Clone Wars Season 7 NEW Trailer - Star Wars Celebration 2019


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  • nooberstone
    nooberstone 2 hours ago

    HOW THE FUCK did the spider survive a bombing straight into the tower of his ship

  • Dj SILVER Music
    Dj SILVER Music 3 hours ago

    Cuando saldra esta Nueva temporada????

  • Luke Stockton
    Luke Stockton 4 hours ago

    Who else thought that the whole trailer was awesome, except for Anakin's hair!

  • Clark Boys
    Clark Boys Day ago +1

    After seeing the moment where she met Anakin, or Vader again, I have no idea what to think anymore about what might happen here.

  • Ethan Yeo
    Ethan Yeo Day ago


  • franzxiya
    franzxiya Day ago +1

    Alot of ahsoka in this trailer, they really know how to hype me up!!

  • Zach Michaelis
    Zach Michaelis Day ago

    its fucking takeing them long enough to fucking releas this also where will i be able to watch it im not paying for another subscription service if its not on hulu or netflix i'm bootlegging it

  • PrimeDay
    PrimeDay 2 days ago

    Oh Jesus fuck I'd kill three hard-working family men for Darth Maul. ;-;

  • Shana Brennan
    Shana Brennan 2 days ago

    Soooooooooo Hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geeking out over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chaos Primordial
    Chaos Primordial 2 days ago +1

    Just by looking at this Trailer it looks way too much for 12 episodes.

  • Turtle time EGG
    Turtle time EGG 2 days ago +1

    That first scene of Ahsoka leaving never fails to make me feel like crying.

  • RiverOfBlood
    RiverOfBlood 3 days ago +1

    2:37 This can’t be Deathwatch, this is probably an episod about Order 66.

  • Derrick Thomas
    Derrick Thomas 4 days ago

    Come back on 2020

  • Mikolaj Wojtowicz
    Mikolaj Wojtowicz 5 days ago

    YOU ARE!

  • Sideswipe
    Sideswipe 5 days ago

    We all know how it ends...they spoiled enough in Ahsoka Novel, and we all know that this season is the last thing we see of Clone Wars, because after this Revenge of the sith begins and everything ends. but hey! there are so many games on the way, I hope they make an actual game of Clone wars. not like Republic heroes or Lego Star wars III. this year is the Star wars year.

    From: 2019 :)

  • FlyAtNight -
    FlyAtNight - 5 days ago

    Holy Shit! I just realised whilst reading comments. We need an aftermath of order 66 just for the time period of per say a year. After episode 7. Maybe for ep 9. I don’t think ep 7 will cover EVERYTHING.

  • Atrio Berlyn
    Atrio Berlyn 5 days ago

    Is to the moon all over again

  • FrighteningFPS
    FrighteningFPS 6 days ago

    *suicide rate drops to -1000000*

    This is gonna be so good, Im so hyped, the animation looks hecka good. they better not make this a baby show either

  • kurczak z rożna
    kurczak z rożna 7 days ago

    Honestly This looks dissapointing . Ashoka is A terrible
    And useless charakter. She ruined This show

  • Whoadie
    Whoadie 7 days ago

    Oh well would you like at that. I don’t mean to be negative but why’d they have to turn down the violence so much, looks like a prequel to rebels. Disney already said that clones that get shot only squirm and there’s no blast marks or anything, and as you see in the trailer ahsoka only cuts the weapons of the clones and punches them a bunch.

  • Tonia Fr
    Tonia Fr 7 days ago

    1:32 this girl's voice reminds me a bit of Kaeden Larte... Or at least how I imagine her voice... But sadly, that's not her.

  • Louise Harvey
    Louise Harvey 8 days ago

    Does anyone know where to get all the series from now that it's off Netflix ??

  • Ange Du Nord
    Ange Du Nord 10 days ago

    I am in love

    DARTH MAUL 10 days ago +1

    I am so glad master didn’t kill me so I can be in this and by the way I’m going to Rick Asoka

    TURZY PL 11 days ago

    Hay guys. When is time premier 7 season clone wars ?? Could you tell me ?

  • Miles
    Miles 11 days ago

    after reading the ahsoka book i cant wait to see the maul fight and how everything comes together in her story up to the start of the book!

  • Dunn-Right Productions
    Dunn-Right Productions 12 days ago +2

    I love how they developed the characters in this series. Before “Star Wars The Clone Wars”, clones were seen as clones to viewers, nothing more. But they gave each clone characterization in all the right ways, and they are all so likable.

  • Akane's Boobs
    Akane's Boobs 12 days ago

    only thing im excited for is for anakins hair to get longer

  • Matías Serafini
    Matías Serafini 13 days ago

    So excited for this. They should let Maul go tho

  • Seth Russell
    Seth Russell 13 days ago +1

    1:49 omg the episode that they save Echo!!

  • NotANumber
    NotANumber 13 days ago

    Just noticed Jesse is an arc trooper

  • Gostaug
    Gostaug 13 days ago

    A lot of spoiler, in this trailer there is

  • KingZ Poseidon43
    KingZ Poseidon43 14 days ago

    Star Wars Rebels : MERCY PLEAAASE

    NEW STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS SEASON: there is no mercy

    Star Wars Rebels : AAAAAAAAAA

  • Yanrique Wright
    Yanrique Wright 14 days ago

    Is it out yet?

  • alexscipion
    alexscipion 14 days ago

    The most important is the asoka's return

  • alexscipion
    alexscipion 14 days ago


  • Reynaldo Torres
    Reynaldo Torres 16 days ago

    Am I tripping or does the lightsaber combat looks and feels more natural

  • wildnigel13
    wildnigel13 17 days ago +1

    Where is Grievous?!

  • Rubber Pencil Studios
    Rubber Pencil Studios 17 days ago

    So this is one of the most intriguing things about Maul's story arc in this TCW season. For those who have been following the expanded universe, they know that Maul had a comic story where he escaped Sidious' "other uses" for him and returned in hiding to Mandalore, with the majority of his shadow collective defeated and branded "not a threat" to Sidious' plans. This is where Bo-Katan and Ahsoka find him in Season 7. For anyone who hasn't read the Son of Dathomir comics, this plot point is pretty confusing. For anyone binging the series, it's either as if Sidious arriving did literally nothing to Maul's status on Mandalore (but still accounted for the death of Savage), or it implies that Sidious' "other uses" involved having Maul keep Ahsoka's forces distracted during ROTS so Palpatine can seduce Anakin without difficulty.... hey wait I think I'm on to something haha. Son of Dathomir was written by Dark Horse Comics, unlike all the other canon comics with Marvel. So there could be a chance that they retcon Son of Dathomir out of existence and write Maul's presence on Mandalore into the story. I dunno. Maybe that's too far-fetched. Either way, I think they need to consider the individuals who would be binge-watching the show who would get confused by this perceived "plot hole." Maybe they can address the situation in one of their introduction narrations. We'll see!

  • Thomas Woodroffe
    Thomas Woodroffe 17 days ago

    Blue suits her better

  • Jon Nelson
    Jon Nelson 17 days ago

    Just saw this and got chills. They need to make a movie about Asoka....she’s definitely my favorite SW character.

  • Josh Nenadich
    Josh Nenadich 17 days ago

    This is the cartoon network show of all time in my opinion and im just so hyped to see what they will do with the unfinished plot holes

  • HerosTheme
    HerosTheme 17 days ago +1

    I really hope that season 7 doesn't turn into the "Ahsoka show".

  • tetekoo
    tetekoo 18 days ago

    I just hope it isn't only focused on Ashoka, but more like the last seasons were it switched between the characters.
    I can't wait.

  • skygirlBAJ
    skygirlBAJ 19 days ago

    Can I cry now? Please can I cry now?

  • JJoh4040
    JJoh4040 20 days ago

    Darth maul DOESNT deserve to die I think he should go on to become a sith Lord long after vader and sidious take and lose control of the Galaxy and become a major enemy for Luke Skywalker as the last apprentice of sidious he deserves that. He doesn't deserve to be killed by Obi- Wan in a desert in the middle of nowhere like an old enemy aho just wants to get himself killed because he failed to take over the Galaxy

  • Gage Dubois
    Gage Dubois 20 days ago +1

    Back after finding out the hints in this trailer are right. Disney confirmed it will have toned-down violence like Rebels. Clone troopers will squirm on the ground after being shot showing their armor did something and no more lightsaber kills in the show. Only disarming people by cutting their weapons and half and for some reason they fall to the ground and never get back up. Greeeeatttt...
    On a side note. Who remembers when Ahsoka cut off the heads of 4 deathwatch soldiers like a total badass?

  • Aaron Butler
    Aaron Butler 21 day ago

    Was...was that Admiral Trench, but how?

    • saljpal3
      saljpal3 11 days ago

      We already saw him in season 6.

  • Тёмас
    Тёмас 21 day ago

    Можно не реветь спустя столько лет?

  • Raiko The Thunder Lion

    Obi wan: over and over and over and over and over AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN WHY WONT YOU LEAVR ME ALONE !!!!

    Darth maul: because your my friend

  • Dutch972
    Dutch972 21 day ago

    I wish the 332nd also changed the color of their armor. The new buckets kinda clash with the 501st colors

  • Onika Heaux
    Onika Heaux 21 day ago +1

    Ahsoka is such an iconic character. She’s finally getting her story

  • Elsie Smy
    Elsie Smy 22 days ago +3

    2:11 is definitely my favourite part. I can’t wait for Anakin and Ahsoka to reunite and for Ahsoka VS Maul. This is gonna be the best season yet.

  • Juicdin
    Juicdin 23 days ago

    We've waited a long time for this moment... still waiting.. soon we will see the end!


    Как же я жду продолжения ,хотя знаю чем закончится конец республиканской войны(((

  • Daniel Alvarez
    Daniel Alvarez 24 days ago

    I always feel like Darth Maul is an angry gentleman, weird

  • prasert009
    prasert009 24 days ago


  • diana shepherd
    diana shepherd 24 days ago

    i love ahsoka, though i hope they balance the time spent on all our beloved characters and not just focus on her the majority of the time

  • Raphael Castro
    Raphael Castro 25 days ago

    99 is cannon now... FUCKING YES
    edit: I dont mean clone 99 I mean squad 99 (clones with 'defects')

  • Y2K
    Y2K 26 days ago

    *Now I'm a Believer plays in my head*