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Average American VS Average Russian - People Comparison

  • Published on Sep 8, 2017
  • How are the people of United States and Russia different? How do they compare? How much do they weigh? How much do they earn? We'll learn all of that today in Average American VS Average Russian - People Comparison. ⭐ SUBSCRIBE: ⭐
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  • Jamie Johnson
    Jamie Johnson Day ago

    Russia cause my mom is from russia and my dad is American but he really likes russia

  • Stacy Eremeeva
    Stacy Eremeeva Day ago

    I am Russian
    I will always prefer Russia
    I hate Trump

  • Torain Walker
    Torain Walker Day ago

    Would love to know how many Russian people have moved to America in the last 50 years. How many Americans have moved to Russia in the last 50 years.

  • noname noname
    noname noname Day ago

    Думал нормальное , адекватное видео , а тут снова клюква, ясно хуита

  • SneakyBeaky1
    SneakyBeaky1 2 days ago

    The comments here are half and half. Half positive and half negative. I mostly see people either praising each other’s country or bringing up statistics and opinions.

  • Rsal 34
    Rsal 34 2 days ago

    I just want Russia and the U.S. to be close Allies. There’s no need for us to be enemies. 🇺🇸 🇷🇺

  • Cloudy .
    Cloudy . 2 days ago

    Imo Americans and Russians are more similar than they'll ever realize.

  • Сергей Волков

    Да, история у нас конечно ужасная, если подумать. Американцам бы через такое пройти, я бы по-рофлил.

  • Ванилька лайк

    Я русская но в России классно и в Америке тоже но я бы жила лучше бы СССР там всё хорошо кроме войны

  • cocahunter 420
    cocahunter 420 5 days ago

    You can’t compare a country with a history of thousands of years with the United States. They call themselves "Americans," but forget that they are only one of 35 American states. The government treats the whole world like its playground and the Russians are still the bad guys ...

  • Russia Forever
    Russia Forever 6 days ago +2

    Citizens of Russia and America are actually peaceful with each other. It’s the politicians.

  • NeoMax999
    NeoMax999 6 days ago +3

    America is a fail 😂
    bad social system
    everything is expensive
    lots of crimes

  • NeoMax999
    NeoMax999 6 days ago

    I am on russian side

  • Normal gopnik
    Normal gopnik 7 days ago

    I think there’s should be a major plot twist in the rocky reference. I think Americans would be prone to using drugs to amp themselves up and I’m not sure how it works in Russia

    Sincerely a American

  • Sniffin' Joe Biden
    Sniffin' Joe Biden 7 days ago +1

    3:02 - Typo: you wrote "JAWS" instead of "JEWS"

  • I hate gays
    I hate gays 8 days ago

    Оказывается, в России не так плохо.

  • Imperator Androniucs

    Farms in America are pleasant and idyllic. Farms in Russia (and Eastern Europe in general) are simply depressing

  • Арсений Шапиев

    6:43 вы просто не знаете сколько денег Путин вливает в Фонд Кино)))👌👌👌

  • Victor Laurent
    Victor Laurent 9 days ago

    What does cyka blyat rush b means?

  • Neotramic
    Neotramic 9 days ago

    Im russian

  • ComradePizzaRoll
    ComradePizzaRoll 10 days ago

    Ivan Drago was Ukrainian

  • Green Soul!!
    Green Soul!! 11 days ago

    So basically according to USA history European rebeled against themselves.

  • Zneekygamez :3
    Zneekygamez :3 13 days ago


  • Rocky 187
    Rocky 187 13 days ago


  • [Lenny Face]
    [Lenny Face] 13 days ago +1

    Cold war 2 Begin

  • Gacha Mai
    Gacha Mai 14 days ago

    🤔 Hmm... you are basically saying Russia is evil, but GUESS what! America was founded by colonists who killed African Americans for land 😑 bruh. Plus I’m Russian 😘

    • Gacha Mai
      Gacha Mai 12 days ago


    • /Love/ /Peace
      /Love/ /Peace 12 days ago +1

      Delete you comment, comrade.
      Im ashamed to live in one country with trolls like you.

  • Mining Milashka
    Mining Milashka 14 days ago +1

    Хм.. После этого видео я бы всеравно предпочла жить в Америке. Мда все нормальные русские знают что тут происходит в реальности...

  • Megs M
    Megs M 14 days ago

    “For a rich country America is the worst of all when it comes to spreading that wealth around” sad, true, and we just accept it...

  • Sultana Shoma
    Sultana Shoma 14 days ago

    The smelling should be Jews not Jaws (3:00).

  • Ben wick
    Ben wick 15 days ago

    Christianity and Catholicism are two different religions

  • Jackson Heldman
    Jackson Heldman 15 days ago

    trump 2020

  • Jackson Heldman
    Jackson Heldman 15 days ago

    its jews not jaws

  • Marko Stalker
    Marko Stalker 15 days ago

    Yeah if Americans died in same amout like Russians , American would have 250 milion people.
    And i didnt saw any obese people when i been in Russia.
    I mean i been there several times

  • Troll face
    Troll face 15 days ago

    Gulag for u

  • Алина Мазитова

    Ээээээээ нашет таго что типо женщины в России живут 76 лет это не правда . У меня бабушка в 98 лет умерла . А дедушка в 86 лет

  • Night Burning the sun
    Night Burning the sun 16 days ago +1


  • Amaliah Montefalco Del Moral

    Wow! Russia's Population is Equal to Japan. 😱

  • World Domination
    World Domination 17 days ago

    United Russia and the Oligarchs are killing my country.

  • Buryakov_2008super
    Buryakov_2008super 18 days ago

    50% сказанного видео лож!

  • Buryakov_2008super
    Buryakov_2008super 18 days ago +1

    Русские вперёд!

  • Defaulty Boi
    Defaulty Boi 18 days ago


  • RandomPerson WithAChannel

    In capatilist America, they eat McDonald's

    *In Soviet Russia, McDonald's eats you*

  • Rajon Gopnik
    Rajon Gopnik 19 days ago +1


  • Orthodox Templar
    Orthodox Templar 19 days ago


  • Gamer Cat
    Gamer Cat 19 days ago

    Ugh... Too much incorrect info

  • Yangnyot Union
    Yangnyot Union 19 days ago

    Russian : "Let's run the race "
    America : "OHHHHHH WAIIITT I'm Agility

    • gobboshark __
      gobboshark __ 13 days ago

      Russia won the arms race, but then America was like round 2 space race.

  • Cpt.Price_ _
    Cpt.Price_ _ 20 days ago

    Some much numbers and % i am so confused

  • William Guo
    William Guo 20 days ago +1


  • Rinalds Awesomeness178 Gaming

    ima just live in england

  • echo hax
    echo hax 20 days ago +8

    As a Eastern European I would live in U.S since Russia is really poor.

    • IamGAIA
      IamGAIA 18 days ago

      Western spy detected ..

    • Zwei
      Zwei 19 days ago

      echo hax shut up lying blyat

    IRAQ OSAMA 20 days ago

    Don’t forget who gave the military equipment to isis ding ding ding ding ding U.S.A

  • eksadiss
    eksadiss 21 day ago

    3:00 you wrote jaws instead of jews

  • The Russian Nikita
    The Russian Nikita 21 day ago

    Im Russian ask questions

  • Семён Калачев

    в россии бедность не 13℅ а 50℅ из за государства ,а школы это пиздец полнейший

  • Mobile Cyclop
    Mobile Cyclop 21 day ago

    Well actually Russians didn’t use steroids

  • Dufus productions
    Dufus productions 21 day ago +25

    aliens: attack earth! earth: [Russia and America team up] aliens: *RUN*

    • /Love/ /Peace
      /Love/ /Peace 12 days ago

      Aliens: we'll destroy humanity.
      Aliens: *looks at huge amounts of A-10 and SU-25 moving to their space ship*
      Aliens: guess we'll die...

    • Tranhoang Long
      Tranhoang Long 14 days ago

      Nah , American alone is so enough!

    • Amaliah Montefalco Del Moral
      Amaliah Montefalco Del Moral 16 days ago +3

      More like, Americans+Alien team up but Russia still won. 😂😂

  • Atanas Stoyanov
    Atanas Stoyanov 22 days ago

    So in America there are no muslims? I don't believe.

  • Grant Sehrt
    Grant Sehrt 22 days ago +1

    Can you stop showing that fat man in the picture as the American in all the people comparison vids it makes Americans look like drug dealers

  • Nikolas Ditz
    Nikolas Ditz 22 days ago

    so unfair that russians earn so much less money. it is a great country with nice people

  • Russia Explained
    Russia Explained 22 days ago

    Russia's main advantage is free health service and paid-by-governmenrt holidays

    • Russia Explained
      Russia Explained 21 day ago

      @Dave Riley Oh, of course you're right, i've made a slip. By employer. And you have the right to get employer-paid holiday when you've already worked for 6 months. Then every month you get 2,33 days of your future holiday)

    • Dave Riley
      Dave Riley 22 days ago

      I'm curious. Paid by government or paid by employer?

  • Sarthak Sharma
    Sarthak Sharma 22 days ago +4

    Russia -land made by hardwork of russians
    America - land made by hardwork of others

    • Dark Knight
      Dark Knight 14 days ago

      @Sarthak Sharma?

    • Sarthak Sharma
      Sarthak Sharma 20 days ago

      @guys face close up lol i appreciate it my friend but i guess the native americans are red indians and the majority of population we see in america are from other countries

    • guys face close up lol
      guys face close up lol 22 days ago

      Wrong. America coming together was done by American's who were fighting for freedom after taking it from the uk. They didn't get it from other work of others. Dont beileve what you hear only. Do your reasurch.

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 22 days ago


  • hello there
    hello there 22 days ago +1

    'Mostly taken by European countries' Russia is European....

  • Russel Yang
    Russel Yang 22 days ago


  • Max TheRedDinosaur
    Max TheRedDinosaur 23 days ago


  • Kristian Rosado
    Kristian Rosado 23 days ago

    I miss the comrades.

  • Singoller
    Singoller 23 days ago

    There is no Americans. They are Just 2 mil. Others are immigrants hahah. So dont talk about this trash can for not wanted religions.

  • Fastrope15
    Fastrope15 23 days ago

    if you can change, and I can change.....maybe we all can change

  • suraya hani
    suraya hani 24 days ago

    america is the worst country in the world russia is the best

    • Trashuo Main
      Trashuo Main 16 days ago

      suraya hani since when America is a country I thought its a continent 😂😂

    • guys face close up lol
      guys face close up lol 22 days ago

      Right. And do you live in America?

  • FutureDevilDog 1999
    FutureDevilDog 1999 24 days ago +4

    0:29 I don't recall Rocky moonwalking through the forest as a part of his training regime in Rocky 4.

    STEFIX 24 days ago +1

    Wow this is one of the most propaganda channels on TVclip

  • hiro
    hiro 24 days ago

    An average American and Russian love guns

  • Mars TV
    Mars TV 24 days ago


  • hi my name jeff
    hi my name jeff 24 days ago

    All hail mother Russia

  • Indominus
    Indominus 25 days ago

    tHIs Is wHY AmERiCa nEEdS COmMuniSm

    • Trashuo Main
      Trashuo Main 16 days ago

      Henry Perez and can you explain why ?

    • Henry Perez
      Henry Perez 22 days ago

      Communism is a cancer on the human soul

  • Manmeet Singh
    Manmeet Singh 25 days ago

    Visit Russia before Russia visits you

  • stilldownwiththemutantunderground

    "Those spots are mostly taken by European countries."
    This makes it sound like Russia isn't a European country, which it as of May 31st 2019 still very much is.

    • /Love/ /Peace
      /Love/ /Peace 12 days ago

      Urals Mountains divided Europe and Asia.
      More than 80% of russians live in European part...

    • stilldownwiththemutantunderground
      stilldownwiththemutantunderground 23 days ago

      @Artem Kh I am indeed aware of Russia being situated in both Europe and Asia, and I don't oppose people calling it an Asian country as well. The key word here is "as well." Russia being in Asia doesn't negate the fact that it's a European country too. Considering how Moscow is even in the European part of the country, I really don't think you can discredit Russia as a European country. Yes, Asian too, but still European.

    • Artem Kh
      Artem Kh 23 days ago

      Probably because every intelligent person knows that Russia is situated on both continents, Europe and Asia. And the biggest part of Russia is in Asia. The farthest geographical part of Europe is Ukraine. I believe u r not that dumb to be able to draw a line, and see why Russia is not considered a European country.

  • Sнагк LфL
    Sнагк LфL 25 days ago


  • Charles Hayek
    Charles Hayek 26 days ago +2

    And I saw all of those other videos you made with Russia being weaker then America in military power but we have more nukes then America

  • Charles Hayek
    Charles Hayek 26 days ago

    Is this facts or American propaganda

  • Charles Hayek
    Charles Hayek 26 days ago

    But you didn’t show the number of obesed people in America

  • Charles Hayek
    Charles Hayek 26 days ago

    And McDonald’s on every corner

  • Charles Hayek
    Charles Hayek 26 days ago

    I’m a Russian living in America so I see the number of fat and obesed people

  • Charles Hayek
    Charles Hayek 26 days ago

    Hiding everything bad in America

  • Charles Hayek
    Charles Hayek 26 days ago

    You guys really had to make Russia look bad of course you didn’t say the percent of people obsess in America this is what I call American propaganda

  • APCR Gamer TH
    APCR Gamer TH 26 days ago

    Soviet(not russia fed)becaus my country is f*cking hot and l have many USSR coins

  • ciul najgorszy
    ciul najgorszy 26 days ago

    In america bank robs you

  • pisa chen
    pisa chen 27 days ago

    This video is biased af

  • Apple Sauce
    Apple Sauce 27 days ago

    this video was so unusually educational

  • Nickie Ovien
    Nickie Ovien 27 days ago

    I don’t like any of them with all due respect but I ain’t supporting people that believe the won the war against Germany and Russia without the winter.
    America it is.

    • Charles Hayek
      Charles Hayek 26 days ago

      Russia won the war cause they were more determined than America and they lost more men then America who always say they won the war

  • Masha Tomilova
    Masha Tomilova 27 days ago +2


    • Dethklok
      Dethklok 19 days ago


  • Moon the Wolf
    Moon the Wolf 28 days ago

    Привет from Russia!

    HAVANA SCP 28 days ago

    Funny how he forgot to put % of obesity. I'll say around 70% 😬

  • HartAm Abgehn
    HartAm Abgehn 29 days ago

    1.7 children? cause reactor 4?! just a simple question of an average german..
    so go on in goose steps to greet our holy leader :)

  • wert pio
    wert pio 29 days ago

    Смотрю на комментарии русскоязычных людей и большинство обсирает Россию, не нравиться валите нахуй из России , сами хотят жить как в шоколаде ,хотя при этом нехуя не делаете и только жалуетесь ,вы хотя бы фантик в корзину выбросите пидоры, согласен чиновники и депутаты пидоры может конечно не все ну сука ведите себя тоже нормально и пытайтесь на норм работу устроиться,еще раз говорю не нравиться валите!!!

  • Captain Chezeon
    Captain Chezeon Month ago

    and are always on their phones

  • Captain Chezeon
    Captain Chezeon Month ago

    id rather live in russia because american kids are jerks

  • Сверхразум
    Сверхразум Month ago +2

    Вот живу на собственной планете, где равноправие, иметь своё полное личное пространство, нет налогов и нет разделения на чёрное и белое. Все живут, как в раю и отлично развиваемся. Только вот потом я проснулся от протекающего потолка на моё лицо и неудобного, найденным мной матраса на свалке (и то в кредит взял). Збс рашка, живём отлично. Спасибо огромное нашим депутатам, чиновникам, олигархам, Путину, Медведеву за такую прекрасную жизнь в нашей России! Вперёд дальше в таком же духе!

    P.S.: Налог за воздух заплатить не забудь!

  • cccpredarmy
    cccpredarmy Month ago

    Obesity in Russia? 30%? Shall I take random pictures around me now to call it fake news? In no way is every 3rd russian obese! This is nonsense!

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Month ago +1

    Jaws?? 3:01 that’s an religion group I thought it was Jews?