I Wore The Ugliest Jacket In The World For A Week


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  11 months ago +13417

    To clarify: I never said I was definitely returning it (or the company took it back), I said "we'll see if they let me!" as a joke, knowing I've done a lot of stuff in it and also made a video documenting me doing those things, implying that they would definitely not let me return it. Sorry if that didn't come across or if anyone got confused! xox

  • Addyson W
    Addyson W 8 hours ago

    I’m actually liking all of the “ugly things” she has worn besides the swim suit. When she makes them work too. Love this channel!!

  • pumkin54
    pumkin54 21 hour ago

    Rofl you outside of the car dealerships cracked me up. You're a lunatic...in a fantastic way

  • Jessica Zimmer
    Jessica Zimmer Day ago

    "I took the jacket to see a friend." [dies]

  • The House Of Slayy By Lola

    It looks like a kid throwing a tantrum with those sleeves 😭

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace 2 days ago

    i want this for christmas lmao

    CAM CAM 3 days ago


  • Charity Zwarich
    Charity Zwarich 3 days ago

    You know I learn a surprising amount of facts and weird info through this Chanel ☺

  • Mary Runkle
    Mary Runkle 4 days ago

    I’m so glad you kept it!

  • A the Alpaca
    A the Alpaca 5 days ago

    Tbh the jacket is kinda adorable on you. You pull it off very well!

  • Renn TheDog
    Renn TheDog 7 days ago

    i want that jacket

  • Jennifer Diaz
    Jennifer Diaz 9 days ago

    Can you please try these crazy heels!

  • Linda From HR
    Linda From HR 11 days ago +1

    She is serving that long armed guy from escape the night s3

  • stacey Oclair
    stacey Oclair 12 days ago

    So instead of trying to read 500 comments the question i have is did they take the jacket back? ALso, how many of the clothes you purchase do you send back? I have asked many questions to you over many different topics and I have never received a response can you try to answer one? lol

  • Tip Aly
    Tip Aly 12 days ago

    “I took the jacket to see a friend.”
    Begins to flail about along with said friend.

  • Melanie Valkrum
    Melanie Valkrum 13 days ago +2

    I... I need it. I don’t know why, I just... need it?!?

  • Seashell Emerald
    Seashell Emerald 13 days ago

    5:25 I literally died from laughing

  • Seashell Emerald
    Seashell Emerald 13 days ago

    You should wear the long extendo jeans and this jacket together

  • Sarcastic Werecat
    Sarcastic Werecat 18 days ago

    A family where everyone is an ugly duckling.

  • Reira Popescu
    Reira Popescu 18 days ago

    You're wearing it wrong. You're supposed to cross your arms and tie the sleeves on your back... -.-

  • Joshey vlogs
    Joshey vlogs 21 day ago

    I just want to see videos of Saf dancing in this jacket.

  • Amelia
    Amelia 21 day ago

    Imagine someone 5"1 wearing this jacket, dragging it on the ground😂😂 I'm imagining myself wearing it and it's fucking funny

  • Marie Catleen Cisse
    Marie Catleen Cisse 23 days ago

    I can pick stuff up.... and I don't like it

  • Crystal kitty5
    Crystal kitty5 24 days ago

    *buys a 700 dollar jacket* oh my boyfriends jacket yah so big on me

  • Crystal kitty5
    Crystal kitty5 24 days ago

    " in general though if you don't have to do anything normal like eat or be perceived as a normal human being this jackets pretty fun and amusing" dying 😂🤣

  • Greñuda and Brenda
    Greñuda and Brenda 24 days ago

    Can i have it

  • Jessie o
    Jessie o 24 days ago +3

    The.....the Why-Project

  • Brittany Byars
    Brittany Byars 24 days ago

    Holy fuck you're funny 😂😂😂

  • shruti shah
    shruti shah 26 days ago

    turnt up in da club.

  • kitty_candy_fluff 7
    kitty_candy_fluff 7 26 days ago +4

    5:27 I died 😂😂 I love her so much!

  • Those Two Fangirls
    Those Two Fangirls 27 days ago

    The Slender movie looks really good

  • emma cain
    emma cain 28 days ago

    this is a dumb question but what is a rave?

  • Half Breed 35668
    Half Breed 35668 28 days ago

    You should become denim slender man by wearing the 8 foot jeans and the 4 foot jacket at the same time

  • avatara82
    avatara82 28 days ago

    Would be nice to see you making a video without buying stuff with hundreds of dollars

  • Angie B
    Angie B 28 days ago

    I've never been percieved as normal safiya

  • mic wan
    mic wan 29 days ago

    it became 400 dollars

  • Art guy
    Art guy Month ago

    3:10 they have to make A meme of it like , “Boy”. Or , look at all the f I give . XD I love it tho

  • Shining Starz
    Shining Starz Month ago

    I laughed so hard with the dancing near the of the video, and how you were so sad about folding the arms up. I enjoyed this!

  • MetalFox
    MetalFox Month ago

    The jacket reminds me of Back to the Future, when he has the jacket that has ridiculously long arms and adjust to his arm length.

  • Mikayla Marinelli
    Mikayla Marinelli Month ago

    I would wear this jacket. Every. Fructosing (I am aware that that is not word). Day. Proudly.

  • Keely Wall
    Keely Wall Month ago

    That would be the perfect prank present

  • Chicken Nugget Girl

    This is my favorite one from the series so far

  • Maliha Sarah
    Maliha Sarah Month ago

    Dumb ways to die so many dumb ways to die😂

  • Pascal Vine
    Pascal Vine Month ago

    Safiya, you are the only TVclipr who can make me laugh out loud, watching you flail in praise of the fashion gods made me wheeze.

  • Ramsey Arrington
    Ramsey Arrington Month ago

    🍴 eating must be really high finger foods for $800 at Kohl's in it for like fingers to fit through just so you can eat

  • brent austin
    brent austin Month ago

    Hi. Kristan

  • Isidora G.
    Isidora G. Month ago

    Oh What Character Are you?? IM SLEDERWOMEN Hehehehe

  • Isidora G.
    Isidora G. Month ago +1

    Hmmm, I wonder If Sleder wore It... Lol, He Probs Was Going To A Teen Party to Kill Everybody..

  • Jaytyn Dirks
    Jaytyn Dirks Month ago

    I don't hate it. Why don't I hate it. Please help me.

  • Taco Bella
    Taco Bella Month ago

    its slender man in heels x3

  • Taco Bella
    Taco Bella Month ago

    it's like at the end of advertisements: but wait, THERES MORE!

  • Caterina Catalano
    Caterina Catalano Month ago

    I am dying🤣🤣🤣

  • Dril
    Dril Month ago

    The best part of her videos is how batshit crazy she acts in public. I love it and I love you.

  • Shelby Dreams
    Shelby Dreams Month ago

    I want though

  • Cassy Sida
    Cassy Sida Month ago

    "oh what character are you?...Ursula's eels? Oh same" xDDDD

  • Christianna Rawls
    Christianna Rawls Month ago

    "I'm Edward Denim Hands" HAS ME DEAD 💀💀😂😂😂

  • dailydose ofmel
    dailydose ofmel Month ago

    "I took the jacket to see a friend" love that

  • Jasper Newton
    Jasper Newton Month ago

    At 9:57 safiya’s ass hanging out

  • ωιиѕσи lιи
    ωιиѕσи lιи Month ago

    ṡʟєṅԀєя ṃѧṅ ıṡ ṡһȏȏҡ

  • Primal Prism
    Primal Prism Month ago

    She looked like Benjamin! (a.k.a The zombie in escape the night

  • Tess Palmer
    Tess Palmer Month ago

    This is now 50% for 350$

  • Liv Castro
    Liv Castro Month ago

    My family and I call the red thing gary

  • *Aries the zodiac* *

    i want this jacket xD i loved jackets

  • Unicorngirl555
    Unicorngirl555 Month ago

    i would buy the jacket

  • Lucifer Draws
    Lucifer Draws Month ago


  • Lyndia Nguyen
    Lyndia Nguyen Month ago

    where did you get those front slit white heels!! :(

  • M.nalatgn Fnaf
    M.nalatgn Fnaf Month ago

    I wanna wear this every day at school

  • Greywolf
    Greywolf Month ago

    Holy fuck. Those double jeans...I can imagine the sweat pooling at the "double" waistband in the middle of summer. Looks like a friggin fluted floral vase. As for the jacket, you could unfurl those epic sleeves in public right after you spot one of those assholes that bullied you in high school and literally whip the shit out of them, furl them back up and walk the other way. "You've been sleeveslapped...motherfucker"

  • Summer Rayne
    Summer Rayne Month ago

    my favorite part of these videos is how much you genuinely enjoy yourself in the midst of the ridiculousness 😂❤️

  • Dakota Osmond
    Dakota Osmond Month ago

    I actually love this stupid jacket. It looks so much fun. Perfect for whacking smack talkers 😂 unfortunate for the price though.

  • Finni
    Finni Month ago

    I actualy really love this jacket and the fact that it's 700$ makes me sad

  • GOT7_EXO_BTS 12
    GOT7_EXO_BTS 12 Month ago

    But I actually like that jacket......

  • Purplegirl
    Purplegirl Month ago

    Wait, you didn't need to use your hands, did you?

  • Jaswant Kaur
    Jaswant Kaur Month ago

    5:27 to 5:33 best moments 😂😂😂 Literally ROFL 😂😂😂
    Edit: And also 11:42 to 12:02 yaa 😂

  • Lenna Natrall
    Lenna Natrall Month ago

    Christine is so normal in this video😂🤦‍♀️💕

  • Selene
    Selene Month ago

    Cristiiine! BEYNNNN

  • Connor IsBlue
    Connor IsBlue Month ago

    You are literally the funniest person alive

  • Isabelle Gryffindor

    3:40 anna wintour went to my school lmaoo

  • poet moet
    poet moet Month ago

    slenderman aesthetic

  • Rhea Borgoyary
    Rhea Borgoyary Month ago +1

    Am i the only one who thinks she look like slender man

  • Mina’s English Kills Me Everytime

    5:38 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Monika Salvato
    Monika Salvato Month ago

    Clear pants...

  • Paula Smith
    Paula Smith Month ago

    I think my legs can fit in the levees

  • Lauren Unicorn
    Lauren Unicorn Month ago

    We have found a jacket for slender man

  • Mila Atanasova
    Mila Atanasova Month ago

    When you were coping your friend I was going to die from laughing

  • Lightning Flash
    Lightning Flash Month ago

    SHE IS THE NEW ADVITAR WHEN SHE DANCES! (I can’t spell shit..)

  • Bianca Torres
    Bianca Torres Month ago


  • Dr. strange
    Dr. strange Month ago


  • Abby Burke
    Abby Burke Month ago

    Anyone else waiting for the vid of her wearing the long long long jeans from her ig

  • jxst Hammy da hamsta

    5:29 OMFG LMAO 😂

  • stripes and puppeteer

    Slenderman denim jacket lol

  • Ella Trash
    Ella Trash Month ago

    I still really want one so I can snack my friends and yell “flippity flop it’s time to stop” but I would be like some transformed mega version of an anime sweater smacking person

  • sophthezim 17
    sophthezim 17 Month ago

    "There's something liberating about looking like an idiot." Same

  • Lemon Zest
    Lemon Zest Month ago +3



  • Izzie Trodd-jones
    Izzie Trodd-jones Month ago

    CARRY OFF FROM PREVIOUS COMMENT:I'm still afraid of escalators to this day

  • Izzie Trodd-jones
    Izzie Trodd-jones Month ago

    I nearly DIED on an escalator

  • descalante64
    descalante64 Month ago

    3:16 Escape The Night Ep.4
    10:20 Escape The Night Ep.1/2

  • Katie ALDC!!!
    Katie ALDC!!! Month ago +1

    5:26 I can’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Charlotte Brackenbury

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  • Tabby Anne
    Tabby Anne Month ago

    the resembulance between Safiya and the red tube is uncanny.