Jennifer Lopez - Booty ft. Iggy Azalea (Official Video)

  • Jennifer Lopez "Booty” (ft. Iggy Azalea)
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  • Enrique Parra
    Enrique Parra 28 minutes ago


  • Alex Petrov
    Alex Petrov 3 hours ago

    let me touch that....

  • Brandon Bobb
    Brandon Bobb 10 hours ago

    Jennifer that is gross

  • Star Catch Films
    Star Catch Films 11 hours ago

    I can’t go to work
    The cities in lock down
    I can attempt an awkward quarantine shake tho

  • Kiro BG1
    Kiro BG1 18 hours ago


    DARK MİZAH 18 hours ago +1

    Emel özkızıltaştan gelenler like

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  • ashur adai
    ashur adai Day ago

    I really love

  • ashur adai
    ashur adai Day ago


  • Audrey Gatties
    Audrey Gatties Day ago +1

    So it’s 4 am, and I’m literally twerking and I’m blasting this and my mom came in and just stared and said oh ok.. and closed the door, I’m dead lmao 😂😂😂💀

  • Robert Vladila
    Robert Vladila Day ago


  • Robert Vladila
    Robert Vladila Day ago

    Foarte scmecher!

  • Brandon Braunlich

    Very hot song so hot

  • Christhoper Vera

    Salen haciendo eso y ni nalgas tienen :v XD

  • Thomas Klein
    Thomas Klein Day ago

    My question is why she put on chapstick

  • Kigozi Edwards
    Kigozi Edwards Day ago

    Now old school

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels Day ago

    SLAMING 👅 TUNES 🎵 SEXY 💋 VID 👠💨🍻👍😎


    Who is listening this in march 2020
    This voice is fantastic
    0:58 💖
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🔥

  • Arkadiusz Murawski

    Nie wiem ,wydaję mi się że odmłodniała,wiem że ładnie.

  • Ashvani Kumar
    Ashvani Kumar 2 days ago

    Ashvani kumar

  • Jade Marrin
    Jade Marrin 2 days ago

    Jennifer was chewing gum and you can see it at some points. Looked kinda weird.

  • Dale Hunsucker
    Dale Hunsucker 2 days ago

    Hey this is James Dale Hunsucker, was that sour candy, or candy saga interview video that I just watch with Iggy Azalea supposed to be aimed at being negative toward me- James Dale Hunsucker, born 10/04/1972?

  • Brandon Bobb
    Brandon Bobb 2 days ago

    I love butts and booty

  • Cayden R
    Cayden R 2 days ago


  • Migdania MEM
    Migdania MEM 2 days ago

    Jlo is 50 years old. This woman looks good.

  • sweetrose19
    sweetrose19 2 days ago

    It would have been nice if the video had women with big booties in the video to match the song. IJS!!!!!

  • Veronica Camacho
    Veronica Camacho 2 days ago

    Working out my booty , sexy body

    • Mazen Medhat
      Mazen Medhat 2 days ago

      Hey i love you do you want to be my wife

  • Omer Imad
    Omer Imad 2 days ago

    Miss you chawan

  • Krzysztof Szymaniak
    Krzysztof Szymaniak 2 days ago


    1.7B Views 2 days ago

    left video straighter

  • Life With J
    Life With J 2 days ago

    I still can’t believe Chris brown wrote this song

  • rhonda booker
    rhonda booker 3 days ago

    mine makes everybody run for the border...scrub a dub dub inappropriate video aw man what about me?

  • W Labrador
    W Labrador 3 days ago +1

    Hola Jennifer , acabo d' Ver este Vídeo en Alta Definición y... quede Gratamente Sorprendido con la Alta Calidad del Producto ...mis Felicitaciones y que Sigas Cosechando Éxitos :)

  • Madalina Garcia
    Madalina Garcia 3 days ago

    Every song in in 2013 and 2014 was basically porn

  • 최준범
    최준범 3 days ago

    일단 허문도부터 머리 가죽을 벗기고...

  • Pavel Black
    Pavel Black 3 days ago

    #Iggy классная 😈

  • jajas king
    jajas king 3 days ago +1

    Too much rusian coments ( sorry for my english I don't talk this language )

  • April B.
    April B. 3 days ago

    Very sexy ladies...

  • Lux
    Lux 4 days ago +1

    My dad just busted a but after watching the vid

  • Brian Crumb
    Brian Crumb 4 days ago

    🤑Looks like someone gone be disciplined men if u know what I mean no homo

  • Zu Zubeda
    Zu Zubeda 4 days ago +2

    Never new I could twerk until I heard this and now my booty is working

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 4 days ago

    1:53 kinda GAY though

  • Daniel Dario Monagas Chacin


  • Andrea Agui
    Andrea Agui 5 days ago

    De repente se me quito el hambre😂💛

  • Dav Dancerplayer
    Dav Dancerplayer 5 days ago

    *414k people have no booty*

  • Dav Dancerplayer
    Dav Dancerplayer 5 days ago

    This > Lizzo - Tempo

  • Arnon Afonso
    Arnon Afonso 5 days ago

    2020 e eu ainda inconformado com esse collant que botaram na Iggy. Não realçou o booty dela. Uma pena.

  • Sophie T
    Sophie T 5 days ago

    Jenny got an ass but iggy doesnt

  • jhlords2 2020
    jhlords2 2020 5 days ago

    Lol should of changed this the big plastic ✅

  • Kevin Herrera
    Kevin Herrera 5 days ago +3

    No sé quien está más buena 😕

  • Sean MacGugan
    Sean MacGugan 6 days ago

    Well.... the song is terrible.... but I guess it was worth it. Next time on mute.

    TEBER MÜZİK 6 days ago

  • Tamilarasan Rajamanickam

    That moment you realise that ass makes more money than most villages/cities across Asia..

  • watermelon sugar
    watermelon sugar 6 days ago

    me listening like this is my life song with my flat ass🤦‍♂️

  • Whatsup Wahaa
    Whatsup Wahaa 6 days ago

    i used to watch this two hands but now i have mastered only one

  • Preslav Petrov
    Preslav Petrov 6 days ago +1

    Кой е тук заради Фики?

  • Tihomir Nikolov
    Tihomir Nikolov 6 days ago

    to live in a shoe never

  • Tihomir Nikolov
    Tihomir Nikolov 6 days ago

    begin zekhhnen

  • glossy boca
    glossy boca 6 days ago

    Imagine if Jlos kids come across this😂

  • Özer Gül
    Özer Gül 6 days ago

    Bu şarkının klibini ilk erkek yurdunda kalırken görmüştüm. Yemekteydik, nerdeyse yemekteki herkes TV'ye kitlenmişti :D

  • Maya Hojamyradowa
    Maya Hojamyradowa 7 days ago

    Who is in 2020

  • vishwa pratap singh
    vishwa pratap singh 7 days ago

    Natural booty😜😜

  • Bhat Mane
    Bhat Mane 7 days ago

    Should’ve performed this song at the super bowl 😶

  • Kaylin Brown
    Kaylin Brown 7 days ago

    I wasn’t expecting this...

  • Neftali Herrera
    Neftali Herrera 7 days ago +1


  • Neftali Herrera
    Neftali Herrera 7 days ago +1

    👋🤟✌👍God Damn This Song Is My Favorite Damn Song From JLO Turn Me On Is Hot Sexy Gorgeous Too Queen Goddess JLO I A Damn JLO Lover My Idol Forever And Iggy Azalea Too Damn Booty Is My Ringtune Too From My Damn Cellphone God I Love JLO My Idol Icon I Watch This Video All The Damn Time Touching My Self Too God I Want JLO Booty Damn Hell Yea Forever

  • Amey Lan
    Amey Lan 8 days ago

    So powerfull you jlo..👍👍

  • Drago Red
    Drago Red 8 days ago


  • Georgi Dobrev
    Georgi Dobrev 8 days ago +7

    Тук сте заради фики 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • AmaxD Edgeman
    AmaxD Edgeman 9 days ago

    We need part 2.. BIG BIG BOOBIES

  • Claudia Martinez
    Claudia Martinez 9 days ago

    Si a Jennifer Lopez la cuartiaron con semejante toto que no me haran aca ami que ni nalgas tengo...😂😂😂💔

  • kane Fatima
    kane Fatima 9 days ago +2

    J LO Body goals af 😍👌🏽👌🏽

  • Tom Cruise
    Tom Cruise 9 days ago +1

    Завиждам на този, който е заснел клипа

    JEUL REBOUS 9 days ago

    Big go big booty

  • Arda Düzkaya
    Arda Düzkaya 9 days ago


  • Jason Wongsam
    Jason Wongsam 9 days ago


  • M Mck
    M Mck 9 days ago

    damn this song is so moving

  • Albert Wells
    Albert Wells 9 days ago

    That song was lit