I Ran Naked Through The Streets of LA! | Shay Mitchell

  • Published on Feb 9, 2018
  • Well, here it is guys. Thanks for 3 million on TVclip! Many more adventures to come... I PROMISE. xoxo - Shay
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  • Karmel Clamor
    Karmel Clamor Day ago

    I thought it was only saying naked, that she was gonna run in her bra and underwear. Can you get arrested for this? I live in a cold place where if you did this you’d die

  • Matt McConn
    Matt McConn 2 days ago

    God bless my meat

  • Edward Kenway
    Edward Kenway 2 days ago

    Typical youtube comment: "Anyone got an uncensored version?"

  • David Rodriguez Vídeos

    New Subscribe Because This Is Funny

  • craig thomas
    craig thomas 3 days ago

    Is there a Pornhub version? Lol

    THE GAMER BEAST 3 days ago


  • Joana Alga
    Joana Alga 3 days ago

    I LOVE you

  • Madelaine Petsch
    Madelaine Petsch 3 days ago

    Everyone needs to get her to 10m

  • mindFaceContinuum
    mindFaceContinuum 4 days ago

    Cute, but she's actually topless, not naked.

  • Fredah Wiwu
    Fredah Wiwu 6 days ago

    Oooh lord 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mae Mackle
    Mae Mackle 8 days ago

    OMG I remember her from PLL

  • YeetSkeet
    YeetSkeet 9 days ago +1

    woman: *runs around naked in populated streets*
    man: *video tapes naked woman*
    other woman: 3:45 "DON"T LOOK AT HER LIKE THAT"

  • V4ll Xander
    V4ll Xander 9 days ago


  • Kid Savage
    Kid Savage 9 days ago

    There are children why

  • Are Alvarez cabello jauregui

    Dopee 😍😍😍

    WAKOKAINE 10 days ago

    Damn wish I was walking down the street that day ☹️
    Every time I go out nothing like this ever happens 😡

  • Eemaan A
    Eemaan A 10 days ago

    Love you shay

  • Donna Girdley
    Donna Girdley 11 days ago

    Don’t Block a gen

  • Georgia Melville
    Georgia Melville 11 days ago

    Poor person you’ve got some confidence Shay

  • FDL Krrish
    FDL Krrish 11 days ago

    2.55 😘😍😍 Crazy things WOW

  • Kids play kids TV Kids

    are you lesbisch bc in pll you were kissing whit Alison?

  • herdows
    herdows 12 days ago

    Shay Mitchell is my spirit animal.

  • Cerys Winchester
    Cerys Winchester 12 days ago

    That must have hurt her boobs so much. Ouch 😂

  • Cristina Kitagawa
    Cristina Kitagawa 14 days ago

    And that’s why I love Shay Mitchell

  • Kellyn
    Kellyn 14 days ago

    She is 99%naked

  • Logan's Learning Channel 2017

    Never mind

  • Logan's Learning Channel 2017

    Not naked

  • Kellyn
    Kellyn 15 days ago

    What the f

  • logitech9
    logitech9 16 days ago

    You got a great can

  • drawing with Liam
    drawing with Liam 16 days ago


  • Mawah NurS
    Mawah NurS 16 days ago

    You are so beautiful omg😍

  • Katie Walker
    Katie Walker 17 days ago

    shay is my inspiration.

  • N N
    N N 19 days ago

    "I've been waiting my whole life for this"😂😂.

  • Robyn Taylor
    Robyn Taylor 20 days ago


  • Matt Norton
    Matt Norton 21 day ago

    So, are we just going to ignore the element of distracted driving at play here?

    999,999,999 Views 21 day ago


  • 446hemi
    446hemi 21 day ago

    she is NOT naked,,,she is topless,,,,CLICKBAIT

  • onemanarmy36
    onemanarmy36 21 day ago

    Lame! Oh come on. She said naked. Topless doesn't count.

  • Jeff Crichton
    Jeff Crichton 22 days ago

    ___ U R NAKED
    I'' ''I
    I I

  • wonderwall 2.0
    wonderwall 2.0 23 days ago


  • TJ Henry
    TJ Henry 23 days ago

    Lol ... i love how she doesnt back up on her word thats awesome . I subscribed today thanks to Jesse's video with yah . Hahahaha
    Thanks Jesse

  • Mir Roronoa
    Mir Roronoa 23 days ago

    Emily why .

  • 和 伟杰海婷
    和 伟杰海婷 23 days ago

    Do it again

  • Ravi Patel
    Ravi Patel 24 days ago

    Noop she had yellow panties on😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pixie dust
    Pixie dust 24 days ago

    I mean if I had her bod I would

  • 邱丽萍
    邱丽萍 26 days ago

    doit again

  • chaexic
    chaexic 26 days ago

    omg the thumbnail reminded me of gta v haha and then i saw in the comments a similar comment to mine and im glad im not the only one

  • Ineborg Jensen
    Ineborg Jensen 27 days ago

    Youre a bad ass😝. You go girl❤❤

  • Cidnee 3
    Cidnee 3 27 days ago

    can you do videos with the characters in pretty little liars oh anfd big fan

  • Aiman Akbar
    Aiman Akbar 27 days ago

    This is too much .ya xan thank with other things .

  • Yaretzy Torres
    Yaretzy Torres 29 days ago

    LMFAOAO *guess what happens when I hit 10*

  • Marg Chico
    Marg Chico Month ago

    Oh Wow! Just wow! 😂 Can't wait for you to reach 10M 😝

  • Rocky Hames
    Rocky Hames Month ago

    So if she hits 10 million is it uncensored lmao.

  • Chitown Kid
    Chitown Kid Month ago

    Camera woman sucks lol at filming

  • Navi Doomchherri
    Navi Doomchherri Month ago

    Ur sis is cute......and salute u bcoz......its not clickbait

  • Pramila Stha
    Pramila Stha Month ago

    I am the only person to skip to the end to see she go naked or not

  • Fun With Ocen
    Fun With Ocen Month ago

    you should open your underwear

  • alexander1485
    alexander1485 Month ago

    Shes not naked, shes topless.

  • Professional Fangööörl


  • heidi4442
    heidi4442 Month ago

    Damn I wouldn't wanna run braless for the only fact of my boobs will sag earlier.

  • Sis and bro 25
    Sis and bro 25 Month ago

    Shay is my crush literally she’s sooooooo cute

    Don’t judge me people out there

  • Aya hatem
    Aya hatem Month ago


  • Aya hatem
    Aya hatem Month ago


  • Noelle Chhunthang
    Noelle Chhunthang Month ago

    OMG! are u silly....

  • Karla Cienfuegos
    Karla Cienfuegos Month ago

    Omg LMFAO

  • Retro Man 88
    Retro Man 88 Month ago

    People. Streaking is full on nudity. Only boobs don't count. It's just continuous flashing. If you gonna do it, go all the way. As my grandfather said, nut up or shut up lol

  • Maysee Wells
    Maysee Wells Month ago

    I’m shook

  • Hassan Playzz
    Hassan Playzz Month ago

    Me:911 you there?
    Police:wat ur emergency?
    Police: uhh... say that again..
    Police: ok shut ur mouth we comin
    *comes to my house*
    Me: WHAT?!


    I hair ggfhftfftfhg

  • BeautyBy Kenny
    BeautyBy Kenny Month ago

    2:35 I’m actually jealous at how fast she can slip on her shoes????

  • Italian Kresser
    Italian Kresser Month ago


  • Kayden
    Kayden Month ago

    ...i was really expecting clickbait 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jaqueline Guerra
    Jaqueline Guerra Month ago

    Caracola mágica, puedo vivir en LA?

  • Aiman Rachid
    Aiman Rachid Month ago


  • Gorgeous Kenz
    Gorgeous Kenz Month ago

    Haha Shay ilysm

    SLADO Month ago +1

    Sei figa però! Ti inculerei a sangue 😉

  • Hope Langevin
    Hope Langevin Month ago


  • Jerry Me
    Jerry Me Month ago

    It should be uncensored

  • Tang-Ho
    Tang-Ho Month ago

    I love how she's watching her INDIA shaycation video in the beginning lmao so cute, actually just saw that was released a month after this one ha idk maybe she was watching the edit of it .

  • Chaeli Dougan
    Chaeli Dougan Month ago

    This is not the Emily I know😂😂😂

  • I AM
    I AM Month ago

    You are de best !!! ❤️❤️😂😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • I AM
    I AM Month ago


  • Janine Jeffrey
    Janine Jeffrey Month ago

    Sammy- "This is for the people." 😂😂😂 I could not. I cannot.

  • Dont look at my Bitmoji

    When you hit ten ur gonna do wat Rihanna did and run into the ginormous crowd of fans

  • Maria Alexandra Bowen

    Or I will delete your TVclip channel

  • Maria Alexandra Bowen

    Post a video of u naked no blocking

  • Iloveyou Rahman
    Iloveyou Rahman Month ago

    *Emily running from A*

  • Tori Uptown
    Tori Uptown Month ago

    Lmaooo wow

  • Rio T. De Lemos
    Rio T. De Lemos Month ago

    Color me shocked!!!

  • Jule's Welt
    Jule's Welt Month ago


  • CJB
    CJB Month ago

    Smoking angle dust

  • The Scoop
    The Scoop Month ago

    Can’t she get arrested for thisv

  • Angie White
    Angie White Month ago

    Awesome Shay

  • who knows
    who knows Month ago

    please please please make a video about confidence 🙏 ❤️

  • Jazzbo James
    Jazzbo James Month ago +2

    You have *3.4million* now............HAHA CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

  • Carolina Dias
    Carolina Dias Month ago

    Female Mbappé

  • Sanija Victoria
    Sanija Victoria Month ago

    Almost 3.5 ❤️

  • Bridie Edminson
    Bridie Edminson Month ago

    Who is behind the camera it is Sasha sound like her voice

  • Floriane Tranchant
    Floriane Tranchant Month ago

    I thought she was gonna keep the bra

    NABILA ANIKA Month ago

    this is so disgusting! i used to like her so much... never in my life could i even imagine shay to be this pathetic. unsubscribiing this very moment.

    • Navya Jay777
      Navya Jay777 Month ago +2

      It was a dare and you don't have to be so rude. I bet u don't have the guts to do this. So share your unpopular opinions somewhere else. Because Shay is a QUEEN! Begone thot!!!