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  • Lance Stewart
    Lance Stewart  Year ago +1284


  • loui595s
    loui595s 29 days ago

    i LOVE your s videos i can`t stop see your videos i LOVE yours vloggs

  • Simon Petrus
    Simon Petrus 2 months ago +1

    Cool vid😎.

  • Colleen Ferguson
    Colleen Ferguson 2 months ago

    Who ever sent Chris that ramen lol

  • Tom Mikolajczak
    Tom Mikolajczak 2 months ago

    I want send myself to your house

  • MaKayla Jarrett
    MaKayla Jarrett 3 months ago

    Hello ppl of da world.( *¯ ³¯*)♡

  • MaKayla Jarrett
    MaKayla Jarrett 3 months ago

    I love your videos ❤❤

  • Jesus Laguna
    Jesus Laguna 3 months ago

    Gt fcfe. Ggx

  • enchanted death heart
    enchanted death heart 4 months ago

    Stop the difference

  • Jazzy Jessie
    Jazzy Jessie 4 months ago

    Spot the difference 👆👆👆👆👆🖕👆👆👆🖕👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆

  • A Cubers Life
    A Cubers Life 4 months ago +1

    If you see a difference like the vid and this comment

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez 4 months ago

    You guys can be inside the PO box but you can mail to him inside the Box

  • hannah banana
    hannah banana 4 months ago

    geo pees lance: JESUS CHRIST!

  • hannah banana
    hannah banana 4 months ago

    is ur dad emotional?

  • Dominik Sherman
    Dominik Sherman 4 months ago

    🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😕🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁 like if you see the difference

  • Brady Hatfield
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  • noah's trains
    noah's trains 4 months ago

    wait bad### grandma is dead?

  • jessie mae green
    jessie mae green 4 months ago

    Stop lieing to us u didn't take her on the road

  • Junior Vlog&games
    Junior Vlog&games 4 months ago

    Question for everyone what is the name of the song that first second if the video

  • Alex Åstrand
    Alex Åstrand 4 months ago

    Hahaha so funny

  • kimberly pedersen
    kimberly pedersen 4 months ago

    What is that song called at the beginning of the vidio

  • Mikey TheETNTheorist
    Mikey TheETNTheorist 4 months ago

    Roses are red
    tulips Are Orange
    Violets are blue
    The ice is cold
    I got Cold Clickbate And So AS YOU

  • Slime.cousins Renaud
    Slime.cousins Renaud 4 months ago

    Haha when the phone zapped u and when u screamed I heard the grandmom scream after lol

  • Kayleigh Hayes
    Kayleigh Hayes 5 months ago

    Ih lince i love you so much my name is kayleigh hayes

  • Cecille sioson
    Cecille sioson 5 months ago

    210 squad:

  • Theodore Mack
    Theodore Mack 5 months ago

    what's your mom's maiden name

  • Sophia Taha
    Sophia Taha 6 months ago

    Happy birthday mom Stewart

  • 鴥Dragon
    鴥Dragon 6 months ago

    Listen Lance ive been ON a plane 8 times I don't need to see this sh it!!

  • Stuart Whyte
    Stuart Whyte 7 months ago

    Dose ur mum still use the neck and back masager

  • Hannah Thomas
    Hannah Thomas 7 months ago +1

    Did anyone else hear "It's like a little A(double S) tray"?😂😂🤣🤣😆😆😋😋😅😅😊😊😜😛😝

  • JoshOlson10
    JoshOlson10 8 months ago

    Gio is hilarious! He seemed glad to see everyone! He can’t stop peeing-LOL!

  • Injustice Served
    Injustice Served 8 months ago

    man i swear every single video lizzy has to make sure shes in the shot or if background always staring at the damn cam. conceited af lol

  • Grace Slagle
    Grace Slagle 8 months ago

    Happy birthday Nina you are the best

  • QUIROZ Jesus
    QUIROZ Jesus 9 months ago

    I love your vioe

  • Skye Boschee
    Skye Boschee 9 months ago

    I have that same red blanket

  • Bobby Macrina
    Bobby Macrina 9 months ago

    That’s cool

  • zombie_girl 201
    zombie_girl 201 9 months ago

    omg lance your the most AMAZING TVclipR EVER I LUV YO VIDS SOOOOOO DAMN MUCH I SUBSCRIBED TO YO CHANNEL AND LIKED YO VIDS AND MY NOTIFICATION IS ALWAYS ON :P :P :P imma send some fan mail soon i hope you will love it lance

  • Legokid311 Gameplays
    Legokid311 Gameplays 10 months ago

    I am a stone I don't need no massages I am a stone with arms and legs

  • Legokid311 Gameplays
    Legokid311 Gameplays 10 months ago

    Same with me I always sit with my grandma when we go to here house or out to eat with her

  • Gaming Sentral
    Gaming Sentral 10 months ago

    What the song name...im so curious

  • Martina Morgan
    Martina Morgan 10 months ago


  • Kayla !
    Kayla ! 11 months ago

    Omg ur the best like ever!

  • Jeffrey Gibson Does Things.

    Why does lances Mom look like le le pons

  • Fusion Gamer
    Fusion Gamer Year ago +1

    wait when did lance lost his "reacting to my old vines" video?

  • honesty conlin
    honesty conlin Year ago


  • Tre Vicich
    Tre Vicich Year ago

    Geo is never out of juice

  • isaac B
    isaac B Year ago

    Is Philadelphia close to new jersey?

  • Gamez with The bro

    Put a gummy dick in your food

  • Eren Jaeger
    Eren Jaeger Year ago


  • Lori Fernandez
    Lori Fernandez Year ago

    Beautiful view on plane, I subscribed

  • Zack Cox
    Zack Cox Year ago

    I miss these vlogs

  • Skilled Gamer01
    Skilled Gamer01 Year ago +1

    Roses are red ❤️
    Violets are blue 💙
    I just got clickbaited 😴
    And so did you 🤙🏼
    Have a gd day ❤️✌🏻

  • Joseph78018
    Joseph78018 Year ago

    I live in jersey

  • Athenova Beats
    Athenova Beats Year ago

    I luv u guys.

  • Melina P.
    Melina P. Year ago

    Hello Lance I just recently have viewed your vlogs. I started with the Ouija Board videos and then some prank videos and so on. Seriously though I never ever go on TVclip, if I do it is just for music, though when I saw you and you blogs and Lizzie, Chris and everyone. It was awesome I couldn't believe it!!! I was so stoaked so I now go on TVclip just to see your vlogs. And I started to follow you, Lizzy, Chris, Theo and 210official. Just idk how else to put it but I love and appreciate you all.

  • fidget spinner collceotor matt

    i would give u a fidget spinner but fku lance

  • Patricie Gaming channel

    Omg geo is like my cat she like my nabourghs cat but the cat doesn't like her

  • Theslayer9000  yullian pereira

    i live in jersey in somers point

  • Graham Hardy
    Graham Hardy Year ago

    The plane your on in the video is an Airbus A320 & your gonna be surprised it's controlled by a joystick.

  • finesse kay
    finesse kay Year ago

    Today's my mom birthday

  • Daniel Rapkin
    Daniel Rapkin Year ago

    For whoever was wondering I gave him the drone. What should I get him next?

  • Hailey Kovach
    Hailey Kovach Year ago

    I'm from New Jersey but I live somewhere else❤️

  • ???????????
    ??????????? Year ago

    Lance got a drone and I can't even get a text back........

  • Kion Tehranifard
    Kion Tehranifard Year ago

    Is he out of juice 😂

  • Kion Tehranifard
    Kion Tehranifard Year ago

    Is he out of juice 😂

  • Kion Tehranifard
    Kion Tehranifard Year ago

    He sqarting at me

  • Kion Tehranifard
    Kion Tehranifard Year ago

    He squats piss at me 😭😭😭

  • Kion Tehranifard
    Kion Tehranifard Year ago

    Lol 😂 my balls itch wtf 😂

  • Kion Tehranifard
    Kion Tehranifard Year ago

    Lance and his dad sounds the same but anyways love you lance huge fan and I am actually going to vegas then heading to la hope I get to see you there that would be dream come true

  • Team 6
    Team 6 Year ago

    You didnt fucking go down the scarest road ever

  • Christine Butterworth

    seriously , what part of this video is driving on that road i was looking forwards to that ):

  • masac225
    masac225 Year ago +1

    He looks like Emma Stone

  • Gurmit Brar
    Gurmit Brar Year ago +1

    Bruh it's just a glitch google maps had..

  • devin and mikes fishing esperuments


  • Jo Armstrong
    Jo Armstrong Year ago

    who else cried when the girls ran up and hugged each other!😂

  • jolly gamer
    jolly gamer Year ago

    i got tow phone

  • Lerimar Montero
    Lerimar Montero Year ago

    I have a 4iny dog NBA and hes not ganna grow geos bigger than him

  • WhyDon’tWe Forever11

    When lance's dog was peeing I was cracking up😂

  • Ericka Martinez
    Ericka Martinez Year ago


  • Lind z vlogs
    Lind z vlogs Year ago

    What's lizzys Snapchat?

    TRISTVN19 VLOGS Year ago

    you will get a dog a boy and name him theo

  • Sung Bae
    Sung Bae Year ago

    Your dog want a hug

  • Emmanuel gaming and More

    How do you shift the R8 is it automatic?

  • teressa moudy
    teressa moudy Year ago

    he didn't drive on that road

  • The Assassin
    The Assassin Year ago

    I was on that road before

  • Jeandre Josef
    Jeandre Josef Year ago


  • Joel Gomez
    Joel Gomez Year ago

    He's squirting
    Lance Stewart 2017

  • Jack Sak
    Jack Sak Year ago

    One of the worst videos on TVclip. There's no scary road. It's boring. Son and idiot father cursing with fowl language. And, who cares about your moronic dog?

  • Latisha Melton
    Latisha Melton Year ago

    I love Lizzy and you Lance 💖💗💔💞💕💓

  • Emily Garner
    Emily Garner Year ago

    Lance, you better never let Lizzy go. She is the most sweet, genuine girl. You can tell she loves you so much. She follows everything you say, and you will never find another woman that is as loyal as that. I'm just throwing this out there because I don't feel like Lizzy gets enough credit. She is a huge part of Lance's career and is just so respectful.

  • Mariel Escola
    Mariel Escola Year ago

    for the first time lizzy wares matching socks

  • Michael Briant
    Michael Briant Year ago

    Did u guys have Theo at the time

  • Ellie Lane
    Ellie Lane Year ago

    you guys should take the iPhones and put them outside, set up a camera and when someone comes by and tries to hit the home button it'll shock them so you can get their reaction!!!

  • Justino Saligan
    Justino Saligan Year ago

    What is the name of the song please tell me if you guys know the song😇😇😇😇

  • Jakelynn Cravens
    Jakelynn Cravens Year ago

    u didn't even go down that road!

  • Ellemai Field
    Ellemai Field Year ago


  • Flame Girly
    Flame Girly Year ago

    I can't stand it when lance says something on the title and its not even true like why dose he do this for a lot of people would like the truth from him and would like to see it happen he was alot of subscribers and he's lieing to them I love lance but this has to stop

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes Year ago


  • Kaitlyn Cortina
    Kaitlyn Cortina Year ago

    i just kept replaying geos or gios pissing party😂😂

  • TTE Games
    TTE Games Year ago

    what background music