First Drive of 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible Z51 - Jay Leno’s Garage

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Jay gets an exclusive first drive of the highly anticipated 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible with Executive Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter.
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    First Drive of 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible Z51 - Jay Leno’s Garage
    Jay Leno's Garage
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Comments • 8 361

  • Dave Allmon
    Dave Allmon 3 hours ago

    Cool car, love the engineering as represented by Tadge, but the ordering process seems archaic. I want to put in an order and I'm directed to put in my contact info and a dealer will be in contact with me and the price "may vary"... what is this? We're ordering like it's 1999?

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson 5 hours ago

    Love the car jay Leno not funny and boring never liked the guy

  • Arlie Riefer
    Arlie Riefer 6 hours ago +1

    The button strip is for redundacy to keep the driver and any passenger out of the big screen enfotainment system when you in the PDR and want. move the seats or to turn down the A/C

  • Arlie Riefer
    Arlie Riefer 7 hours ago +1

    Tadge has done what Zorra Duntov couldn't make happen. Other builders haven't paid the dues to build this good a Super Car. Prices will fall. No one has ever taken 60 years to develop a Car. Demand will raise the price of this car but other exotic car companys will die due to their greed! My Grand Dad was an engine machanic for Chevy before the Cherollet Brothers were gobbled up by GM and he would have been so proud of what Corvette has finally done. A workingman's Super Car!

  • OG 6
    OG 6 7 hours ago

    Bout time corvette made a auto tip car it’s time out for bolting and unbolting the tops

  • Ken Cole
    Ken Cole 7 hours ago

    Remember when the 1989 ZR-1 came out and it cost $60,000?

  • Sting Ray
    Sting Ray 8 hours ago

    Front trunk for Beer and rear trunk for Pizza. Nice!

  • American made
    American made 10 hours ago

    Love it!!

  • AirForceA7x
    AirForceA7x 12 hours ago


  • Choc Obo
    Choc Obo 12 hours ago

    The only car (or anything else), that makes me say "$60 grand isn't much money".

  • gerard collier
    gerard collier 12 hours ago

    What's so great is regular guys will be able to buy one on the used market in a few years

  • gerard collier
    gerard collier 12 hours ago

    So cool finally went mid eng it looks great

  • Gt500 Shelby
    Gt500 Shelby 17 hours ago

    Your tax dollars working for you!

  • John Young
    John Young 17 hours ago

    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Biodi-Vita
    Biodi-Vita 18 hours ago

    this is to bougie to me. I miss the old classic taste of cars.

  • Daniel Naranjo
    Daniel Naranjo 19 hours ago

    whats a p38 mustang 14:14

  • ayaxro
    ayaxro 19 hours ago

    Why are the wheel offsets sooooo conservative? It's probably a perspective thing but it does not look that well

  • Dick Thomas
    Dick Thomas 21 hour ago

    It's great to see the american brand on top!!! Great work Corvette team!

  • Mark Stedman
    Mark Stedman 21 hour ago

    60 grand really!, that's about 48k of my country's pounds. I hope this car comes and shakes up the euro car market

  • nofirethanks
    nofirethanks 22 hours ago +1

    Jay... the folding hardtop convertible isn't something new... it's been around since 1995 with the 3000GT VR-4 Spyder... (and of course -57 Fords had an retractable roof with a "little front fold")

  • nofirethanks
    nofirethanks 22 hours ago +1

    Jay Leno's test drive route -------->,-118.3444016/Big+Dog+Productions+Inc,+4555+W+Chermak+St,+Burbank,+CA+91510,+United+States/@34.1508903,-118.3774236,12358a,35y,43.3t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x80c295a6cdb6c22b:0x258d321ea1858630!2m2!1d-118.3620402!2d34.2066744!3e0

  • Shah N
    Shah N Day ago


  • Erik Haun
    Erik Haun Day ago

    Well first thing Tadge is an amazing guy. He answered every question Jay asked without any hesitation.Hi personality is 100% enjoyable. I am NOT much of a Corvette fan ......However this is a masterpiece! It sounds amazing and seems to preform and handle wonderful! Hats off to GM coming from a HUGE Mopar owner here.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Day ago

    Is there room for a supercharger under the convertible top?

  • TheAyzofl
    TheAyzofl Day ago

    Ford GTs salute the new supercar 35:33

  • Kenneth Jay
    Kenneth Jay Day ago

    So is there any future plans for a diesel version of the C8 corvette? I would love to see that as a production super car

  • Darth Daddy
    Darth Daddy Day ago

    I know if I buy this my credit score will tip into excellent !

  • Demetrios Limbas

    WOW looks like a they copied a 488 spider, with all plastic :-P Hate it! would love to run it with my 720S so i can distroy it :-)

  • AD
    AD Day ago

    I see the Ford GT.....

  • Scott Meyers
    Scott Meyers Day ago +1

    1k Euro downvotes?

  • david anderson
    david anderson Day ago

    I have owned ten Corvettes over the years. When I sold my last Corvette I told myself that would be my last Corvette and thought I was over my "addiction" to Corvettes. This 2020 C8 has awakenned me to my passion for Corvettes.

  • omegaorgun
    omegaorgun Day ago

    $60,000... i can have one in 5 years woo hoo!

  • Richard Koehler
    Richard Koehler Day ago

    The only way to be able to sell more you have to make it available to a larger customer base by making more affordable.Nice car ,

  • Marwan Cabbabé
    Marwan Cabbabé Day ago

    Great presentation on the C8 with an interesting GM representative. Bravo!

  • Tre.B Cardova
    Tre.B Cardova Day ago

    I will own one of these bad boys

  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores Day ago +1

    It's not a cute car

  • linguist2k
    linguist2k Day ago

    Hi Jay!
    Thank you for this great JLG episode! It's a terrific exposition of the 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible Z51.
    I've driven only mid-engine cars since 1975 -- first, X1/9 (two of them), then MR-2 (currently on my third one) -- because I love the handling of the mid-engine design. Since Corvettes were always front-engine cars (and always very pricey), I've never had much interest in them. But now that the 2020 Z51 is a mid-engine model (and goes for only $60), the Corvette has gone on my wish list!
    Thanks again!

  • Glenn Oropeza
    Glenn Oropeza Day ago

    2 things mid engine cars could not get right, a good air conditioning system and adequate trunk space. The C8's engineers did their research!

  • Stu Pidas
    Stu Pidas 2 days ago

    I'll be buying the 2020 base model in 2027 when it's under $25,000. Sweet!

  • Stu Pidas
    Stu Pidas 2 days ago

    At 48:36 i expected to hear the theme from the Rockford Files!

  • Rob R
    Rob R 2 days ago

    I've never been a Corvette fan. This 2020 convertible has changed the boards. Beautiful. If I didn't know it was a Corvette, my first guess would be Ferrari. I want one. No, two. One Black and the other Ducati Red. I need a winning lottery number first.

  • Seraphim Watson
    Seraphim Watson 2 days ago

    I would be dead in a week if I got this car😂

  • Chuck Wood
    Chuck Wood 2 days ago

    Sweet car, but a total Ferrari 458 knockoff

  • Geoff Meyers
    Geoff Meyers 2 days ago

    NO corvet SUV, but.... Doesn't the Blazer take ALOT of styling que's from the corvette?

  • charles V
    charles V 2 days ago

    My favorite corvette hasn’t been built yet.

  • Robert E Lee
    Robert E Lee 2 days ago

    Z51’s are a human right ! Free z51’s for everyone. Bernie Sanders- idiot communist, Elizabeth Warren- Chief ShltStain

  • Scott Lundy
    Scott Lundy 2 days ago

    The reason its cheap because its made of cheap plastic I am sure.

  • chooch1995
    chooch1995 2 days ago

    A real competitor for the European cars.....

  • Rabiddonky
    Rabiddonky 2 days ago

    no road head with that center console!

  • snaprollinpitts
    snaprollinpitts 2 days ago +1

    Jay, was there a reason we didn't get to see the engine, or was that still top secret!!! THUMBS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael C
      Michael C Day ago +1

      Maybe you missed it, but he said the convertible top and the insulation panel blocks the view of the engine.

    BROJAK HORSEMALE 2 days ago +1

    What a sexy car. What are they gonna do with the SS Camaros after this? These Vettes are gonna be only like $5k more than the top of the line Camaros and much faster/cooler/better looking. It'll kill the top end Camaros.

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 2 days ago

    At 31:00 when J say no stripper...
    Me thinking...what are talking about Willis...where is the stripper?

  • STohme
    STohme 2 days ago +2

    We would like very much to see this car in Europe.

  • Dustin Hofert
    Dustin Hofert 2 days ago

    Do you feel fast? Well Do you Punk?

  • STohme
    STohme 2 days ago

    An outstanding car for its price. Many thanks for the very nice video.

  • guysmalley
    guysmalley 3 days ago

    All things considered doing a complete redesign of a iconic car they did a great job

  • Joe Magnets
    Joe Magnets 3 days ago

    Hey Jay, does it make you proud that the 'list price' of the corvette is a LIE because you won't be able to buy it without all the options that will put it out of the reach of all but the RICH.

  • Matt Bershisnky
    Matt Bershisnky 3 days ago

    A mid engined, double clutch, drop dead gorgeous... corvette? When I first saw this car I almost thought ferrari had built a new mid priced car. Europe is probably in shock, this thing can go 194 mph. Well done Chevy, American kids finally have a new bedroom wall poster car, and I have a new midlife crisis.

  • Jeff 1969
    Jeff 1969 3 days ago +1

    LENO is great!..ultra famous and as humble, easy going and down to earth as any of us. GM dude is great marketing/sales and tech representative. Great video guys!... may be time to turn in my 18’ HOT WHEELS SS CAMARO ...umm?

  • Michael Coville
    Michael Coville 3 days ago

    I'm also amazed that they are selling it for 60K rather than 120K. Just think, you can pull up beside a Ferrari, out run it, and then tell the guy, "I couldn't decide what color I liked best, so I bought four of them, and I still spent less than you did."