I Ran Naked Through The Streets of LA! | Shay Mitchell

  • Published on Feb 9, 2018
  • Well, here it is guys. Thanks for 3 million on TVclip! Many more adventures to come... I PROMISE. xoxo - Shay
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  • Shay Mitchell
    Shay Mitchell  3 months ago +6885

    I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE ACTUALLY POSTING THIS. Sammy is crazy for holding me to this. What do you guys think... what should I do when we hit 4 million? Thanks for watching, love you guys. xoxo - Shay

    • ExMuslims
      ExMuslims 20 days ago

      #Great respect for you ! subscribed. there is no limit to exploring self. and there is no limit to existence we have inside..

    • Paige davis
      Paige davis 22 days ago


    • • Roses Are Red •
      • Roses Are Red • Month ago

      Shay Mitchell 500th And last reply!!! Yessss!!!! Shay, I love you so much! I miss PLL so please tell me if Season 8 is coming out at all because it’s so hard not knowing. I really want to know who A#3 is

    • Amber Rangel
      Amber Rangel 2 months ago

      This is Hilarious! 😂 Just made a fan for life!

    • bruhduh sistah channel
      bruhduh sistah channel 2 months ago

      do a giant slime making!!

  • FamyBie
    FamyBie 3 days ago

    But wouldnt it hurt running without a bra??😂

  • Hunter Wright
    Hunter Wright 5 days ago

    Omg I literally love you so much so funny

  • AttentionPlayz MSP
    AttentionPlayz MSP 6 days ago


  • Avesta Kamari
    Avesta Kamari 7 days ago +1

    Ew why

  • Sairah González
    Sairah González 7 days ago

    This is actually humiliating

  • A Llama
    A Llama 7 days ago


  • A Llama
    A Llama 7 days ago


  • Hanna Kulesza
    Hanna Kulesza 7 days ago

    NO WAY.

  • Arctic Monkeys
    Arctic Monkeys 7 days ago +2

    Emily Gone Wild.

  • Rappingnoob Gaming
    Rappingnoob Gaming 8 days ago

    Your so beautiful iloveyou😍😘

  • Shayleen Ahman
    Shayleen Ahman 8 days ago

    Quick question... where did you get that pink water jug?? I need one! 😊
    Oh and you look AMAZING! 😍

  • Bts lover
    Bts lover 9 days ago


  • Noor Zeid
    Noor Zeid 9 days ago

    My boobs would fall off😂

  • Burns Night
    Burns Night 9 days ago

    I wish I was there to see that 😍

  • Joha Ayupov
    Joha Ayupov 10 days ago

    Help me help yourself

  • Nataliee Gutierrez
    Nataliee Gutierrez 11 days ago

    I always watch the movie

  • Nataliee Gutierrez
    Nataliee Gutierrez 11 days ago

    You are in pretty little lier's I love that movie

  • 가나다
    가나다 13 days ago

    Real woman.

  • Quennie Medrano
    Quennie Medrano 14 days ago


  • Mayrel Agunias
    Mayrel Agunias 14 days ago

    Shay ❤️❤️❤️ ,

  • Uma cry baby qualquer
    Uma cry baby qualquer 14 days ago


  • Camillah Vera
    Camillah Vera 16 days ago

    I see u naked all the time Damn I started dying what do they do in front of eachother

  • Bff Sweet
    Bff Sweet 16 days ago

    She has such a perfect body

  • Amelia Ali
    Amelia Ali 16 days ago

    All I'm thinking is shes got stamina.

  • That Closeted Bi Girl
    That Closeted Bi Girl 17 days ago

    Oh god 😂 I honestly thought this was click bait but it’s not 😂

  • Justa Person
    Justa Person 18 days ago


  • Sammy Hamawi
    Sammy Hamawi 19 days ago


  • Aurora Toffolo
    Aurora Toffolo 20 days ago


  • Florence _ 13
    Florence _ 13 21 day ago


  • Alice Davidson
    Alice Davidson 21 day ago

    I love Shay sm😍😂💓

  • Veronica Ivanova
    Veronica Ivanova 22 days ago

    Erm she was topless, not fully naked, so she didn't really commit to what she said...

  • Daphne S
    Daphne S 23 days ago

    what’s with blurry

  • Alison Lauren DiLaurentis

    I think hitting 10 Million would just mean that you do this all over again 😂😂😂

  • 33jazzygirl
    33jazzygirl 23 days ago

    omg so dead

  • eviex
    eviex 25 days ago

    typical aries

  • Lucy Pepper
    Lucy Pepper 25 days ago +1

    I doubt she was completely shirtless she was probs wearing a nude bra or something she could get arrested for public indecency

  • Emma Brogan
    Emma Brogan 26 days ago

    This is amazing, we love you shay!!!! X

  • Alix De Vignemont
    Alix De Vignemont 26 days ago

    You look like Emily in pretty little liars

  • Zaldy Aguirre Jr
    Zaldy Aguirre Jr 26 days ago

    Awesome, ganda mo talaga
    143 idol ✌😘

    ELLE EA 27 days ago

    Well she did what she said, true to her words! Not a clickbait unlike those desperate TVcliprs (no hate tho)

  • Cody Z.
    Cody Z. 27 days ago

    That takes balls. Mad respect for this amazing women! Love you Shay!

  • 2 crazy cousins Like us
    2 crazy cousins Like us 28 days ago +1

    Omg 😮

  • Brigi T
    Brigi T 28 days ago

    Lol 🙃❤️

  • Maria Pelzer
    Maria Pelzer Month ago


  • Rembow Chen
    Rembow Chen Month ago

    Slay Shay! Salute😁

  • Vivi Cal
    Vivi Cal Month ago

    Damm shay got big ass confidence. You go girl. Love the video cause it was really random lol

  • beth
    beth Month ago

    um wtf

  • angraj seebaruth
    angraj seebaruth Month ago

    I hope kids saw this

  • vanity glover
    vanity glover Month ago

    a.d is real they keep sending me text I'm in danger

    • Alison Lauren DiLaurentis
      Alison Lauren DiLaurentis 23 days ago

      vanity glover A is real and I actually got hit with a baseball bat 😭😭 And it’s all because I legally changed my name to Alison DiLaurentis🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Ranging Ruby101
    Ranging Ruby101 Month ago

    She looked like a sim😂😂

  • Jess Papz
    Jess Papz Month ago

    Love this but is this actual real? As in did she really run topless or did she have a body double to make the video?? Or was it good editing?? Either way loves it 😍😍😍😍

  • Smy Issy
    Smy Issy Month ago

    mad respect!

  • Inga 0
    Inga 0 Month ago

    I love her omg 😂😂

  • Valeria Zavala
    Valeria Zavala Month ago

    I love Shay


    LUIZ JACOP Month ago

    Welp...its not clickbait atleast

  • Dragona_SC
    Dragona_SC Month ago


  • Aljhun Barkiss
    Aljhun Barkiss Month ago

    Congratulations for hitting 3 million subs!

  • AzzaYCF
    AzzaYCF Month ago +2

    She has good running form.

  • AzzaYCF
    AzzaYCF Month ago

    She has good running form.

  • Megan Mcleod
    Megan Mcleod Month ago

    Love u

  • divya biji
    divya biji Month ago

    Please don't do anything like that when you hit 4 million. I mean we all do know that you love us and we love you too. Just smile and be happy or just say thanks and that will be more than enough to show your love towards us.
    With lots of love

  • Random Person
    Random Person Month ago

    #respect 🙏🏻😂👏🏼

  • Lonestar327
    Lonestar327 Month ago

    You know what? I'm gonna help you get to 4 million, because of that stunt, you just earned a new sub!

  • Dillon Ram
    Dillon Ram Month ago

    She should change he name to SLAY MITCHELL coz she ssssssllllllays

  • Paige Foster
    Paige Foster Month ago

    I love this! If anyone who videod were viewers I feel like those videos are going to get leaked 😂 well done on your commitment though shay😂❤️

  • Susan Bowden
    Susan Bowden Month ago +1


  • Jorge Davila
    Jorge Davila Month ago +1

    Anyways who else is here from pretty little liars

  • Jorge Davila
    Jorge Davila Month ago +2

    Lmao i pissed myself hahahahaha

  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith Month ago

    You should do more videos with Ian ❤❤ they are the best videos ever 💖

  • Burns Night
    Burns Night Month ago

    She’s so hot

  • RunFromHumanContacts

    Oh god if i had a body like that id do it too. Shes amazingly beautiful

  • Saung nge
    Saung nge Month ago

    That. body!!!!

  • Saung nge
    Saung nge Month ago

    Very beautiful body!!!

  • Saung nge
    Saung nge Month ago


  • Heidi Rose
    Heidi Rose Month ago


  • Brittany Evans
    Brittany Evans Month ago

    “Caught me off guard”
    “Didn’t intend to share this video with anybody”
    Yeah ok dal...

  • Farah Turki
    Farah Turki Month ago

    Million ways to show appreciation, this is not one of them

  • Evelyn Ruda
    Evelyn Ruda Month ago

    Hahaha what did you do to Shay haaa Sammy?! You two are really a good vibes...lots of love

  • Marlene Roux
    Marlene Roux Month ago

    Love it. Sammy laughing the whole time.... Lol so funny.....
    OR is she crying the whole time because she thinks Shay's mom is going to kill her. 🤔😂😂😂😂
    Awesome video
    Awesome sense of humor
    So much fun
    #LiveALittle #BeBold #EnjoyLife
    Well done. I will never have the guts

  • Cookie Puente
    Cookie Puente Month ago

    I loved the end
    Guess what happens when I hit 10

  • maya qcyv
    maya qcyv Month ago

    Fantastic 👏👏👏

  • TrooperGamer
    TrooperGamer Month ago +1

    Lol, thank god it’s blurred

  • Noelia Valadez
    Noelia Valadez Month ago +1

    Go in your butt😱

  • Callme Ishmael
    Callme Ishmael Month ago

    Sorry, topless is not naked. When I go shirtless I'm not naked. So where can we see all those photos and videos that people were taking?

  • Jean D
    Jean D Month ago


  • pizza man
    pizza man Month ago

    Yes she got naked but not completely naked is because she's still have her panties on

  • Super Sans Gaming Boy

    oh my god 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

  • ohheyimwonderwoman dianaprince

    Great video as always Shay

  • ohheyimwonderwoman dianaprince

    Congrats for hitting 3 million subs. Love you Shay xoxo

  • William Budiharto
    William Budiharto Month ago


  • Simone Shaw
    Simone Shaw Month ago

    love your videos shay. I also really miss pll

  • Simone Shaw
    Simone Shaw Month ago

    and that's what you call commitment

  • Hayla TV
    Hayla TV Month ago


  • Tania Sophie Vega
    Tania Sophie Vega Month ago

    I can‘t😂😂😂 she‘s hillarious

  • Clown Alan
    Clown Alan Month ago

    Had to google up the definition of "naked" because of this video. haha.
    Google Definition
    Naked - (of a person or "PART" of the body) without clothes.

  • sofii akd
    sofii akd Month ago

    shay please put subtitle in spanish cause i don't understand english a lot. love you♡♡♡
    Kiss from Argentina!

  • Krisztián Tóth
    Krisztián Tóth Month ago

    uncensored version?:D

  • fuzz fuzz
    fuzz fuzz Month ago

    Funny how this is her most viewed vid

  • Tia McCullough
    Tia McCullough Month ago