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Average American VS Average Russian - People Comparison


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  • Anastasiia Nasyrova

    There's no way Russia could be compared to the US.

    In the US, you have a MILLION chances to become successful, and by successful I mean you can get high quality education (not for free, of course, but you can get a loan for reasonable interest rate), you can get a good job, you can even start a business with very little money (and with very good support from the state), you're literally enabled and free to do anything, all you have to do is put a little effort in it.

    In Russia, even if you are a brilliant, highly educated and genuine businessman, you either have to become corrupt in order to operate, or you lose, and by lose I mean you lose your business, your assets, your freedom or even your life. There's no playing by the rules. There's only the Tzar and his dear friends ruling the party. And you either adapt, or you go down, simple as that.

    Of course it's not always this black and white, but it pretty much summarizes the whole situation.

  • samir sayer
    samir sayer Day ago +1

    average Russian drinks 2 liters of vodka a day

  • G4me k1ng
    G4me k1ng Day ago

    russian's are stronger than american's russians squat and eat alot of healty stuff while and american only eat ghamburgers

  • Ken Koza
    Ken Koza Day ago

    I love my Russian friends. From usa

  • Strizhi
    Strizhi 2 days ago

    Russia is going through modernizatuon and demographically speaking factually increasing native population (the only in Europe).
    True hospitals still have a long way to go and some things can't be bought so easily like in the US but same token core values and family are far more important and without credit cards debt and worrying about paying off lenders its easier to save in Russia then US.
    Another critical mistake is you equated dollars to Russian economy whether it be to describe how much something costs or minimum wage. It doesn't work that way.
    In US if you're single you get 25% taken out of your paycheck compared to Russia 12% for taxes. In addition rubles is not dollars and due to sanctions have no effect. As of 2017 dedollarization took effect which means all debt Russia owed US has been paid off and conversion is only good for tourists.
    On average most make 25-30k rubles a month and in more expensive cities 30-40k with major bills only attributing to utilities, food and place to live leaving good remainder 30% per check for whatever one needs.
    In the US if you're University grad before you get started already $40k debt and usually first job doesn't pay enough to cover car payment, apartment, utilities, internet, phone, insurance and oh yea college back. 2 things you have to have in the US that you get hardly back when in need of serious emergency- medical and car insurance. Somehow usually rip off or something that isn't covered is now out of pocket. So most end up pretending to be happy as if they got it all made but in reality living paycheck to paycheck paying one credit card with another and all the meantime worrying about credit score which ultimately decides the quality of life one gets. You can make it in the US if you're smart but you gotta beat the system otherwise easily find yourself working twice as hard getting the same as back home where you left except no holidays off say a couple.
    Russia is going on 29 years of a new nation so it's expected to have work cutout but no nation in earth has jumped so quickly back up in terms of economics, military and geopolitical importance as Russia so for all the nay sayers below me are most likely ones who find everything wrong and want to do nothing about it except get rid of the czar but the fact of the matter is you can live a great life in either nation and surround yourself with great people. I rather live with positive motivated people then constant bitching types that spend all day bashing on TVclip ;)

  • Aniket Kawade
    Aniket Kawade 2 days ago

    F America

  • Red Neon
    Red Neon 2 days ago

    I'd rather live on the moon

  • Batman
    Batman 3 days ago +1


  • Kazekage Giakhangdo
    Kazekage Giakhangdo 3 days ago

    So all Russians look Drunk
    And all Americans look emotionless?

  • Christian Stephan
    Christian Stephan 3 days ago

    A Big Mac index.

    BIRDS SO CUTE 3 days ago

    *_Excuse me do you drink vodka and ride bears and go through winters that made the nazis surrender every YEAR?_*
    *_American: no we have kids playing bad games all day and we got a bad president_*

  • JK193765
    JK193765 4 days ago

    It’s crazy how Russia in 1914 had a larger population that Russia today.

  • Alexandr Asparov
    Alexandr Asparov 4 days ago

    Why Russia can't produce machines(cars, planes, whatever) in factories near each village and sell it to Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China etc. ? You would earn a lot if you could produce something else than guns, Russia has the best army but it's time to produce different things of daily use to more poor countries in central Asia. USA has Apple, Russia can produce own smartphone as well for example...

  • Colin Kelly
    Colin Kelly 5 days ago

    Yah Russian citizens punch wood probably well we play video games all day lol they better honestly and I am American 😂

  • ali boudd
    ali boudd 5 days ago

    actully the decloration of independence was in july 2nd not 4th

  • ashlyn_draws
    ashlyn_draws 5 days ago

    Russians must like vodka if some are dying because of it. No offense to any Russians here.

  • фамилия Александр

    I am Russian and will never drink in my life my father and mother have only drank once that they can remember and are proud. Even the grandfathers that did drink live to at least 90.

  • William Dzugan
    William Dzugan 8 days ago

    This guy prolly pulled this out his arse the day before he made this video

  • William Dzugan
    William Dzugan 8 days ago

    Bro whoever made this video legit hates russia

  • Herra Mirtsaaja
    Herra Mirtsaaja 8 days ago

    That boxer thing sucked because both of them if they should present usa and russia then both of them shold be pumped up on steroids neitherof them was good both sucked

  • Damian Quinn
    Damian Quinn 8 days ago

    So jaws make up 1 percent of Russia?

  • Arina Vaskina
    Arina Vaskina 8 days ago

    in Russia, almost no one drinks vodka. This is a stupid stereotype. I live in Russia and do not drink vodka at all, and all my friends 2-4 times a year.

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold 8 days ago

    The American women are really, really, very fat. Most of them are hideously obese but they do not seem to care. Maybe the men there enjoy husky women.

  • Brandon BP
    Brandon BP 9 days ago

    Rocky still kicked dat ass, though

  • John Wick
    John Wick 10 days ago

    why do you make russians look bad you cyka.....IDI NAHUI

  • Elsa Karimova
    Elsa Karimova 10 days ago

    I am from EURUSA ❤️ Europe Russia USA. All places are different and difference is the beauty

  • David Vilchez
    David Vilchez 10 days ago

    The average American doesn't make 5k a month. It's more like 4k or 3.5k. I work 55 hrs a week and make 15/hr and only make around 2,400 a month.

  • Nortina A
    Nortina A 10 days ago

    Imma die! He said Vodka! (I'll go)

  • VitalichM01
    VitalichM01 11 days ago

    Чё он гонит? На буржуйском ваще непонятно ничё.

  • Serbischer Stolz
    Serbischer Stolz 12 days ago

    some russian's highschool's are harder then some US college's...

  • austin powell
    austin powell 12 days ago

    There is no way marriage rate is accurate. Unless I am misunderstanding what exactly they mean by that.

  • ThinkerOfGames
    ThinkerOfGames 12 days ago +2

    Unused title *Bear vs Gun*

  • Ashton Waddilove
    Ashton Waddilove 13 days ago

    In motherland we don’t have school shooting everyday

  • mark allen
    mark allen 14 days ago

    this is like an insult to usa to compare to russia

  • Cнежный
    Cнежный 14 days ago

    russians are improving they dont drink as much now.

  • Karlis Kristapsons
    Karlis Kristapsons 14 days ago

    to The Infographics Show
    you history buff, Baltics where occupied during ww2, not in 1922!!!

  • Baybay City Hip-Notix
    Baybay City Hip-Notix 15 days ago


  • Maya N.
    Maya N. 16 days ago

    But they get more homework

  • no reason.
    no reason. 17 days ago +1


  • Recreation of Puff
    Recreation of Puff 17 days ago +1

    I’d rather live in Russia, that’s only because it’s Christmas every day, I’m also a Russian Citizen. РУССКИЙ!

  • Brankica
    Brankica 18 days ago

    People of the western countries doesn't understand the way of life of the eastern countries. It's just different. People from the East pays more attention to knowledge, they know a lot about history, geography, art...soul is more important than just consuming new gadgets, cars, material things. Russian people are the most educated in the world. They are familiar with world literature as well as Russian literature. They have great engineers and architects. The most popular artist in music, ballet are Russians. You forgot to mention that the USA was founded by killing more than 30 million Native Americans! Eastern countries are not rich, because they had no colonies. Great Britain killed more than 20 million people in India, Belgium king Leopold killed 10 million people including children in Africa. Meanwhile, Russia defended itself and Europe from Germany Nazis, losing 10 million people in WW2. US never made war on it's territory, never been destroyed, while brought ''democracy'' by destroying countries all over the world. That's a big difference! We, eastern people make difference between US citizens and politics. Love to Russian brothers from Serbia!

  • Александр Винокуров

    Some stereotypes of americans about Russia are not right (for example, alkoholism now is not so common, as in soviet times). There are mistake in historical part of video about Russia:
    besides Kievan Rus there was else Novgorod Rus, that was nearer to center of future Muscovy, and Kievan Rus afterwards was captured by poles, whose cultural influence gave us
    ukrainians and belarusians.
    In other aspects this video is wery interesting and useful. Thank you for
    exhaustive statistics.

  • Jerry A
    Jerry A 19 days ago

    As an American man who married a Russian woman, I'd like to swap populations to get the warmth, non-judgmental, traditional, non-politically-correct and rich culture of Russia transplanted here. We've just lost our way in the past decade or more forward thinking endeavor being crafted these days, such as putting man on the moon, the SR-71, etc. That kind of spirit has been lost unfortunately. Instead all folk these days, especially those on the left, want to do is sit around and bicker about skin color and gender and how to demonize and criminalize those they disagree with. The intolerance of differing views, opinions and beliefs in this country is disgusting.

  • Zorka Kelly
    Zorka Kelly 20 days ago

    All Europe has much better life than Americans.... minimum 3 weeks paid holidays...FREE HEALTH!!! NO GUNS ,,no crime as in US ...much less religion Primitivism...!!! i live in Both..

  • MixMaster
    MixMaster 20 days ago

    USA vs Russia, which one is racist country?

  • Александр Иванов

    Да мы в жопе

  • Primordial Vengeance
    Primordial Vengeance 22 days ago

    Russia and America are best of brothers. Both countries should love each other more than anyone else. The US and Russia share something very few can lay claim incredibly strong sense of national pride. That pride alone should bring the two together. They both fought with heart and vigor in WW2, they both fought the most fanatical enemies - The Russians against the Nazis, the Americans against the Japanese. Both theaters of war were momentously blood thirsty and brutal. America and Russia should go together like man and woman. All other countries can go to hell.

  • suribeth cruz
    suribeth cruz 23 days ago

    The only reason America has a big population is because immigrants

  • Electric Cervix
    Electric Cervix 23 days ago

    2:58 - Nice typo ("Jaws" instead of "Jews")

  • MEEHOWtv
    MEEHOWtv 24 days ago

    Fun fact. Only 3 nations took Moscow.
    1. Mongols (1382 AD).
    2. Poles (1610 AD).
    3. French (1812 AD).
    Another fun fact.
    Poles were fighting on the French side. So basically Poles captured Moscow twice.

  • Lilly19716
    Lilly19716 24 days ago

    Suka vodka killlsss

  • Принцесса на Горошине

    Russians work 12 hours a day. It is considered not normal if you leave your work at 6 pm. You should stay longer to show the boss and the others you are a useful employee )))

  • Принцесса на Горошине

    There is no free health care in Russia anymore. Almost all medical services are for money now. There is also no medications insurance like in the USA. People buy their medications out of pocket.

  • Maria
    Maria 26 days ago


  • Alex F
    Alex F 27 days ago


  • Mathias Sizov
    Mathias Sizov 27 days ago

    russia is so much better blin

  • Sir Fughk Fase
    Sir Fughk Fase 27 days ago

    Р О С С И Я !!

  • Andrei G.
    Andrei G. 27 days ago +1

    Most of Russians do not take a student loan, coz prices are low enough to be covered by parents, I dont know where did you get this enourmous 25k dollars.

  • Женька и Конь

    Stallone is Italian, Lundgren is Swedish. What does it have to do with Russia and America? It was Italy vs Sweden from the beginning.

  • Маша Кх
    Маша Кх 29 days ago

    Кто нибудь переведите на русский пж)

  • Oleh Koliak
    Oleh Koliak 29 days ago

    Glory to the United States of America! There is nothing to compare. God bless America!

  • Marcos Arriaga
    Marcos Arriaga Month ago

    Was that really neccesary to say that we mexicans are obese ;(

    COOL CAT Month ago +1

    I an a russian but life in germany

    COOL CAT Month ago +19

    🇷🇺 vs 🇺🇸
    Win : nobody, we are brothers and sisters.

    COOL CAT Month ago +1

    When you are a russian and watch that....👍

  • Happy Jellyfish
    Happy Jellyfish Month ago

    Why is Russia always the evil one wtf.¿

  • Lauren Wright
    Lauren Wright Month ago

    i would much rather live in russia
    - an american

  • The Iron Aventador
    The Iron Aventador Month ago

    The reason the women in Russia weigh almost as much as them men in Russia is because of all the babushkas

  • Black Life
    Black Life Month ago

    Russion just know die for people and war

  • violetvelet
    violetvelet Month ago

    I like how we skipped a huge chunk of the US history

  • FersonLP _
    FersonLP _ Month ago

    If rather live in Russia Cut there are nice people unlike in America where everyone bullies in school and everyone owns a freaking gun

  • Jacob Godfrey
    Jacob Godfrey Month ago

    im a 33 year old male and sometimes i make $500 to $800 per day! i did not finish highschool and i did not go to collage. i live in america. to be exact i live in Orlando, FL

  • AlmostVileBeggar
    AlmostVileBeggar Month ago

    I woud rather live in Russia because its more similiar to my country

  • AlmostVileBeggar
    AlmostVileBeggar Month ago

    Avarege wage is pretty bad statistic, median wage is far better

  • bluejay7232
    bluejay7232 Month ago

    I'd rather live in Russia. I find Russians surprisingly friendlier than Americans. Most Americans I know are obnoxiously loud and full of themselves.

  • Alyosha 1981
    Alyosha 1981 Month ago

    Stay cheeki breeki suka blyat!!

  • Joseph karlsön
    Joseph karlsön Month ago

    60,000 a year U.S.a is so wrong

  • Ps4 Simon tusha
    Ps4 Simon tusha Month ago

    Russia more cheap living and free health care and free high school and putin jeeeeee

  • Iljen Shumilin
    Iljen Shumilin Month ago

    Actually Americans don't exist and they putting there noses everywhere they are saying bad things about other countries

  • Commie
    Commie Month ago


  • Ryan Cook
    Ryan Cook Month ago

    in Russia they have to leave holes in their walls or the whole line of bricks will disappear

  • The Physicality Channel

    Rokas is that you?

  • Nisal Suvinith
    Nisal Suvinith Month ago

    I love Russians Always from Sri Lanka! я люблю тебя 💗

  • Golden PRIEST
    Golden PRIEST Month ago

    Russians are Christian's, but don't believe in God. That's just is a culture

  • Victoria Grinfeld
    Victoria Grinfeld Month ago +2

    Actually in Russia an average school day ends at 3-4pm, and we do not have an hour long lunch break.

  • AikiRandy1969
    AikiRandy1969 Month ago

    Russia has Jaws as a religion ;)

  • bladimir dimi3
    bladimir dimi3 Month ago

    cyka blyat idi nahui russia wins cyka americans pohui

  • Lee Washburn
    Lee Washburn Month ago

    Excuse me...Russians know Americans for their obesity

    • Ann Young
      Ann Young Month ago

      Lee Washburn Americans bring home more gold medals at the Olympics than any other country

  • Sam R
    Sam R Month ago

    this was a waste of time

  • America for Americans

    you forgot about all the American Indians, been in North America for over 10 thousand years with more than a 100 million natives when the Europeans landed

  • Кристина Васильева

    Not vodka kills Russians, but life in Russia 😂Laughter through tears

  • Maria Drogaytseva
    Maria Drogaytseva Month ago +13

    Russians like to complain about how poor life in Russia, so do Americans. I live in both countries. I'm from Russian and from the USA. Average Russians own a condo or a house by the age of 30, average Americans rent. The rent is expensive. People share the same space to save on rent. It eats up big portion of the paycheck+ car insuarance, health insuarance (unless you got lucky to work for a good employer). At the end Americans get the same purchasing power as Russians. Russian salaries are lower, but so is cost of living.
    Americans don't travel as much. Not every grad in the USA gets to go abroad after High School. Lucky those who go thou. Best geography is a practical one. Younger generations tent to be more flexible nowadays. Russians don't get the year gap-University right after. Knowledge given in Russian schools are higher, but American way of delivering information to the children is way better, plus the independent critical thinking rewarded.
    Vegetarian options! Oh my! Americans win! Even thou I found the best smoked Tofu here in the city of Penza made by locals.
    Recycling and social resposibility for the environment-Russia gonna get there soon.
    Poverty, homelessness and drug abuse. I've never seen as many homeless in my life in Russia as I see in one city in the USA in one day.
    Both countries have problems, but both are well sustainable and should learn from one another and work together.

  • yup itssme
    yup itssme Month ago

    Indian avg pay for qualified i s upto 1500$ not 5000$.

  • yaas girl
    yaas girl Month ago

    5:19 hahaha it's a lie

  • DJ OnTracksToday
    DJ OnTracksToday Month ago

    Hello from russia, pediki. Happy and with LGBT, pendosy blyat.

  • Chelsey Michelle
    Chelsey Michelle Month ago +1

    America the best :-)

  • SnowmanStorm SnowmanStorm

    The info about Russians was not real in some things

  • Dmorgathal
    Dmorgathal Month ago

    Russia is to the world what Florida is to America

  • AL Hashmi
    AL Hashmi Month ago

    Russia , paid vacations, healthcare , beautiful women and scenery