50 People Try to Shuck Corn | Epicurious

  • Published on May 22, 2018
  • Some food chores really shuck, but at least you can work your way up to kernal. 50 people work through this hairy husk in attempt to take corn off the cob.

    Because obviously that's how we all want to eat corn.../sideeye
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    50 People Try to Shuck Corn | Epicurious
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Comments • 742

  • Joycelynn Tran
    Joycelynn Tran 2 hours ago +1

    Okay..I’m ten and I know how to do this.. but adults struggling..*sigh*

  • Sophia R.
    Sophia R. 2 hours ago

    I thought the title said *"50 people try to suck corn."* my bad...

  • Puppy Luppy Gaming

    “What the cob”

  • Puppy Luppy Gaming

    I’m just a kid and I’m smarter then them

  • Gratitude Ranch
    Gratitude Ranch Day ago

    Corn isn’t a vegetable… It’s a grain.

  • Tbone MacKay
    Tbone MacKay 2 days ago

    That was painful to watch...never realized how intimidating unshucked corn could be to even somewhat interested chefs!!
    I probably ate about 500 cobs by the time I was 12, and shucked 20 times that many. Maybe in less time it took some of these folks? Although I never trimmed the kernels off the cob, except with my own teeth.

  • Justyn Miller
    Justyn Miller 2 days ago

    Corn is not a vegetable it is a grain

  • seter
    seter 2 days ago

    *midwesterns are quaking at the people who don’t know how to shuck a corn*

  • Ying Feng
    Ying Feng 2 days ago


  • Crazy cupcake and KING
    Crazy cupcake and KING 3 days ago +1

    I know how to shuck corn and im a kid.

  • Asian Noodle
    Asian Noodle 3 days ago

    *grates corn*

  • Benjamin Liang
    Benjamin Liang 4 days ago

    50 people try to peel and cut a red dragon fruit

  • Fernanda Herrera
    Fernanda Herrera 4 days ago

    Oh my god such a tiny small corns!
    Here corns are huge wtf 😂

  • Rylee Mel
    Rylee Mel 5 days ago

    Sounds like duck tape

  • Jojo Moyes
    Jojo Moyes 5 days ago

    0:41 you know he's never done it but atleast some sense aka an actual human being

  • jessica zhang
    jessica zhang 6 days ago

    Who likes corn on the cob?🌽❤🌽

  • Skylar K
    Skylar K 7 days ago

    " s , h right?" .. lol

  • nvr_mnd
    nvr_mnd 7 days ago

    1:06 Shakira.

  • Rollin Leonard
    Rollin Leonard 7 days ago

    50 people are stupid

  • Mansoor Ahmed
    Mansoor Ahmed 7 days ago

    That old lady 😂😂😂😂

  • maddi heidari
    maddi heidari 8 days ago


  • maddi heidari
    maddi heidari 8 days ago


  • DuYu NoDaWey
    DuYu NoDaWey 9 days ago

    0:12 my dude thought he had to suck the corn

  • mike johnson
    mike johnson 9 days ago

    0:56 take it off the cob
    Grabs cheese grater


    haha 😂 haha someone used a cheese grater

  • Heidi101
    Heidi101 11 days ago

    Most of these people are older people how do they not know how to peel or get the kernels out of the cob 😭

  • Nekane Nayzeth Cueva Jara

    My grandma teach me how to do that with my hands :D

  • Isaiah Lopez
    Isaiah Lopez 12 days ago

    You guys get the most stupid people . It makes me mad how dumb these people are

  • r c
    r c 12 days ago

    Do peel a green plantain

  • Brian Angel
    Brian Angel 12 days ago

    The Asian guy with the glasses and the black guy at the end are my favorite people on these episodes.

  • _Quyzerah Slayyy
    _Quyzerah Slayyy 12 days ago

    2:11 was that cooked?

  • Timothy Dejoras
    Timothy Dejoras 13 days ago

    Did... did he just try to grate a corn on the cob...

  • Kolby Broome
    Kolby Broome 14 days ago

    This isn’t shucking corn when you shuck corn you don’t cut it you just take the husk off you moron

  • Mandy
    Mandy 15 days ago

    0:47 Wtf?!

  • tracy nail
    tracy nail 16 days ago

    I relate to the guy shredding corn

  • Jessica Dixon
    Jessica Dixon 17 days ago

    that guy at the end was the only one who did it right.

  • Randy Delcarmen
    Randy Delcarmen 18 days ago

    I wanna smack the chief so bad

  • Sprinklefan fan
    Sprinklefan fan 18 days ago

    Why can't you just eat it on the cob

  • gurerf
    gurerf 18 days ago

    1:07 what’s her name please?

  • Hassen Sulaimani
    Hassen Sulaimani 18 days ago

    1:00 really bro??

  • Tapi
    Tapi 18 days ago

    0:47 :D

  • Lily Sprinkle
    Lily Sprinkle 19 days ago

    These people actually have problems

  • Milena Claudino
    Milena Claudino 19 days ago

    Don’t you cook them?

  • munchlaxjt
    munchlaxjt 19 days ago

    anyone know who that is @0:51?

  • CC7 gaming
    CC7 gaming 19 days ago

    The background song is the nigahiga vid juju on the beat classic version

  • Wippty
    Wippty 20 days ago

    0:52 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  • Shia LaCow
    Shia LaCow 21 day ago

    City slickers

  • Anna Yawn
    Anna Yawn 23 days ago

    Who doesn’t know how to shuck corn???

  • Luscious Angel
    Luscious Angel 23 days ago +1

    That's silk hairs LOL 😂.

  • Leonard Greenpaw
    Leonard Greenpaw 23 days ago

    I just realized, chef name is Ramsey! oh my goodness, imagine if gordan ramsey saw these bloody idiots do this rubbish.
    ps. Microwave corn for a few seconds, chop off the bottom and like wring the corn out of the leaves, its a trick that works beautifully and gets off all the hairs

  • Lor Beast
    Lor Beast 24 days ago

    I know how to do everything yall post lol dumb people

  • Jake Kirby
    Jake Kirby 24 days ago

    They found the dumbest people ever to shuck corn, or is it because I grew up in the south

  • Lauren Larson
    Lauren Larson 24 days ago


  • Hayden
    Hayden 24 days ago

    1:15 yeah there is, you’d do it into a bowl so the corn doesn’t fly everywhere

  • Venice Brooke
    Venice Brooke 25 days ago

    2:11 "but that wouldn't be fun"
    **bites corn**
    same grandma. thats how I do it too lmao

  • Estrella Lopez
    Estrella Lopez 25 days ago

    When I was 8 I had to do all of this

  • What have I done
    What have I done 25 days ago

    So I don’t need to take the corn off

  • Piper Thompson
    Piper Thompson 25 days ago

    Are you serious people don’t even know how to shuck CORN people these days are dumb

  • GD Happy
    GD Happy 25 days ago

    Corn ain’t a vegetable it’s a starch

  • koalazaziga
    koalazaziga 25 days ago +1


  • Sade Anderson
    Sade Anderson 25 days ago

    Corn is a starch

  • Napkin
    Napkin 26 days ago

    Sometimes people tell me I’m good at doing this and I can’t help but say “aw, shucks”

  • Em Colchado
    Em Colchado 26 days ago

    0:42 he’s beautiful

  • Kookie Taetae
    Kookie Taetae 26 days ago

    They used a knife when a corn shucker is right in front of them

  • sibiris
    sibiris 26 days ago

    I just twist it until its naked.

  • SCYTHE2525
    SCYTHE2525 27 days ago

    Chef didn't say a word about removing the silks effectively. I just use a veggie brush and brush the majority of the silks off by brushing the rows from top to bottom over the garbage can. You generally won't get all of them but a few stray silks never hurt nobody.

  • Kim Jackson
    Kim Jackson 27 days ago

    Myth: Your body cannot digest corn -- and that's a bad thing.
    While it's true that corn has high amounts of insoluble fiber -- meaning, the kind of fiber that goes through the body intact and gets those bowel movements going -- this is not a bad thing, McDaniel says. Sure, if you eat a lot of corn, you might see some of it in your stool, but insoluble fiber has been shown in research to help feed the "good" bacteria in our gut. "If we're looking at getting lots of good fiber in our diet, it's good that [corn] has a higher ratio of insoluble to soluble fiber because it feeds the good gut bacteria in our body," she explains.

  • 이노츄
    이노츄 28 days ago

    I don’t even use a knife, I just use my hands.

  • Ethan L
    Ethan L 28 days ago

    to be fair, all they *did* say was to shuck it. so they don’t need to put it off the cob

  • Shanna Siro
    Shanna Siro 28 days ago

    😂😂 “What’s the cob”

  • LinzBelle
    LinzBelle 28 days ago

    Interesting fact Cornhusker Lotion was made because of contact dermatitis from the hairs. Mind you this will only happen if you are shucking tons of corn. I had this once when my friends family had a HUGE BBQ and my friend, her mom and I shucked at least 60 cobs of corn.

  • Cedric Chan
    Cedric Chan 28 days ago

    Who tf eats raw corn

  • Grace Okoro
    Grace Okoro 28 days ago

    Bro the ppl eating raw corn... wyd

  • Madeline Haston
    Madeline Haston 28 days ago

    how many people from indiana watched this video and had flashbacks to shucking the corn you picked from your backyard

  • kha led
    kha led 28 days ago

    Is it me or am I the only one who hates the sound of them pealing the leaves

  • clickbait–
    clickbait– 28 days ago

    the end 😂

  • Lily
    Lily 28 days ago +1

    Corn is life, I’d be sad if I didn’t know how to prepare it cuz I hate the ones that come frozen

  • Kris F
    Kris F 29 days ago

    You realize you're from corn country when you can shuck corn in 2 motions

  • GregoryMom
    GregoryMom 29 days ago


  • Mason Martin
    Mason Martin 29 days ago

    i’ve known how to shuck corn since i was 7 😂

  • hannah hanks
    hannah hanks 29 days ago +1

    my man really out here using a cheese grater😂

  • Dan Sthjonson
    Dan Sthjonson 29 days ago

    Using the bundt pan thing is stupid, even more so for a "chef". Getting corn on a cutting board is not that hard.

  • Peyton Stewart
    Peyton Stewart 29 days ago

    This hurt to watch as a Iowan

  • Mel Eracitano
    Mel Eracitano 29 days ago


  • GGB_Gaming Gregory
    GGB_Gaming Gregory Month ago

    Just watch from :46 to :50 bruh idk why I laughed so hard

  • Misfortune
    Misfortune Month ago

    nobody filched when she hammered down on the corn ? 😂

  • squints palledorous

    Corn is not a vegetable, it's a grain.

  • Chloe' Starr
    Chloe' Starr Month ago

    They literally had a corn peeler thresher tool right in front of them... it’s yellow and literally looks like the shape of corn

  • Semi-Decent Cartoonist

    Being a Midwesterner it's surprising to me that people didn't really know what to do. But, corn is super annoying to shuck

  • JH Piano Anime
    JH Piano Anime Month ago +1

    I just use my palms to grip onto a column (vertical) of corns
    and break them off
    That way you dont get half cut corns
    but the only problem is that you have to remove a few columns another way before you can get a good grip

  • Suri K.
    Suri K. Month ago

    Aw shuks thats a great video

  • Hannahanya
    Hannahanya Month ago

    *Laughs in southern*

  • Darren Djaya
    Darren Djaya Month ago

    2:05 had me dying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Danielle Mari
    Danielle Mari Month ago

    The corn was shookt

  • Nebless Oblige
    Nebless Oblige Month ago


  • Jessi Lee
    Jessi Lee Month ago

    growing up in illinois, even in chicago, you’d better know how to shuck some damn corn😂😂we’re KNOWN for corn and popcorn. it’d be sad if you couldn’t do that

  • edona kukaj
    edona kukaj Month ago

    this triggers me..

  • TomatoIceCream Xavier

    All of these methods of shucking are way to much work and you end up shucking yourself silly, so try the golf shuck method,

  • Ghina K
    Ghina K Month ago

    0.41 !!!! I really want to know his ig or twitter!!😁😉😩