Cake Decorator Vs. Artist: Mini Cakes


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  • Manticore Be
    Manticore Be 30 minutes ago

    I'd be like so can we eat it now?

  • Marissa Gabriel
    Marissa Gabriel Hour ago

    Wow they both cool

  • Logan Lynch
    Logan Lynch 2 hours ago

    Can you do more of these baking competition videos

  • Maryam Mohammad
    Maryam Mohammad 3 hours ago +1

    Wow, Maddies cake Is so creative & unique! Love it :)

  • Macie McGregor
    Macie McGregor 4 hours ago


  • Nima101 Hosseini
    Nima101 Hosseini 5 hours ago

    Those cakes are really cool...but when i watched Zumbo's Just Desserts on Netflix.....That was on a whole new level

  • Pumkin Pie Motherfucker


  • Emily DaUnicorn
    Emily DaUnicorn 5 hours ago


  • lunar lps
    lunar lps 6 hours ago

    The real question is
    How did it taste?

  • paowolf 030
    paowolf 030 6 hours ago

    naggie wants just friends no battleling XD me # relativle

  • Ath Chan
    Ath Chan 6 hours ago

    why does the artist never like get the trophy?

  • ItDelTaco Vlogs and Videos

    Plz do more i love them

  • Cooking Lessons for Dad

    How fun! They should have given her a runner up prize!

  • Jem
    Jem 8 hours ago

    Does anyone else ship Ray and Maggie?? :p

  • Zoe Perry
    Zoe Perry 8 hours ago

    One day, Maggie! I believe in you!

  • Molly Webb
    Molly Webb 8 hours ago

    I liked maggies more

  • Helen jenkins
    Helen jenkins 8 hours ago

    I liked the artists better

  • Ava Garofalo
    Ava Garofalo 8 hours ago +1

    I love these! Make more of these

  • Alpha Gorrilla
    Alpha Gorrilla 8 hours ago

    They could’ve just made cupcakes...

  • Apple Pie Lover
    Apple Pie Lover 8 hours ago

    Now do cake decorator vs artist do art

  • cadaby girl
    cadaby girl 8 hours ago

    I vote Maggie! But they were both gorgeous!

  • Darwin Ranit
    Darwin Ranit 9 hours ago

    Her cake look like coca cola in can not hating just sayinf lawl hahaha

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa 9 hours ago


  • audrey kim
    audrey kim 10 hours ago +1

    “this is like Instagram-y, and I hate that I just said that, please don’t put that in the video,” as we watch as he says that in the video🍰

  • Itzmeannie
    Itzmeannie 11 hours ago

    Maggie sounds like Ariana grande.

  • Piper TheGreatAndPowerfulBunny


  • Ana Linares
    Ana Linares 12 hours ago

    RAY ❤❤❤

  • faby f
    faby f 12 hours ago +1

    I love Maggie's personally!

  • Diamond Rainbowz
    Diamond Rainbowz 13 hours ago

    Dammit why do the cake artists always win!

  • Mastišpek Fík
    Mastišpek Fík 13 hours ago

    Check Maggies Instagram: It’s my secret... or something like that idk

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl 15 hours ago


  • Courtney Cox
    Courtney Cox 16 hours ago


  • Disney channel trailers
    Disney channel trailers 19 hours ago +1

    I wish i will eat them i love them
    With just this i subcribe

  • Camilla Deleuran
    Camilla Deleuran 20 hours ago

    does anyone know if the cake deco have a instagram and whats it called

  • Lily Walsh
    Lily Walsh 20 hours ago


  • Toni
    Toni 21 hour ago

    Ray definitely better than that last cake decorator lol

  • Odd Ish
    Odd Ish 22 hours ago

    Maggie is so cute everytime I watch her in one of these videos she makes me laugh so much I wanna squish her cheeks

  • Nimsim Nimsim
    Nimsim Nimsim 22 hours ago

    More such videos please

  • Mahrukh Baloch
    Mahrukh Baloch 22 hours ago

    Maggie cake like coc but i like its cake

  • Dansque
    Dansque 22 hours ago

    Should be BuzzFood

  • Kate 714
    Kate 714 22 hours ago

    Maggie won! I love these kinds of videos!❤️

  • Estelle and Qi Ying
    Estelle and Qi Ying 22 hours ago

    I like the girl i hate the boy

  • Neetsey Secrob
    Neetsey Secrob Day ago

    Maggie is such a nice person😊

  • julia and her friend

    The cake decorator is always trying to freak out the artist

  • It’sjust me Eliza


  • Mackenzie Riordan


  • Jane Russel Obejas

    Still maggie

  • Chlo. E
    Chlo. E Day ago

    Do more of this😊

  • Selly Conley
    Selly Conley Day ago

    More of Maggie pls!!

  • Londis Lilacs
    Londis Lilacs Day ago +1

    I saw ray and clicked

  • Aadi 2116
    Aadi 2116 Day ago


  • Kuma - chan
    Kuma - chan Day ago

    Pick up one of the coke cakes. Take a bite! It'd be soo nice to see!

  • Kat Todd
    Kat Todd Day ago

    Why are her drawings so dark and depressing?

  • VansLars AJ
    VansLars AJ Day ago +1

    Tbh ray is nicer than the girl before.
    And maggie is always the best ;)

  • Kari Zavala
    Kari Zavala Day ago +1

    I would choose Ray

  • Creamy Peach Puff
    Creamy Peach Puff Day ago +1

    These cakes looked so good

  • Icefreak
    Icefreak Day ago

    oh wait did the guy give up on the restorations

  • Anya Bal
    Anya Bal Day ago


  • ###
    ### Day ago +1


  • Megha Hazarika
    Megha Hazarika Day ago +2

    Everybody here talking about maggie.. loved her but do not leave out the handsome and sweet man Mr. Ray!!

  • Matt Steer
    Matt Steer Day ago +1

    He was in the haircut video but now he doesn’t have any hair

  • twentygayteen
    twentygayteen Day ago +1

    he's so nice wow thank god cause after that last video...

  • Angel Baby
    Angel Baby Day ago

    Ray's cakes remind me of sailor moon 😍🌙

  • Elaine Kim
    Elaine Kim Day ago

    This guy is so sweet

  • Michelle Ross
    Michelle Ross Day ago +1

    Ray is sooooo Goooddd! OMG he's so talented!! he should have his own cake channel!!

    • Helga Olympia
      Helga Olympia Day ago

      Michelle Ross he actually does have his own channel... but he hasn’t posted in like a year since he’s with Buzzfeed more :D

  • Insane Cactus5
    Insane Cactus5 Day ago +1

    There both artist just they both use different mediums

  • leporidae
    leporidae Day ago

    None of the judgement was really based on the actual skill of cake decorator vs artist, I really wish the girl would've gone with soemthing more prom related rather than just takeing an idea she saw online and writting prom on it so the cakes could actually be judged on the same level

  • Calvin - ROBLOX & More

    Maggie has yet to win a challenge

  • Zoe Hobby
    Zoe Hobby Day ago

    This is so cool

  • emo fetus
    emo fetus Day ago

    aww maggie is so cute.

  • Amira Wanace
    Amira Wanace Day ago

    I would vote for the coke cans✋🏻

  • Will the Thrill
    Will the Thrill Day ago

    I think Maggie won

  • Denise Bey
    Denise Bey Day ago

    No matter what happens....we'll still be friends

  • Jason Dehora
    Jason Dehora Day ago

    00:58 I thought she said cocaine

  • MaryQ. XP
    MaryQ. XP Day ago

    i wanna eat that coke cake so baaddd

  • Nurul Alya
    Nurul Alya Day ago


  • Skull Warden
    Skull Warden Day ago

    can you do artist vs fashion designer?

  • Chloe Panganiban

    I like ray more than the last gal - she was wayyyyy too arrogant

  • Lessa Robinson
    Lessa Robinson Day ago

    I was really impressed with Maggie carving out letters from the fondant.

  • A Random Blue Corgi

    I like how last time they were so competitive and now they're like hugging and hyeah XP

  • 글니니Glennie

    I love Maggie so much. She is so adorable! ❤😂

  • ღHuckleberry_Rigelღ

    Maggie should have a reward for being a good sport and shes really adorable! I really just want to hug herr!! >~


    More of these plesssss

  • Sienna MSP
    Sienna MSP Day ago

    I love how Maggie is so cute yet CREATIVE! I love her work, Ray was being so sweet to her and he did a good job too!

  • Tamara Rxmli
    Tamara Rxmli 2 days ago

    when she said "coke can" i missheard it the fist time and thought she gonna make a cake that looks like cocaine dshgfhd

  • Petra Miladinović
    Petra Miladinović 2 days ago +1

    I liked Ray sooo much, since it was artistic, and glamours

  • Richa Kaintura
    Richa Kaintura 2 days ago

    That’s cheating , Maggie is clear winner

  • Bhavya Yatagiri
    Bhavya Yatagiri 2 days ago +2

    Ray is a nice person. Everyone should be like Ray.❤

  • Phoebe Hyxx
    Phoebe Hyxx 2 days ago +1

    Ray's cake literally had everything I like , I love stars and space and galaxy all that stuff I love but Maggie's definitely had a brilliant style and I loved the idea of the coke can

  • Charlotte Blake
    Charlotte Blake 2 days ago +1

    Omg they were so cute😁😁

  • Edgy Pasta
    Edgy Pasta 2 days ago

    I love them both agh

  • Edgy Pasta
    Edgy Pasta 2 days ago +1


  • Luyalist
    Luyalist 2 days ago

    wait omg this was so cute

  • Mr. Darkness
    Mr. Darkness 2 days ago

    More videos like this please!!! I love watching this kind of video!♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡♡
    Edit: Ray and Maggie are so nice to watch because they are so polite and nice!
    Ps. Sorry about my grammar I guess?

  • L&N Gaming
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  • L&N Gaming
    L&N Gaming 2 days ago

    Maggie is so nice and sweet😁

  • DeLicious Food
    DeLicious Food 2 days ago +1

    legit me in the morning

  • DeLicious Food
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  • Dmitry Mariia Family
    Dmitry Mariia Family 2 days ago +1

    I like Rays cake more, but in the beginning of the vid, they showed Maggie’s art, and it was SO CUTE!!!