50 People Try to Shuck Corn | Basic Skills Challenge | Epicurious

  • Published on May 22, 2018
  • Some food chores really shuck, but at least you can work your way up to kernal. 50 people work through this hairy husk in attempt to take corn off the cob.

    Because obviously that's how we all want to eat corn.../sideeye

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    50 People Try to Shuck Corn | Basic Skills Challenge | Epicurious
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  • Anna Killinger05
    Anna Killinger05 2 days ago

    These people are called city people

  • FinetalPies
    FinetalPies 3 days ago

    There really should've been like, an annotation on that opening comment being like "this isn't true"

  • Vasy
    Vasy 4 days ago

    Noo :c

  • Ivan Petrov
    Ivan Petrov 7 days ago

    "what are those hairs"???? Americans dont have biology classes ?? :D

  • Zoey Rauterkus
    Zoey Rauterkus 9 days ago

    Us nebraskans know how to do it

  • Avia *
    Avia * 11 days ago

    im shucking angry right now
    i just wanna cob every one of their faces in except those who got it right.

  • EverydayLoki
    EverydayLoki 11 days ago

    These people may be from LA but this is just sad

  • Hamza Abdullahi
    Hamza Abdullahi 13 days ago

    0:47 MOOD

  • Grace Tracy
    Grace Tracy 13 days ago

    When the dude started grating the corn i just lost it

  • Beauty Tech
    Beauty Tech 13 days ago

    1:01 did he really just grate corn..?

  • Hooman Cat
    Hooman Cat 13 days ago +1

    When I first read the title I though it said this '50 People Try to Suck Corn'. Welp. That was the most confusing 6 seconds of mah life.

  • spence12310
    spence12310 14 days ago

    That corn was my faith in humanity at 1:00

  • ur mom gay
    ur mom gay 14 days ago

    i can shuck and cut corn and i’m 11 😔

  • Ninja
    Ninja 15 days ago


  • WestNileSnipes
    WestNileSnipes 15 days ago

    There’s always that one black dude that just sucks at all of these. I like him the best lol. Dude would fail at boilin water.

  • justyouwaitforphysed
    justyouwaitforphysed 16 days ago

    0:34 ok but who is she???😍😍😍

  • Leggy Dope
    Leggy Dope 17 days ago +1

    I boil my corn

  • PotSticker Hax
    PotSticker Hax 17 days ago +1

    Grandma just ate the damned thing

  • Cherrys
    Cherrys 19 days ago

    Maby not your body but i can

  • maud
    maud 19 days ago

    did he really just try to grate corn

  • dimascience Kyna
    dimascience Kyna 21 day ago

    1:00 *"excuse me WTF"*

  • caroline
    caroline 21 day ago


  • Sydney Jo
    Sydney Jo 22 days ago

    THEY ARE CALLED SILKS PEOPLE! NOT FIBERS OR HAIR! what would be funny is if there was worms in the cob!😂 we get local sweet corn and sometimes there are works or rotten one's. My dad grows corn and I hate when people don't know the right terms...
    Eating raw corn, hmmmm...
    (Rant over)

  • Ogemdi Achara
    Ogemdi Achara 22 days ago

    ITS CORN don’t say ew!

  • Adrianna Gebhart
    Adrianna Gebhart 22 days ago

    * screams in midwestern *

  • gulan rahim
    gulan rahim 22 days ago

    WHATS A FREAKING COB ????????? Any one

  • 》Tessa 《
    》Tessa 《 23 days ago

    Those last two are the real experts!

    • 》Tessa 《
      》Tessa 《 23 days ago

      Okay, maybe not the very last two, but the last two before the chef ;-)

  • 》Tessa 《
    》Tessa 《 23 days ago

    'Can you put this in a scentence' said one of the 50
    Me: sure! 'You're going to chuck this corn today'

  • Bird Master
    Bird Master 24 days ago

    *Gordon Ramsay has left the chat*

  • Emmi Whitehead
    Emmi Whitehead 25 days ago

    What’s a cob oml😂🤣🤣🤣😅😂

  • Nicole Anderson
    Nicole Anderson 25 days ago

    First 10 seconds of the video pretty much told me why if you eat corn it comes in your poo like the damn thing hasn't been touched

  • Alpha 150
    Alpha 150 28 days ago

    As someone who hails from northern Indiana this video is so overwhelmingly a defensive that I demand a be removed from this website immediately at all of the individual seen failing miserably at attempting to do the most basic of tasks should immediately be eradicated by skinning them alive and drenching them in boiling oil like a catfish all other options all other options are unacceptable

  • quiet child
    quiet child 28 days ago

    The guy at 00:59 always has the best ways

  • owo
    owo 29 days ago

    that one guy saying ''what's the cob?'' 😂😂😂

  • bigberb fLaP
    bigberb fLaP 29 days ago

    It sounds like tape

  • Confused Vlogger
    Confused Vlogger 29 days ago

    I'm sitting on the floor listen to the Nebraska game watching a video about corn and being appalled that some people can't shuck corn. I've never felt so Nebraskan before

  • facegarrr
    facegarrr Month ago


  • Ashley Wick
    Ashley Wick Month ago

    Wait, so people don’t know how to shuck a piece of corn?

    • Ashley Wick
      Ashley Wick Month ago

      is this just a Wisconsin thing?
      *questions entire existence*

  • Broken Robot
    Broken Robot Month ago

    lady: Corn has hair!

  • Radu
    Radu Month ago

    So the human body does not digest corn? Wow. I'm an alien!

  • Some Girl :D
    Some Girl :D Month ago

    Wait. Did they eat it unboiled???????

  • Tanner's Vlogs!!
    Tanner's Vlogs!! Month ago

    I'm 11 and I shuck corn all the time but I'm from Kentucky

  • Botan Sherwan
    Botan Sherwan Month ago

    How can you possibly be that dumb ?
    0:55 and 1:00

  • Angi Maravi
    Angi Maravi Month ago

    0:25 Thor

  • Alien in Exo-planet

    2:12 grandma is S A V A G E af

  • NewFiegirl Holly
    NewFiegirl Holly Month ago

    Oh my goodness😂😂😂😂I died😁😂😂😂😂😅😂

  • Ulas Onal
    Ulas Onal Month ago

    Wait.. Americans don't cook their corn? They are getting weirder every damn day

  • robyn
    robyn Month ago +1

    ‘basic skill *challenge*’

  • Nani Shamoon
    Nani Shamoon Month ago

    Don't shame the corn they have hair like any other vegetables.

  • Caden Lee
    Caden Lee Month ago

    When she bit it I laughed so hard I peed myself

  • Mikkel Pedersen
    Mikkel Pedersen Month ago

    0:47 when your man is with a New Girl

  • Cobra the German shepherd

    Why do all these people have absolutely no common sense...like.....how have they survived I swear. I shucked corn for dinner for my mom since I was 6

  • Jorge Trujillo
    Jorge Trujillo Month ago


  • Army Chim
    Army Chim Month ago

    How the heck do people not know this stuff? I’m not trying to be offensive, but it’s common sense guys...

  • Mauricio Camacho
    Mauricio Camacho Month ago

    Really...Its easy use a knife, im mexican and a lot of people do it

  • Pranjal Angne
    Pranjal Angne Month ago

    1:00 are we just going to act like what happened here was normal

  • S R
    S R Month ago

    "What's the cob?"
    My corny brain: Isn't that a band? 😂

  • Monica _
    Monica _ Month ago


  • 심남주
    심남주 Month ago +1

    You can make tea from that hair..sweet.=v=...

  • Drake the Snake
    Drake the Snake Month ago

    Its digestible

  • Trover19
    Trover19 Month ago +2

    This episode wasn’t that bad, at least no one brought out the slapchop

  • Sarah Rolda
    Sarah Rolda Month ago

    Oh common even the chef is doing it wrong.Dude

  • Moises Mojica
    Moises Mojica Month ago

    1:00 really using a cheese grater...

  • I luv pizza_
    I luv pizza_ Month ago

    0:13... I swear he's in every single vid and gets more dumber and dumber

  • Bleach Drinked
    Bleach Drinked Month ago

    0:45 when I'm angry

  • Gabby T.
    Gabby T. Month ago

    3:11 his momentarily shattered confidence it everything 😂

  • Lee Hyuk
    Lee Hyuk Month ago

    The same question I have for every single video. Ahm so yeah ( Are they FUCKN STUPID) ?

  • Llama Del rey
    Llama Del rey Month ago

    that one guy really thought it would be a good idea to grate that corn

  • Spaz ?
    Spaz ? Month ago

    1:23 why aren’t peng girls like that in my area

  • AChildJordan
    AChildJordan Month ago

    0:46 don’t mess with big mama she’ll cut your head off

  • Brittany Zenda
    Brittany Zenda Month ago

    TIL you dont have to cook corn before eating it.

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman Month ago +1

    Why do you always make me feel like people are too stupid

  • richard-von-huesner

    Blonde hippy guy aces everyone of these!

  • Ruby-Anne Whitfield

    these people really tried to grate the kernels off or cut them into a bundt cake pan, and the internet is “turning YOUNG people’s brains to mush.”

  • Jacob Guo
    Jacob Guo Month ago

    Damb if they dont know they stupid

  • Kaylee Razo
    Kaylee Razo Month ago

    Cut of the ends of a corn really have you never eaten corn before

  • Slenderhood hyxcriar

    I like that blonde long hair guy

  • Isabella Nearad
    Isabella Nearad Month ago

    Do something with a watermelon!

  • morgan H
    morgan H Month ago

    corn isn’t a vegetable

  • Tea Shirt
    Tea Shirt Month ago +2

    "50 People try to chew and swallow food"

  • Random
    Random Month ago +1

    If that Woman did that with a corn at 0:46 Imagine what will happen if she was your mum and she will know your grades

  • Tasha Gweshe
    Tasha Gweshe Month ago

    Why isn't anyone commenting on how some of them are eating it RAW?!

  • Eredyn IreMist
    Eredyn IreMist Month ago

    2:13 You go Gran!!!

  • Eredyn IreMist
    Eredyn IreMist Month ago


  • Lara Meehan
    Lara Meehan Month ago

    It's THOR!!!!!

  • mogur00
    mogur00 Month ago

    corn is not digestible? what utter nonsense.
    yes part of it is not digested, however, the nutrients are extracted from the fiber, and the fiber then passes through (as all fiber does!)

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T Month ago

    1. Microwave 6 minutes
    2. Cut off and remove big end
    3. Squeeze little end and pull out of husk
    4. Eat
    Smdh even the chef did it wrong. Common sense please come back 😭

    QUÅÅN GÅNG Month ago

    Ok they make my 4 year old cousin sound n look smart

  • Ella Lomas
    Ella Lomas Month ago +3

    Who thinks the guy at 0:27 looks like he should be on a wildlife documentary???

  • Animated Zorox
    Animated Zorox Month ago +3

    *Yo did someone use a cheese grater?*

  • Charlee Knight
    Charlee Knight Month ago +1

    The guy grating the corn off the cob was so frustrating

  • NoxiousBlueCloud
    NoxiousBlueCloud Month ago

    1:00 Seriously, I hate this guy. I think he's intentionally butchering it for attention.

  • cavman7
    cavman7 Month ago

    And of course this is how it should be done. tvclip.biz/video/35TsFXYfpB0/video.html

  • PotatoTaco Girl
    PotatoTaco Girl Month ago +1

    Did she just eat raw corn ? 😂

  • Sam Wrenn
    Sam Wrenn Month ago

    These people are the actors in commercials for food products that come on at 3 in the morning

  • iconic.joanelle
    iconic.joanelle Month ago

    honestly this video made me think LA people are kind of dumb....

  • Finlay Young
    Finlay Young Month ago

    Even Robert Ramsey did it wrong. After you put the corn on the bundt pan you are meant to use the yellow thing that takes off all the corn

  • connor
    connor Month ago

    0:46 *clears throat* chop

  • Christine Remo
    Christine Remo Month ago

    im the old woman that just ate it

  • louisil13
    louisil13 Month ago

    0:59 what.