SuperHot - It is dangerous! You have been warned! - Gameplay Review

  • Published on Feb 28, 2016
  • Everybody talking about the "most innovative shooter they have played in years". But I know the dark secret!

    Just kidding, enjoy ;)
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  • Exoduss 1228
    Exoduss 1228 Month ago

    I just played it yesterday at 6:00 I'm the morning...... Let's just say I couldn't stop until I got the will power to stop (I was stoned from smoking) when I got tired and had to use the bathroom. Not only that it killed my anxiety and stress. By the time I stopped it was six o' clock the next morning. Should I get help!?!?😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • FireShoot
    FireShoot 2 years ago

    Hey you have to check this game out its the most innovative game in years

  • Sam Pfister
    Sam Pfister 3 years ago

    Hey Shadow! I think that you should use the ozymandias to do a grand tour is the stock ksp system. I think that would be very cool.

  • Runix Runix
    Runix Runix 3 years ago

    SUPERHOT is the most innovative shooter I've played in years!

    • Runix Runix
      Runix Runix 3 years ago

      @ShadowZone The only thing that got me was impressive mechanics and interesting design!

    • ShadowZone
      ShadowZone  3 years ago +1

      +Rune Reeves So they got to you too...

  • Dark Lion
    Dark Lion 3 years ago +1

    Wow man, I ripped through this game before I started playing KSP.... which was actually pretty recently. Honestly, I was just bored when I found your channel and your engineering skills in KSP encouraged me to try my own... and I'm HOOKED, ya bastard! :P Keep it up Shadow! Can't wait for the return of Ozy and Bubastis in the music video!
    "All we ever see of stars are their old photographs..."

  • AlienNova
    AlienNova 3 years ago

    Super Hot VR

  • Sir Potatto
    Sir Potatto 3 years ago +2

    Mind is software. Bodies are disposable. But game is really fun ^_^

  • Manly Astronaut
    Manly Astronaut 3 years ago

    The new mirror's edge is a reboot. Not a second part ;)

  • manyfails
    manyfails 3 years ago

    Have to say i had a lot of fun with it (with hotswitch weaponthrowing and katanas :D )

  • keychain ___
    keychain ___ 3 years ago

    Hey man, I just wanna say you are so cool and so good at kerbal space program could you show a video on like how to make a really cool spaceship that can reach duna and back?

  • DammNation
    DammNation 3 years ago +14

    listen shadow not to hate or anything but you should stick to KSP. we have plenty of "common" youtubers to play games like super hot. dont do the scott manly and move away from your channel's original purpose. however if you do plan to change just give a heads up.
    P.S. yes i know its just one video but its the start of a process i saw in other youtubers.
    and just saying this because i adore your channel not to bring you down.

    • Sir Potatto
      Sir Potatto 3 years ago

      +ShadowZone if you want to move on and create something new - you are welcome. I bet a lot of subscribers will apprecate that :)

    • DammNation
      DammNation 3 years ago +4

      +ShadowZone first i am glad you cought my drift and didnt take it the bad way so thank you .second of all this might have been a bit selfish of me. you should do what makes you happy after all. i just panicked a bit because youtube is missing good ksp creators and when i found your channel i got really excited and watched all the videos and now while waitng for another serires, seeing a super hot video just got me a bit of guard. so you should do what you feel at the moment ill accept that. plus i see we have some great stuff coming on

    • ShadowZone
      ShadowZone  3 years ago +11

      +DammNation Hi there. Don't worry, you won't find 20 XCOM2 videos on this channel in the foreseeable future ;)
      But to speak on a more general note. People change, they move on from one stage in their life to the next, and I believe a personal TVclip channel is a reflection of the personality of its creator. This is the beauty of this platform compared to rigid classic TV channels that stick to an established formula for years without changing it. I have seen a lot of TVcliprs evolving from one thing to another, from being a small time comedy music guy to a huge entertainment machine. From a very specific niche of "internetness" to something else entirely.
      What I am trying to say is I can understand when someone like Scott no longer posts just KSP but something else. Those things are on his mind right now. And thankfully for him he is in a similar position like me: having a well paying day job so TVclip videos about games don't have to pay the rent. Sure I get money from ads, but all of it combined (since starting last year) was less than one monthly paycheck from my employer. I am not depending on it, so I can approach the video thing very relaxed.
      Anyhow, expect to see things like:
      * The Martian recreation (finally...)
      * Eve Explorers - Masters of the Purple Pain
      * Return to Plock
      * Ozymandias, the Music Video
      * Orpheus - a Grand Tour
      * Unnamed kOS project
      to name just a few ideas (with some prototypes already built) in the pipeline, not necessarily in that order ;)

    • DammNation
      DammNation 3 years ago

      +Sir Potatto it means less KSP content.

    • Sir Potatto
      Sir Potatto 3 years ago +1

      What's bad in making not only ksp related content? :P