0.38 Second Rubik's Cube Solve

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
  • build-its-inprogress.blogspot.com/2018/03/the-rubiks-contraption.html
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  • Calmplicated 1.0

    If You blinked you missed it

  • Destronic
    Destronic Day ago +1

    If you blink you would actually miss it

  • Christuber - Everything!

    *puts it at 2x speed*
    There's a new world record everyone!

  • Kay Powell
    Kay Powell 4 days ago

    Most relatable part: dude saying "AWH, yeah!"

  • Mani Matter
    Mani Matter 8 days ago

    No way!

  • Mr. Aslan
    Mr. Aslan 8 days ago

    Groza sanki namussuz

  • Abilover MA
    Abilover MA 9 days ago

    Slow 0,25 Too 0:05 Slow Video Too Very Slow 0.03 0,25

  • Lucyfer Xix
    Lucyfer Xix 9 days ago

    If i wasn't counted wrong the robot twist 27 times

  • Max Lianides
    Max Lianides 9 days ago

    Only true legends will put the vid at .25 speed

  • Yannis Vlogs
    Yannis Vlogs 10 days ago

    Put a fake Rubik Cube

  • Melvin Edwall
    Melvin Edwall 10 days ago

    What cube was that was it a moyu?

  • LegitDanger
    LegitDanger 10 days ago


  • عبد الرحمن نصر


  • threeleggedoctopus
    threeleggedoctopus 10 days ago

    Damn that's some ZBLL Bs there

  • Ergie Ruthie
    Ergie Ruthie 10 days ago

    0.25 speed x 2 is not helpful

  • A Demon
    A Demon 10 days ago +1

    (As spongebob)
    Wanna see me solve that Rubik’s cube?
    *wanna see me do it again?*

  • Essence of idiot
    Essence of idiot 11 days ago

    sounds like a gun

  • LABscience
    LABscience 11 days ago

    I can do it in 0.38

    *0.38 YEARS*

  • Gudrun Wimmer
    Gudrun Wimmer 11 days ago +1


    KWEK LUKAS 11 days ago

    Why are robots replacing everything

  • Soham Sil
    Soham Sil 11 days ago

    Which method was used to solve that?

  • Legend Allen G.A.D.
    Legend Allen G.A.D. 11 days ago

    I can solve 0x0x0 rubiks in 0.01 seconds

  • leLireax
    leLireax 12 days ago

    what the fuck xd

  • zore 66
    zore 66 12 days ago

    Watch the point 25 speed on point 25 speed

  • xamzx
    xamzx 12 days ago

    Non cuber cringe don't go down

  • Its Pelaajahacks On Roblox - I Make Random Videos!

    This is *FAKE* rubiks brands arent that good

  • Jan Maverick
    Jan Maverick 13 days ago +1

    Can it save life?

  • savage தமிழன்

    That cube is a paid actor..

  • Torunn Fredriksen
    Torunn Fredriksen 14 days ago

    21 moves

  • Christian Velasco
    Christian Velasco 14 days ago

    Wassup Felix

  • Jeshwe
    Jeshwe 14 days ago

    As a cuber I am still yet to understand how a cube can be turned that fast without being to loose, without popping, and how it did a cube rotation when the metal inserts are literally stuck inside the center

    • Kandrid
      Kandrid 11 days ago

      It actually just spun the top and bottom faces rather than the entire cube

  • Phantom
    Phantom 14 days ago

    What method? 😂

  • Malicery
    Malicery 14 days ago +1

    My record is 1:46 but that's awesome

  • rasengan butt
    rasengan butt 14 days ago

    Madara: *_He's fast_*

  • Carlos_Adventures
    Carlos_Adventures 14 days ago +1

    Imagine if a corner piece twisted during all of that?

  • Iamhappythingy
    Iamhappythingy 14 days ago +2

    they couldve just scrambled it in a way and let the robot reverse the way

  • 5 subscribers with no videos

    Better if you do it at Times 2 speed.

  • Reading And Northern 425 The Average Train

    It reversed the Scramble FAKE


    0.25x + 0.25 = wtf

  • Cecille Azurin
    Cecille Azurin 15 days ago


  • completely ordinary guy

    2x is better

  • Akmal Hanif
    Akmal Hanif 15 days ago

    Is robots is the new humans

  • Giacomo Calì
    Giacomo Calì 15 days ago +1

    if you watch it at 2x speed it seems like a glitch

  • ŻyLaSty Official
    ŻyLaSty Official 15 days ago

    Its fake beacuse the rubic cube is paid actor

  • GabesHere
    GabesHere 15 days ago

    What method?

  • Nextus
    Nextus 15 days ago

    0:01 Put it at x2 speed.

  • Cøzmø The Legend
    Cøzmø The Legend 16 days ago

    0:01 at 2.0× speed...

  • Samurai Kid
    Samurai Kid 16 days ago

    The TPS is of the bot is 55 TPS

  • Shawshank • 69 years ago

    And here i am trying to be submitted 20

  • Komedi Dünyası
    Komedi Dünyası 18 days ago


  • samiamrg7
    samiamrg7 19 days ago

    It’s so fast it looks like a glitch in the matrix.

  • Elyazid Assouli
    Elyazid Assouli 20 days ago


  • Elyazid Assouli
    Elyazid Assouli 20 days ago


  • 助手
    助手 20 days ago


  • Arda Başaran
    Arda Başaran 22 days ago

    *teleports behind you*

  • Robert Tinsley
    Robert Tinsley 22 days ago

    Guess that it's not the record, because that isn't a real "rubick's cube"

  • 2Pac amaru
    2Pac amaru 23 days ago


  • Eren Kızılırmak
    Eren Kızılırmak 24 days ago +1

    Aynı ben 🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • toxic gamer
    toxic gamer 25 days ago

    It took 1.5 seconds

  • petr agulin
    petr agulin 26 days ago

    So does this time includes the analysis of a random position as well as solving, or do we see just the process of solving of the cube without the time that the machine preliminary took for analyzing?

  • Isimiz Adam
    Isimiz Adam 26 days ago


  • Kev The Man
    Kev The Man 26 days ago

    That’s 21 turns in 0.38 seconds. 55 TPS. How is that physically possible

  • Gaming Boi
    Gaming Boi 28 days ago

    Hear his oooooohhh yeah at 0.25x

    DIONIX 28 days ago

    At 0:13 try to playback speed it 0.25x

  • Batman
    Batman 28 days ago +2

    Slow 0.25 speed to 0.25 Speed again.

  • Sid
    Sid 29 days ago

    *plays **0:02** at 0.25X*

    *Oh Yeah Yeah*

  • CeCeDely
    CeCeDely Month ago

    I keel hearing a loud ringing in my hear every day, can someone please give me advice or just help me please.

  • A i
    A i Month ago

    What eye, camera or lenses were used for the robot to do this?...i suspect it might be a clip played backwards!

  • JaybrainZ
    JaybrainZ Month ago

    Shit i blinked what happend

  • Ari
    Ari Month ago

    feliks zemdegs is faster than this

  • Dablik
    Dablik Month ago

    TAS Speedrun


    *rethinks life in an instant...*

  • Ankit Lahiri
    Ankit Lahiri Month ago +1

    And my question is..

    Why?? Just why??? A robot for only rubics cube solving?😲

  • dFuZe Raven
    dFuZe Raven Month ago

    Watch 0.03x speed using 0.25 speed and you’ll understand

  • XxSeBastiAnxX
    XxSeBastiAnxX Month ago

    Well that's a world record

  • Tino van de Pino
    Tino van de Pino Month ago

    Lets give the robot a void cube >:)

  • Steve Inczedi
    Steve Inczedi Month ago

    You wasted how much time/effort/money on this???

    LORD DERPY Month ago

    Was the solution hard coded and the machine only needed to execute the steps or did a computer solve it then execute?

  • JUSIK 821 PLAY
    JUSIK 821 PLAY Month ago

    What is the cube?

  • Road Runner
    Road Runner Month ago

    Im pretty sure there's still an asian guy who does it faster

  • Neil Nebu
    Neil Nebu Month ago

    What a complete

  • Leonardo Almeida
    Leonardo Almeida Month ago

    Imagina a caixa pancu

  • Ledrin Colemaninga
    Ledrin Colemaninga Month ago

    glitch in the matrix

  • Patrick Bro
    Patrick Bro Month ago

    only 29 Moves🤘

  • Jin Kwon
    Jin Kwon Month ago

    I think I found the Slow Mo Guys’d next video idea.

  • Ansh Gupta
    Ansh Gupta Month ago

    On August 4 .... Skynet became self-aware

  • fittutube
    fittutube Month ago

    Next is a high speed masturbation device.

  • bru9213
    bru9213 Month ago

    Rubiks cube was a paid actor

    Mr. CARMINE Month ago

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck you

  • TheFacedLool
    TheFacedLool Month ago

    Watch at 2x speed.

  • Vedran Horvat
    Vedran Horvat Month ago

    0:02 put it in 2x speed :)

  • Kj16V
    Kj16V Month ago

    Still not quick enough to run Crysis.

  • Zulfikran Zulmos
    Zulfikran Zulmos Month ago

    Could still be faster

  • A i
    A i Month ago

    And so it is that a species has given birth to something far better than itself....what a great achievement....buy bye humans buy bye!

  • Kish-Me
    Kish-Me Month ago +3

    I'll have you know God is not happy with witchcraft.

  • Bentley Teng
    Bentley Teng Month ago

    How to explode Einstein's brain. I'm not insulting him by the way. Just a joke

  • ikanjemur2
    ikanjemur2 Month ago

    The 1900 dislike is people dont know how to play rubik

  • Dustin Keezer
    Dustin Keezer Month ago

    OK that's awesome

  • Scou1y
    Scou1y Month ago

    Solving in 3

  • run4walk
    run4walk Month ago

    "Solve" is the wrong word here. "Complete" is better.
    Still cool.