I Ran Naked Through The Streets of LA! | Shay Mitchell

  • Published on Feb 9, 2018
  • Well, here it is guys. Thanks for 3 million on TVclip! Many more adventures to come... I PROMISE. xoxo - Shay
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    Hello! I’m Shay Mitchell, best known as Emily Fields in the television series Pretty Little Liars. Subscribe for my fashion, hair, and makeup tips. My favorite food recipes, travels and the fitness routines that keep me healthy! Join me backstage on the Pretty Little Liars set, on photo shoots and my crazy wild adventures!
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  • Shay Mitchell
    Shay Mitchell  11 days ago +5958

    I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE ACTUALLY POSTING THIS. Sammy is crazy for holding me to this. What do you guys think... what should I do when we hit 4 million? Thanks for watching, love you guys. xoxo - Shay

    • A. Foriegn
      A. Foriegn Day ago

      Be gone thot

    • HCA Faherty17
      HCA Faherty17 Day ago

      Shay Mitchell www un posts al Sole

    • Akash N V
      Akash N V Day ago

      Shay Mitchell Hey babe we people helped you to get 3 millions subscribe but you showing topless to others in your area not so fair the guy in car was taking photos of you naked is crazy but he is not a your subscribe I am the one person of 3 millions demanding pls post uncensored video ...........

  • Nathalia Leal
    Nathalia Leal 20 minutes ago

    Oi coloca legenda em português 😍

  • Alison Mayorga
    Alison Mayorga 2 hours ago

    Ohhh crazy 😜 I love

  • Tori Roselius
    Tori Roselius 3 hours ago

    I think that she should be commended for this. She could be like all the rest of the youtubers who talk big talk and don’t commit. Like girl, round of applause from me cause it take some serious steel lady balls. Especially being in LA

  • Kai Kalino
    Kai Kalino 3 hours ago +1

    The woman is true to her word 👏🏻👏🏻

  • mile y Obrien
    mile y Obrien 5 hours ago

    I love you I want to speak you your brother is so good my love you always

  • XandyGYT
    XandyGYT 6 hours ago

    At least she's committed to doing it

  • saraoderso
    saraoderso 8 hours ago

    Hey shay i will say if you see this can you maybe do a Postfach? Sry i dont know what postfach is in English Hahaha
    But if you noe that can you make it?
    For fanleadders and gifts

  • Terrell Scott
    Terrell Scott 8 hours ago

    Kiss Ashley at 4 Million Subs! #ButtahBenzo

  • xKardiaL
    xKardiaL 9 hours ago

    Why ._. ?

  • carsten
    carsten 10 hours ago

    wow this is an example of a real deal and not a clickbait

  • Megan Irby
    Megan Irby 15 hours ago

    What is the song that plays in the very beginning of the video when she is sitting there on her i pad i have to know

  • Samantha Nicole
    Samantha Nicole 16 hours ago

    WHAT IS THE SONG AT 00:50???

  • Monica Sucic
    Monica Sucic 16 hours ago

    U go girl!

  • Miranda
    Miranda 17 hours ago +1

    I really didnt expect that... Especially loved u for pretty little liars... But now the respects gone down to zero percent

  • Arun Kiss
    Arun Kiss 18 hours ago


  • J W
    J W 21 hour ago +1

    If this was a guy running topless in nothing but underwear, yall wouldn't be reacting this way. so shutup

  • Chantelle Moody
    Chantelle Moody 22 hours ago

    shay mitchell is really pretty i,m a boy using my mom,s account she can be my girlfriend

  • Chow Andre Music
    Chow Andre Music 23 hours ago

    wow....now this is what it has come to!

  • Ri Ranjo
    Ri Ranjo 23 hours ago +1

    Okay i just loved Shay even more

  • Kole Johnson
    Kole Johnson 23 hours ago

    Let us actually see those boobs

  • Wendy Rebollar
    Wendy Rebollar Day ago


    Oh oh sorry I got carried awayed

  • M. L.P.
    M. L.P. Day ago +1

    You're the Greatest!!

  • Zigzrose Lama
    Zigzrose Lama Day ago +1

    Real guts.
    Freaking awsome!

  • Ali Ow
    Ali Ow Day ago +1

    DAmn. I wish i was one of those woman who actually saw her running naked in person.😂 I probably would've stopped her and asked to take a picture with her.😂 Regardless if i knew it was actually Shay under the mask

  • Ness Ness
    Ness Ness Day ago

    Shay. Promise only half completed. You are not naked. HA HA. Still have undies on !!! DAM IT. Now my dream is only half finished.. All good, can't wait for 10 million day. YEAH YEAH.....

  • Leila Wilkinson
    Leila Wilkinson Day ago

    Someone going on there daily walk and then they bump into her😂😂

  • Jennifer Rothwell

    What’s the song she’s listening to when Sammy walks in

  • Margarita Veklich

    That is so brave! I've just subscribed)

  • kiera smith
    kiera smith Day ago

    whooo you go girl cx I think I speak for everyone when I say we are so proud of you. You have come so fricken far and I hope to be like you when I’m older, I really do. Tbh I think everyone does xx lol xxx love you xx

  • Dope Soldier
    Dope Soldier Day ago

    guys let's get her to ten mill lol

  • Nicol Madalina
    Nicol Madalina Day ago

    Will you ever come to Romania?💕

  • දුටුගැමුණු බණ්ඩාර

    we need the original video without blinking the boobs

  • Kshitij Aire
    Kshitij Aire Day ago

    Terribal video grapher. We didn't see much

  • Amyth Prajapati
    Amyth Prajapati Day ago

    Whatever she did is bullshit.

  • Naomi Young
    Naomi Young Day ago

    OMG Shay😂

  • Nonoa Sailo
    Nonoa Sailo Day ago

    damn thats weird

  • Auto Travel Vlog

    Wy? blur😥😥😥😂😂

  • Auto Travel Vlog


  • Babablove Mangahas

    Her speaking voice sounds like JESSIE J!

  • Mathilde_ Gft
    Mathilde_ Gft Day ago

    Oh my god you really did that 😂😂 congratulations for your 3M 👏🏾❤️ love you 😘

  • Akash N V
    Akash N V Day ago

    Hey babe we people helped you to get 3 millions subscribe but you showing topless to others in your area not so fair the guy in car was taking photos of you naked is crazy but he is not a your subscribe I am the one person of 3 millions demanding pls post uncensored video ...........

  • Yanat 79
    Yanat 79 Day ago

    Maan these white mentality is so idiotic ... They really don't care about their morals ...wow

  • Punjabi Songs
    Punjabi Songs Day ago

    Well i dont think so it is funny
    Going naked do u think its fun
    And its not about keeping words its about how much shameless she is

  • Puppeteer 21
    Puppeteer 21 Day ago

    It's so weird knowing that this is Emily from pretty little liars.

  • Justice Meyer
    Justice Meyer Day ago


  • Paula Javier
    Paula Javier Day ago

    “Her moms gonna ******* kill me” 😂😂

  • Robby Natividad
    Robby Natividad Day ago

    Great! 🌈

  • P Ray
    P Ray Day ago

    Nice buns❤

  • Rayme Michaels
    Rayme Michaels Day ago

    Whoa! What a fuckin’ body!!

  • Taranpreet Singh

    Send bobs and vegana

  • RiseAndShine
    RiseAndShine Day ago

    I love u Shay

  • Jatziri Perez
    Jatziri Perez Day ago

    Can you do a workout routine

  • Jatziri Perez
    Jatziri Perez Day ago

    Can you do a workout routine

  • The Historic
    The Historic Day ago

    I thought this was fake oh god😆

  • dahoppa
    dahoppa Day ago

    Lol that was awesome you’re a trooper for doing that

  • Sage Bartausky
    Sage Bartausky Day ago

    How do u stay so skinny and u eat a lot of junk food!!!

  • jayesh damor
    jayesh damor Day ago

    Not a single man on street ?

  • Avery Green
    Avery Green Day ago

    Omg this is great🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 love ya Shay

  • BlackFistZephyr
    BlackFistZephyr 2 days ago

    Skip to 2:48

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson 2 days ago +1

    I love you so much come to MN Minneapolis! Plz

  • Ayda Matrouh
    Ayda Matrouh 2 days ago

    Omg I'm dying 😂😂

  • Ayda Matrouh
    Ayda Matrouh 2 days ago

    Congrats hon. All the best 💕💕

  • Hailey Brown
    Hailey Brown 2 days ago

    People need to chill with the negativity. This was funny, I love your channel and videos, Shay! Please do updated drugstore hauls, Whole Foods/farmers market vids, shay’s kitchen, and obviously more makeup tutorials! 😍

  • jjfishey
    jjfishey 2 days ago


  • Kylyn Fox
    Kylyn Fox 2 days ago

    Shay's got MOXIE 👏🏼

  • Jazmin Hernandez
    Jazmin Hernandez 2 days ago


  • Clarisse De Fontaine


  • Lara A
    Lara A 2 days ago

    You are such a gutsy legend...gobsmacked and proud! xx

  • Shawnte Petetan
    Shawnte Petetan 2 days ago

    I'm just glad that you didn't happen to run past a cop or police car!!! Lol

  • Hawaiian-Porkchop Mauna Loa

    This is worse than Logan Paul’s video in the Suicide Forest.
    Take this video down.

  • Roy Johnson
    Roy Johnson 2 days ago +1

    I know that's right keep it moving

    E.M ECLIPSE 2 days ago

    She does indeed, have some nice buns.

  • Dee 90
    Dee 90 2 days ago

    Stupid girls😒

  • Ichiban Kyle-San
    Ichiban Kyle-San 2 days ago +21

    NO WAY I couldn’t believe she actually did it 💀... that takes balls right there MAD RESPECT LOL 🦄🦄👏🏽 this shouldn’t get any hate cause 95% of y’all in the comments would never do it male or female let alone post it on yt

  • Travel To The World
    Travel To The World 2 days ago

    Amazing channel. I am new comer here

  • DrinkOrDie
    DrinkOrDie 2 days ago

    Subscribed xD

  • Moises Garcia
    Moises Garcia 2 days ago

    Bloody funny you got balls

  • rogvortex58
    rogvortex58 2 days ago +1

    Well, you don’t see that every day.

  • Lilly
    Lilly 2 days ago

    Shay i love you for t hat😂👌

  • naati19
    naati19 2 days ago

    I can't believe omg

  • KashmirMix
    KashmirMix 2 days ago +1

    What people are doing for money

  • Dayane Carvalho
    Dayane Carvalho 2 days ago

    Hahahah u r crazy

  • HdCrisp
    HdCrisp 2 days ago

    Un-censored it once you hit 10 mil !

  • Lilith Immaculate
    Lilith Immaculate 2 days ago

    Not naked. Only half

  • Sunni Love
    Sunni Love 2 days ago

    Don't honk at her like that 😂 ❤️

  • deepweb
    deepweb 2 days ago

    you are very pretty.

  • Louisa Watson
    Louisa Watson 2 days ago

    "This is the best day of my life" 😂

  • Sheikh Tabrez Nayeem

    you show your boobs everybody but whats about your viewers

  • Harriet Arach
    Harriet Arach 2 days ago

    you're crazy omg 😂😂😭

  • kon banega hutiya
    kon banega hutiya 2 days ago

    Uhhh la la in L.A. 😉😉

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie 2 days ago

    Is this maia mitchells sister ? And also what am i doing here i'm 10

    • Sara Annie
      Sara Annie Day ago

      Entertain Me Now thanks i thought so because they have the same last name

    • Entertain Me Now
      Entertain Me Now Day ago

      Sara Annie lol. No

  • Vamshi Kumar
    Vamshi Kumar 2 days ago

    You're fckd up leave it you won't understand

  • Mohsin khan
    Mohsin khan 2 days ago

    i laughed when she said 2:13

  • Brian McCaster
    Brian McCaster 2 days ago

    @Shay Mitchell You are very beautiful and extraordinary. You have a lot of heart and soul in you. If you can reach 4 million subscribers I dare you to run outdoors fully naked wearing a wolf mask. 🙏🙏❤❤💋💋

  • Rainhart Zurita
    Rainhart Zurita 2 days ago

    Nice buns

  • Aakash Buttanda
    Aakash Buttanda 2 days ago

    come on woman have some shame, this is not funny .

  • Desi Emulator
    Desi Emulator 2 days ago

    She is wearing real Apple Animoji 😂😂😂😂😂

  • raja kumar
    raja kumar 2 days ago

    It's blur I can't see ur boobs...

  • MsAlison74
    MsAlison74 2 days ago

    omg I laughed so hard with Sammy. shay you are AMAZING. keep up the great work 😊