I Was a Homeless Kid in Mexico

  • Published on Feb 1, 2019
  • It all started from a car crash. One that took away a parent and a brother. After that she was left to fend for herself from the age of 7 onwards. She lost her childhood and had to fight to survive enduring things that even adults shouldn't be exposed to. She fought her whole life to survive - even when she was safe. And just when she was about to break down, she was saved by a mental hospital. There she learned how to deal with what she went through and how to live with her past. After so much work on herself she made it out to the other side scarred but okay. What's most beautiful is that she was able to help those who had a past like her. Sometimes all they needed was just to know that they were not alone. Just to know that there was someone else who went through what they are going through and made it out okay. And this is the magic of stories.
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  • ThatOneMemegod
    ThatOneMemegod 4 hours ago

    What did the foster dude do i didnt understand

  • keonas kreative korner
    keonas kreative korner 20 hours ago

    7:40 when girls try to open a jar the 50th time!

  • Josh and Macsen -Football
    Josh and Macsen -Football 23 hours ago +1

    This is how many times she said “I’m definitely safer on the streets”

  • Kawaii Rainbow
    Kawaii Rainbow Day ago

    so annoyed that she repeated “ i can’t do it anymore “ SO MANY TIMES

  • Parker gaming v V

    why vietnam

  • Ambree Kakuni
    Ambree Kakuni 2 days ago +1

    My grandpa was in the Vietnam war. 1 like= a pray to the people in the army

  • Riley Bruce
    Riley Bruce 3 days ago


  • Sophia
    Sophia 3 days ago

    Take a shot everytime she says "I'm definitely safer on the streets"

  • Renáta Kóti
    Renáta Kóti 3 days ago

    why is the title german?

  • phillip borders
    phillip borders 7 days ago

    You... definitely are safer in a streets.

  • Jocelin Rios (976JocRios)

    I wAs sAfEr oN tHe sTrEeTs

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 8 days ago

    The girl's aunt needs to have her back scraped against a cheese grater and have a gallon of hand sanitizer poured on the wounds. And those guys who taken the two girls to the orphanage should all have buckets of molasses and acorns poured right on them. Then her first foster mom gets boiling gravy poured into her face and get viciously attacked by raccoons. And her foster dad on the other hand, should be horribly stomped on the crotch by an elephant, disemboweled by a giant anteater, and be forced to drink gasoline and be shoved into a furnace where he'll explode. Last but not least, the lady at the orphanage should have rusty barbed wire wrapped around her neck and have her legs cut open with a machete. Then she'll have her feet put in a blender and tossed into the ocean to have her flesh eaten by hammerhead sharks while she's still alive.

  • Hong Kong country ball

    At the Mexico video:I wAS hOmELeSS siNCE I was bORN iN MeXICO

  • Henrica Cox
    Henrica Cox 9 days ago

    So sad.💔

  • Anlydaly
    Anlydaly 10 days ago

    Foster families can be amazing but they can also suck and based on some of the Foster families that she got put with it's clear that they do not do enough background checks or proper work to make sure that these people are suitable to take care of kids

  • • waffledog •
    • waffledog • 11 days ago

    hi, I know I’m SUPER late but please stop using this stuff for likes. That’s all :3

  • Pikachu Cute404
    Pikachu Cute404 12 days ago

    did he take off his pants or hit you with a belt because those are very diffrent things.

  • Achieng Gurec
    Achieng Gurec 12 days ago


  • Krystal
    Krystal 12 days ago

    This is how many times she said "I cant do it anymore" or "am i safer on the streets?"


  • Loki, King Of Jotenheim

    This story is both heartbreaking and beautiful. I hope she and her (adopted daughter? foster? patient?) is happy now.

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M 14 days ago

    2:29 but if Ya REaLly lOve us

  • dusty Sans
    dusty Sans 15 days ago

    Look at the blue stripe one that looks like her dad 4:25

  • DTC
    DTC 15 days ago

    All I hear from her is" I was safer on the streets" & "I cAnT dO iT aNyMoRe

  • Burritotaco R
    Burritotaco R 15 days ago


  • Emily Shores
    Emily Shores 15 days ago

    Girl you are not alone you are rocking it I am. Dealing with almost the same issues

  • Mason Contreras
    Mason Contreras 15 days ago

    That's fake because she has money

  • Hope Studios
    Hope Studios 15 days ago

    Gurl. Your mom was from France?! I was from Germany. I had to move to America. Because there were to many crazy peeps! >__< I wish I was still in my Home Country. :D)

  • someone
    someone 16 days ago

    this is how many times she said “I was safer on the streets”
    Oof I just realised that a lot of people are commenting this oops 😬

  • Dragon tale
    Dragon tale 16 days ago

    Well you had a friend helping you I couldn't imagine how I would live on the streets friend or no friend I would probably go crazy

  • laila vuong
    laila vuong 16 days ago

    ok we get it ur safer on the streets

  • Jeramiah Rivera Flores
    Jeramiah Rivera Flores 17 days ago +1

    On the thumbnail I thought that was 6ix9ine

  • Sandra Luna
    Sandra Luna 17 days ago

    I cut my self and I feel beter😢😢 I gusta fill trash

  • Yvonne Wynn
    Yvonne Wynn 18 days ago

    I can relate lost my mother different situations but my only family/family members

  • Cody Shi
    Cody Shi 18 days ago +1

    I felt sorry for her and her tragic story, but then I’m confused at the same time? What happen to her sister? What happen to her father?

  • Ursomrano 61
    Ursomrano 61 19 days ago

    This is all probably in Spanish or French

  • HamokaIsPuff
    HamokaIsPuff 19 days ago

    This is how many times she said "I was safer on the street"

  • sorryforpory ___
    sorryforpory ___ 19 days ago

    My sweet girl! You are a true hero! what you've been through made you a strong smart and kind human being!

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 19 days ago


    DENA BRITTON 20 days ago

    not a lot of people are home less in mexico.

  • Acreage Funeral
    Acreage Funeral 22 days ago +1

    Why does it seem that all Latinos are alcoholics and child pertitors it doesn't seem right surely their are some very good people out their that can set good examples

  • Charlotte Fraietta
    Charlotte Fraietta 22 days ago

    “How could I do this to them?”
    Do what? I’m confused 😥😓

  • TheGhostly Donut
    TheGhostly Donut 22 days ago +1

    1:25 am I the only concerned about the length of that bed

    • MEOW MIX
      MEOW MIX 19 days ago +1

      That’s a long bed

  • Ayana Monet
    Ayana Monet 23 days ago

    If your a street kid how do you even know what TVclip is

  • Victor Tovar
    Victor Tovar 23 days ago

    This is victor he is sad one 👍 and he is happy

  • Victor Tovar
    Victor Tovar 23 days ago


  • Big Smile
    Big Smile 24 days ago

    me sleeping :

    The narrator: I wAs bEtTer oN ThE srEEtS

  • Nicole Stewart
    Nicole Stewart 24 days ago

    Great hero's come from these, I wish people could understand! Let these wisdoms blossom people who listen top them will learn so much, mine talks about mine not others my life if help I would had been save a while ago! Maybe even never been weak and hurt so much!

  • Norah
    Norah 25 days ago +1

    I think she was safer on the streets.

  • Gaming with Pizza
    Gaming with Pizza 25 days ago +1

    Titles 1. I had 3 foster homes and ive seen things
    2. I was a homeless kid in mexico

  • Droopypacman
    Droopypacman 25 days ago +1

    At 2:30 am every night wat

  • christen Bas
    christen Bas 25 days ago

    Are these stories real?

  • Pakeepci
    Pakeepci 25 days ago +1

    I wonder what happened to Carla

  • MLW Gacha
    MLW Gacha 25 days ago

    He kissed you all over?

  • Jaime ceja
    Jaime ceja 25 days ago

    It made me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • David Tichborne
    David Tichborne 25 days ago

    wow ten seconds in and already were hearing rude comments about the elderly and us fat people wow

  • R4G3 RONN13
    R4G3 RONN13 26 days ago

    Rich to poor to rich

  • The Noobs Dudes :D
    The Noobs Dudes :D 26 days ago

    You didn't need to go to vetanam.


  • The Noobs Dudes :D
    The Noobs Dudes :D 26 days ago

    Your safer on the streets in Mexico.

    In America your safer just staying in ya house all day.

  • Mal Kras
    Mal Kras 27 days ago

    Well thats bad