Best Auditions Ever That SHOCKED The Nation on America's Got Talent | Got Talent Global

  • Published on Dec 11, 2018
  • OMG!
    Watch all the best and most interactive auditions on America's Got Talent. Check out the performances that made Simon Cowell, Tyra Banks and the rest of the Judges shocked and amazed.
    What did you think of the auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
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Comments • 1 844

  • Magdy Abdelaleem
    Magdy Abdelaleem 2 hours ago

    what is that 12:18 ??

  • Michael Wargo
    Michael Wargo 3 hours ago

    Need to better set where your commercials fit ....very annoying to be cut off in the middle of a performance ...ughh

  • Linda Röth
    Linda Röth 8 hours ago

    poor heidi she crapped herself.

  • Linda Röth
    Linda Röth 8 hours ago

    angelica hale is on fire.

  • 青yoon.
    青yoon. Day ago

    That magic guy!!!

  • Dynamic [Josh]
    Dynamic [Josh] 2 days ago

    Plot twist: **the puppet was a paid actor**

  • Dynamic [Josh]
    Dynamic [Josh] 2 days ago

    Plot twist: *The rope was a paid actor*

  • Stoney420
    Stoney420 4 days ago

    The old man is 🔥

  • the punisher
    the punisher 4 days ago


  • TheJeff WTF
    TheJeff WTF 5 days ago

    19:25 whats?

  • Vipers Venom
    Vipers Venom 5 days ago

    When u interrupt the video with ads, it ruins it..just saying

  • Shankar verma
    Shankar verma 6 days ago

    That girl is really on 🔥

  • Star Light
    Star Light 7 days ago +4

    I love how everyone was so relaxed and then howie saw the bow and started panicking lol “hold still!” Hold Still!!!! And then everyone started panicking to lol

  • Twilight sparkle Show

    17:32 Heidi’s face is mine when I heard that song 😂

  • Twilight sparkle Show

    Darci is my favorite contestants of this whole show! Some people can’t even sing and she does it with her mouth closed. I thought it was really impressive when she did 2 puppets at once

  • Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish 10 days ago

    I miss the old agt now its rlly not a big of a deal

  • Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish 10 days ago

    *and howie is currently making a tiktok*

  • I. Ma
    I. Ma 12 days ago

    Angelica ❤

  • mohamed zaky Abd Elfattah

    ساحر بتاع السهم خول وحرامى خد الخاتم ساعه ما وضع جزء التفاحه وحطه فى السهم وضرب السهم بالخاتم

  • MK Channel
    MK Channel 14 days ago

    Really sweet song

  • joan ramallo
    joan ramallo 16 days ago

    26:52 can we talk about the video cut here?

  • rahul shantu
    rahul shantu 16 days ago

    Darcy lyn iam from india and iam a huge fan of yours,just love ya,your a real precious lil soul to your family and your great country as well..

  • sydrik Gresh
    sydrik Gresh 16 days ago +3

    I wonder if the piano kid has a girlfriend

  • C Burgos
    C Burgos 17 days ago +2

    The archer magicisn one was over dramatic

  • Ervin James Gonzaga Villegas

    Basically, I can't sleep with his magic tricks and with that close? It was totally insane.

  • Black Hawkz
    Black Hawkz 17 days ago +1

    16:29 I thought he was Albert Einstein

  • kzzait
    kzzait 19 days ago

    19:00 hes hOT

  • Sabine Kienast
    Sabine Kienast 24 days ago

    13:50 This little girl is really on fire!!! Wow!!!

  • Sabine Kienast
    Sabine Kienast 24 days ago +1

    the first one: amazing!! beautyful!! Greetings from switzerland

  • Stephen George
    Stephen George 24 days ago +1

    When the Lil girl started singing I was like damn u on fire🔥🔥 then finished up with *THANK U* 😍

  • Achet Walling
    Achet Walling 29 days ago


  • Rachel-Danielle Hayes-From-Tuscaloosa-Alabama

    That 9 year old girl has me speechless. She is way beyond talented and to think her vocals are only going to grow and become better as she gets older. Wow. I hope she continues to sing because that is her calling for sure.

  • icydrippin
    icydrippin Month ago

    can we stop talking about the ventriloquist girl please.

  • mfcmichael
    mfcmichael Month ago

    I hate Heidi. She is soooo Arrogant and Dumb. Her Question: is that a Bunny? Noooo its a Cow. OMG

  • RishaRea
    RishaRea Month ago +14

    That girl ventriloquist though..Not only she is good at singing she is doing it with her mouth close..

  • Snowdrop
    Snowdrop Month ago

    Thumbs up for Aaron Crow!

  • Stephen Macuch
    Stephen Macuch Month ago +1

    Sorry, magic is for adolescent retards who love showing off by fooling people.

  • Jayden Ferris
    Jayden Ferris Month ago

    The little girl singing reminds me of rachel from glee

  • Markus Schmidhauser

    angelica best one

  • Adorable Wildlife
    Adorable Wildlife Month ago

    Wow!!! Really amazing and I'm very surprised to watch

  • Autumn Sumner
    Autumn Sumner Month ago

    thats amazing omg. i am shocked honestly. i cant belive that omg people

  • American Joe Show
    American Joe Show Month ago


  • Karen Rose
    Karen Rose Month ago

    Mel b and howie are great together .

  • bigfoot littefoot
    bigfoot littefoot Month ago

    Iv had depression for aslong as I remember . And one of my secrets to dealing with it is watchimg videos like this. Auditions that go really well . Some of them bring a tear to my eye with happyness . A great mood uplifter. On a bad day!!

  • LeedZ
    LeedZ Month ago +1

    Why is Simon always in his pyjamas 🌙🌙🌙

  • Amour Agbangla
    Amour Agbangla Month ago +1

    i can't stop watching the little girl with a puppet. she's so cute

  • Mr Trick
    Mr Trick Month ago

    i hate when children come on this show and they get tru just casue they cant be nasty to them. Make a baby talant!...... Darci was the worst

  • Old Flame
    Old Flame Month ago

    12:21 that voice..

  • Old Flame
    Old Flame Month ago +2

    3:50 performance almost got me tearing. Her reaction to the gold buzzer, amazing.

  • Simarpreet Kaur
    Simarpreet Kaur Month ago +2

    I love how the last magician was so mysterious...

  • Brian H.
    Brian H. Month ago

    Magicians are stupid.

  • Kevin Field
    Kevin Field Month ago

    what is the song on 1st dance act?

  • savaş Esentürk
    savaş Esentürk Month ago


  • Bob Rhea
    Bob Rhea Month ago

    TVclip, you have no shame!! Your pop up ads, in the middle of videos, are tremendously offensive, tremendously irritating, and tremendously obnoxious!!! You should be ashamed!!!!!!!

    • Tommy Stark
      Tommy Stark Month ago

      Actually, the one who has the right to put the ad anywhere in video is the owner of this channel

  • montana cold bore shooter

    That girl at 13:00 minutes is an amazing singer. Only 9 years old too!!! Great job!!!

  • Blessings Daka
    Blessings Daka Month ago

    very cute and adorable💞💕

  • juggliar
    juggliar Month ago +1

    Heidi has such a big need to show herself off just everywhere. Disgusting

    • J_Rab101
      J_Rab101 Month ago

      juggliar not really true. I’d say mel b even more. But you’re just a hater. Enjoy these amazing acts

  • Arashi_no_Odoriko
    Arashi_no_Odoriko Month ago

    Love Shin Lim!!!

  • Wishdarappersa wish
    Wishdarappersa wish Month ago +6

    Angelica..the baby is soooo freaking amazing
    She's really on fire

  • David Liechty
    David Liechty Month ago +4

    13:54 this girl really is on fire