How North and South Korea Came to March Under One Flag

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  • Daniel Price
    Daniel Price 20 minutes ago

    If I remember correctly, Hitler did a similar thing - having a lull in all the badness during their Olympic Games. They then cranked it right back up to max after everyone left

  • RC S
    RC S Hour ago

    Dokdo is Dokdo it's not takeshima

  • Rj Villanueva
    Rj Villanueva 7 hours ago

    The korean unification will not happen because north korea s fattest man

  • TheLatiosnlatias02
    TheLatiosnlatias02 7 hours ago

    God bless, South and North korea ,we want to see them Germany, Vietnam. America is the only contry most culprit who made them separate... unless the total destrction of america, this world never achive peace... A very good investment for future relations between North and South.

  • Timothy Torres
    Timothy Torres 15 hours ago

    There was no North or South Korea that day, that was a Korean Union.

  • Richard the Lionheart
    Richard the Lionheart 21 hour ago


  • Radys Körmendy
    Radys Körmendy Day ago

    I hope they will unite in the future

    XCESTO Day ago

    One of them Korean flags looks like a dinosaur

  • Herp Kerman
    Herp Kerman Day ago

    South Korean flag kinda remind me of pepsi indeed...😐

  • Trevor Schmidt Productions

    The only way they can be reunified is if the North Korean government is defeated. You think they are going to suddenly become fair and give their citizens freedom after 60 years of no freedom? South Koreans already know this.

  • Mm Mm
    Mm Mm Day ago

    One rich korea and one poor korea

  • q jing
    q jing Day ago

    hope korea dont cheat

  • Sada Sesshomaru
    Sada Sesshomaru Day ago

    it just too keep the North Korean athletes safe and to keep North Korea from attacking the south either by nuke or bombing the games / DPRK should not be there they should not be allowed at the Olympics ever/

  • Jel Rey
    Jel Rey Day ago

    North Korea is the best Korea!!

  • Milton Wang
    Milton Wang Day ago


    NOBEL DJ Day ago

    and once the olympics are over trump and kim will go back to hating each other

  • PhoenixFires
    PhoenixFires Day ago

    Everyone is so anti-American or anti-nationalist here. If the Koreans want to try and reunite (which they really don't right now) they can with or without American intervention. But it's not going to work as long as you have radical communist warhounds leading the DPRK. If China's warlord and Nationalist vs. Communist fight wasn't a simple and similar enough example than think any time in history. For example, the Macedonian Empire. What happens when you kill or dethrone an authoritarian leader from his regime with no legitimate heirs while his generals are sitting around? You get a civil war with many warlords taking control of people, land and, more importantly in the modern day of nuclear armaments, weapons. Either appease the dictator as all great, cowardly leaders from all parts of the political spectrum have done or destroy the main leadership/give them an out from their inevitable destruction.

  • Alexandre Bouvier
    Alexandre Bouvier 2 days ago

    I want the pepsi flag XD.

  • Wing Wong
    Wing Wong 2 days ago

    Unification would be a burden on South Korea

  • Robert Mendivil
    Robert Mendivil 2 days ago

    Mr. Miyagi 2:14.

  • MarkEz DEZ
    MarkEz DEZ 2 days ago

    Are they using the Vox formula?

  • Lajkonik
    Lajkonik 2 days ago

    1990 it's the end of cold war ? Poland was free in june 1989 ( 6 months before colapse of Berlin Wall from your picture) and it was first symbol of the end of communist influence so also cold war. Back to school.

  • Sean Kim
    Sean Kim 2 days ago +1

    I'm surprised that many of the foreign people know thr wrong fact. These days, China is trying to say that a vital part of Korea's history called Balhae is their own history while the cultures and the emperor that made the country is all from the south part of Korea, which is called Shinlla. They are saying the same things about other parts of northeast asia, and this is called China's Northeast Asia Project. China is trying to make the whole Northeast Asia their history, and history is vital because in the future, this might be the thing that they use in order to invade or make other countries their's, especially, North Korea. I'm so depressed about the fact that many countries including Korea are not doing anything about this, and because of this, many foreigners believe that China is right.

  • Coffee Succubus
    Coffee Succubus 2 days ago

    Unifications impossible now
    You have one half that's super traditional
    And the other half thats super modernized
    Unification would cost billions if not trillions
    Plus, you'd have a massive divide in culture, language, etc.

  • Antimatter_NVF
    Antimatter_NVF 2 days ago

    Heh, one of the flag versions is a shout-out to Cyprus :D

  • myron
    myron 3 days ago

    I’m sure some of them have families up north with a different view

  • heejung Jun
    heejung Jun 3 days ago +1

    it's so clear that Dokdo has been owned by Korea for centuries... what a robber

  • nig
    nig 3 days ago


  • McmullenEJ
    McmullenEJ 3 days ago

    I liked the flag in the most bottom right. 2:57

  • 100eyes
    100eyes 3 days ago

    The real explanation is quite simple; the current fill-in President of South Korea is a commie posing as a pacifist.

    KILLER KEEMSTAR 3 days ago

    Red dawn my dudes.

  • superbDOG46-Chan
    superbDOG46-Chan 3 days ago


    • 베솔
      베솔 2 days ago

      superbDOG46-Chan jap is bad

  • carol zebra
    carol zebra 3 days ago

    3:04 Nope, this one looks like a dinosaur figure skating 😊

  • ChickenBiscuits
    ChickenBiscuits 3 days ago

    After all north korea has done they shouldnt have walked under one flag

  • RanroGaming
    RanroGaming 3 days ago

    South Koreans flag reminds me of a tide pod.

    HYPEREX 3 days ago

    Like a VOX video tbh

  • Jouseph Custodio
    Jouseph Custodio 3 days ago

    Pepsi flags ha ha good one

  • Alex Krause
    Alex Krause 4 days ago

    For some reason I thought they'd compete as separate nations... west germany and the DDR did... kinda nice though

  • hi gh
    hi gh 4 days ago

    Dokdo belongs to Korea. Japan can name and claim the island but it’s the Korean military that protects the island all along. They just want the natural resources on the island. There isn’t a single Japanese person living on the island. Japanese people need to bring a passport when traveling to Dokdo, Koreans do not. It’s even written in both Japanese and Korean artifacts that the island belongs to Korea. Stop trying to steal things from Korea, you have done so plenty of times before.

  • - Zerenity -
    - Zerenity - 4 days ago


  • Idiotic Cy
    Idiotic Cy 4 days ago

    They need to adopt the Pepsi flag.

  • Saro M
    Saro M 4 days ago

    @3:00 third flag is a plagiarism of cyprus' flag

  • Roosevelt Franklin
    Roosevelt Franklin 4 days ago

    Peace my a**! Moon was so desperate to make this happen and his approval rating is plummeting.

    EMINEM 4 days ago +2


  • Pei Pei
    Pei Pei 4 days ago +2

    We need a unified China flag too

  • Aaron Kim
    Aaron Kim 4 days ago

    Once again japan ruining everything, do we need another Hiroshima to keep japans mouth shut?

  • Teck King
    Teck King 4 days ago

    自由電子報 | 影音娛樂 | 好康報報 | 自由部落
    Taipei Times
    Twenty-one North Korean cheerleaders imprisoned
    AP , SEOUL Sat, Feb 18, 2006 - Page 4
    Twenty-one members of North Korean cheering squads who traveled to South Korea for international sports events are being held in a prison camp for talking about what they saw in the South, a news report said 17 February 2006.
    Citing a North Korean man who recently fled to China, South Korea's Chosun Ilbo newspaper said the 21 young women had been detained about last November 2005 in the same prison camp where the man had been held.
    South Korea's National Intelligence Service didn't immediately confirm or deny the report.
    In 2002, Pyongyang sent hundreds of female cheerleaders to the Asian Games in South Korea's Busan, where their tightly synchronized routines drew worldwide attention. The North sent similar cheering squads to South Korea in 2003 and last year.
    The defector, whose real name wasn't given, said the female cheering squad apparently violated a pledge not to speak about what they saw in South Korea, the Chosun Ilbo reported.
    Citing another unnamed defector, the newspaper said the cheerleaders had pledged before going to South Korea that they would treat the country as "enemy territory" and never speak about what they saw there, accepting punishment if they broke the promise.
    Pyongyang insists it doesn't abuse human rights, but it has long been accused of holding political prisoners in camps under life-threatening conditions. It is believed to hold between 150,000 and 200,000 political prisoners

  • DSilver2 4 U
    DSilver2 4 U 4 days ago

    Plot Twist:
    They didn't

  • Max Williams
    Max Williams 4 days ago

    Probably in 30 years north and south Korea will become hole again

  • Omar Aashour
    Omar Aashour 4 days ago

    Like 2 siblings bickering

  • Space Wolf
    Space Wolf 4 days ago

    Korean flag with china finna look like a dino

  • Space Wolf
    Space Wolf 4 days ago

    Korean flag win China finna look like a dinosaur

  • Hideika
    Hideika 4 days ago

    Why do North Korean people speak like they’re telling an essay lol

  • Child Predator
    Child Predator 5 days ago

    So how does this workout Korea? Will Kim give up his complete control over his citizens, or will South Korea decide to go under a totalitarian rule? Like seriously how do people actually believe that this will result in peace and unity.

  • Child Predator
    Child Predator 5 days ago

    Sad for the North Koreans. They get to see the freedom and happiness in the outside world and are unable to run because of the risk of their families being killed in gas chambers.

  • fuzzy fuzzy
    fuzzy fuzzy 5 days ago

    we are the smartest species yet we are the dumbest also.

  • john eric santiago
    john eric santiago 5 days ago

    2:59 looks like dinosaur

  • j p
    j p 5 days ago

    It is NK's shallow strategy. Every time South and North had opening ceremony in one unified team, afterward, NK had serious military provokes. They pretend to be open up for conversation and peace, but their ultimate goal is to finish developing nuclear weapon and communise South. Their ultimate goal never change. President of South Korea, Moon, is a shithead who gives in everything to North, even cash flow in which is against UN sanction, and he just tries to look like a World Peaceful Leader figure by inviting NK to the olympic.

  • Nasrullah Ahmadi
    Nasrullah Ahmadi 5 days ago


  • PokeEmblem 692
    PokeEmblem 692 5 days ago

    The fact that the flag has been used before kind of ruined the impact of it. I wish they broke it out here, it would’ve been much more significant. Especially since The hockey team idea really wasn’t thought through.

  • Sohib Rajeb
    Sohib Rajeb 5 days ago

    Sports is what makes pease now a days

    WRECKLESS SHOGUN 5 days ago

    They must unite under a S.Korean flag! N.K. is a oppressive country! I feel bad for the people.

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent 5 days ago

    fk the mass media =-garbage

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent 5 days ago

    ace -cut -out the fkin wars

  • Nat Rea
    Nat Rea 5 days ago

    Why not just enter sporting events as individual countries?

  • 이동연
    이동연 6 days ago

    2:13 & 2:16 They are the one of the most dangerous men in South Korea. Because they want a red unification of Korea. These people called the Juche ideologist. (주체사상파)

  • ILyunStyle Music
    ILyunStyle Music 6 days ago

    Love Peace and Happiness for Everyone via @TVclip

  • ILyunStyle Music
    ILyunStyle Music 6 days ago

    Love Peace and Happiness for Everyone via @TVclip

  • feel kim
    feel kim 6 days ago

    Liberal leftist Moon Jae In’s parents are from North and one of his staff used to worship Kim Il-sung. That is why Moon Is obsessed with North Korea and he is actually socialist.

  • Niki 9ine
    Niki 9ine 6 days ago +10

    Takeshima is Japanese territory

    • JK Crew
      JK Crew 14 hours ago

      Oh god another brainwashed monkey. How typical

    • Wenli the Bro
      Wenli the Bro Day ago

      What are you talking about? No such landmass of that name exists, man.

    • 베솔
      베솔 2 days ago

      But japs can't go to dokdo.. Why japs can't go to their territory?😁

    • Nick yongkyun Kim
      Nick yongkyun Kim 2 days ago

      come and get it if you can

  • Lukasz S
    Lukasz S 6 days ago

    Korea unification, that would be so cool. Nobody predicted communism collapse in Europe either. As a Pole I know that the communism have more disadvantages than advantages. It would be better for North Korea if they droop this ideology as soon as. I guess if South Korea is willing to help them that is even better.

  • SkankHunt42
    SkankHunt42 6 days ago

    those small wienered south koreans who want to not unite with north korea have small dicks.

  • snoiprocs16
    snoiprocs16 6 days ago

    Korean already take over half of the world with just South of it functionally working. Imagine if both North and South are fully funtion? They will take over the world!

  • Iqmal Miz
    Iqmal Miz 6 days ago

    shushhhhh that flag was sponsored by pepsi 😂😂😂

  • Soonja Silva
    Soonja Silva 6 days ago

    korea as a whole looks like a bunny

  • Hans Biano
    Hans Biano 6 days ago

    Using a united flag is like the allies sharing a flag with the nazis.

  • The Random Tube
    The Random Tube 6 days ago

    Pepsi actually was based off of the Korean flag

  • FiveIronKrabski
    FiveIronKrabski 6 days ago

    And then you remember that the north is run by a short bus Hitler.

  • Nel's Wolf
    Nel's Wolf 6 days ago

    That pile of rock is Korea not Japan. Also they should include more on the flag

  • SooJin Lee
    SooJin Lee 6 days ago


  • SooJin Lee
    SooJin Lee 6 days ago

    Weatern Media , brain wash people in wrong way, Leave North n South alone

  • PaPa T.T
    PaPa T.T 6 days ago

    Most South Koreans do not want to team up with North Korea. They are our enemies. It is a means to make political use of the Pyeongchang Olympics.Our president want to make it as his legacy, accepted the North's proposal. Many Koreans are angry about it. We have already donated more than $ 5 billion to them and North Korea has used it as a nuclear development fund. It was money for hungry children in North Korea. Do you know that? They spend more than 90 percent of their national budget on defense. And the food shortage that comes from that is dependent on the international community. It's like your neighbor buying a luxury item with his or her salary and asking "can i taking to your food?" because they have to buy luxury

  • Austrian Truther
    Austrian Truther 7 days ago +1

    Beautiful moment!🤗

  • Joseph Park
    Joseph Park 7 days ago +5

    The island belongs to the koreans.

  • Qadeer raja
    Qadeer raja 7 days ago


  • CC - Football Channel

    North Korean cheerleaders oha koreli kızlardan müthiş

    yok artık

  • Ryan C.
    Ryan C. 7 days ago

    Dokdo is south Korean land not Japan's.Japan is always claims nonsense that the island is theirs. It's literally proven in historical texts that dokdo was first claimed by Koreans. What's even more frustrating is that the Japanese government is teaching Japanese students that dokdo is Japanese land.

  • 강지성
    강지성 7 days ago

    Dokdo is clearly our territory... there is no room for discussion. Historically, practically it’s Korean islands.....

  • Martha Super
    Martha Super 7 days ago +2

    pepsi 😂

  • Megagle
    Megagle 7 days ago

    It's not something the countries chose. This is not a model for America.

  • J c
    J c 7 days ago

    because USA

  • Wonsuk CHO
    Wonsuk CHO 7 days ago

    Dokdo is one of Korea territories since Sinla dynast from BC 98 to now officially

  • Precious Goals
    Precious Goals 7 days ago


  • Marques Young
    Marques Young 7 days ago

    Unity?Not smh

  • Abdul Mursyid
    Abdul Mursyid 7 days ago

    maybe japan should invade korea again, and there will be unification. and they will have tech and resource.

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who 7 days ago

    Pepsi ad 😂

  • TheShockmister
    TheShockmister 7 days ago

    Trump told Kim to stop playing @CIA @Google EricSchmitt Nazi games ELSE Bye Bye.

  • Daisuki / 退色
    Daisuki / 退色 7 days ago

    WSJ dislike spreee

  • 짱깨조선족개슬람껒여

    North korea flag is symbol of soviet. Not korean.