0.38 Second Rubik's Cube Solve


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  • Магомед Магамед

    Pif paf ha ha ha loool

  • weruoaszxcvnm
    weruoaszxcvnm 17 hours ago

    scramble :
    x z2 L' B2 D2 F2 B' L2 F' R2 D2 B R2 D2 B' L F' U D' R2 F L' D
    solution :
    D' L F' R2 U' D F L' B D2 R2 B' D2 R2 F L2 B F2 D2 B2 L

  • WatOutlaw41 Gaming
    WatOutlaw41 Gaming 21 hour ago

    I take 38 Hours to solve a 3×3 Cube while this robot took 0.38 seconds to solve it.

  • Todd Margaret
    Todd Margaret 22 hours ago

    So is it actually solving it or just carrying out pre programmed movements that will only solve it if everything is in a certain place?

  • kanchan malhotra

    it is only solve 3×3

  • Aaron Wright
    Aaron Wright Day ago

    This is why ai will kill is all.

  • superMCcrafter25

    This sounds like a burst assault rifle in Fortnite

  • MC cashMax
    MC cashMax Day ago

    I've had a unsolved rubix cube in my room for ages, plz solve

  • Ігровий канал RomaBro

    *0:02** Take speed 2x*

  • smallchiledog 1
    smallchiledog 1 2 days ago


  • ProjectiluvOP
    ProjectiluvOP 2 days ago


  • Fire Boy
    Fire Boy 3 days ago +1

    2x speed😁

  • Ron winner
    Ron winner 3 days ago

    Which algorithm ?

  • Yad_YtPlayz z
    Yad_YtPlayz z 3 days ago

    2x speed

  • Alan4658
    Alan4658 3 days ago

    still crazy

  • Levi Lavoie
    Levi Lavoie 3 days ago

    when you say to your friend to listen to you solving a rubik's cube in 0.38 seconds he/she dosent believe you

  • Player Gamer903
    Player Gamer903 3 days ago

    Watch it in 2x speed. Its better 😏

  • Mano Otaku
    Mano Otaku 3 days ago

    Até isso é melhor que eu(Caraí eu sou um merda mermão)

  • ItzWeezyAgain Yeh
    ItzWeezyAgain Yeh 3 days ago

    Put the speed at x2 😂

  • Md Sakeeb Qayam
    Md Sakeeb Qayam 3 days ago

    Solved by The Flash

  • 王元
    王元 4 days ago

    Kill Humans!

  • CuteGrapes Gaming
    CuteGrapes Gaming 4 days ago


  • Power Armor Boi
    Power Armor Boi 4 days ago

    Testing in 3......2......1

  • MEY / Younus Emre
    MEY / Younus Emre 4 days ago

    0:05 Make speed 0,25x yourself and see the moves

  • Pépito🍇
    Pépito🍇 4 days ago

    Nice. solve my life now.

  • Thomas Minten
    Thomas Minten 4 days ago

    that moment when you use 0.25x speed on 0.25x speed

    ANKIT PATHAK 4 days ago

    I am watching it at 0.25% the normal....still it's fast.

  • Der Fuchs
    Der Fuchs 4 days ago

    Machine: What is my purpouse?
    Human: Solve rubik's cube
    Machine: Oh God...

  • Mimikyu
    Mimikyu 4 days ago

    who else watched the 0.25 speed at another 0.25 setting on yt?

  • Sahil Abbas
    Sahil Abbas 4 days ago

    Amazing man

  • Rutmar Otto Juksaar
    Rutmar Otto Juksaar 4 days ago

    My first cube was that one :o

  • Azmi Muttaqien
    Azmi Muttaqien 4 days ago +1

    Watch this at 0.25× speed 👍

  • claudia Tan
    claudia Tan 4 days ago


  • Void MLBB
    Void MLBB 4 days ago +1

    even u play the 0,25x speed on 0,25speed on yt its so still fkin fast

  • psuedo name
    psuedo name 4 days ago

    Blink and you'll miss it

  • Unknown person Unknows

    0.25x speed
    Felt like 6x faster

  • Ferroth
    Ferroth 4 days ago

    What kind of fucking plastic is that made of

  • PKDue
    PKDue 4 days ago


  • Fran Dude
    Fran Dude 4 days ago +1

    *Put 0.25x speed on the 0.25x speed part*

  • B O R E D
    B O R E D 4 days ago +1


  • Jorge Bustamante
    Jorge Bustamante 4 days ago

    I knew it was going to be fast b ut I wasn't expecting that... if I would of blinked I would of missed it.

  • Tasmia :D
    Tasmia :D 4 days ago +1

    I was like *Ze-Nvm...*
    I couldn't even say 0

  • Glenda Vivas Martinez

    I watch the video in slow-motion to help me solve the Rubik's Cube I have I have to watch it in reverse 15 times

  • NeZ
    NeZ 4 days ago

    wtf i once tried to solve mine and it exploded

  • Lakica Demeter
    Lakica Demeter 4 days ago


  • Yusef Chaib
    Yusef Chaib 4 days ago

    How the fuck is this even possible.

  • Realm Royale Moments



    That's 20 seconds

  • This is Tech
    This is Tech 4 days ago +1

    And I'm watching it in 0.25x

  • Gaming Party
    Gaming Party 4 days ago

    I can solve it faster

    Speed x2

  • NikeliTheGamer
    NikeliTheGamer 4 days ago

    This is fake shit

  • Ridho Almughni
    Ridho Almughni 4 days ago

    Im speed up this vid tp 2x speed

  • Three Musketeers
    Three Musketeers 5 days ago

    Watch this video in 0.5x

  • Nico Meints
    Nico Meints 5 days ago

    that za warudo sound tho

  • Akagi Masafumi
    Akagi Masafumi 5 days ago

    Machine: 0.38 seconds
    Friend: 10-20 mins
    Me: 1-2 months

  • True DaWae
    True DaWae 5 days ago

    Holy Sh🤬

  • Guada May Dayrit
    Guada May Dayrit 5 days ago

    Sounds like an ak-47

  • ZeTiKx
    ZeTiKx 5 days ago

    fake as hell

  • Bali Monster
    Bali Monster 5 days ago

    I cant make it in 3 months

  • WEEB
    WEEB 5 days ago

    I played this at 0.25

  • Killer TV
    Killer TV 5 days ago +1


    ELEKTRONITE 11 5 days ago

    Watching the 0.03 speed in 0.25 speed ,still confused🤔

  • RoughSun
    RoughSun 5 days ago +1

    I can do faster than dat😂😋

  • Rapid TV
    Rapid TV 5 days ago

    Watch the video: Noob
    Slow down the video on your own: Pro

  • Hello
    Hello 5 days ago

    I couldn't solve one in 48 hours

  • Gaming Fun!
    Gaming Fun! 5 days ago

    Who else put the speed to 0.25 when it said 0.25 speed?

  • Bloons Vs.
    Bloons Vs. 5 days ago

    Remember when this was on the trending list? I wish it still was. 😢

  • ChefWonders
    ChefWonders 5 days ago


  • belgium invader600
    belgium invader600 5 days ago


  • The Uncreated Thing
    The Uncreated Thing 5 days ago

    Let me be the first to say this:


  • octavio neitor gamer

    2 ez 4 me B)

  • Ties Meneer
    Ties Meneer 5 days ago +1

    Play this in 0,25 speed

  • Jamil Ali
    Jamil Ali 5 days ago

    What method is used to. Solve it this fast

  • Do Mo
    Do Mo 5 days ago

    If you blink you literally miss it

  • Marinko Oluić
    Marinko Oluić 5 days ago


  • TheLegendary Racer
    TheLegendary Racer 5 days ago

    I watched the 0.25x part in 0.25 speed and still fricking confused

  • Christopher Harris
    Christopher Harris 5 days ago

    I made a discovery, watch this in 0.25x it's lit

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed 5 days ago

    i had to double slow it down

  • Lalitkumar Choudhary

    I know it's fake. You just fast forwaded the video at the time of solving. Actually the rubix cube was solving at a normal speed. The uploader just increased the video speed.
    Tryin' to fool us?

  • ꧁༺Nexsyzium༻꧂

    My mind is blowing

  • Devansh Jain
    Devansh Jain 6 days ago +1

    2x speed...what just happened.

  • Gun Man
    Gun Man 6 days ago

    I can solve rubiks cube faster

  • mark joseph masapol
    mark joseph masapol 6 days ago

    Set the playback speed at 1.25x thank me later

  • John Paul
    John Paul 6 days ago

    I did 0.25x speed and its even fucking fast

  • Michal Prachynsky
    Michal Prachynsky 6 days ago

    Hi man, Can I please use a few seconds​ of this video in my video? Just few second :-)

  • Piu John
    Piu John 6 days ago

    3.Marvel QuickSilver
    2.DC The flash

  • Techno Raghav. R
    Techno Raghav. R 6 days ago


  • JQ Cuber
    JQ Cuber 6 days ago

    Reconstruction anyone?

  • Golden Shenron
    Golden Shenron 6 days ago +1

    *Ultimate battle plays*

  • Aneesh Creation
    Aneesh Creation 6 days ago

    Watch it in 2× speed

  • Fitzgerald Eduarte
    Fitzgerald Eduarte 6 days ago

    0.2 make that

  • Ticci Boy
    Ticci Boy 6 days ago

    If only the worlds problems could get solved that fast

  • TheSavageMan
    TheSavageMan 6 days ago

    I put the video on .25 speed I'm in another universe now

  • paguyocr
    paguyocr 6 days ago

    altho it gives us an advantage he would get no time at all if the robot wasnt turned on

  • Happy Thanos
    Happy Thanos 6 days ago

    Turn off aim bot u noob

  • paguyocr
    paguyocr 6 days ago

    i think felix was in on this

  • DoctorSlimeStudios
    DoctorSlimeStudios 6 days ago

    *puts video in 0.25x speed during the 0.03x speed part*

  • Adriel Dud3
    Adriel Dud3 6 days ago

    *Teleports behind you*

  • William Starling
    William Starling 6 days ago

    It was preprogrammed, wasn’t it?


    Watch in 0.25x speed