How North and South Korea Came to March Under One Flag


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  • john bird
    john bird 7 days ago

    All doggos are happy as there's bepis symbol on South Korean flag.

  • Flirppy Birds
    Flirppy Birds 7 days ago

    I cannot unsee the Pepsi flag nation now >->

  • Indonesian Socialist
    Indonesian Socialist 19 days ago

    How to unified those Koreas?
    1. Ask they to leave their ideologies (Communism and Capitalism).
    2. Ask they to join Non Alligned.
    3. If they finally do step 1 and 2, they will agree to unified.
    4. Success.

  • Gxlixyz
    Gxlixyz Month ago


  • Anunnaki Ancient Mesopotamian

    Reaunify in a democratic way.. Vietnam reunified but as a socialist country...

  • Tich Huyhuy
    Tich Huyhuy 2 months ago


  • 안호연의 지식백과

    Dokdo is korean island.

  • Alma Pascual
    Alma Pascual 2 months ago

    3:00 i dinosour flag

  • Nova Shockwave
    Nova Shockwave 4 months ago

    T-Rex flag look great...

  • Ulala Beybeh
    Ulala Beybeh 5 months ago

    2:59 The third flag is like a Cyprud

  • Eric B
    Eric B 5 months ago

    History was made! Congratulations to Kim and Moon amazing leaders! Long life and prosperity

  • Sol Invictus
    Sol Invictus 5 months ago

    Could you imagine a unified Korea? Millions of low income workers coming from the North to the South, driving down wages, and making the conditions for the South Korean people more precarious.

  • PERNZ ワうソ
    PERNZ ワうソ 6 months ago


  • Simple Maker
    Simple Maker 6 months ago

    I'm kinda wanted to see this event of " Reunification " without the intervention of foreign states such as the America, etc
    I mean, couldn't they just give some space to the koreans for sorting their problems out together.
    Socialist Juche North and Capitalist Democratic South, sorting their problems by themselves

  • Trades46
    Trades46 6 months ago

    It took about too much close calls, threats and possible nuclear war before the Berlin wall was dropped at the end of the Cold War. If Germany can do it, I believe so can Korea. Don't let politics and American disruption drive a wedge between the unification of Korea.

  • robby maulana
    robby maulana 6 months ago


  • chingwak tong
    chingwak tong 7 months ago


  • Star Stuff
    Star Stuff 7 months ago

    Unified Korea!
    Love from China.

  • blazeman
    blazeman 7 months ago +3

    Dokdo is an obvious Korean land, and Japan knows it but uses it politically. Wouldn't Americans be upset if Alaska was said to be Russia land?

  • Alex Michael
    Alex Michael 7 months ago

    Why don't we just get a giant led and play videos of the outside world

  • 박병욱
    박병욱 7 months ago +1

    Here is the video about Dokdo. Go check it out guy :) Dokdo, Beautiful Island of Korea

  • David Warner
    David Warner 7 months ago

    I hope 🤞hope for a brighter future of both! Even I’m not one of them!

  • m zaki g
    m zaki g 7 months ago +1


  • 康 康
    康 康 7 months ago

    3:01 why can I see a Cyprus flag design?

  • Levvy
    Levvy 7 months ago

    The Communist flag looks better.

  • Mukesh Solanki
    Mukesh Solanki 7 months ago

    Lol never noticed the ball in the south Korean flag is similar to Pepsi logo

  • Flats The Flounder
    Flats The Flounder 7 months ago

    this is propaganda

  • Livada aa*
    Livada aa* 7 months ago +1

    dinosaur is the best difrenc is lost

  • TCar
    TCar 7 months ago +1

    North Korea did it on purpose to take the light away from South Korea in the olympics. It worked because most media outlets were talking about the unified country flag, and the NK cheerleaders etc.

  • Clint McKinney
    Clint McKinney 7 months ago

    I’m all for a peaceful resolution to the mess that’s been flooding everywhere. I don’t like the idea that everyone has opened up the nuclear problem again North Korea Russia and my home the great nation of the United States. I’m discussed with the the opinion back on the table

  • xXBamMatXx
    xXBamMatXx 7 months ago

    2:21 - I dont really get it why would someone torn the flag apart?

    • 1485 L-
      1485 L- 6 months ago

      Crazy, obsessed people that are heavily inclined to a certain political party protests all the time and uses our flags for bad purposes. It's really upsetting actually as a Korean 'cause they're totally misusing our beautiful flag.

  • Archit12
    Archit12 7 months ago

    By 'Reunification' do you mean America, South Korea, and other allied forces destroying the North Korean government and expanding the border of South Korea while changing Soth Korea's name to Korea? Because I'm all up for that.

  • Japanese Fascism War Criminal

    Nuke both korea and peace will come,,both korea is world trouble maker.

  • Money Tao
    Money Tao 7 months ago

    3:06they never did conquer any part of China, instead, they were territories of China since ancient times, their official language is Chinese not long ago, until recent, Korea has always been a puppet nation of China

  • Jt Williams
    Jt Williams 7 months ago

    I'm sure unification will be a piece of cake, just so long as Kim gets to be the Dear Leader of the whole peninsula.

  • ToriMori
    ToriMori 7 months ago

    Meanwhile people are debating over who owns a rock that can't sustain life on it.

  • Mr Man
    Mr Man 7 months ago

    Why does South Korea and North Korea want to "unify" Can't they have two separate political systems, that negotiate trade contracts and people to people contact and mobility?

  • Stronk Soviet Memefier
    Stronk Soviet Memefier 7 months ago

    North Korea can't even make a good plane

  • 류검
    류검 7 months ago


  • Lion RotMG
    Lion RotMG 7 months ago

    How ironic... WSJ wants to destroy TVclip and its creators, yet they try get in the TVclip business too. Haha funny.

  • broli m
    broli m 7 months ago

    why communists ruin everything?

  • Ofu蠟
    Ofu蠟 7 months ago

    Donald Trump: *BUT I WANT A WARRRRR*

  • lieutenant razak
    lieutenant razak 7 months ago

    Peace are possible

  • LeBallVar
    LeBallVar 7 months ago

    japan cant get along with anyone.

  • Demas Ilham
    Demas Ilham 7 months ago +1

    Guess south korean citizens must be lucky enough they have enough freedom and stuff to escape smh

  • C PT
    C PT 7 months ago

    Expectation: “Awww, that’s adorable!”
    Reality: “Farcical and fleeting at best.”

  • LENINtendo
    LENINtendo 7 months ago

    I hope this happens. It would have to respect North Korea's ideology, socialism, but it would have to be more open and to cooperate with South Korea, although they are still capitalists. Just a world with the left and the right joined together, it's necessary for both ideologies.

  • Red Freeze
    Red Freeze 7 months ago

    Did anyone notice a dinosaur flag

  • 朱Akaitsuki l
    朱Akaitsuki l 7 months ago

    So they are promoting a communits country half... Naisu!!

  • Ryan Mai
    Ryan Mai 7 months ago

    This is just the 1st part to the unified Korea

  • d d
    d d 7 months ago +1

    Dokdo is korean territory. i hope south and north korea would be happy together.

  • mason
    mason 7 months ago +1

    It almost as if they want war... Why refuse unification?

  • ithj201
    ithj201 7 months ago

    I don't like marching together with North Korea. It is insane. In South Korea, most people disagreed this. As an South Korean i hate North Korea. They are enemy if they don't give up nuclear missiles and they attack my country.

  • Tomas Tomajka
    Tomas Tomajka 7 months ago

    The pepsi flag is the best :D

  • their all the way
    their all the way 7 months ago

    North and south will never unify.... China would not let that happen... if north Korea turns to democracy, it would be a problem. And north Korea would never in a hundred year would change their system.

  • Gokdeniz Akbulut
    Gokdeniz Akbulut 7 months ago

    Even though what they did was nice here it shouldn’t of happened. In olympics people are meant to represent their own country, u can’t get 2 error rate countries to work as one.

  • Avoxion
    Avoxion 7 months ago

    The lefties are overreacting with North Korea's nukes. That is pretty much the only way they can feel safe at this point of time

  • Cooler Boi
    Cooler Boi 7 months ago

    3:07 t rex korea

  • Gabriel wasnd
    Gabriel wasnd 7 months ago

    How tf are we mids in a nuclear crisis

  • SuperKamiccolo91
    SuperKamiccolo91 7 months ago

    Unified under Pepsi!!

  • mildseven73
    mildseven73 7 months ago

    I think people are ignorant to korean people. North korea is a brother nation for South Korea, because they share same culture and same thoughts. their only enemy is Japan.

  • selina akter
    selina akter 7 months ago

    it's fine www.myseli22.blogspot. com

  • Fadley
    Fadley 7 months ago +1

    jong un called, he want missiles included in the flag

  • Ji Di
    Ji Di 7 months ago

    It means that north korea want south korea to seperate with usa as ally

  • Yei Shang
    Yei Shang 7 months ago

    F you wall street journal 😂😂😂

    RIVALDI ILHAM 7 months ago +2

    Yeah this is what i wish for nice korean unite #peace from indonesia

  • chyn Roblox
    chyn Roblox 7 months ago

    Gonna launch my V2 rocket

  • 弯弯跟猪不了评论

    Black whistle country

  • Happy Hotdog
    Happy Hotdog 7 months ago +1

    3:06 blue trex

  • Minimonz 1507
    Minimonz 1507 7 months ago

    3:04 I thought it was a prank-meme to make it look like a T-Rex. He did get it from the internet.

  • KillBarney87
    KillBarney87 7 months ago

    Both sides need to put down the guns and unify we should grant Kim jong un mercy if he just decides to unify

  • Ahmad Mohamadv
    Ahmad Mohamadv 7 months ago


  • br Toribio
    br Toribio 7 months ago

    I would say that both korea looks better when theyre unified

  • 소년탄핵
    소년탄핵 7 months ago +2

    Dokdo is korea 독도는 우리땅

  • 닐
     7 months ago

    2:21 Protesters are idiot. Why take our national flag and USA national flag? They always depend on USA. How poor thinking. Of course. North Korean dictator doesn't think about reunification. but we must to do

  • 유혜원
    유혜원 7 months ago +4

    This flag means alot 2 me bcuz im a Korean and everyone here in Korea wants Korea 2 b one again. Nobody likes being 2 countries. I hope we can become one again soon in the future.

  • Kai Tang
    Kai Tang 7 months ago

    Taoist yin yang is completely Chinese.

  • Evan Landré
    Evan Landré 7 months ago

    All just for show ...

  • Evan Landré
    Evan Landré 7 months ago

    Do you know how many people are starving in their country? Living off of dog meat and cat meat

  • RC S
    RC S 7 months ago

    Dokdo is Dokdo it's not takeshima

  • Rj Villanueva
    Rj Villanueva 7 months ago

    The korean unification will not happen because north korea s fattest man

  • TheLatiosnlatias02
    TheLatiosnlatias02 7 months ago +1

    God bless, South and North korea ,we want to see them Germany, Vietnam. America is the only contry most culprit who made them separate... unless the total destrction of america, this world never achive peace... A very good investment for future relations between North and South.

  • Timothy Torres
    Timothy Torres 7 months ago

    There was no North or South Korea that day, that was a Korean Union.

  • Richard the Lionheart
    Richard the Lionheart 7 months ago


  • Radys Körmendy
    Radys Körmendy 7 months ago

    I hope they will unite in the future

    XCESTO 7 months ago +3

    One of them Korean flags looks like a dinosaur

  • Asnawi Humaidi
    Asnawi Humaidi 7 months ago

    South Korean flag kinda remind me of pepsi indeed...😐

    • 1485 L-
      1485 L- 6 months ago

      Except it was made at least a 100 years before Pepsi came along

  • Schmidty Films
    Schmidty Films 7 months ago

    The only way they can be reunified is if the North Korean government is defeated. You think they are going to suddenly become fair and give their citizens freedom after 60 years of no freedom? South Koreans already know this.

    • Gokdeniz Akbulut
      Gokdeniz Akbulut 7 months ago

      Trevor Schmidt Productions That wouldn’t be runited it will be invasion. It’s sad really, most North Koreans got brainwashed to believe every other country other than theirs is a terror country.

  • Mm Mm
    Mm Mm 7 months ago

    One rich korea and one poor korea

  • q jing
    q jing 7 months ago

    hope korea dont cheat

  • Sada Sesshomaru
    Sada Sesshomaru 8 months ago

    it just too keep the North Korean athletes safe and to keep North Korea from attacking the south either by nuke or bombing the games / DPRK should not be there they should not be allowed at the Olympics ever/

  • Jel Rey
    Jel Rey 8 months ago

    North Korea is the best Korea!!

  • Milton Wang
    Milton Wang 8 months ago


    NOBEL DJ 8 months ago

    and once the olympics are over trump and kim will go back to hating each other

  • PhoenixFires
    PhoenixFires 8 months ago

    Everyone is so anti-American or anti-nationalist here. If the Koreans want to try and reunite (which they really don't right now) they can with or without American intervention. But it's not going to work as long as you have radical communist warhounds leading the DPRK. If China's warlord and Nationalist vs. Communist fight wasn't a simple and similar enough example than think any time in history. For example, the Macedonian Empire. What happens when you kill or dethrone an authoritarian leader from his regime with no legitimate heirs while his generals are sitting around? You get a civil war with many warlords taking control of people, land and, more importantly in the modern day of nuclear armaments, weapons. Either appease the dictator as all great, cowardly leaders from all parts of the political spectrum have done or destroy the main leadership/give them an out from their inevitable destruction.

  • Alexandre Bouvier
    Alexandre Bouvier 8 months ago

    I want the pepsi flag XD.

  • Wingy Woo
    Wingy Woo 8 months ago

    Unification would be a burden on South Korea

  • Robert Mendivil
    Robert Mendivil 8 months ago

    Mr. Miyagi 2:14.

  • MarkEz DEZ
    MarkEz DEZ 8 months ago

    Are they using the Vox formula?

  • Lajkonik
    Lajkonik 8 months ago

    1990 it's the end of cold war ? Poland was free in june 1989 ( 6 months before colapse of Berlin Wall from your picture) and it was first symbol of the end of communist influence so also cold war. Back to school.