• Published on Jan 8, 2019
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    Shoutout to Briza for helping cut/style Alexis' new wig! @_brizabot
    Watch me cut off my own hair:
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  • Molly Burke
    Molly Burke  2 months ago +3363

    Didn't Alexis look great in her new wig?! Ah, this was so emotional to film and I'm so grateful I had this opportunity! It makes all those years of growing my hair so worth it.

    • Shraddha Kaushik
      Shraddha Kaushik Day ago

      You are so sweet

    • Andi Skinner
      Andi Skinner Month ago

      I think no wig could look better on her❤️❤️

    • Britesmyls
      Britesmyls Month ago

      +Karen Grunberg I agree. I have been sick since birth and had brain surgery when I was 10. You do mature beyond your years when you have those life experiences.

    • Britesmyls
      Britesmyls Month ago +1

      +Lady SophieMe too :)

    • jillian
      jillian Month ago

      DANG ALEXIS WAS WORKING that head wrap,girl has SO MUCH STYLE I was like what !!! I also think she probably would rock the heck outta her bald Head as well. the wig looks absolutely beautiful suits her well

  • cookieSGB
    cookieSGB 12 hours ago


  • Shraddha Kaushik

    Your so sweet molly!! I Love you thought of giving!

  • Sarah
    Sarah 7 days ago

    I’m growing my hair out to donate and when it gets long enough I think I’m going to donate to the same organization! Thank you for mentioning them.

  • ZuzkaW22
    ZuzkaW22 10 days ago

    was I the only one to cry during this video?

  • DJ JAY
    DJ JAY 10 days ago

    Just asking that you knew what the objects were so how do you see it if your are blind?

  • Nandhana BTS
    Nandhana BTS 17 days ago +1

    You have such a good heart. You are my Role model

  • Luna Løves Wølves
    Luna Løves Wølves 18 days ago

    Molly is to pure for this world.

  • Megz DiPalma
    Megz DiPalma 19 days ago

    Intro be like 👁👄👁

  • Crazy friend Please
    Crazy friend Please 21 day ago


  • HappyHannah
    HappyHannah 22 days ago

    I'm so late to this video but OH MY GOSH I WAS SO SHOOK BY HOW GOOD SHE LOOKS

  • Kaiyo
    Kaiyo 24 days ago

    How did she know it was a pig......? Like it she can't see? Did her mom tell her or what? (I'm not hating btw just wondering)

  • Holly Jolly
    Holly Jolly 27 days ago +4

    I am in 5th grade and I am growing out my hair,and my senior year I am cutting it and donating it. Like this if you want me too. Btw I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU MOLLY YOU ARE SUCH A SWEET PERSON AND SOOOOO POSITIVE AND GORGEOUS!!♥️♥️♥️AND SO IS GALLUP🐕

  • Mia Bonin
    Mia Bonin 29 days ago


  • JoWithTheFro1
    JoWithTheFro1 29 days ago

    Wait Molly is blind?????

  • alicia gold
    alicia gold Month ago

    How can you dislike this?

  • Suzan Regag
    Suzan Regag Month ago

    You act just like u can see I’m not even sure ur the same molly who’s blind like AM I AT THE RIGHT CHANNEL

  • Suzan Regag
    Suzan Regag Month ago


  • Mikayla Anne
    Mikayla Anne Month ago

    Your outfit and your hair Mach so well I’m shook

  • Lara Al-Jarrah
    Lara Al-Jarrah Month ago

    She is so chill at being blind I forgot she was blind

  • anonymous alyssa
    anonymous alyssa Month ago +1

    I really understand how hard it was to get cut and get rid of your long hair. I’ve always had long hair and like that’s who I was I was “the short girl with long brown hair” and after realizing how much other people needed it and seeing how blessed I was to be capable of growing my own, when I was 13 I went to the salon and had the girl shave my head completely, and I donated it all. It was really hard because like yeah, people make fun of me for not having hair, but in my heart and in my head I knew someone who needed it much more has it. I’m 14 now and my hair has grown, well a bit, and yes I really miss my long hair sometimes. But I’m happy I did what I did for someone else who needed it.

  • SWmusiclife 27
    SWmusiclife 27 Month ago

    I understand you didn't want to cut your hair
    Most people would do anything to save their phone but I would do anything for my hair and I don't get it cut

  • Jada Roberson
    Jada Roberson Month ago

    I’m not crying, you’re crying

  • jack carroll
    jack carroll Month ago +1

    This is gross,..,

  • Bhupinder Gill
    Bhupinder Gill Month ago


  • abby meitzler
    abby meitzler Month ago

    your such a sweet human being.

  • Emmy craz
    Emmy craz Month ago

    I used to have soooo long hair and i donated it for people with cancer and alopecia(sorry if i didnt spell it right) and i think its a wonderful thing that you did this coming from someone whos also donated

  • C M
    C M Month ago +3

    “Do you want curls? Waves?”
    Gives her waves

  • C M
    C M Month ago +2

    Try not to make it obvious that you’re doing this for views

  • maria grace
    maria grace Month ago

    I want your merch but I can’t get it

  • Ash Talo
    Ash Talo Month ago +1

    OMG YOUR SOOOOO KIND!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🌲

  • Lauren Kettner
    Lauren Kettner Month ago

    This is so cute it made me cry so hard

  • Stephinie Leeann
    Stephinie Leeann Month ago

    You should ask Destination Canada if they would walk you through the process of how they make and choose their wigs and wig owners!

  • Alexis Rivas
    Alexis Rivas Month ago

    My name is Alexis. This mini me must be part of the first group of kids with my name. I’m 30... I’m not used to saying this.

  • Emily S
    Emily S Month ago

    This is so cute!

  • Courtney Vargas
    Courtney Vargas Month ago

    This is amazing! I was diagnosed with alopecia about a year ago and it's a tough emotional battle for sure. You are giving more than hair to Alexis, you are giving her confidence and self esteem, although she is beautiful with or without a wig 😊

  • Kelsey K
    Kelsey K Month ago +3

    This was really sweet of you but good grief The amount of times you complimented yourself and your hair was ridiculous.

  • Becca Cardona
    Becca Cardona Month ago

    I love that Alexis that looks good on you.keep fighting

  • Elizabeth George
    Elizabeth George Month ago

    So wholesome 😩

  • Timothy Dutton
    Timothy Dutton Month ago

    I've never cried as much over a video before! This will be shared as much as I can

  • Britesmyls
    Britesmyls Month ago

    Alexis is an amazing woman and incredibly strong. I had brain surgery when I was 10 and to this day, the memories of that are incredibly difficult. My hearts breaks for people, but especially woman who have alopecia. It can be so soul damaging. To this day (I am 44), I hate cutting my hair, and going to the hairdresser always stings because every hairdresser points it out and asks about it.

  • Isabelle Schoonmaker

    Hey molly I was wondering can your see colored glitter sorry if this is offencive I just thought of this question it was wondering I love you Molly you're huge inspiration to me and my friends Love Isabelle

  • Nina
    Nina Month ago

    I kinda wish Molly had tried it on lol

  • 내내 iSmokeBeat
    내내 iSmokeBeat Month ago

    Your outfit is so cute with your hair I love it, pastel blues and pinks are my favorite colors :)

  • Taylor Munson
    Taylor Munson Month ago

    A bit creepy but nice

  • Alyssa Byington
    Alyssa Byington Month ago


  • Ana Larson
    Ana Larson Month ago

    Sweet, so sweet! I love how you ranted about all of your feelings, to this day I pray for the gals who donated their hair so I could make my wig, I did not have the honor to know who they are like you and Alexis so that is cool, but I have named my hair Cleo and I pray for those ladies and all women who see and/or donate their hair. Awesome stuff Molly. Blessings.

  • Alexis Rutherford
    Alexis Rutherford Month ago

    Hi my name is Alexis and I’m also 12 okay bye lol

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover Month ago +4

    She doesn’t really seem like a fan...

  • Sun and Moon Studios

    How did you get your hair that long?

  • Enny's Hands & Combs

    Awwwwwww!!!! She’s such a sweet soul.

  • Aubrey Spalding
    Aubrey Spalding Month ago

    That was so cute... I’m not crying your crying!

  • MinniTii
    MinniTii Month ago

    I will admit I loved the long dark brown hair, I admit I am guilty but this is an amazing thing to do

  • Kayleigh Gonzalez
    Kayleigh Gonzalez Month ago

    I wish Molly could she all the things she's done for people

  • Wiga wiga
    Wiga wiga Month ago

    Please make the video of d dancing eyes

  • Анна Тубол

    Every day I love your channel more and more because you have such videos like this, and i get to learn something from every single video you've posted. im so grateful for that. You're doing such a great job. And I'm happy for Alexis, she's such a cutie

  • Okcurrr
    Okcurrr Month ago

    I always find it so cool how people with little to no sight who vlog know exactly where the camera is and exactly where to look, it completely blows my mind cause I know if it was me I’d be looking at the ceiling or the floor not even knowing😂

  • Okcurrr
    Okcurrr Month ago

    I always find it so cool how people with little to no sight who vlog know exactly where the camera is and exactly where to look, it completely blows my mind cause I know if it was me I’d be looking at the ceiling or the floor not even knowing😂

  • HoloGodess Toi
    HoloGodess Toi Month ago

    She is the sweetest little girl ever. Even her voice is so sweet!!

  • Bailey no
    Bailey no Month ago +1

    this girl has more style than my 21 yo ass could pull

  • Wolf Spirit14
    Wolf Spirit14 Month ago

    Loved this so much

  • 》Tilly 《
    》Tilly 《 Month ago

    I wish my hair could grow that long, i'd definately do it! Sadly mine stops growing at a point thats not long enough :(

  • Brenda Morales
    Brenda Morales Month ago

    Molly this is such a beautiful pure thing to do love you ❤️

  • Ida Wendigo
    Ida Wendigo Month ago

    Alexis is sooo cute 🤗

  • It’s Ashton James

    I like the pink a lot

  • ChiknAlfrdo21
    ChiknAlfrdo21 Month ago

    i know how you feel, i have extremely long hair and i only ever cut an inch off to keep it healthy, I've donated once but i feel like i would never be able to cut it short even though I have so much of it because i feel like it is the only good thing about me so yeah, recently i have been thinking about donating some though

  • Melissa Stephan
    Melissa Stephan Month ago

    What a sweet girl!

  • kayla martin
    kayla martin Month ago

    I loveeee your hair color right now!!! You pull off so many colors!

  • Allison the Blueberry
    Allison the Blueberry Month ago +1

    I got that same black hoodie from Christmas!!

  • Sing Sings
    Sing Sings Month ago

    How awesome!!! I absolutely love your pink hair!!!

  • I_love_Marvel_
    I_love_Marvel_ Month ago

    So I had like extremely long hair when I was little now I have like medium sized hair so I’m gonna grow it out super long I might donate some in the future idk I have no idea why I commented this but if you read this whole thing tysm and bye

  • Art, Craft, and Create

    this video was posted on my birthday and I missed it NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • that vlogger kid
    that vlogger kid Month ago

    Did anybody else get sad the Molly never mentioned that the kid had sequins on her top

  • Leslye Aracena
    Leslye Aracena Month ago +1

    I love you molly so much💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

  • Babble Booble
    Babble Booble Month ago

    Who else wants LaurDIY to collab with Molly

  • Elizabeth Taylor
    Elizabeth Taylor Month ago

    my hair is everything to me so totally understand

  • Aide moi j'apprends le Français

    In these kind of videos I forget Molly is blind

  • BeautyBy Kenny
    BeautyBy Kenny Month ago

    Ok brizas hair is freaking gorgeous omg

  • BeautyBy Kenny
    BeautyBy Kenny Month ago

    I sometimes forget that I first saw you on a dove commercial

  • Wilted Rose
    Wilted Rose Month ago

    I WISH you could see how AMAZING your hair looks

  • Wired System
    Wired System Month ago

    This was really touching. You did such a wonderful thing, she is so happy with her new hair and looks very pretty!

  • Evelina Bagdonaviciute

    I can’t imagine having to hair

  • Steven Wukawitz
    Steven Wukawitz Month ago

    I love both her hair and your hair

  • Paige Alvos
    Paige Alvos Month ago

    Alexis looked so gorgeous in her wig💓 I cried watching this, it was so precious! I’m so glad your hair went to somebody so deserving💜

  • Dana Cam
    Dana Cam Month ago

    this is beautigul

  • Genevieve Weir
    Genevieve Weir Month ago

    Molly, you are so sweet

  • jadyn maryon
    jadyn maryon Month ago

    I totally get what it when your long hair is the first thing people compliment. #longgirlhairproblems

  • Peanut Giraffe
    Peanut Giraffe Month ago

    It is not just hair when you grown out your hair, once it’s long it’s like a prize

  • mary conlon
    mary conlon Month ago

    Okay but where did she get her top? I love it so pink and off the shoulder

  • Slick Sly slaying Foxes


  • Charlotte W
    Charlotte W Month ago

    Looks great on her!

  • Julia Mays
    Julia Mays Month ago +1

    did you just buy a girl with alopecia AN EYELASH CURLER LMAO

  • Sfx by kiwi
    Sfx by kiwi Month ago +6

    She looked like she hated it 😂

    • Katie Kat
      Katie Kat Month ago +2

      Sfx by kiwi The one drawback of these wig donation places for kids is they tend to make skimpy wigs. If someone wants a really good wig made out of human hair, they cost a lot of money.

    • Sfx by kiwi
      Sfx by kiwi Month ago +3

      Katie Kat yeah...

    • Katie Kat
      Katie Kat Month ago +2

      Sfx by kiwi Yeah, I kinda feel like she’s not going to wear it.

  • ASL Alissa
    ASL Alissa Month ago

    I LOVE PIGS lol

  • Allure Well being
    Allure Well being Month ago

    Sometimes...I just forget molly is even blind unless she keeps sayin it again n again

  • Kate and Paris
    Kate and Paris Month ago

    I’ve been growing my hair for 5 years and just cut it to a bob. I cut off 16inches of blonde super thick and healthy hair and I’m going to send it to the little princess trust to help someone who needs it x

  • oh hi mark
    oh hi mark Month ago

    Oh my goodness I have incredibly thick hair and I don't know how you coped with that length! I can't let mine grow beyond slightly below my shoulders because it's so stupidly thick, even if I get layers to thin it out. I'm the same though, my hair has become a really central part of my identity. For me though this was a good thing, I've been hiding behind it (literally and metaphorically haha) for years because I've got such low self esteem. My interestingly coloured hair has given me confidence but has also been a crutch in many ways. Just as some people rely on makeup, I rely on my hair.

  • Triggered
    Triggered 2 months ago +1

    Awe, your amazing boo. She looks outstanding 💕💕

  • Hope Singing Life
    Hope Singing Life 2 months ago

    This is so sweet and so amazing 💜

  • Kenzie Jenkins
    Kenzie Jenkins 2 months ago

    oh my gosh molly i am Kenzie this is amaze balls if you see this comment i am a sucker for you i watch your videos all the time and i love you please give me a shout out and i love what you did i actually donated my hair one time and i felt so good and just so you know i am nine years old and i have never commented to you because i was scared and i was on my mothers acount but now i have my own laptop on my account l love you