Deadpool Takes Over Stephen's Monologue

  • Published on May 16, 2018
  • Stephen talks about D.C. every night but, after a visit from Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), it appears the Late Show is part of the Marvel Universe.
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Comments • 5 437

  • James Jenia
    James Jenia 7 hours ago +1

    This will be the ONLY time, for years to come, you will see a funny Late Night Talk Show Host, who has a funny show, thru no fault of their own.
    DEADPOOL should try to fix little jimmy kimmel's disaster show. And now that Deadpool is Gay ... He'll Fit right in with kimmel.

    BOLT CLAN 8 hours ago

    This,";*+*™]¢}#;*),?[guy is so overrated!!????!????!?

  • Hajji Mandeville
    Hajji Mandeville 19 hours ago

    I enjoyed this and by the way to everyone "Fuck your parties" I'm starting my own party, you sensitive clip clipping, colored specified, bill pushing and blocking, world governing anal succubuses.
    Spoiler its not going to be the Dead Party

  • Flippin the dippin the whatchamacallit

    Deadpool is so adorable

  • fcbx3d
    fcbx3d Day ago

    I’ve never seen promotion soo great and evenly not repetitive

  • Seth Reign
    Seth Reign Day ago

    Ryan Reynolds must love playing Wade lol

  • doobyman toker
    doobyman toker 2 days ago

    Steven Colbert sucks Harvey Weinsteins dick..the end. Deadpool rulessss

  • Jason 3D
    Jason 3D 2 days ago


  • Jy Byrd
    Jy Byrd 2 days ago

    Anything is better than the communist Colbert

  • Phil 6669
    Phil 6669 2 days ago

    When he steps on stage and everyone loses there shit like little kids pathetic

  • ModestGamer
    ModestGamer 2 days ago

    Couldve been 3😂

  • selfie kroos
    selfie kroos 2 days ago

    The ending pretty much assures us Disney will get Fox.

  • selfie kroos
    selfie kroos 2 days ago

    Ryan has a huge head

  • AM3
    AM3 2 days ago

    Deadpool pulled a Riblet on Stephen.....all like "I can do your jorb"

  • Katie Mounger
    Katie Mounger 3 days ago

    “My most recent turd”

  • Cosmo Kramer
    Cosmo Kramer 3 days ago

    Deadpool should host the oscars. Can you imagine the roasts

  • bursegsardaukar
    bursegsardaukar 3 days ago

    Deadpool didn't exactly make a great entrance but he definitely made a great exit...

  • Jasmine Savoie
    Jasmine Savoie 5 days ago

    “Oh god I don’t feel well...”
    *Infinity wars flash backs”

  • Garrett Peterson
    Garrett Peterson 5 days ago

    Deadpool 2 was awesome!

  • Jack Koistinen
    Jack Koistinen 5 days ago +1

    liberals smh

  • Werty Pouiyt
    Werty Pouiyt 5 days ago

    Я русский

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar 5 days ago

    Deadpool roasting Trump is my favorite thing this week.

  • Jayden Marvel
    Jayden Marvel 5 days ago +1

    Deadpool said "You're absolutely right JIMMY"

  • Jayden Marvel
    Jayden Marvel 5 days ago +1

    There's Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse too

  • rolandet
    rolandet 6 days ago

    'wow I didn't see that coming.

    Pfff scripted 'humour'........

  • Falcon & Phoenix YT
    Falcon & Phoenix YT 7 days ago

    Hey dead, i think you're funny but drop thw politics

  • kazar abdul
    kazar abdul 7 days ago

    this makes me smiles all the way...

  • Romell Hubbard
    Romell Hubbard 7 days ago

    Ryan Reynold is fuckin funniest ator

  • Mayra Horton
    Mayra Horton 7 days ago

    *Dо уоu nееd Моrе fun? саll Ме Рlеаsе.*
    *I'М sо lоnеlу, sо wеt.. соМе оn bаbу, соntасt аnd lеt Ме hеrе :*

  • James Howlett
    James Howlett 7 days ago

    He should have yelled fuck you cable

  • Mytherial
    Mytherial 8 days ago


  • Cristian Monserrate
    Cristian Monserrate 8 days ago

    Deadpool is in a TV show for the first time in history

  • Mob Now Joe
    Mob Now Joe 8 days ago

    The urinating thing never happened. Was disproved long ago. Is this really old or something? If not.. then talk about beating a dead horse

  • Gavin Moran
    Gavin Moran 8 days ago

    Imagine a Deadpool talkshow

  • George Diaz
    George Diaz 8 days ago

    If Deadpool had his on late night show, I would watch every episode.

  • Gabriel Choquette
    Gabriel Choquette 8 days ago


  • Salem Al Maskari
    Salem Al Maskari 8 days ago

    Love how Ryan Reynold represent the character of Deadpool

  • Chanice Hampton
    Chanice Hampton 8 days ago

    Lol Thanos

  • Alexander McGrath
    Alexander McGrath 8 days ago

    How do they get the white eyes right? He looks practically blind.

  • dreamwake7
    dreamwake7 8 days ago

    Dead pool sounds sissy.

  • Purple Turtle
    Purple Turtle 8 days ago

    Why do they bleep out hole? O.o like hole isn't rude. I know retards think ass means bum, so that you'd consider to be the rude word. Surely they'd be better blocking that? O.o or maybe just not at all. Americans are too easily offended.

  • Stephen Grigsby
    Stephen Grigsby 9 days ago

    other than this guy trying so hard to put our commander and chief down, would this idiot retard even have a show?. this idiot is about as funny as dog shit on your shoe

  • daan willems
    daan willems 9 days ago

    Plant number yellow spending shift emergency return most both trend wood.

  • John Fulks
    John Fulks 9 days ago

    What the hell this says it was 2 years ago

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool 10 days ago

    I dont like deadpool any more fucking liberals making fun of donald trump even though theyll never reach the same place as him

  • Neena Thurma
    Neena Thurma 10 days ago

    i knew this is gonna happen

  • Smokey 420
    Smokey 420 10 days ago

    "Wow! Nice suit!"

  • Sadinah Rafael
    Sadinah Rafael 10 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds is bae

  • Maxx Ammo
    Maxx Ammo 10 days ago

    get off trumps dick you zionist shill !

  • Kenton
    Kenton 11 days ago

    This is terrible..

  • Dana Marie Cain
    Dana Marie Cain 11 days ago

    I friggin adore Ryan Reynolds.

  • Lennardo Da Vinci
    Lennardo Da Vinci 12 days ago

    you can hear
    his nose is as squished as colbert ego after this

  • Liz #
    Liz # 12 days ago

    Deadpool should take over Colbert's show ..... leftist Deadpool 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • KingPheonix1329
    KingPheonix1329 12 days ago

    Now we know what happened to deadpool lol

  • Vanessa87
    Vanessa87 13 days ago

    God!! I really, REALLY Love this man.. i want to meet Deadpool 😂😊😍😍❤

  • Chris Darry-Rose Elrod

    "Ok, Jimmy " hahaha

  • Lachlan Russell
    Lachlan Russell 14 days ago

    thank god for this video

  • Hendra Darmawan
    Hendra Darmawan 14 days ago

    Thanos: (*snap his finger with his Infinity Gauntlet*) "STFU, Deadpool!!"

  • Gebo Hagenbaby
    Gebo Hagenbaby 14 days ago

    Stephen is just a liberal Satan

  • Sophia Rose
    Sophia Rose 14 days ago

    "I dont feel so good"

  • Videoparty96
    Videoparty96 14 days ago

    That ending was awesome! 😂

  • Videoparty96
    Videoparty96 14 days ago

    Is that the actual actor or just some guy in a costume?

  • kim twena
    kim twena 14 days ago


  • britishwalkthroughs1
    britishwalkthroughs1 14 days ago

    He never mentioned Incredibles 2 coming out....😢

  • Chromeangel234
    Chromeangel234 15 days ago

    Donald trump is getting fucking roasted right now XD

  • Dr. Bolt
    Dr. Bolt 15 days ago +1

    Every time I watch this I just have to snap like Thanos

  • Abbie Lawrence
    Abbie Lawrence 16 days ago

    I was laughing of happiness at the start, but the end it was tears of sadness....

  • David Cheatham
    David Cheatham 16 days ago

    Spoilers! Some of us hadn't seen Deadpool 2 yet, and didn't know Deadpool was in it. :(

  • ZhinZhaw Gourneau
    ZhinZhaw Gourneau 16 days ago +1


  • yazlo weshkers
    yazlo weshkers 16 days ago

    I dont get how this religious fuckwit has a talk show. Such a noob and his face looks like a cats anus.

  • ejhproductions1
    ejhproductions1 16 days ago

    I DIED when he called him Jimmy

    THE ENTERTAINER TRA 16 days ago +1

    I got to say in all honesty this Deadpool is the craziest guy ever then all of them !!!!

  • Zone Doll
    Zone Doll 16 days ago +2

    "I can't believe Deadpool talked about diversity SJWs are going too far"
    You're surprised that a pansexual, chronically ill man who canonically likes wearing dresses is talking about diversity? Have u even read a comic?

    • TheKitek200
      TheKitek200 2 days ago

      i am a pan and I find the word "pansexual" offensive btw, reported and called police

    • TheKitek200
      TheKitek200 2 days ago

      People nowadays are getting triggered about everything and overreacting over everything, even if they don't want to admit. Both sides. All sides.

  • Kurby Pinky
    Kurby Pinky 16 days ago

    My carazon!!!

  • The Faneko
    The Faneko 16 days ago

    Poor Deadpool XD

  • shamar u know
    shamar u know 17 days ago

    2:40 *trows my computer in the trash*

  • legasiguy
    legasiguy 17 days ago

    Like Spaceghost but even funnier!

  • AnimeLover450 *w*
    AnimeLover450 *w* 17 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds is sexy

  • Canal Ovelha Negra
    Canal Ovelha Negra 17 days ago

    " WHAT THE F*CK? THANOS ??? "

  • Jeff Stacy
    Jeff Stacy 17 days ago

    Should of given him a crisp high five before vanishing

  • KaiserTrigger
    KaiserTrigger 17 days ago

    Anyone can do this guys show when all it takes is to talk about Donald Trump. Good old Wade Wilson nailed it.

  • N1ghtstr1ke44
    N1ghtstr1ke44 17 days ago

    "aquaman and venom" should not be in the same sentence.

  • Don Robertson
    Don Robertson 17 days ago

    It's an unusual type of movie for Ryan Reynolds to be in. A sequel :-)

  • Wref
    Wref 18 days ago

    4:14 Back to The Future? Wut? Did I miss something?

  • Karthik Subramanian Krishnan

    I don't feel well! Oh what the... xxxxx.. thanos... :0

  • hayancharm
    hayancharm 18 days ago

    Loves it!!!

  • Elmari Jankowitz
    Elmari Jankowitz 18 days ago +4

    I agree..... too many super hero movies. Change one letter and it's super herp...... it NEVER goes away. Where are the super VILLAIN movies?
    Jk, I love super hero movies, can't get enough.

  • Aaron Requena
    Aaron Requena 18 days ago

    Aquaman is not a Marvel Character!

  • Sean M
    Sean M 18 days ago

    So, does this mean we're living in Marvel Fox Universe?!

  • Heidi Ferguson
    Heidi Ferguson 18 days ago

    "Back to the Future's Jamie Foxx is here" uhhhhhh... You mean Michael J. Fox?

  • DrumMaster1498
    DrumMaster1498 18 days ago

    Top 10 anime intros

  • Custard Karim
    Custard Karim 18 days ago +1

    Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool.

  • Bruce Butthole
    Bruce Butthole 18 days ago

    Haha deadpools a cuck epic win for social justice

  • ultimateranger213
    ultimateranger213 19 days ago

    In 2020, coming to a theater near you, Ryan Reynolds 3! Starring Deadpool!

  • Nicolas Andersson
    Nicolas Andersson 19 days ago

    would have been perfect without the ''mostly white man'' thing

  • Sadık Aba
    Sadık Aba 19 days ago


  • JTA 1973
    JTA 1973 19 days ago +1

    Wow! Trump jokes. So edgy... *eye roll*

  • iLudlow Gaming & Vlogs

    I only watch Marvel movie's.

  • Eiji Kazuki
    Eiji Kazuki 19 days ago

    FUCK you thanos 😂😂😂 it gets me everytime

  • yeonjae jae
    yeonjae jae 19 days ago

    I love Deadpool!!!