Homes Under the Hammer Series 14 Episode 133

  • Published on Apr 13, 2016
  • Inc Fernside Rd

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  • The London Property Emperor
    The London Property Emperor 11 months ago +8

    The Balham house- what a disgrace😡😡😡
    Why did you buy a Victorian house with original features not seen a lot these days. You night as well have bought land and built your modern rubbish.
    Those Victorian features at least are standing the test of time, unlike those modern unfashionable features. Take for example, the new living room gas fireplace. It will fall out of fashion in a few years time just as 70s gas fires are unfashionable.

    • marnie thethief
      marnie thethief 5 months ago +1

      All houses renovations are horrible, but the first price goes to the Balham...Totally agree with everything you said. Heart breaking, sad, so sad. But worst of all is that they keep destroying heritage "material" in the present time.
      Sometimes I ask myself why I watch this program.

  • Andrew F
    Andrew F Year ago +1

    Can Martín Roberts ever make any suggestion other than just knocking walls down?!

  • beth98362
    beth98362 Year ago +3

    I love the by foldind doors but the striped carpets ugly!

  • beth98362
    beth98362 Year ago +1

    That house is a mess...the rooms are blockie and ugly...600 hundred thousand is over priced!

  • Nini T.
    Nini T. Year ago

    Does anyone how the song at 46:20sec
    Please ? 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • TwTv Aethiral
    TwTv Aethiral Year ago +4

    It's a nice idea and design but not for that house... It would definitely be better off with a skyscraper home on the highest floor but not for a Victorian..

  • momsterous
    momsterous Year ago +2

    @45:38 Ugly.

  • momsterous
    momsterous Year ago +3

    @31:51 The neighbours should be shot for messing up the front door - what a mess they've made of it.

  • luke dawson
    luke dawson Year ago

    This is the most stupid, boring and repetitive programme ever to be aired on television. God it's dull.

    • Steve Wilson
      Steve Wilson 2 months ago

      If you dont like it don't! Do one !

  • M00Nabove
    M00Nabove Year ago +11

    What a shame about that beautiful victorian house.... it's been castrated. :(

  • A C
    A C Year ago +12

    Ugh those people shouldn't have been allowed to touch that beautiful Victorian.

  • Adiel Stephenson
    Adiel Stephenson Year ago +2

    How is it that literally every one of these people comes out on top profitwise? Mind you, the gain on the London property was due to the one-year time-lapse.

    • Taylor
      Taylor Year ago +2

      Adiel Stephenson They don't always earn a profit. They've been quite a few people that lost money, but a lot of them were doing it for themselves. And the rest had to rent them out.

  • Adiel Stephenson
    Adiel Stephenson Year ago

    How come that couple have so much money?

    • simply2ghetto
      simply2ghetto Year ago +2

      Inheritance ?
      Both Working professionals?
      Lottery winners?

  • BoredCertified
    BoredCertified 2 years ago +11

    They ripped the soul out of that Victorian. That is so sad.

  • JohannaArendt
    JohannaArendt 2 years ago +32

    I don't know why you'd buy a Victorian and then pull out all the period fireplaces, tiles, etc. Especially if you're only going to add such modern cabinets and surfaces that they'll be out of fashion themselves in 20 minutes. Why not buy new or newer and leave those things for people who genuinely love them? More money than historic sensibility.

    • momsterous
      momsterous Year ago +7

      Flipping heck! That poor house was hit by the ScotNess monster! Absolutely horrible what they did to that house. You do that to ones which are too far gone, not the ones worth saving.
      I was afraid to watch after seeing your comment. How awful.

    • simply2ghetto
      simply2ghetto Year ago +2

      New builds are garbage quality.

  • Ellie Bellie
    Ellie Bellie 2 years ago +6

    It's annoying the way they say prop-pity instead of prop-erty.

    • momsterous
      momsterous Year ago

      And, "per calendar month" A month is a month whether 28 or 31 days; the days are still in the same month.

  • LDV-Washwood Heath Convoy-Maxus

    please don't mention jungle, gosh stop relevanting past from new things just happen e.g running man thank you very much teenagers who a should of been aborted.

    • momsterous
      momsterous Year ago +4

      Absolute gibberish...English much?

    • Nomadic Doctor
      Nomadic Doctor 3 years ago

      LDV-Washwood Heath Convoy-Maxus martin king