How I taught myself to code | Litha Soyizwapi | TEDxSoweto

  • Published on Aug 20, 2015
  • In this delightfully choreographed presentation, Litha Soyizwapi tells the story of how his innate curiosity and natural chutzpah led him initially into graphic design and then, remarkably, onto a path where he taught himself to code and ultimately create one of the most successful apps in South Africa.
    Litha Soyizwapi is a graphic designer and a self-taught app developer. His popular GauRider app is the quickest and most elegant way to manage commutes on Gautrain-the rapid transit railway system linking Johannesburg, Pretoria and OR Tambo International Airport in Gauteng Province, South Africa.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Christopher meyer
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  • gavin Reid
    gavin Reid 3 months ago

    I only watched to find the meaning of " to code."

  • fade and braid
    fade and braid 3 months ago

    All these coders coming on here saying to learn code but your not the one earning millions it's these non coders

  • Shekhar Karki
    Shekhar Karki 3 months ago

    Dher gaff nahan vai Via MRR. Yes sir van mah hajir laudai xu 6:31

  • wahinenuiloa
    wahinenuiloa 3 months ago

    Started off kinda slow but this turned out to be one of the best TED talks Iʻve watched. He should have started the talk with the Picasso quote. His thoughts really put things into perspective for me - a 51 year old professor.

  • KanBan Media Labs
    KanBan Media Labs 4 months ago

    I slept while listening this 💤😴💤

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  • side husler
    side husler 5 months ago +1

    so snoopdog is a self taught programmer. got it!.
    anyway that was really inspiring.

  • Charles Odo
    Charles Odo 5 months ago

    Music Credit Please! We want to know...

  • Charles Odo
    Charles Odo 5 months ago

    Can someone tell me the composer of that intro background music. I loooovvveee it!

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  • Tipo Peter
    Tipo Peter 6 months ago

    Moving deeply my soul. Excellent presentation.

  • Atimoca
    Atimoca 7 months ago

    *G O O G L E*

  • Erik
    Erik 7 months ago +5

    This guy is fantastic. Im currently teaching myself the Python language so a talk like this is just what I needed. I know what I want to do with it, just not how to do it at this point. I am on the road to getting there so its great to hear success stories.

    • fade and braid
      fade and braid 3 months ago

      I'm learning too yippeeee

    • Kinoti9
      Kinoti9 3 months ago

      Hey man how is that going? I am also learning and in less than 2 months I want to be somewhere tangible.

  • Kenny Byers
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  • Lindani Zungu
    Lindani Zungu 7 months ago

    So inspired to start something. Great journey to learn from!

  • Yoel Adriel
    Yoel Adriel 8 months ago

    i open this coz i thought he was snoppdog

  • navotfkn14
    navotfkn14 8 months ago

    so what programming language is it that he taught himself???

  • Joseph SM
    Joseph SM 8 months ago

    Appreciate his clarity about " Learning process", and he proved it himself and to people around the world by building relevant and useful app

  • Becka&Revy&Ellice
    Becka&Revy&Ellice 8 months ago

    I was so proud of myself for going through the rigours of bootacmap, then job applying like crazy, then getting a job.
    But THIS DUDEEE!!!! make my jaws drop XD.

  • - Redcell -
    - Redcell - 9 months ago

    Programming isn't hard, Learning and keeping the level up is.

  • Brian Saturnino
    Brian Saturnino 9 months ago

    He uses too many slides. It's distracting.

  • Code X
    Code X 9 months ago

    Its 2018, resources are enough but the will to read and write things are vanishing....

  • Ogheneovo Akpome
    Ogheneovo Akpome 10 months ago

    Inspirational video. If Africa could have more people interested in programming and IT like Soyizwapi we would have been able to live and work without the international IT industry like google, Facebook etc. Our population is an advantage and we do not even use it. For example in south Korea people mostly use the search engine daum instead of google. Daum is south korean. We can be like south korea and China. Use our own Apps, our own social media platforms our own operating systems and mobile phone companies. We must learn from China and South Korea .

  • Dream Big
    Dream Big 10 months ago

    I am into IT Infrastructure and I've got 9 years of rich Infra experience. I quit my job to learn new technologies. I often get low, feel discouraged and battle with my own mind for quitting the job, but I am not taking my decision back. You have helped me to see what I was missing! This is awesome. I am not a quick learner and I spend significant amount of time in learning basics - that's what I believe in. If you know the rules (basics), you can play like a professional.

  • Tshego Motshwane
    Tshego Motshwane 10 months ago +1

    Indeed "the Light"😊

  • William Changco
    William Changco 11 months ago +2

    what a intelligent person
    very well

  • Jennifer Rissetti
    Jennifer Rissetti 11 months ago

    oh boy, like no one has taught themselves things before!

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 11 months ago

    Why coding is so difficult for me to understand? I really want to learn it but I am stuck . Please help me

    • chomba hansen
      chomba hansen 7 months ago

      Prathiush Arun - download beginner PDFs and Videos about the Language you want to learn. Good luck.

  • Sachin Ashtikar
    Sachin Ashtikar 11 months ago +1

    Accidently clicked and got jackpot. He is great. Done great job through the speech.

  • Issa Sall
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  • Gea
    Gea 11 months ago +1

    Soo inspiring.

  • Akarsh Pasumarthi
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  • Gogi P Bhal
    Gogi P Bhal 11 months ago +1

    amazing inspiration

  • Fezile Nkuna
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  • Richard Sessa
    Richard Sessa 11 months ago +1

    Everyone teaches themselves to code.

  • Mohd Yusuf
    Mohd Yusuf Year ago

    Can any tell me which computer programming should I learn first for web and software development

    • Wuckdeed
      Wuckdeed 11 months ago

      Mohd Yusuf I believe what you have to learn first is HTML. Not insanely sure about that though. But it's a place to start.

  • MusicShell
    MusicShell Year ago

    So Snoop reincarnated into a programmer?

    HOWYOUDOIN884 Year ago

    I am surprised how many people think "coding" covers everything. In actuality, it essentially just means the act of typing in "code" with a keyboard. It does NOT include a vast majority of other aspects of software development, such as design, engineering, testing, database communication. etc. And how many people think they are "teaching themselves" when actually they are learning from authors, videos, etc. It'[s not like they are sitting in an IDE and just figure every thing out.

  • valencia nkambule
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  • Just simple
    Just simple Year ago +2

    Am humbled and impressed

  • dumbcreaknuller
    dumbcreaknuller Year ago +1

    coding is just advanced clockworks.

  • C Lopez
    C Lopez Year ago

    pony tail?

  • LegendColgo
    LegendColgo Year ago +1

    This is so beautifully said, people make things so big while they dont understand the concepts first, learn basics, do the basics, that's it, stop making it like a big thing. While doing the basics there are multiple ways you can do them in programming languages, keep adding stuff to it and that's it!

  • FO N
    FO N Year ago +1

    whoaw to think I am passing through his home town when travelling to my village and not even once imagining there are people like him who comes from there - so proud and truly inspired. Lord maybe he can help with my idea after all - all of a sudden it's not such a far fetched dream at all


    Learn the basics. Learn by doing. Apply Knowledge.

  • mubarik hamud
    mubarik hamud Year ago

    still I understand very easy this guy is Africans I hope this guy

  • mubarik hamud
    mubarik hamud Year ago

    still I understand very easy this guy is Africans I hope this guy

  • bijith lal
    bijith lal Year ago +13

    I hate the viewers, he deserves more claps.. Thank you

  • Pratip Sarkar
    Pratip Sarkar Year ago +8

    When we learning something new we have got a tendency to jump to the cool part, a tendency to ignore the process but i think understanding the process that means ... you can create products that can have lasting values..
    I think learning the basics means that u can break things apart and put them back together again...

  • clinton
    clinton Year ago

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  • John Dwyer
    John Dwyer Year ago

    Good speaker.

  • Ntosh Ndamase
    Ntosh Ndamase Year ago +1

    Than Litha this is so inspiring

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  • Bub Hub
    Bub Hub Year ago

    I'm a native American from Mt. Vernon Al and with out help from someone of your skills the word greats app but our app will change would change the world helping man kind more compassion about the life God has given us please help! ! Us all get this app created and out to people

  • seth dlodlo
    seth dlodlo Year ago +2

    I'm Multimedia Designer who's about to venture into programming.... you'll know my name.

  • Mav Hunter
    Mav Hunter Year ago

    Hey Snoop, where's Dr.Dre?

  • شمس الدين المعظم


  • Hong A
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  • Mother Alice
    Mother Alice Year ago +2

    Appreciate your video, Thank you for sharing it.

  • Alfayo John Katebe
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    Would love to meet this guy supper cool

  • Shams Arbab Year 13

    nice one dude!

  • Masibulele gobo
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    wow igqhawe langakuthi madoda nam ndyeza lapho im doing electronics at ukzn sooon nam ndzobe ndibalwa kwABO BANTU

  • OperationSaveTheSemester StayAwesome

    I'm gonna start learning Python

  • sebastien ngaruiya
    sebastien ngaruiya Year ago +21

    coders are the rockstars of the 21st centuary

  • MΛDD0X
    MΛDD0X Year ago

    he looks like snoop

  • Pasteros
    Pasteros Year ago

    This is so encouraging. Thank you for sharing.

  • cortez
    cortez Year ago

    Psalm 99:8 King James Version Bible and New International Version and Amplified Bible. I pray your contributions will not embarrass or work against my Living Bible.

  • Ramesh Sanghar
    Ramesh Sanghar Year ago +3

    Really awesome speech

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost Year ago

    this is boring

  • Bitclapp
    Bitclapp Year ago +1

    So inspiring... Awesome presentation!

  • anathi majol
    anathi majol Year ago

    What language would you advice to start with

  • N. Chambers
    N. Chambers Year ago +1

    Love the video. Learn by doing, apply knowledge and start at the basics. Thank you for your insight and inspiration.

  • Al Ve
    Al Ve Year ago

    Boring azz africans. Women are fine tho. Jk great job.

  • Vishesh Valeja
    Vishesh Valeja Year ago

    Can anyone guide me how to start coding? I really want to learn

  • Forty
    Forty Year ago +1

    I watch MIT courses too... glad I do that.

  • johnmichael king
    johnmichael king Year ago

    Here is a sample of one of so many revelations given to me. In the book that is called (THE BIBLE) I am still trying to find the word bible in the scriptures, old testament or new testament, not one prophet , deciple, apostle, or even the lord jesus himself ever mentioned the word bible. The scroll of a book is mentioned in many books in the scriptures. the word of god is all about faith, the lord often said to his followers, it is written in the book, hence, the name faithbook1, the scroll of a book was written on my heart of flesh, and now i have declared this unto the world.also (1) is mentioned in many books, one lord, one faith, one baptism, one god that is in you , through you, and over you. etc. god bless.

  • Work Smart
    Work Smart Year ago

    That last quote was sick

  • MrSmashmouth07
    MrSmashmouth07 Year ago

    Oh goodness got to hear his life story b4 he get to it what I come here 4 how to start to learn code

  • P B
    P B Year ago +8

    Anyone else bothered by the tape on his face?

  • craig hamilton
    craig hamilton Year ago

    I built me a machine and it took over the world in just one weekend. I did it cuz i was bored, worse than lumber

  • Karen Alexander
    Karen Alexander Year ago

    Peace and blessings. Thank you for your inspirational words.

  • fabisch clinton
    fabisch clinton Year ago +1

    very lovely presenation

  • André Rothweiler

    I don't know why, but he reminds me of Snoop Dogg from the year 2120.

  • weo1weo1weo1
    weo1weo1weo1 Year ago

    thought the thumbnail was snoopdog

  • Bayron Rodríguez
    Bayron Rodríguez Year ago +1

    👏👍, I good message

  • Hekima Nash
    Hekima Nash Year ago

    Basic; Data, number. Code, letter. My interpretation. Im the inventor of a master instructive process data code. Your videos are whats up. Kima

  • Not To Be
    Not To Be Year ago +2

    My story is somewhat similar. I learned how to use Napster. My family found out and thought I am a computer genius, and called me to repair any and all things wrong with their computer. I picked up coding along the way.

  • Confused Iguana
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  • Tracy LF
    Tracy LF Year ago

    I don't understand why he only did the one app?

  • Rashaw Leggs
    Rashaw Leggs Year ago +1

    Amazing Ted Talk!👍💪

  • Vedik
    Vedik Year ago +21

    wow I didn't know snoop dogg could code :o

  • Adams Omoloye
    Adams Omoloye Year ago +6

    I'm Inspired to learn coding too...Great and humble presentation

  • Kola Aderinto
    Kola Aderinto Year ago +3

    I too was a graphic design, currently re-learning programming. I see myself in you.

  • Tomasz Fefler
    Tomasz Fefler Year ago

    Yeah, Snoop Dog can code.

  • loom black
    loom black Year ago

    chevon minott
    you'll all here about me

  • J Gayle
    J Gayle Year ago

    yea i taught myself to code in java, javascript,php,python,c,c++,c#,R,sql,html,css3,xml
    truth to be told I started my journey in 2015 and I have learnt a lot....I am currently creating an app as my first useful project.....back then the only thing I did with programming was read text files sort them and create new text file out of them.....these days am a badass programmer who never went to a coding school......and on the verge of developing an intelligent app, rather Android application. The reason why am not learning objective C or coding in that is that I don't have the resources but as soon as my app make me funds am investing in a MAC.

  • Shaswat
    Shaswat Year ago +1

    Meanwhile Snoop Dog smoking weed and using the App.. Nice speech.Respect!

  • gRyf1n
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    this dude looks like a off brand snoop dog