Average American VS Average Russian - People Comparison


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  • Thor Jørgensen
    Thor Jørgensen 2 hours ago

    Correction: STATE-atheism. There's a massive difference between that and regular atheism.
    In Soviet Russia you were being told what to think, whereas normal atheism comes as a result of free thought.
    They are near polar opposites.
    Another thing. Russia currently have way more atheists than America. America has 24% "Unaffiliated" (not atheist) which includes Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Taoist, Deists etc. The real number for atheism in America is between 5-15% which is rather vague, due to the stigmatization of being atheist in America.

  • Maksym Sushko
    Maksym Sushko 14 hours ago

    They wrote “jaws” instead of Jews lol

  • skatekidize
    skatekidize 16 hours ago

    That uncentered TV really itched my brain...

  • Lenin
    Lenin 22 hours ago

    Why are people saying Russia is scary I mean Ukraine is in a war right now with Russia a proxy one and they have around 100 mil -200 mil people idk Ukraine has around 40mil and we are winning the war by we I mean Ukraine so they started propaganda and saying lies about us because Russia is *WEAK*

    • Thor Jørgensen
      Thor Jørgensen 2 hours ago

      I doubt Ukraine is ever getting Crimea back.
      Russia wants Ukraine to win the war in eastern Ukraine, and then have the Ukrainians attempt to retake Crimea, that would be a justification for Russia to invade Ukraine and absorb the entire country into the Russian federation or at least return Ukraine to being a puppet state as it was prior to the Orange Revolution and the ousting of Yushchenko.

  • Fernando Albuquerque

    i just start to laugh when i saw vodka as a reason to russians death before 55. its that funny huh ? or not.

  • Banana Man
    Banana Man Day ago

    I’m atheist

  • chiligunner 356
    chiligunner 356 Day ago


  • Rocketman0 Ggglog
    Rocketman0 Ggglog 2 days ago

    Propaganda i hope you die

  • peter wind
    peter wind 2 days ago

    An average russia is 20 percent asian. That's the only difference. They have mongol blood in them.

  • Linus Danielsson
    Linus Danielsson 3 days ago

    Russia mothercountry blyat! ебу твою маму

  • dole
    dole 3 days ago


  • алексей 123
    алексей 123 4 days ago

    У американцев нет отпуска? они работают без отдыха? про платную медицину я слышал. но то что они работают без отдыха это ужасно .

  • Finn The Human
    Finn The Human 4 days ago

    russians are cannibals.. they can eat a bag of baby dicks

  • EZIC I General
    EZIC I General 4 days ago

    Americans don't believe in god actually, lol.

  • gilch it
    gilch it 4 days ago

    This is not true! In Russia, it's way worse than that. And of course, I would Rather live in the US all through the women in ther are a "bit" crazy

  • Just Ashley
    Just Ashley 4 days ago


  • Slovan-Cлавянин_SVK

    where is usa obesity ?

  • Kira Kaizer
    Kira Kaizer 5 days ago

    Тупые необразованные амеры, Киевская Русь не могла образоваться потому что новгородский( Новгород кстати до сих пор стоит в России) князь Олег завоевал Киев и просто сделал там общую столицу для всех русских княжеств, но пробыла она ею пока князь Юрий Долгорукий которому Киев не нравился и он построил Москву

  • Hugh Goldspiel
    Hugh Goldspiel 5 days ago

    America is the evil

  • No Name
    No Name 5 days ago +1

    I'm half Russian and half American, and I think that both cultures are great.

  • 6ix9ine is better than XXXtentacion IM A FEFE

    I'm American but let's just say that Russia would kick the US ass

  • Eugene
    Eugene 5 days ago

    Because every Russian after school or university going to Army on one ear! We all are soldiers! Every man

  • thinkerly1
    thinkerly1 5 days ago

    Funny. Both Stallone and Lungren used steroides.

  • Павел Коржуков

    Вот сдалась им эта водка. Быть может если бы не водка то многие бы вздёрнулись - вон как у пиндосов суецид зашкаливает. Для такого утверждения нужно провести эксперимент что бы вся страна пожила лет 40 без водки, а после сравнить статистики. Но это утопия:) А вообще америкосы пьют не меньше, просто у них не принято пить чистую водку, потому, что у них не принято закусывать спиртное чем-то серьезнее чем чипсы. Нет культуры распития, короче не культурные они:)

  • michael lutte
    michael lutte 5 days ago

    Fat america

  • Den Krutov
    Den Krutov 5 days ago

    Приезжайте в гости. Рады всем!

  • Ethan Lambert
    Ethan Lambert 7 days ago

    America is too over populated, and there’s too many problems. I’m moving to Russia where people don’t reproduce every fucking 2 seconds.

    • Tromsat
      Tromsat 4 days ago

      Ethan Lambert That small percentage doesn't make you Russian and you can never adapt to a foreign culture.

    • Ethan Lambert
      Ethan Lambert 4 days ago

      Tromsat I have a few percentage of Russian in me

    • Tromsat
      Tromsat 5 days ago

      Ethan Lambert You are not Russian.

    • Ethan Lambert
      Ethan Lambert 5 days ago

      Tromsat Russians learn to adapt

    • Tromsat
      Tromsat 5 days ago

      Ethan Lambert Russia for what? There is poverty there and you could never adapt to their culture.

  • Ethan Lambert
    Ethan Lambert 7 days ago

    I’d rather live Russia.

  • Данил Моисеев

    I am russian and i hate vodka.problem?

  • Данил Моисеев

    Сосать, америкосы

  • Копатель Петров

    according to the latest polls in russia almost 20% of population living behind poverty line

    • Tromsat
      Tromsat 5 days ago

      American/European sanctions probably did most of the economic damage.

  • Vesna Winters
    Vesna Winters 8 days ago

    I really don't enjoy comparing nations... All the people are different, whether they are Russian or American

  • Cyber Swiper
    Cyber Swiper 8 days ago

    The thing I hate about these two countries is their governments they just spend too much on their militaries especially USA it could be spent on other things you know!

  • Christine Zamets
    Christine Zamets 8 days ago


  • Egor Ivanov
    Egor Ivanov 8 days ago

    Бля, пыня и сюда денег задонатил

  • K. dot
    K. dot 8 days ago

    Russia here I come!


    Американцы, никогда и ничего не говорите про СССР, чтобы не быть глупыми.

  • Musket Gaming_Official

    The American would win because the Russian is too drunk on vodka
    Edit: holy shit I didn't know I was right I didn't watch the video

  • Geisthund
    Geisthund 9 days ago

    I’d live in Russia because

  • gdlk
    gdlk 9 days ago

    religion is cancer

  • Антон Косовский

    What? 1 or 2 pm? I'm studying from a second class (8-year-old) on Saturday and usually school end at 4 pm and I have a lot of homework.

  • Retineyzer
    Retineyzer 9 days ago

    Your salary MUCH bigger than our. (Ru)

  • Pluck Yeah
    Pluck Yeah 9 days ago


  • Илья Ильф
    Илья Ильф 10 days ago

    как приятно убедится что американцы тупые животные

  • Rajul Saxena
    Rajul Saxena 10 days ago

    Add on to the fact that the Russian university have racist attitude for foreigners , they treat the foreign students with their serfdom ideology.

  • ZMS TV
    ZMS TV 11 days ago

    nah, russians are natural fighters

  • Драган Црневић

    Задрали уже со своими стереотипами, сил больше нет. Пойду попью водки со своим медведем и проверю ядерный реактор.

  • AverageJoe Pro
    AverageJoe Pro 11 days ago


  • nightvvisher
    nightvvisher 11 days ago

    I chose Third Reich ! Sieg Hail !

  • MaximeMilianMus
    MaximeMilianMus 11 days ago

    3:05 jaws

  • Moskvich
    Moskvich 11 days ago

    Why didnt you say how many americans are obese huh?

  • Mary Li
    Mary Li 12 days ago

    What ? In my school (I’m from Russia) there are 36 children in one class. And in my last school there are 30-34 children in one class

  • RUStalker33
    RUStalker33 13 days ago

    Блять, если ты живёшь в России, то говори правду о ней, а не пизди что у нас всё хорошо и всё дёшево

  • SoulCandy
    SoulCandy 13 days ago

    did you know that some russians ride bears

  • DenmarkLemons
    DenmarkLemons 13 days ago

    blyat it's pronounced ee-vohn

  • Николай Падалко

    It’s not true about poverty, as a citizen of Russia I can say for sure, that except for rly big cities , the overage salary is no more that 25000 rubles or about ~350 dollars a month for a full time job, but because of officials and their respective billionaires friends who are getting good money while milking their county, statistics say that average wage is about 700$ month, and about poverty, nearly half of russian people get no more than 250-450$ a month, where about 100$ goes for taxes and all other kind of payments, so the thing I want to say is that there are are in fact much more people leaving in poverty than in statistics. Sorry for a big text, maybe I’m wrong in some facts, but the overall situation is mostly like this. Thank you

  • the0eldest
    the0eldest 14 days ago

    Can't help but point out that this video only discusses federal education dollars, but the vast majority of education funding in the US is from the state and local level. All told the US spends about a trillion government dollars a year on education.

  • Trollars Gamer
    Trollars Gamer 14 days ago

    He says Americans are good and Russian are evil not true

  • Alexander Beloff
    Alexander Beloff 14 days ago

    Again this Kievan Rus. Such a strong fake. There was Rus (self-name) or Russia in English, or Ruthenia in Latin or Rusland in German. Kievan Rus is just the period of Rus having a capital in Kiev. Because it changed from Novgorod to Kiev, Vladimir and finally Moscow. Kievan part was just the longest before Mongols came in 1237. For example, the capital of Russia changed to Vladimir in 1169, before Mongols. So, more correctly to call that land Russia if you speak English

  • Valdimir
    Valdimir 15 days ago

    4:04 А ну все как и говорил Задорнов - тупые и жирные ))

  • Bob Saint-Clair
    Bob Saint-Clair 15 days ago

    I've got another Stalone movie, You know, the one where freedom-loving mujahedeens fight the evil Russian opressor? Good guys, those Talibans.

    #POTATO SQUAD 15 days ago

    They're saying about Russia like it's North Korean and Hitler's son. In Russia education is straight forward, without fun (which I like)

  • David Gochenour
    David Gochenour 15 days ago

    I’m an American and I hate to be told how to think about people from Russia. I think Americans really like Putan. I think Russia is a good thing for America. We already take and run all over the world. Russia keeps the US eleite in there place.. nobody else can.. the world needs this or it would be the United States of the world

  • Maximilian Kimmel
    Maximilian Kimmel 15 days ago

    Watch Steven Crowder's vid on Canada's free health care before you tell me it is great.

  • Maximilian Kimmel
    Maximilian Kimmel 15 days ago

    Relative property is not a good metric as it mesures income distribution and not quality of life. I can care less if the top 1% are making 500 times as much as I am, as long as I'm doing well.

  • Тапок Обычный


  • Somebody
    Somebody 16 days ago

    Ivan the Terrible lol

  • - -
    - - 16 days ago

    I identify as a jaw

  • Peter Labianca
    Peter Labianca 16 days ago

    Don’t to be racist but of course Asian is first in school

  • Dylan Isaac
    Dylan Isaac 16 days ago

    Two stereotypes fighting

  • Yuliy Valenko
    Yuliy Valenko 16 days ago


  • Tony Soprano
    Tony Soprano 16 days ago +1

    British and id choose Russia

  • Нэйти_ _Cat
    Нэйти_ _Cat 17 days ago

    Кто не знает инглиш? Я не знаю инглиш! :'D

  • Vladimir J. Nekiy
    Vladimir J. Nekiy 18 days ago

    As for average weight - we have potential) When we'll get the money for all those hamburgers... just you wait)))

  • H4cKTh3P14n3T
    H4cKTh3P14n3T 18 days ago

    The only good thing out of Russia is Russian women.

    • Tromsat
      Tromsat 17 days ago +1

      H4cKTh3P14n3T Do some reading.

    • H4cKTh3P14n3T
      H4cKTh3P14n3T 17 days ago

      like what? Vodka?

    • Tromsat
      Tromsat 17 days ago +1

      H4cKTh3P14n3T Why say only good thing about Russia is their women?. That was rude. Russia has many great things.

    • H4cKTh3P14n3T
      H4cKTh3P14n3T 17 days ago

      nobody asked you

    • Tromsat
      Tromsat 17 days ago +1

      Russian women are not sex objects and Russia is not a country for sex tourism.

  • бухлишко тян

    Вспомните внешний долг сша

  • Rakushka
    Rakushka 19 days ago

    It isn`t true that russian average per month is about 694 dollars. Maybe only in Moscow or St. Petersburg. In other cities it will be about 370 dollars or even smaller... And I also don`t think that main reason for so low level of life expectancy is vodka.
    And the last that I whant to add, It is our pension. In some regions It is about only 120 dollars! It is horrable. I live in Ukraine, but as we are both poor countries with lot of corruption, i think I can do a conclusion: It`s time for us as young generation or live this countries or make them "great agan" by solving the porblem of our "great" government.

  • death chick dude gaming and lyrics

    If it's between russia or America 🤔
    Always russia, I don't like America, 1 of many points are because Americans think they're better than the rest of the world
    Im proud be European no so proud to be British

  • Kzummo
    Kzummo 20 days ago +1

    "free health care"

  • Gvindolin Sun
    Gvindolin Sun 20 days ago +1

    Охуенный фильм

  • Ricky Webster
    Ricky Webster 20 days ago

    Idk where you think we getting 5 grand a month from 7.25$ an hour man lol.... I'd work 40 hr a week n make 400$. Then get about 290$ after taxes

  • Invar Berger
    Invar Berger 21 day ago

    2:03 не одного слово про аборигенов Северных Штатов. Где в перечисленных народах, упоминания о "инди", совсем их уже не берете в рассчет? not one word about the natives of the North States. Where in the listed nations, the mention of "indie
    Извели аборигенов, отобрали их земли и прерии, уничтожая стада бизонов, на которых охотились "инди". Плохо очень, что не упоминают их не в этом только видео, но других, где пересказывают кратко историю 13 колонии.

  • lucian kristov
    lucian kristov 21 day ago

    Americans are fat and too involved in political reforms that will remove their own freedoms ...they want to ban everything that males them cry and at the same time eat and argue over what gender they're not ...fuckin muppetville

  • Yasmine Naili
    Yasmine Naili 21 day ago

    I changed my mind about Russia 🤔it looks like a descent place I envy Russians 😍

  • Tromsat
    Tromsat 21 day ago +1

    Americans put profit above respect for human life and rights. Cultureless people, this is why nobody likes them.

  • 7620313
    7620313 21 day ago

    so you just dismissed what you don't like to present?

  • Эльф Под Скумой

    Мда думал что в России хуже,а оказывается все не так плохо

  • Nostalgic memories
    Nostalgic memories 21 day ago

    if it was comparing to soviet union, usa would be shown in thier worst way :)

  • B.M.B556
    B.M.B556 21 day ago

    Наш народ говно вот и всё

  • AleXanRerro
    AleXanRerro 22 days ago

    Сука блять :)

  • andrew moreau
    andrew moreau 22 days ago

    If you got to 3:00 you'll see a religion called jaws.

  • i hAte snAkEu
    i hAte snAkEu 22 days ago

    Hello from Russia :D

  • fabrizio croci
    fabrizio croci 22 days ago

    ...vodka :):):) .is really, i was so much time in Russia))) Davai!!) Fabrizio from Milan)

  • Alex Phillips
    Alex Phillips 23 days ago

    After living almost 7 years in Russia it is OBVIOUS to me that your sources are almost COMPLETELY WRONG. So sad to still see that there are no accurate and reliable statistics in the 21st century. 'Obesity in Russia' as just one of your wrong examples... dude, i invite you to come and see it with your own eyes ;)

  • Чивас Ригал
    Чивас Ригал 23 days ago +1

    Oh, i've heard a lot of shit about both countries. I'd rather live in Canada.

  • NoNameChanel
    NoNameChanel 23 days ago

    In Russia do not smile, correct!

  • Anna Ranger
    Anna Ranger 24 days ago

    Russians are offered vodka so much, and it's disrespectful to say no, so I'm not surprised that men die so young because of it.

  • oiXolodno
    oiXolodno 24 days ago +2

    694$ Haha. I'm a firefighter, and my salary 196$ per month ))

  • TLCDeadWolf
    TLCDeadWolf 24 days ago

    Lol Russian are better and am from the us the us doesn’t give me the shine in my eyes

  • Harvey Tomlinson
    Harvey Tomlinson 24 days ago

    Russia because its more free than America