USING THE NEW 2018 SNAPCHAT UPDATE! (Redesigned) Good or Bad?

  • Published on Jan 10, 2018
  • new snapchat update, good or bad???
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  • Wusup Panda
    Wusup Panda 10 months ago

    I am 16 now, I can't wait till I can get snapchat(because of my patents) I wrote them a 4 page letter on why I should have it

  • RaymondsMemesAndMusic .mp4

    Someone's gonna kill me Cruz I like the new update -_-

  • Argentina Cakic
    Argentina Cakic Year ago


  • Argentina Cakic
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  • Stephen Bleakley
    Stephen Bleakley Year ago

    I added someone and they show up on recents wen i havent even chatted or sent them anything... why?

  • Ahmad X
    Ahmad X Year ago

    Fuck Snapchat

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M Year ago

    Snapchat com

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  • Adam Ali
    Adam Ali Year ago

    I don't know how to go on settings

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  • Cinthia Garcia
    Cinthia Garcia Year ago

    New update is bullshit

  • selena ozen
    selena ozen Year ago

    Why for some people says subscribe and for some added I didn’t get that?

  • User Name
    User Name Year ago +1

    Snapchat new update need some milk

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  • n
    n Year ago

    It's a stupid social media app, I think you were overreacting.

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    Nice vid ..

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    I do not like the new update it is horrible I liked the old version better I hope they fix it like if u agree

  • Precious Antwi
    Precious Antwi Year ago

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  • Ryan Koplien
    Ryan Koplien Year ago

    Am i the only one who likes the update?

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  • Eugiena Rose
    Eugiena Rose Year ago

    To be honest I really do think the old version was better. I don't really like the bitmojis that much I mean it's not natural and I have struggled lots to put my face on my profile instead of bit mojis. If you read this and know how to get your face in your profile with the new update please mention it to me and reply.

  • Scorpio
    Scorpio Year ago

    Could someone please make a new 'snapchat'.

  • Colly Car's
    Colly Car's Year ago

    How do I view a story on the “celebrity” side without having to watch their entire story again... it’s so annoying having to tap through 24 hours of snaps to get to the 1 new snap

  • Henry Rudman
    Henry Rudman Year ago

    update sucks

  • marchelo zair
    marchelo zair Year ago

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  • Jennie Stay
    Jennie Stay Year ago

    It's not bad.

  • I.K. Slash
    I.K. Slash Year ago

    interface is completely fine, everything else is another story....

  • [黑鬼] ruinz
    [黑鬼] ruinz Year ago +1

    Very shit fucking hate it

  • Saswati Saha
    Saswati Saha Year ago

    Where can I backup my pictures or get my snaps back?

  • Inge VS
    Inge VS Year ago

    I used it once for the game of thrones filter. It auto updated. Friend of mine asked wich app give the dogface and stuff. Told her snapchat. She can't figure out how to get the filters to work. So i opened the app and i simply can't find them either.

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  • Peely - Fortnite
    Peely - Fortnite Year ago

    I never updated it should i

  • Sinnabon
    Sinnabon Year ago

    It s u c k s!

  • Auditory Cancer
    Auditory Cancer Year ago +1

    I think you mistook something in the poll
    There's a "It's great" option

  • karolin Medina
    karolin Medina Year ago

    baaddddddd update

    BAPESTA Year ago

    add me to start a streak *@katelynemartin*

  • Tom DeVito
    Tom DeVito Year ago

    The update is okay just takes sometime getting used to I kinda wish they would bring back the purple highlight to let you know your friends posted som

  • Not So Anonymous
    Not So Anonymous Year ago

    I don't use Snapchat so I don't care and I don't know what the update is XD

  • Minty
    Minty Year ago

    I dont like snapchat but I had to see what all the fuss was about.

  • JreamZz
    JreamZz Year ago

    I dont get it. Why do people hate this app. In my opinion its just a new design. Its not even confusing.

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    I literally cant even find any of my friends now

  • noah 76
    noah 76 Year ago

    I dont update

  • Zangie Does
    Zangie Does Year ago

    They put giphy on it now tho! So it’s a little cool again lmao. I have a video on it on my Chanel if u wanna c where it is on the update!