I just clicked off of the video cuz I'm not a genius.

  • rara980
    rara980 Day ago

    I was done at the blue eyes bit

  • Mamta Beldar
    Mamta Beldar Day ago

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    Mario Fakova Day ago

    Ur not intelligent if u watched this video

  • Domino Masters
    Domino Masters 2 days ago

    👍 I relate

  • Gary Kinsella
    Gary Kinsella 2 days ago

    Me and my friend are intelligent I have 8 out of ten in this test. Terrible handwriting but rubbish at maths.

  • Efi Toledo
    Efi Toledo 2 days ago

    Some of these are pretty questionable, because many other variables come into play.. but then again it's difficult to cram huge demographics into a list of 10.

  • Rumble Shakes
    Rumble Shakes 2 days ago

    I was told by other "intelligent signs" videos that blue eyes meant creativity and green eyes meant intelligence. I think most of these aren't real even though almost all fit me.

  • OskysWork
    OskysWork 2 days ago

    7# WRONG
    take the money imediately so that you can invest it and earn more.

  • OskysWork
    OskysWork 2 days ago

    narrator IQ: 70
    scientifically proven not proved

  • audrey _01
    audrey _01 2 days ago

    10 and 8-1 is me

  • Alge Borusas
    Alge Borusas 2 days ago

    Whenever I want an intelligent conversation, I talk to myself.

  • Edward Emono
    Edward Emono 2 days ago

    Lol lost me at blue eyes. What is this, eugenics?

  • Kitty lulu
    Kitty lulu 2 days ago

    I got 9 things but I really don't feel smart

  • Review brother #2
    Review brother #2 3 days ago

    1.Not believing this video

  • Amin Farshi
    Amin Farshi 3 days ago

    Thanks for the information

  • Tasnia Tonni
    Tasnia Tonni 3 days ago

    I have all the qualities except for blue eyes.
    Ironically I got rebuked by people oftentimes for self talking..they called me a mentally ill mad person..because I self talk...:(((((

  • Gavin’s Theater
    Gavin’s Theater 3 days ago

    OMG my handwritting is super messy or maybe I’m a lefty

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 3 days ago

    Also i created my own langauge its call CE (combined english) CS(combined spanish) CCE (complex combined langauge) simuliar to the barbarian code if you did this with all langagues it would multipliy your langauge choice by 3 this is mainly used for writing but ill figure out a way of saying soon....

  • Gavin’s Theater
    Gavin’s Theater 3 days ago

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    Unknown Unknown 3 days ago


  • Gavin’s Theater
    Gavin’s Theater 3 days ago

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    Gavin’s Theater 3 days ago

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    Gavin’s Theater 3 days ago

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    Gavin’s Theater 3 days ago

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    Gavin’s Theater 3 days ago

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    Mr. C 5 days ago

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    Carrie S 5 days ago

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    BadAtPUBG 5 days ago

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    Dovely Forevely 6 days ago

    Most of these I can relate to and I have an iep know I am really starting to question the point of school

  • Eternal Rage
    Eternal Rage 6 days ago

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    TONI DUPONT-MORA 6 days ago

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    Myah Delacruz 6 days ago +1

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    Bill Joseph 7 days ago

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  • Johnny Jingo
    Johnny Jingo 7 days ago

    Skewed to make establishment types think they are really smart. How many exceptional geniuses didn't do well in life at all? Who cares what some whitecoat study claims? Who doesn't get angry at times? Blue-eyed people are smarter? What kind of nonsense is that? He loves chocolate so he wants to believe it means he's smart because of it. What a dip. More nonsense generalizations follow. I give this one a D.

  • the wolf girl
    the wolf girl 7 days ago

    I have most of all of them but I have grayish eyes

  • MyFeelings SAGAR
    MyFeelings SAGAR 7 days ago

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    MyFeelings SAGAR 7 days ago +1


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    deadfred821 7 days ago

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    Miraxye 7 days ago

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  • Sebastian Noé
    Sebastian Noé 7 days ago

    So i am more intelligent than i think

  • Ashik SJ
    Ashik SJ 8 days ago +1

    Looks like I am the greatest genius.I pocess most of the characteristics mentioned.

  • Ani
    Ani 8 days ago

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    Rithik Radhan 8 days ago +1

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    Mike234 10 days ago

    10 signs you're way dumber than you realize
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    SOM dude Gaming 12 days ago +2

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    PROSPER AJUKA 14 days ago

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    Minh Vo 14 days ago

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