0.38 Second Rubik's Cube Solve


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  • Yes Avril !!!
    Yes Avril !!! Hour ago

    I solve the cube within 1-2 seconds.
    I'm colour-blind BTW.

  • FilmHero
    FilmHero Hour ago

    World record

  • Abhinav Gudala
    Abhinav Gudala Hour ago +1

    See it in 0.25

  • LeBeautiful
    LeBeautiful 2 hours ago

    I can't even solve a 2 X 2

  • Da Jesta
    Da Jesta 2 hours ago

    1980: I bet we will have a cure for Cancer in 2018

  • RohaNation
    RohaNation 2 hours ago

    Watched it in 2x speed

  • Azri Shah
    Azri Shah 3 hours ago


  • Gerard Riera
    Gerard Riera 5 hours ago


  • MoonNight
    MoonNight 5 hours ago

    Mind blowing

  • Angelo
    Angelo 7 hours ago

    I was like how does he solve it in 38 seconds when the video is only 31 and then I saw the vid and oooohhh

  • Raihan Purboyo
    Raihan Purboyo 8 hours ago

    Sounds like a GAU 8 at normal speed
    Sounds like War Thunder's ShKAS at 0.25

  • R . D . G
    R . D . G 10 hours ago +1

    Wow that so cool i hope i have it

  • No No
    No No 10 hours ago

    If these things are ever used for war (you know they will be) we're totally fucked. Seriously.

  • Muhammad Mahdy
    Muhammad Mahdy 12 hours ago


  • jose cuervo
    jose cuervo 13 hours ago

    fucking amazing!

  • potato3able
    potato3able 13 hours ago

    I wish I could do that with my life problems...
    "Solving in 3...2...1...BAM"

  • It's Iwind
    It's Iwind 14 hours ago

    Im slowmo that slowmo part

  • AlD Ernanto
    AlD Ernanto 14 hours ago

    Omg, is that 3x3 void cube? There is a hole in center layer

  • KyberDragon !
    KyberDragon ! 15 hours ago

    What in the name of Davy John’s locker...

  • Jerome Alday
    Jerome Alday 15 hours ago

    The machine did the scramble and record it. The only thing it does is do it backwards.

  • shizzle blitzle
    shizzle blitzle 17 hours ago

    Yknow i bet this looks really slow to the flash .

  • Zerke
    Zerke 17 hours ago

    0.25x speed at 0.25x speed would help you how to solve rubix cube

  • james steven ortega
    james steven ortega 18 hours ago

    World record

  • Jenshie 02
    Jenshie 02 18 hours ago


  • R' BoSs
    R' BoSs 18 hours ago

    My money only take *00.03* second to disappear from my pocket.

  • IMR Creeper
    IMR Creeper 19 hours ago

    The sound the Rubik's Cube make was like a machinegun....a really, fast fire rate MG

  • Joonsu Jun
    Joonsu Jun 19 hours ago

    Sounds like Ela's gun

  • TTsiGMaTT s
    TTsiGMaTT s 19 hours ago

    Siempre habrá un asiático que lo haga mas rápido :v

  • Brock Every
    Brock Every 19 hours ago


  • Max Collins
    Max Collins 20 hours ago

    It’s not solving. It is reversing the order it was done in. Any machine can do so with coding

  • Black Beast
    Black Beast 22 hours ago

    Watch 0.25 speed

  • RowanVdv77
    RowanVdv77 22 hours ago

    Lol, Feliks isnt even that good.

  • Jan Lewandowski
    Jan Lewandowski 23 hours ago


  • Radys Körmendy
    Radys Körmendy 23 hours ago

    i i just.. omg i dont get this shit, astonishing

  • Jahanzaib Amir
    Jahanzaib Amir Day ago

    Who else tried to speed up and slow down the video, just to see the effect?

  • Kami No Yami
    Kami No Yami Day ago

    World record

  • last day
    last day Day ago

    Even 0.25x speed is faster than the world record of human.

  • KLYS
    KLYS Day ago

    I've blinked.

  • Rajesh Singh
    Rajesh Singh Day ago

    At about the 0.15 second mark i got bored and stopped the video.

  • BloxztR
    BloxztR Day ago

    Too fast can you slow it down?

  • king of electronics

    Most amazing invention ever nice work appreciate it

  • Depth charger
    Depth charger Day ago

    0.25x speed in 0.25x speed video

  • I Upload Random Stuff

    I needed like a month to solve mine.

  • crismar Rivera
    crismar Rivera Day ago

    anyone thoughts that were gonna slow the speed?

  • Paul Ramos
    Paul Ramos Day ago

    i call bullshit

  • Reza Akmal
    Reza Akmal Day ago


  • Andrew Ace
    Andrew Ace Day ago

    *_T H E Y ' R E L E A R N I N G_*

  • Dr. Dab
    Dr. Dab Day ago

    I've still been solving mine for 6 months now am getting closer I can feel it

  • Just Anonymous
    Just Anonymous Day ago

    Oh hell yeah

  • laura and alex
    laura and alex Day ago

    The 0.03 was faster than my average. Wth

  • simoun louice Alejaga


  • Sunset'sWaifu
    Sunset'sWaifu Day ago

    Imagine twisting a corner on the cube, will the machine just explode?

  • Nasheed Lyrics
    Nasheed Lyrics Day ago

    Watch it in x2 O_O

  • el rumi
    el rumi 2 days ago

    I mean, do the other test.

  • Max Gaming
    Max Gaming 2 days ago

    OMG please no !

  • Dr. MG M
    Dr. MG M 2 days ago +1

    That moment when I never solved Rubik's cube in my entire life and saw this 🤦

  • Nancy Chong
    Nancy Chong 2 days ago


  • FannomacritaireSuomi
    FannomacritaireSuomi 2 days ago +1

    No sense in this.

  • System Hacker
    System Hacker 2 days ago

    Sounds like gatling gun

  • ImaginationToForm
    ImaginationToForm 2 days ago

    Probably playing the video in reverse. Starting with a solved cube and randomly mixing it up.

  • andria musaeliani
    andria musaeliani 2 days ago


  • Kevin To
    Kevin To 2 days ago

    I blinked... Can you do that again ?

  • The Predator
    The Predator 2 days ago

    WTF i just wached 😱😱

  • xxx xxx
    xxx xxx 2 days ago


  • FomalhautWeisszwerg
    FomalhautWeisszwerg 2 days ago

    Wow, great... really great :-)

  • TV偽キン
    TV偽キン 2 days ago


  • ZedSP -Spitfire
    ZedSP -Spitfire 2 days ago

    Make the Playback Speed 0.25!! XD

  • Ricky Martin gamers
    Ricky Martin gamers 2 days ago


  • Henry Chan
    Henry Chan 2 days ago

    When the motor spins, it goes a little bit over 90° then beck. Is that intentional or just technical limitations?

  • Justaway Jones
    Justaway Jones 2 days ago +1

    The culmination of human wisdom and knowledge.

  • Сергій Лагода

    єпаааатььь о_О

  • sumit gidwani
    sumit gidwani 3 days ago

    flash is still fast at it

  • JtaNux MeNolas
    JtaNux MeNolas 3 days ago

    Raga vi iscrivete al mio canale TVclip mi chiamo JtaNux MeNolas e porto gaming

  • Julian Schneidermann

    I swear, i just did the excact same thing and it Didnt work

  • Legia HD
    Legia HD 3 days ago +1

    20 moves to solve
    God number

  • LC Gaming
    LC Gaming 3 days ago

    That sound when you look the 0,25 speed part in 0,25🙃

  • G e n o c i d e
    G e n o c i d e 3 days ago

    My brain automatically started counting once the .03x one came.

  • CrackStein
    CrackStein 3 days ago

    *The true sound of a burst*

  • VEGA 0715
    VEGA 0715 3 days ago

    Wow! Very fast!!!! (!_!)

  • yay juiws
    yay juiws 3 days ago +1

    Meanwhile, Feliks in his basement trying to beat this record.

  • Rickbearcat
    Rickbearcat 3 days ago

    Does anyone now realize that the weight of the puzzle pieces themselves are the limiting factor on how fast this machine can solve it?

  • Jonathan Freeze
    Jonathan Freeze 3 days ago

    Watch in 0.25 Speed

    REACENTRATION 3 days ago

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  • I_Am_Da_One
    I_Am_Da_One 4 days ago +1

    Talking to your crush be like.

  • mdiem
    mdiem 4 days ago

    I'm pretty close to that time. I'm only 400 times slower.

  • _*boi*_
    _*boi*_ 4 days ago

    0:02 play in .25x speed

    NAMMA MOVIES Movie 4 days ago


  • •Fish and Chips•

    It is the key to solving a cube

  • XPLOSIVE2025
    XPLOSIVE2025 4 days ago

    um I wouldn't be surprised if it could solve the puzzle this fast I mean hell look at what its hooked up too lol

  • Dimitris Kontoleon
    Dimitris Kontoleon 4 days ago

    0.03/4=0.0075 but i not understand was does... But the real question is how the cube is not broken..

  • Dj jom2x
    Dj jom2x 5 days ago

    xD not so complicated.. let me re arrange it

  • Dhiva Thiru
    Dhiva Thiru 5 days ago

    wo wo wo...... awesome

  • Hariot Marriot
    Hariot Marriot 5 days ago

    What is the algorithm used for this?

  • Ayman BP
    Ayman BP 5 days ago


  • [GD] Agg
    [GD] Agg 5 days ago

    0:12 8f you play the video on 0.25x, you will see how fast I solve a cube

  • Autre Planete
    Autre Planete 5 days ago

    I thought am pretty good when I do it in 1 minute !!! nice :)

  • La Ferrari
    La Ferrari 5 days ago +1


  • Elemental Fire
    Elemental Fire 5 days ago

    2x speed


    GAME FEVER SP 5 days ago

    19 moves