Cake Decorator Vs. Artist: Mini Cakes

  • Published on Apr 13, 2018
  • We're back again but the cakes are SMALL!
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Comments • 3 918

  • Ellie Morrow
    Ellie Morrow 12 hours ago

    2:23 thought he was using his phone to make the icing even

  • Dwyer_ Life
    Dwyer_ Life Day ago

    Someone in here was on I draw you cook

  • Lexi
    Lexi Day ago

    Make a season with episodes if this more vids like this

  • Arty says hi
    Arty says hi 2 days ago

    Ray looks so familiar .....

  • zara Crystel
    zara Crystel 3 days ago

    Good this cake Decor is not bragging like the last one phew

  • Ayat Tea
    Ayat Tea 3 days ago +1

    97% Talking about Ray being Nicer
    10% On what should be Next
    1%About the actual cakes

  • Slime Is Fun!
    Slime Is Fun! 4 days ago

    Ray’s one is way better, I’m sorry.. HOW DID PPL choose MAGGIE? Srsly. I’m sorry, but just stating my opinion..

  • Shahzad Qureshi
    Shahzad Qureshi 4 days ago

    Ray seems way much nicer than the cake decorator in the last video.😏

  • saumya upadhyay
    saumya upadhyay 4 days ago

    At 5:56 the girl was from the channel tasty

  • Riel Xabrina
    Riel Xabrina 4 days ago



    Wow! This cake decorator was A lot more Polite than the cake decorator on the other video....He even said “no matter what Happens we’ll still be Friends..

  • Frisbee 'n' Cookies
    Frisbee 'n' Cookies 5 days ago

    My prom cake was weed brownies, I had the best mates ever!
    I do like the cake decorator in this one, he's such a pleasant character.

  • Yusra Suleiman
    Yusra Suleiman 6 days ago

    "i bit of more than i can chew and i think i did chew "

  • Csilla Bozóki
    Csilla Bozóki 6 days ago

    How i can find maggie's social medias?

  • tacotoria pizza
    tacotoria pizza 6 days ago

    Now now , can I have the cake now

  • Kerrvin Leongson Reyes

    They are cuteeeeeee

  • tiffany wheeler
    tiffany wheeler 7 days ago


  • tiffany wheeler
    tiffany wheeler 7 days ago


  • Olivia Rodgers
    Olivia Rodgers 7 days ago +2

    If someone gave me a pop can cake for prom I would LITERALLY marry them

  • amra salihi
    amra salihi 8 days ago

    5:51 isn't that this girl from " i draw you cook"?

  • Zoe Lloyd
    Zoe Lloyd 8 days ago

    How she said fondant killed me

  • Huyu Binch
    Huyu Binch 9 days ago +1

    But to be honest, I’d like the coca cola.

  • Huyu Binch
    Huyu Binch 9 days ago +5

    He’s the friendliest competitor of this cute artist

  • Mylène Hagnauer
    Mylène Hagnauer 10 days ago +2

    I hate when they say like oh i like this and it’s cute and all but then they choose the other person like really 😒🙄

  • Georgia The person
    Georgia The person 11 days ago +2

    Am I the only one who thinks Maggie should have one, it stuck to the theme and it had fondant

  • Ken Trinh
    Ken Trinh 11 days ago

    4:20 Alert

  • Meherin Bashar
    Meherin Bashar 12 days ago +1

    Maggie always loose😑

  • Tommy The Turtle Arts
    Tommy The Turtle Arts 13 days ago

    This episode is so much better than the other one

  • annie zamora
    annie zamora 14 days ago

    You should do cake decorators try art

  • Leilani Ybarra
    Leilani Ybarra 15 days ago

    Anyone know Maggie’s Instagram or where we could find more of her art? Lol

  • Aviah Is alive
    Aviah Is alive 17 days ago +3

    Please do more of this I love watching the cake artist vs. artist

  • Connie Wan
    Connie Wan 17 days ago

    Her: congratulations! *hugs
    Me: congrats! *eats both cakes and steals trophy. Proceeds to run away

  • Ella French
    Ella French 19 days ago

    The one judge is Alex from I Draw You Cook

  • Jordy Yambao
    Jordy Yambao 19 days ago

    2:15 what do you mean, fondant tastes great!

  • Cordelia Hadson
    Cordelia Hadson 22 days ago

    Did you know they throw it in the bin after

  • Irene Destiny
    Irene Destiny 23 days ago

    Okay I know this video is about the cakes and I love Maggie and Ray but like


  • Matthew Sanders
    Matthew Sanders 23 days ago

    Isn’t a mini cake just a cupcake?

  • Drawing, lego, slime with Rhea!

    No matter what happens, we will still be friends! Aww so sweet

    EGGHEAD AND FRIENDS ! 26 days ago


  • DailyArmyTea
    DailyArmyTea 27 days ago

    *Sends a Email to Buzzfeed*
    Dear BuzzFeed,
    Make the next Cake Decorator vs Artist video a Drawing one , *Cus the Artist deserves more Props for the Creativity they have I swear-* anyways, Thank you for reading
    From DailyArmyTea

  • Nouraine Shah
    Nouraine Shah 28 days ago

    coke cans r not that big girll

  • Sweet Cheeks
    Sweet Cheeks 28 days ago


  • Antonio Madrid
    Antonio Madrid 28 days ago

    Are alix's eyes a natural blue?

  • Exo Love Shoted Me
    Exo Love Shoted Me Month ago

    Ray is nicer than the other cake decorator

  • lps rainbowcollie
    lps rainbowcollie Month ago

    Why doesn't maggie win she tried so hard to make cakes on every video

  • Janelle Dimattia
    Janelle Dimattia Month ago


  • Duh it's Sarah
    Duh it's Sarah Month ago

    Maggie sounds like cat valentine

  • ゾイ・イ・イチローpandie sama


  • Madelyn Shaffer
    Madelyn Shaffer Month ago

    I think I would be Maggie if I was in the contests

  • summer vibe diys
    summer vibe diys Month ago

    Ray is so many changes nicer then Bree , Bree was so mean and rude to Maggie

  • Maggie Beaird
    Maggie Beaird Month ago

    This is a lost comment...

  • Sia Stoker
    Sia Stoker Month ago

    I honestly liked Maggie’s better....

  • Nor Adam
    Nor Adam Month ago

    He is soooooo flirting

  • LiahWølfii 23
    LiahWølfii 23 Month ago

    Maggie is such a precious lil bean aaaahhhhh I luv herrrr

  • Limbo Cat
    Limbo Cat Month ago

    This isn’t fair.

  • Sad._._. Editzzz
    Sad._._. Editzzz Month ago

    So it’s no eyes vs big head?

    That’s racist sorry

  • stell rene
    stell rene Month ago

    Make videos

  • Eden Gianan
    Eden Gianan Month ago

    Uhhhhh I'm getting 😕❓who is the artist 🎨🎭🙋 and who is the cake 🎂🍰🎂 decorator

  • Kri Cookie kay
    Kri Cookie kay Month ago

    I actually ship Ray and maggie😂

  • J-hope's forehead
    J-hope's forehead Month ago

    Ray is much nicer than Bree

  • Yeol
    Yeol Month ago

    Does anyone know where to find Maggie's illustrations? 👀 (pls)
    Are so cuuuutehh(?)

  • Rashi Karnik
    Rashi Karnik Month ago

    5:55 Alixxxxxx!!!

  • Gacha_ Potato
    Gacha_ Potato Month ago

    I made a unicorn cake today and it turned out worse than both but still good

  • Milton Friedman
    Milton Friedman Month ago

    Buzzfeed is failing! 😂🖕🖕LOL!

  • Un1corn6842 Ariail
    Un1corn6842 Ariail Month ago

    This wasn’t a fair game because cake decorators know how to work with cakes and are artistic already, but the artist just had the creativity aspect. Essentially, the cake decorator had an advantage.

  • Rahma Tamer Mohamed Ismail Farag Wahba

    Alix!! How many people love her!

  • Avni Grover
    Avni Grover Month ago

    I need maybe like 5 more hours

  • RJ21 lover
    RJ21 lover Month ago

    Omg why is she so nice? Like she just wants friends and to win and she gets excited when Ray won ❤️❤️❤️ she deserves to win

  • Jordy Bordy
    Jordy Bordy Month ago

    Don't you hate edited comments 🙄


  • Alex Bingham
    Alex Bingham Month ago


  • vien le
    vien le Month ago

    I like Maggie’s cake

  • BackstageFan
    BackstageFan Month ago

    This is literally copying kids baking championship lmao 😂

  • Manayer Alkharji
    Manayer Alkharji Month ago +1

    He said he has 20 piping tips I have over 100 and I’m ten lol

  • Kate Cullen
    Kate Cullen Month ago

    the coke SO should of won rays cake wasn't prom themed AT ALL

  • Maggie Chan
    Maggie Chan Month ago

    I love Maggie, but she never wins

  • Norin Kelly
    Norin Kelly Month ago

    I like Maggie’s better

  • Myle Dabom
    Myle Dabom Month ago

    Why did u say fondant like that

  • Crackmybacklikeaglowstick

    The coke should’ve won

  • Yusra Fatima
    Yusra Fatima Month ago

    Hey is that Alex from I draw you cook😕😐😯

  • Mark Sieving
    Mark Sieving Month ago

    3:48, as soon as that clip came on, did anyone else just start thinking, 'slime?' O.O

  • Narnia Dici
    Narnia Dici Month ago

    I wasn't expecting the tall demon

  • Alcat Smore
    Alcat Smore Month ago +8

    They need to do artist vs cake decorator makes a painting

  • Lolol ololololol
    Lolol ololololol Month ago +1

    *reads title*
    Cupcakes? 😂

  • Little Pichu Rocks
    Little Pichu Rocks Month ago

    I actually liked Maggie’s more tbh

  • lonely unicorn does gacha vids

    5:54 omg its Alex from tasty

  • Nelson Sihalath
    Nelson Sihalath 2 months ago

    Ray looks so familiar

  • Rashi Rocky
    Rashi Rocky 2 months ago

    As Maggie don't have perfection but her ideas are great

  • Elise Juethner
    Elise Juethner 2 months ago

    I really like both of the cakes!

  • Elise Juethner
    Elise Juethner 2 months ago +1

    Unlike the other cake decorator in the other vid, Bree, Ray was not rude and he was a lot nicer and helped Maggie out

  • Iliana
    Iliana 2 months ago +1

    Make this a series plz

  • Supernatural
    Supernatural 2 months ago

    Omg the behind tasty lady was judging!♥️

  • Maria Alsabbagh
    Maria Alsabbagh 2 months ago

    I love fondont

  • Erin Mckenzie
    Erin Mckenzie 2 months ago

    Tbh I would rather have the coke inspired one for prom.

  • Arabell Rose
    Arabell Rose 2 months ago

    How bout the next video is Maggie vs bree in a art competition? Anyone loved this video and I hope everyone have a great day xox

  • Pineapple Town
    Pineapple Town 2 months ago

    “This is more Instagramy... please don’t put that in the video”

  • Rebecca Jackson
    Rebecca Jackson 2 months ago

    Artist should win
    Artist should always win

    T_ T so sad artist didn’t win

  • Steven Universe131313
    Steven Universe131313 2 months ago


  • aixelstae
    aixelstae 2 months ago


  • Diya Mrok
    Diya Mrok 2 months ago

    Cab there pls be a part three

  • Justine Chu
    Justine Chu 2 months ago

    “I’m not use to working things so tiny”
    ....damn you’re lucky...