Sylas the Unshackled New Champion Teaser Preview - Visions of Demacia - League of Legends

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • New Champion Teaser Preview Visions of Demacia - League of Legends
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  • Matheus Bertosa
    Matheus Bertosa 3 months ago

    Serious? He's gonna steal our ult?

  • Andreea Park Jeon
    Andreea Park Jeon 3 months ago

    is Lux's mother or daddy new champ he or she ?

  • The Minus Kai
    The Minus Kai 3 months ago +1

    Demacia is going down slowly and noxus is quickly gaining power over time so its just about time noxus is able to conquer demacia and all other nations.... Demacia must change its ways for good and i think thats what this champion is about

  • acei 09
    acei 09 3 months ago

    Jarvan III: the benched king

  • Foodius
    Foodius 3 months ago

    Probably a master thief that was jailed/chained in Demacia and goes for revenge now, stealing his enemis ultis

  • Caio Pereira
    Caio Pereira 3 months ago

    100% demacian

  • Henry Nguyen
    Henry Nguyen 3 months ago


  • Mało Ważny
    Mało Ważny 3 months ago

    The ruined king?

  • Kaan Gügercin
    Kaan Gügercin 3 months ago

    I wonder how kayle and morgana looks like... im not ready to get a new champ before morg and kayle rework !!!!!!

  • Corleonis Corneas
    Corleonis Corneas 3 months ago

    This is Gilgamesh

  • Hey Unikitty
    Hey Unikitty 3 months ago

    its a girl right? another disney character?

  • HeXaDecimal
    HeXaDecimal 3 months ago

    00:30 is that Garen??
    I hope we get some interactions with garen

  • Waffle Time
    Waffle Time 3 months ago

    i guess it will surely have a special interaction to galio,lux,garen and jarvan

  • Zaguar
    Zaguar 3 months ago

    New Zed's history XDDDD?

  • Cinloksa Nobelnioss
    Cinloksa Nobelnioss 3 months ago

    This is most likely Kayle's rework. Considering the facts her old story was directly tied to the Institute of War, and she has the fewest lines of any champion in the game, a complete change of her character--even into the villain in the conflict against her sister-- isn't beyond reason.
    Having some set of magical beings who either secretly control or are being held off from Demacia could work as an actual explanation for their strong hatred of magic.

  • Arthur
    Arthur 3 months ago

    As a Lux main, I'm offended

  • EvilGrinNol
    EvilGrinNol 3 months ago

    There is a short story that was realized at the same time of these images called Demacian Heart that hints at the new champion being a mage named Sylas. I suggest everyone who doesn't want spoilers to go ahead and read it because I am going to spoil it here and now!

    Basically, the story goes is that Sylas is a mage who, at a young age, was drafted and trained by a duo of Demacian Mageseekers, warriors who actively track down and arrest or kill mages, because of the fact that Sylas's power lets him see magic as bright and colorful while everything else is muted and grey. So after a botched attempt to capture a mage leading to one of the mageseekers to be gravely injured and forced to find shelter with a farmer. The farmer's daughter, however, turns out to be a powerful mage and while Sylas tried to prevent her from being found out by the surviving more aggressive mageseeker only to have her be found out. As the last mageseeker tried to kill the girl, her fear caused her to start creating lightning which drove Sylas to try and get between the two. The story ends with Sylas being struck by the girl's power which reacted with his own mage abilities causing him to absorbed and redirect it as a blast that killed the girl, the farmer and the mageseeker leaving him to effectively turning rogue and trying to flee the country.
    So that makes me think that Sylas is the new champion coming to the league and these images prove it since all of the images show Demacian champions having their ultimate either being absorbed or forcibly redirected much like how in the last part of the story Sylas absorbed and redirected the girl's magic into a blast that killed everyone around him. Even the style of color supports this since in the story Sylas's vision made magical power and magical users glow and be colorful while all the images are mostly dull blacks and whites with the only color being from the gold chains that bound each champion in each image and the bright but dull hints of colors by the ultimates. For example, Lux's laser has faint rainbow tones in it, Jarvin's Spear and the area around has dull red, Galio as he falls to the city has some yellow (his wings which are made from a metal that has magic nullifying properties which is why they are pitch black), Garen's has some orange in it, while in the last image the smoke and the fires in the ruined area have some traces of red and brown.
    I could be totally wrong but it is still a cool idea in my opinion. What do you guys think?

  • aditya Budi
    aditya Budi 3 months ago

    ITS kayle rework teaser and Morgana

  • blablabla x
    blablabla x 3 months ago

    his R blocks ults/steals ult/forces your own ult on allies.

  • Flamehero666
    Flamehero666 3 months ago

    Lux garen and jarven are champs from demacia so he must be too i think its the vather of jarven

  • Vincenzo Muliello
    Vincenzo Muliello 3 months ago

    Morgana and Kayle

  • Jacky Zhang
    Jacky Zhang 3 months ago

    riot realized neeko was pretty stupid so they released a champion that casts her ult for her

  • Thirsty Devil
    Thirsty Devil 3 months ago

    Shouldn't it be the Kayle and Morgana rework that was announced looks pretty much like it

  • SOHighSOSavage
    SOHighSOSavage 3 months ago

    Please ban Yasuoooo !!!!

  • Multi - Gamer
    Multi - Gamer 3 months ago

    I think she was chained in demacian because of she use magic and she take the chains with her. Use magic on it.
    Then ult stealer.

  • i dont care cause i love to

    Take my blue Escense riot

  • Lux Crownguard
    Lux Crownguard 3 months ago +1

    Oh you fuck up with lux mains, we’ll one shot you so bad

  • Dante Hellsing
    Dante Hellsing 3 months ago +1

    Alisa the Chain Whipper of Demacia

  • Chris Otivres
    Chris Otivres 3 months ago

    Spellthief like magus in dota whoaaa my wildest dream came true😎😎😎

  • Dopamint
    Dopamint 3 months ago

    Morgana rework.

  • Andrei Dumitras
    Andrei Dumitras 3 months ago

    I think its mordekaiser 2.0 now when he steal your soul insted of only basic attack now he can use ultimate

  • Yassine Jdidi
    Yassine Jdidi 3 months ago

    Dude this champ is from dimacia or destroyedit

  • Vindicty
    Vindicty 3 months ago

    Jarvan V

  • Xayah
    Xayah 3 months ago

    But can he steal ulta from nid jayce and karma?

  • Тимур Егоров

    It's Kayle and Morgana?

  • Midnight Morning
    Midnight Morning 3 months ago

    But why lux tho

  • Betamasbf
    Betamasbf 3 months ago

    Another champ with root PepeHands

  • Eldrick Neil Guevara Reyes

    in my theory, he is a traitor and a boy, and he copies the ults of his ally instead of enemy just like neeko where you see your allies button and press them.

  • Eldrick Neil Guevara Reyes

    noxians can't invade and destroy the demacian but this one guy/gal destroyed it. logic?

  • James Estrada
    James Estrada 3 months ago

    I think this chapion can copy a skills or ults.

  • •Z e n k u•
    •Z e n k u• 3 months ago +3

    Is that Kratos?

  • Sebastian León
    Sebastian León 3 months ago


  • Sebastian León
    Sebastian León 3 months ago


  • Glenn Rhee
    Glenn Rhee 3 months ago

    Where is Xin Zhao?

  • FrozenYogurtDANIMATION
    FrozenYogurtDANIMATION 3 months ago

    Rip, Zoe steals Spells, this guy steals Ult. Maybe his Ult can be use 2 times
    First R- Copy by clicking on enemy champion ( like how Neeko copies people )
    Second R- Use that Champion's Ult

  • WannaBe Faker
    WannaBe Faker 3 months ago

    I actually think he has a skillshot which lets you basicly control an enemy champ for a duration

  • Trash Content
    Trash Content 3 months ago

    nerf irelia

  • Set- Tes
    Set- Tes 3 months ago +1

    Looks like the champion makes them use their ult against their own people. Maybe he submit the ennemy with the chains and then controls them

  • Forsaken
    Forsaken 3 months ago

    Lmao lol is dead trash game

  • MrOakleY 66
    MrOakleY 66 3 months ago


  • Eren Jaeger
    Eren Jaeger 3 months ago

    0:35 who is him ... or her

  • JV Louis
    JV Louis 3 months ago

    Is it true their adding Yasuos brother to the game?

  • Darina Biel
    Darina Biel 3 months ago

    Old king of demacia corupted by darknes a using chains to stop good demacians champions protekting trend ?(sr for mistakes)

  • Dragus Timmy
    Dragus Timmy 3 months ago

    This champion definitely steals someones ultimate when he chains that person.First Lux than J4 ,Galio,Garen.

  • Vinicius De Almeida
    Vinicius De Almeida 3 months ago

    Whoever is wrapped in the chain gets their ultimate used against them probably. The Lux part gave me chills 😮 (I'm a Lux main)

  • Laszlo Official
    Laszlo Official 3 months ago

    This champion wants to destroy demacia but why?

  • Harvin Balderama
    Harvin Balderama 3 months ago

    Is this the new champ who seems to have a grab and throw on his kit?

  • Paso a paso lectores
    Paso a paso lectores 3 months ago

    this champs is an idea commented from a boy months ago in a post in the official lol ig account, now his dream become true

  • Bian Chang
    Bian Chang 3 months ago

    Wow. This is gonna be a disgusting fking champion...

  • NaFFie Tamano
    NaFFie Tamano 3 months ago

    Am i the only one thinking that this champs ult is to make enemies use their ult to their team? Or a copy ult? Thats literally like garens ulti and seems like he doesn't like that to happen.

  • Donger
    Donger 3 months ago

    So possibly an evil character, from demacian's point of view ofc.

  • Darwin Go
    Darwin Go 3 months ago

    Cool, kratos is in the game

  • Faker Xin
    Faker Xin 3 months ago

    Is that Lucian's wife?

  • Šeldon tak ako ho ešte nepoznate

    Its looks like Prince of Persia

  • KillectriX
    KillectriX 3 months ago


  • Benjamin Sulejmanov
    Benjamin Sulejmanov 3 months ago

    i hope its a male tank

  • doomdeathxx
    doomdeathxx 3 months ago

    demacia will never fall, lux elementalist will come to the light to save it....

    • doomdeathxx
      doomdeathxx 3 months ago

      i mean that lux elementalist was made from a future lux, one that will become one of the most powerfull wizards in all runaterra..

  • ID IZ ME
    ID IZ ME 3 months ago +2

    I'm actualy super hyped. This is so cool

  • Szadek29
    Szadek29 3 months ago

    Pretty sure the new champ is a girl, look at the first picture : the character is in high heels (and yes, I'm assuming their gender)

  • Jaden Thane
    Jaden Thane 3 months ago

    Myb a supp that arguments ults

  • Biteuu
    Biteuu 3 months ago

    Ryze rework

  • Kasper De Ridder
    Kasper De Ridder 3 months ago

    its lux
    J4 (with the spear)
    Must be some type of controling/disabling ability

    SENPAI JAYVEE 3 months ago


  • BaKu
    BaKu 3 months ago +6

    This Thing can Copy Ults?!? NEEKO 2.0 damm

  • Eiji Shinjo
    Eiji Shinjo 3 months ago

    I bet will be another Female Champion using Chains instead of Whip 😏👌

  • jhon mars
    jhon mars 3 months ago

    That looks great

  • Evelyn C.
    Evelyn C. 3 months ago

    Silas as name confirmed??

    OMEGA 3 months ago

    Demacia has a warding champ now?

  • ToadzGamin'
    ToadzGamin' 3 months ago

    Still didn't lay a finger on Neeko... :)

  • robert greenhalgh
    robert greenhalgh 3 months ago

    Dad of war coming to league?

  • Mert A
    Mert A 3 months ago

    This is not a new champ but ok

  • Mr. Blue
    Mr. Blue 3 months ago

    New Lux skin?

  • Emeneld Ray Rolando
    Emeneld Ray Rolando 3 months ago

    Does this champion can use the Ults of other champs?

  • Dennis B
    Dennis B 3 months ago

    ryze rework?

  • Deregon
    Deregon 3 months ago

    What if its champion what with chains can control other champs for a sec? Like atacking alies

  • TNK Vixen
    TNK Vixen 3 months ago

    I wonder if the chained champion is an entity since demacia is magic proof because of petracite, look at that demacia is completely ruined.

  • ZP KemSki & FGO LiLy
    ZP KemSki & FGO LiLy 3 months ago

    We have Zoe, now this?!

  • Gabrielle Sumergido
    Gabrielle Sumergido 3 months ago

    I have a feeling that this was an
    "Imprisoned Demacian Mage"
    Because Demacia feared magic they imprisoned him/her and wanted revenge and those chains were his/her weapon/power that can use enemies' ultimates.
    If not related to the game, the vision shows a new perspective from the champion
    e.g. Lux sees her ult destroying a turret but was chained like that.
    Sorry for my bad english

  • Sebastian Podariu
    Sebastian Podariu 3 months ago

    A new darkin champion?

  • Diagonal BrambLe
    Diagonal BrambLe 3 months ago

    Kratos ?

  • dilano. A
    dilano. A 3 months ago

    That woul be cool

  • Henlo
    Henlo 3 months ago

    Maybe a champ that can burn enemy ults easier

  • Kont Vladimir
    Kont Vladimir 3 months ago

    00:13 thanos ?

  • guumi webtoon
    guumi webtoon 3 months ago

    It’s Rubick he got retired from dota now his joining league of legends

  • Not me
    Not me 3 months ago

    They are making the teaser like Jhin....

  • Lonely Sapling
    Lonely Sapling 3 months ago

    I sense a LOT of cc from this one

  • Fabioo Gregorio De
    Fabioo Gregorio De 3 months ago

    Maybe riot should focus on reworking stuff... Like rammus... Mordekaiser.... Malphite...

  • agnostic
    agnostic 3 months ago


  • Lex Guardacasa
    Lex Guardacasa 3 months ago

    I think it is the champion that destroys demacia, but not from noxus.

  • Louish Nadeau
    Louish Nadeau 3 months ago

    Pretty sure thats a teaser for kayle rework...