50 People Try to Shuck Corn | Basic Skills Challenge | Epicurious

  • Published on May 22, 2018
  • Some food chores really shuck, but at least you can work your way up to kernal. 50 people work through this hairy husk in attempt to take corn off the cob.

    Because obviously that's how we all want to eat corn.../sideeye

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    50 People Try to Shuck Corn | Basic Skills Challenge | Epicurious
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Comments • 955

  • Lady Haha
    Lady Haha 4 hours ago

    I'm that old lady...I just eat it.

  • Ciara Williams
    Ciara Williams 9 hours ago


  • Jevboss14 _YT
    Jevboss14 _YT Day ago

    Even a kid can open a corn an they don’t THESE PEOPLE NEED HELP

  • Evie Henry
    Evie Henry Day ago

    You're just trying to shuck the corn on the cob not D corn in the corn from the cob!

  • Savannah Leigh
    Savannah Leigh Day ago

    I live on a farm we plant corn and shuck corn almost every year


    only a challenge for them and us to watch them

  • Gacha Nation
    Gacha Nation Day ago

    Fancy shnancy peeps xD

  • A C
    A C 2 days ago

    What’s Thor’s IG

  • J F
    J F 2 days ago

    Do Americans really eat enough corn to consider shucking corn (as well as cutting avocados) a basic life skill? What do you use them for?

  • Nicholas Sanzo
    Nicholas Sanzo 3 days ago

    This makes me mad because I do this almost every week

  • Lesley Hart
    Lesley Hart 4 days ago +1

    I'm officially addicted to these series😂❤

  • 811414182梦见
    811414182梦见 5 days ago

    Punishment? Bruh, we did this for fun when I was a kid. Heck, NOT getting to shuck corn with the sibs was considered a punishment. Smh

  • JoeBobTNVS
    JoeBobTNVS 6 days ago

    Why would you take it off the cob?

  • go vegan
    go vegan 6 days ago

    the two ladies who decided eating it was technically taking it off the cobb are my new heroes

  • Giacomo Silvestri
    Giacomo Silvestri 6 days ago

    1:00 mmmmmh, let's grate it

  • Anna Stump
    Anna Stump 6 days ago

    Who eats corn raw

  • Deona
    Deona 8 days ago

    Thor is here!

  • Philip Costa
    Philip Costa 10 days ago

    This is sad

  • seen
    seen 10 days ago

    Dude that Indian guy or smth never does it the right way, he always comes up with the weirdest methods

  • Boiled Egg
    Boiled Egg 10 days ago +1

    Anyone know the song playing at 0:34 ?

  • Detox
    Detox 11 days ago

    0:17 0:19 when the teacher says get your homework but you know you don’t have it but your still gonna look for it

  • AirMax AirMax
    AirMax AirMax 11 days ago

    50 try to pour water into a glass

  • AnimeIsMy Life
    AnimeIsMy Life 11 days ago

    I feel good about myself after every video i watch of them

  • Khaleel Williams
    Khaleel Williams 13 days ago

    The hairs is fiber I think

  • Patience Wallace
    Patience Wallace 13 days ago

    people use bundt pans?

  • Joedrine Saragle
    Joedrine Saragle 13 days ago

    That guy with blue polo shirt is hot.. But still.. then Im turned off

  • Dylan Fallon
    Dylan Fallon 14 days ago +1

    Thor seems to always know what to do.

  • Kay’s Good Cooking Cult

    What the shuck?

  • Skipper A
    Skipper A 16 days ago


  • The Moons
    The Moons 16 days ago

    How do I volunteer to be in these type of videos these are so awesome to me 💛🌽


    Im 12 and im from New Orleans Lousiana and we eat corn alot im The Queen Of Shucking Corn, its true

  • Ona Ojo
    Ona Ojo 17 days ago

    1:00 I'm crying is he seriously trying to grate the corn I'm in T E A R S

  • Stmi Bernhard
    Stmi Bernhard 18 days ago

    Where do you find these kind of people and I even think this is fake

  • Jim john
    Jim john 18 days ago

    It's my pleasure watching first world people waste food from a third world

  • Angel Cacapit
    Angel Cacapit 20 days ago +1

    nakakainis lang panoorin parang hindi nakakakita ng mais

  • Pirringo Salt Lord
    Pirringo Salt Lord 21 day ago

    At 1:18 I only got excited for that Mozart concerto AHAHAH

  • Hila Greenberg
    Hila Greenberg 21 day ago

    Why are they removing the seeds?

  • RiptideV10
    RiptideV10 22 days ago

    foockin CLEAVE IT, GRATE IT.

    oh god

  • Lawtrina Kerkula
    Lawtrina Kerkula 23 days ago

    Who is the girl on the thumbnail

  • Teodora Milosevic
    Teodora Milosevic 24 days ago

    1:01...... wow

  • nguyet t
    nguyet t 24 days ago +2

    is no one going to point out the fact that this dude (0:13) asked to clarify whether it was the 'SH-uck" word or not. Mans was about to suck the corn 😂

  • Hakuna your Tatas
    Hakuna your Tatas 26 days ago

    Bless my homie at the end

  • Latifa Bleach
    Latifa Bleach 26 days ago

    ummmm my family just eat the corn off the cob

  • The Santi Family
    The Santi Family 26 days ago

    I don't know why I read this title as SHAKHA KHAN

  • Michico Achondo
    Michico Achondo 26 days ago

    what's the name of that girl in 1:06 ?

  • Milana Racelis
    Milana Racelis 27 days ago

    0:47 “ahem” *CHOP*
    Me: Holy cow

  • REgO Games
    REgO Games 27 days ago

    I knew how to do this when I was 3 and I. Enjoy it alot😀

  • Jessy Harless
    Jessy Harless 27 days ago

    I love the coppelia ballet music in the backround😍

  • Mika Sarsale
    Mika Sarsale 28 days ago

    1:00 boi is using a grater to remove the corn..how dumb can one person be??

  • thomas smith
    thomas smith 28 days ago

    I saw one use a grater, a grater, that person has never bought any form of corn otherwise he would know it isn’t ******* grated

  • 몬베베 X
    몬베베 X 29 days ago

    1:01 it's the guy in the jucing lemon video at 2:08 LOL

  • DarkusAxell
    DarkusAxell 29 days ago

    Granny snatched all your wigs when she bit it

  • Colin H.
    Colin H. 29 days ago

    Wait y’all eat corn without the shell?

  • Minerva Schuyler
    Minerva Schuyler 29 days ago

    I've been doing this since I was 5. I'm depressed watching this 😐😑😓

  • Rey Rivera
    Rey Rivera 29 days ago

    Love the little cough the lady in red gave before she hacked it with a cleaver

  • Preciouse Valentin
    Preciouse Valentin Month ago

    Ppl r dumb

  • Winston Churchil
    Winston Churchil Month ago


  • SoTheaRoit Ny
    SoTheaRoit Ny Month ago

    After watching this video I realized how stupid people are, No offense to the people in video

  • K Fox
    K Fox Month ago

    What? The Indigenous people of North & South America would've been pretty screwed if corn wasn't digestible.

  • Diego Vera
    Diego Vera Month ago

    Grandma and pretty latina girl at 2:19 have the right idea

  • Havoc
    Havoc Month ago

    This dude used a cheese grater to take off corn. I really wanna gouge out my eyes.

  • chris matthews
    chris matthews Month ago

    Haha that black guy with the green shirt

  • Bryan Wu
    Bryan Wu Month ago

    *Grates corn*

  • Sara Collins
    Sara Collins Month ago +1

    I love how they always make their questionable attempts musical

  • Kelsey Gray
    Kelsey Gray Month ago

    Literally there is a tooo right infront of these people that do the job for them why are they making it harder on them selfs. I swear everyone on this show over thinks the littlest things😂😂

  • gunmoore 3
    gunmoore 3 Month ago

    The cringe is real, it's not at hard (done it all my life lol)

  • AmI TheMan
    AmI TheMan Month ago

    Did he just say corn is his favorite "vegetable"?
    Correct me if I'm wrong but,isnt it a fruit?

    • Stewart Knight
      Stewart Knight Day ago

      Corn is grain, not a veg or a fruit. Rice is a grain. Corn is grain

  • Ryan Lopez
    Ryan Lopez Month ago

    try to shuck corn? that implies that it is possible to fail however the task is shucking one ear of corn so...???

  • Muge Akbaba
    Muge Akbaba Month ago

    0:45 she really did that?😂

  • Azuel Zorro
    Azuel Zorro Month ago

    Aw, shucks...

  • Sun&Moon 1975
    Sun&Moon 1975 Month ago

    I would eat it too 😂

  • Morbjørn
    Morbjørn Month ago

    People dont know how to shuck corn and to separate the corn from the cob? What? This was the greatest part of fresh grown corn back in Maryland. What's next? Don't know how to pick crabs?

  • Ryzen
    Ryzen Month ago

    how to shuck corn
    take off leaves and hair.. done

  • Gabrielle Porter
    Gabrielle Porter Month ago

    they did not clean the corn

  • Joseph Gibson
    Joseph Gibson Month ago

    If I had to do this I would just say “oh *shucks!* I don’t know how to do this!

  • Valak The Nun
    Valak The Nun Month ago

    That woman with a cleaver tho

  • Gacha Magic
    Gacha Magic Month ago

    Lady: corn has hair!
    Me: so do you so get along with it.

  • Moonlight Gamer
    Moonlight Gamer Month ago +1

    This is cringy
    And also they be complaining about the corn hair like boi

  • Richard Tu
    Richard Tu Month ago

    Did that guy try to grate the corn?

  • Yasameen Mazloom
    Yasameen Mazloom Month ago

    1:00 i just died of pure shock

  • TiqaCup
    TiqaCup Month ago

    0:54 stop.
    1:00 why.

  • Smeef224
    Smeef224 Month ago

    How does one struggle with shucking corn. It should only take 5 seconds

  • Marshmallo pops
    Marshmallo pops Month ago

    why don't they just eat the corn directly from the cob?

  • Dry Fruit
    Dry Fruit Month ago

    ...when you’re from the Midwest...

  • Caitlin !
    Caitlin ! Month ago

    Anyone else notice the background music is Ryan Higa "Juju on that beat-Classical Edition"

  • Eloisa Lopez
    Eloisa Lopez Month ago

    A video has never hurt my soul this much like this did

  • Erin O'Sullivan
    Erin O'Sullivan Month ago

    2:05 to 2:15
    That lady knows what she's doing!

  • Levi X.Heichou
    Levi X.Heichou Month ago

    "SH right" lololololol

  • Kylie Schultz
    Kylie Schultz Month ago

    as an iowan i am *SCREAMING*

  • Gamerdonut56
    Gamerdonut56 Month ago

    I love when people use the cleavers

  • Fatima Wahid
    Fatima Wahid Month ago

    They didn’t cook it 🤢

  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown Month ago

    0:53 is she giving the corn a hand job right now????

  • RushLight Raynor
    RushLight Raynor Month ago


  • • JHM •
    • JHM • Month ago

    Love these videos because a lot of these are basic skills in Alabama

  • Farmhand Tv
    Farmhand Tv Month ago

    They forgot to silk it

  • Bruh_itsmya :[
    Bruh_itsmya :[ Month ago

    I honestly thought people knew how to do it I mean it is so easy

  • Stephen Philip
    Stephen Philip Month ago

    Wait what people don’t grow up doing this?

  • mocha mexicana
    mocha mexicana Month ago

    Have people peel a prickly pear or in Spanish a tuna

  • Victoria Deassis
    Victoria Deassis Month ago

    haven’t these people went to a grocery store and shucked corn lmao

  • sam j
    sam j Month ago

    Gordon Ramsey should react to these 😂