Making a Motorised Go Cart with NO WELDER and simple tools #2 Finish/Test

  • Published on Nov 3, 2016
  • The Last stages of building a go cart with simple tools and giving it a blast. Considering this is just bolted together i'm pretty impressed, i'd change the sprocket sizes so has more top end as i've used these engines in things before and are good for 60mph.
    All the parts were bought from
    This is not a sponsored video just thought its easier if everything comes from one place, they know what i've had so if you undertake this project and need any of the parts just call them and they will sort you out.
    A picture Gallery will be uploaded to my website
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    1st song is called "the hour between dog and Wolf" and is by a band called "Barcreeps" Find out more here
    2nd Song is called "Dark Star" and is by "Cybernetic witch Cult" find them here
    3rd song is called "Annabel" and is by "BRAWLERS" find them here
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  • Josh Griffin
    Josh Griffin 3 hours ago

    think that this will work with aluminum bars to reduce weight?

  • Adam Hammarström
    Adam Hammarström 6 hours ago

    Were did you buy every ting to build like the gas pedel and that stuff

  • peter olley
    peter olley 8 hours ago

    Great builds but fucking horrible music !

  • Jean Thomas Mbot
    Jean Thomas Mbot 2 days ago

    Hou is hero

  • sahil mondal
    sahil mondal 2 days ago

    Whair is clutch?

  • Ollie Davis
    Ollie Davis 5 days ago

    i wantttt one so baddddd!!!!! but its way to hard for me to make

  • Александр Барсуков


  • Alaudeen Alaudeen
    Alaudeen Alaudeen 6 days ago

    any help me..i want this

  • Harryboi 64
    Harryboi 64 7 days ago

    It would have been really cool to put a spoiler on the back of the kart. It would have been useless since the aerodynamics of the Kart are like a brick but it would look cool

    BRAIN STARS 13 days ago

    What is the thing you added to the steering connected to a material like bearing

  • Will Barnes
    Will Barnes 14 days ago

    I’m just binge watching these

  • Alex Meraru
    Alex Meraru 15 days ago

    Where do you live? I want to be your neighbour! 😅

  • Abdus Samad Ynh
    Abdus Samad Ynh 15 days ago

    No clutch mechanism?

  • Brad Wilcox
    Brad Wilcox 16 days ago

    His kids must have a lot of fun when he goes out of town

  • Toxic Track
    Toxic Track 16 days ago

    Hey you should make something using a chainsaw as the motor

  • Ali Can TC
    Ali Can TC 16 days ago

    Abi Lütfen Türkçe Alt yazı olsun 👌

  • hybriddyneguy
    hybriddyneguy 16 days ago

    .44 to ,47 Was that a welded part?

  • Anilplays
    Anilplays 17 days ago

    Do you attach the cables to the accu

  • Iwan kurus
    Iwan kurus 17 days ago

    awsome bro

  • Tabby Slime
    Tabby Slime 18 days ago

    ColinFurze for Mario Kart 8

  • Vladut Trofin
    Vladut Trofin 18 days ago

    Best regards

  • Anilplays
    Anilplays 18 days ago

    Wich engine

  • thalapathy rasigan
    thalapathy rasigan 20 days ago

    Clutch pedal?

  • Athul Mohan
    Athul Mohan 21 day ago

    i really like the way he enjoys gettings such things done...

  • KvAT
    KvAT 21 day ago +3

    Now teach us how to give it springs and a roof

    • Karl Knueppel
      Karl Knueppel 18 days ago

      KvAT you misinterpreted my suggestion. For the rear, your system stays the same, if anything you bring the engine and brake closer to the center, which will help your center of gravity anyway. Then you add your two arms and the shock. The axle is three parts, and it’s connected with u joints

    • KvAT
      KvAT 18 days ago

      +Karl Knueppel The problem is the back one. If I add a spring system, the engine that I place on the chassis will be pulled further from the axle, and snapping the chains.
      If I placed the engine on the axle system instead, the rough roads I have along my house would rock it too much that it suddenly stops idk why.

    • Karl Knueppel
      Karl Knueppel 18 days ago +1

      KvAT make u shaped tubes and buy a front hub. Connect a shock to the bottom arm and to the frame. The back simply requires two u joints and pivoting beams.

  • Rick Slagter
    Rick Slagter 21 day ago

    He Colin i have mait a go kart 2

    YOUNG ANIMATORS 22 days ago

    U look a bit like Gordon ramzy

  • Grimjaur
    Grimjaur 24 days ago

    Awesome work. Greetings from Austria.

  • Max Adair
    Max Adair 25 days ago

    You give me the inspiration to become a go-kart enthusiast

  • Artyk Nazarkulov
    Artyk Nazarkulov 27 days ago

    Мужик с золотыми руками и всякие инструменты у него навалом

  • Logman Shamiyeff
    Logman Shamiyeff 28 days ago

    Hey you are crazy)))

  • kaustav Dey
    kaustav Dey 29 days ago

    Can you make 'the motor engine cycle '

  • James Mayer
    James Mayer Month ago

    I made a go-kart, check it out here:
    thank you

  • James Mayer
    James Mayer Month ago

    I made my own go kart, check it out at my channel :)

  • Ett Gaming
    Ett Gaming Month ago

    colin plz can i buy this go kart plz 😭😭😭😭

  • Cooper Helmandollar

    How much did this project cost

  • giming straik
    giming straik Month ago

    can you tell me please which engine you use for the kart

  • Виктор Гавриш

    Прикольно !!!

  • 王志超
    王志超 Month ago


  • Jonas Gonçalve
    Jonas Gonçalve Month ago

    Could you tell me the size of it? I'm thinking of making an equal one that you made. I'm Brazilian hahaha !!

  • CUBETechie
    CUBETechie Month ago

    Could you make the go cart with an angle grinder, car battery, inverter ?

  • Kokosei J
    Kokosei J Month ago


  • Rodrigo Pereira
    Rodrigo Pereira Month ago


    Hi ABCDEFG Month ago

    He said health and safety but half of the stuff he does is not safe at all

  • Kostas Sukys
    Kostas Sukys Month ago

    The videos are amazing just the music is awful lol

  • jochem den Hertog
    jochem den Hertog Month ago


  • domenic zumbo
    domenic zumbo Month ago


  • الاختراع الإرتري

    جميل مبدع رووووووعة

    SJ GEAR Month ago

    how to make reverse gear for this kart?

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson Month ago

    Двиган от питбайка

  • Jargalsaikhan Gompil

    can i buy that

  • raphy King
    raphy King Month ago

    Replace the wheels with bigger one you'd have loads of fun

  • Duy Đỗ
    Duy Đỗ Month ago

    You; mechanic sniper rifle. Oke

  • витя прилуцки


  • Rahmat julianto
    Rahmat julianto Month ago

    im from indonesian. im request how to make gokart triplek. cara membuat gokart kayuh dari kayu

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark Month ago

    Whare do you put all your inventions when they are done ?

  • DanielRBrown
    DanielRBrown Month ago

    Your an inspiration colin

  • vinh gamer
    vinh gamer Month ago

    very good

  • Nomads Adventure Tours

    absolutely superb!! wish i could give you a hand when you working on those projects..would be a dream come true!!

  • Lithuanian Child
    Lithuanian Child Month ago

    Give this kart😂

  • JS A U D I O
    JS A U D I O Month ago

    hey colin can you make an ATV? for cheap? i wanna see you make one please!!

  • Эрик Аветисян


  • Noman Alam
    Noman Alam Month ago

    Very nice

  • Дмитрий Капустин

    От чего мотор стоит?

  • Yovanni Solorio
    Yovanni Solorio 2 months ago

    Make a really fast go kart

  • la fiera deidad
    la fiera deidad 2 months ago

    Cheta fakar

  • la fiera deidad
    la fiera deidad 2 months ago

    No sé inglich

  • Sartto
    Sartto 2 months ago

    How much for that!? I Want one but im poor and live in Finland

  • DJgamer&more Jones
    DJgamer&more Jones 2 months ago

    It came off a Daihatsu Fourtrak

  • Nik Santoro
    Nik Santoro 2 months ago

    Yo Colin! You should mount a Thermite Launcher on it XD

  • Harry Dahm
    Harry Dahm 2 months ago

    Will this be heavier then a regular go kart?

  • Topmania Top
    Topmania Top 2 months ago

    Meic 1 for me end send în România

  • Devrim Sak
    Devrim Sak 2 months ago

    What kind of caliper did he use

  • Trevor Quinnell
    Trevor Quinnell 2 months ago

    I love this gokart u built can I please have it not joking am ya biggest fan aha wish I could show u power generator im building free electricity b good to build with u on a show in Australia here :)

  • Leopoldo Chatz Mata
    Leopoldo Chatz Mata 2 months ago

    Awsume, subscribed!👍😎

  • MagnumRam
    MagnumRam 2 months ago +2

    I have a go kart for ages 13 and up... But I'm 12!!😂

    • MagnumRam
      MagnumRam 27 days ago

      But I have no phone.

    • DemonicMooseGD
      DemonicMooseGD Month ago

      MagnumRam ill call the police

      DCFUKSURMOM/BENDER Month ago +1

      shit, thats nothing, ive been playing mature rated games since i was about 5, im 17 now so im the right age for it but still.

  • Jojo Mendoza
    Jojo Mendoza 2 months ago

    You should've put the starter by the steering wheel

  • Hat Vlogs,Games,Reacts
    Hat Vlogs,Games,Reacts 2 months ago

    An altinator might help

  • astrophysx
    astrophysx 2 months ago

    you should add some foam fairings.



  • Nikolay KK
    Nikolay KK 2 months ago

    very good, плохо что без перевода

  • yue shindu
    yue shindu 2 months ago


  • Diki Kopong
    Diki Kopong 2 months ago


  • Adam Williams Creates
    Adam Williams Creates 2 months ago

    You also used a sander a circular saw and a jigsaw and an impact driver

  • L V
    L V 2 months ago


  • Josh Wright
    Josh Wright 2 months ago

    I have that same engine in my pit bike 125 cc

  • Tobias K
    Tobias K 2 months ago

    So when are you going to make a gokart.. but with tracks like a tank, and do some offroad driving! 🤘

  • raisul rafi
    raisul rafi 2 months ago

    Calars carton

  • Elias Santos
    Elias Santos 2 months ago

  • Steven Fraser
    Steven Fraser 2 months ago

    Just seen a bit of this on quest wheels that fail titled a nuts and bolt gokart.

  • Amaan Attar
    Amaan Attar 2 months ago

    Hey can you pls suggest me that how much cc of engine should I use in my project.....

  • longshaftsas 1987
    longshaftsas 1987 2 months ago

    Lot of jelous fuckers in these comments I think this guy is epic and a unreal with engines this is class because not everybody can use a welder

  • Stonedude123
    Stonedude123 2 months ago +2

    3:24 No no! You're forgetting to add the 4 extra exhausts! Because, they obviously add more horsepower

  • Demanded
    Demanded 2 months ago

    Colin if i had the money to get the motor and wheel things like you did i would love to make one and film it for you. but i do not get enough to save for anything i have a motorbike project and a car-kart project that i have had to put on hold for life things but this seems nice cheap and simple other then the motor and wheel bits. help fund my project. well to get the same bits you did really all the steel work i can do easy.

  • Peter
    Peter 2 months ago

    how much hp does it have?

  • Aziz Kachoud
    Aziz Kachoud 2 months ago

    nice man 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😎😎😎😎😎😎😆😉😋😋😋🤓🤓🤓🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😇🤡🤡🤑🤑🤑🤑😝😝😝😛😛😛🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕

  • 17sepp17
    17sepp17 2 months ago

    You make the most crazy stuff. Thumps up
    But please make the sound from you to music more in the same level!

  • ashilin varughese
    ashilin varughese 2 months ago

    Where did you buy the back wheel connection bat

  • Zach king 2
    Zach king 2 3 months ago

    Make iron-man suit bro