Quillin vs Angulo HIGHLIGHTS: September 21, 2019 - PBC on FS1

  • Published on Sep 22, 2019
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    On September 21, 2019, Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin battled Alfredo Angulo in a scheduled 10-round super middleweight bout, live from Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California. This fight was broadcast live on FS1 as part of the Premier Boxing Champions series.
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Comments • 630

  • ls3306
    ls3306 3 days ago

    Those had to of been 16oz gloves

  • Kevin Migliaccio
    Kevin Migliaccio 20 days ago

    Great match man

  • Gaitchecker
    Gaitchecker 20 days ago

    They both look like they’re fighting underwater. And I can’t believe Quillin got hit with so many shots. Time to hang it up.

  • TheHORNETreturns
    TheHORNETreturns 21 day ago

    Keep fighting and you'll be on soup and bananas, for the rest of your life.

  • Felix P
    Felix P 21 day ago

    Did Quillin even train for this fight?He lookes soooo slow and wasted by the 3erd and even before Angulo hit him

  • vlad mashv
    vlad mashv 21 day ago +1

    PBC either have bunch of quitters who was supposed to be somebody or they ruin those somebody’s careers by protecting them and Had them fight nobody
    1. Adonis
    2. Quillin
    3. Thurman
    4. Danny Garcia
    Which one is it ???

  • vlad mashv
    vlad mashv 21 day ago +1

    Now we know Why Uncle Al ! Had quillin drop the belt back in day so he can avoid GGG!

  • Lucien
    Lucien 23 days ago +1

    if you lose to Angulo in his prime your nothing special. you lose to him at this age. you suck. the dude is a punching bag.

  • Juan Castro Appiolaza
    Juan Castro Appiolaza 24 days ago

    Ese es mi perro carajo. ¡ GRANDE Alfredo viejo y peludo nomás! Saludos y cariños desde Argentina.

  • David Sos
    David Sos 24 days ago

    The dog is still fighting

  • Brian Thomas
    Brian Thomas 24 days ago

    Angulo still showing heart. Good fight.. Peter gotta shake ba9

  • Paul Rodriguez
    Paul Rodriguez 24 days ago

    Así hubiera tirado con tra canelo

  • Jose Lebron
    Jose Lebron 24 days ago

    El box mas golpeado en su cara.

  • Nathan M. LAZER
    Nathan M. LAZER 24 days ago

    Quillin is drunk?

  • Andres Ceballos
    Andres Ceballos 24 days ago

    Pobre perro debería retirarse antes que algien lo lastime de verdad, tiene coraje como todo mexicano, pero ya está rruco felicidades alos dos esta vez,lo dieron todo

  • bam81380
    bam81380 24 days ago

    And should have an Ĺ from Gabe rosado

  • Ashlee's Korner
    Ashlee's Korner 24 days ago


  • Fermin Carapia
    Fermin Carapia 24 days ago

    Mexican style 💪😎🐶

  • angel Perez
    angel Perez 24 days ago

    Quillin perdio con este boxeador explotao ja ja

  • dennis roofe
    dennis roofe 24 days ago

    Kid Chocolate never threw a right hand with conviction : I know Quillin is only a shell of himself but he has more power then that , it looks like he hurt his hand or something in the early rounds (if not in training camp).

  • Marcos Zarate
    Marcos Zarate 24 days ago

    WOW Great fight from Angulo. Props

  • Rizzo Aristotle
    Rizzo Aristotle 24 days ago

    Quillin was never the same after Jacobs crushed him. His career is the gutter

  • R J
    R J 24 days ago

    "Two" guys fighting the typical Mexican crash dummy style. They should both retire.

  • Gokú 27
    Gokú 27 24 days ago

    Luego crítica al canelo que pelea puro viejo, este negro está más joven y perro angulo le gano bola de envidiosos.

  • Cowboy Western38
    Cowboy Western38 24 days ago

    Sad to see ... both are washed up ... looking for a payday...sad to see .. both skins have diminished

  • Thuok Bestinalt
    Thuok Bestinalt 24 days ago

    Fake match the glove were too big for Quilin this fight was staged

  • Dr.perspectiveX
    Dr.perspectiveX 25 days ago

    Danny knocked the fundementals right out of him..

  • Nicholas Bardoni
    Nicholas Bardoni 25 days ago

    What a fight

  • 111
    111 25 days ago

    Quillin is has been...burnerd....used...finish..

  • God Satan
    God Satan 25 days ago +1


  • Dan R
    Dan R 25 days ago +1

    Abel Sanchez did a Good job with Angulo in this fight. He salvaged the washed up Angulo into a competitor and a gatekeeper.

  • 19JUN67 19JUN67
    19JUN67 19JUN67 25 days ago

    Kid Chocolate not the same anymore

  • Ernesto Martinez
    Ernesto Martinez 25 days ago

    A perro.

  • JuliusCaesarRR
    JuliusCaesarRR 25 days ago

    Angulo vs Rosado 2 next? @ Carson CA.
    Also Mauricio Herrera vs Humberto Soto as co main event.
    Come on PBC

  • alan noe
    alan noe 25 days ago


  • Justin Myho
    Justin Myho 25 days ago

    For the comments getting down on Ray - I like Ray, he was a warrior in his day, with very little defense - I don't think he should be mocked because he has the slurred speech today. In this fight he called it in the second round when he said Quillin didn't look right to him. I like him as a commentator - especially his spectator-like enthusiasm when a punch lands, lol!

  • DocJ
    DocJ 25 days ago


  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones 25 days ago

    Cover your face dude.

  • marcos palomino
    marcos palomino 25 days ago

    el perro angulo le gano al bocon cubano, erislandys lara,, detuvieron la pelea porque se le inflamo un ojo al perro angulo...

  • Mexlycan Lobo
    Mexlycan Lobo 25 days ago +1

    Both fighters deserve respect, but it's time for both to retire.. Ángulo won but he fights slow just like Margarito.

  • L3t Me
    L3t Me 25 days ago

    What weight is this fight . look at least 200lbs. Those gloves are huge. I think the weight hurt Quillen. he is a small weight fighter. I don't think he is a 168 and above fighter. More of a 154/160 fighter. I don't think he trained to actually fight. He came to brawl. He shouldve chose everlast powerlocks glove. More wrist control. A little slimmer as Well.
    I think he hit angula more and everything and they said he lost. I'm bewildered by that. 42%-22%.. But cant win em all. Gotta respect the judges .. Angula got a quality win which good for his career. Should fight Eubank Jr one day. But Great fight .

  • Thee Damon Alexander
    Thee Damon Alexander 25 days ago

    Damn” I missed that fight😠

  • MrCarlitos1414
    MrCarlitos1414 25 days ago

    Perrito angulo 0% defensa, 100% corazon

  • BlackManTravel
    BlackManTravel 25 days ago

    dam Quillin looked fat and gassed, he should retire clearly his heart isn't in it anymore

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown 25 days ago

    And this is how you know! You have gotten old in the sport that paid you 100,000 of thousands maybe even millions! Fighters that should have there license revoked! Before they end up brain damaged🤯🤪🤕😯🤨🤔

  • Ruben Galvan
    Ruben Galvan 25 days ago

    Fight of the year?

  • Luis anibal2
    Luis anibal2 25 days ago

    It looks like ángulo has power at this weight!

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez 25 days ago

    You can't box all the time. Sometimes you have to fight.

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez 25 days ago

    Mandatory rematch!

  • Cristian Ching Cabanillas

    Old dog still got a couple of rounds on hin

  • jose rodriguez
    jose rodriguez 25 days ago

    Quillin is stupid for not using his height and reach

  • Sammy Long
    Sammy Long 25 days ago

    If you can't beat Angulo I think it's time to hang them up.

  • Arturo Rodriguez
    Arturo Rodriguez 25 days ago

    The thing with angulo is that hes a slugger so naturally a slugger fest is what he thrives in his last fight have bot been so great because he fights with people who like to run a round the ring like chickens with their heads off to keep it short Mayweather's style fighting

  • Antonicoboy prima
    Antonicoboy prima 25 days ago

    Angulo strong man only lost in spet

  • Guiding Angel
    Guiding Angel 25 days ago +1

    1:46 it brings my trust to humanity back

  • Guiding Angel
    Guiding Angel 25 days ago +1

    Ray “ohhh ohhh” Mancini

  • Articulate In BLack
    Articulate In BLack 25 days ago

    Quillen fights like an old black man

  • Rene Seaver
    Rene Seaver 25 days ago

    That’s fucking boxing right there. Respect to both fighters.

  • Joel Rodriguez
    Joel Rodriguez 25 days ago

    Si el JR Chávez no es pendejo no kiso peliar con el

  • D Mo
    D Mo 25 days ago

    This is one of those fights where someone could get seriously hurt.