We Made a Banhammer (feat. NerdCubed)

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
  • For years, moderators of online forums and chat rooms have wielded a metaphorical "banhammer" to deal with anyone who steps out of line. Now it's real. Well, a bit more real, anyway.
    Mat Hill for design and coding: mat-hill.com/
    All the code and art is online under the MIT license: gitlab.com/matwhill/tomscottbanhammer
    Chris Joel for the idea, and for wielding the hammer.
    Dan (Nerd³) for lending us his chat room: tvclip.biz/user/officialnerdcubed and twitch.tv/nerdcubed
    Ray Roberts on camera: rayrobertsfilms.com
    Emi Paternostro for audio mixing: proximitysound.com
    And Chris' friend Mark, on Mixer, for inspiring the whole thing: mixer.com/SparkyandCo
    I'm at tomscott.com
    on Twitter at twitter.com/tomscott
    on Facebook at facebook.com/tomscott
    and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  8 months ago +2623

    This was an absolute technical nightmare and it sort-of shows but I don't care because IT WORKED. Pull down the description for links to everyone involved!

    • Dylan Stanley
      Dylan Stanley 6 months ago

      I'm honestly more interested in how the hell you managed to make those green screen shots look 3d

    • Ive Skins
      Ive Skins 8 months ago +1

      In the pub talking about "moderation". Tom's usual dry wit.

    • shelvacu
      shelvacu 8 months ago +1

      >PLEASE release the code
      Check the description yo

    • TBDF12
      TBDF12 8 months ago

      This is one of the dumbest and smartest things I've ever seen

    • Alexander Horner
      Alexander Horner 8 months ago

      Tom Scott - why?

  • The Generalissimo
    The Generalissimo 18 hours ago

    I hear a wild Mattphobia in the background.

  • Taaamas
    Taaamas 14 days ago +1

    why am i only now realising that's chris from citation needed

  • Oliver Nichol
    Oliver Nichol Month ago

    Aw no rip lolpants

  • ColdRamen2
    ColdRamen2 Month ago

    where are the keyboard clacks?

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 2 months ago

    this is great

  • West
    West 2 months ago

    "Noooo not chutney!"

  • Iván Pstyga
    Iván Pstyga 3 months ago

    they're too late, because they have never played M&B warban NW

  • Jacob Hayes
    Jacob Hayes 3 months ago

    1:07 I hope that guy wasn't hoping to comment again for the next 56 1/2 years.

  • IGSteven
    IGSteven 6 months ago

    Sparky is a legend, seems to be a very small world

  • L Johnson
    L Johnson 6 months ago

    Something Awful is 20 years old

  • RakiArtsFX
    RakiArtsFX 6 months ago

    i love your crossover transitions

  • LeviN Nemit
    LeviN Nemit 6 months ago

    My god that is glorious

  • jarrod nash
    jarrod nash 6 months ago

    4:22 sorry tom, looks like you've been BANNED!

  • Tacobell1384
    Tacobell1384 6 months ago

    An easy way to have the infinity gauntlet would be to have it represent switching from open chat to sub only chat and just generate names of people from chat, check their status and disintegrate the statues assigned to the free users.

  • edward lawrenson
    edward lawrenson 6 months ago

    "ban that window!"

  • Equilibris
    Equilibris 6 months ago


  • big bank
    big bank 6 months ago

    we need a Discord version of this so I can just let my admins find people to ban and then i just smash a statue with the ban hammer and then that person is banned

  • Paul Nguyen
    Paul Nguyen 6 months ago

    When roblox admin bans you.

  • David Strife
    David Strife 7 months ago

    Small suggestions. Make the hammer smaller like Mjolnir, and give the moderator more to do between bans in the program.

  • Fort Blocks
    Fort Blocks 7 months ago

    Infinity gauntlet!

  • Deku Doriya
    Deku Doriya 7 months ago +1

    Keep us updated on that Infinity Gauntlet

  • Carl Marcus
    Carl Marcus 7 months ago

    Oh my, I remember taking part in that livestream with Dan. Looks like I've gone full circle.

  • StrikeDragonn
    StrikeDragonn 7 months ago

    Can I ban VRChat people with the ban hammer?

  • Ed P
    Ed P 7 months ago

    Do you know Many A True Nerd?

  • Pomsen
    Pomsen 7 months ago

    seems like it would be good for owners in vrchat, maybe

  • Michael554466
    Michael554466 7 months ago

    What if they banned nerd cubed?

  • nem tudom
    nem tudom 7 months ago

    This is such a Tom thing to do. Just from looking at it, i could tell it was designed by him, it just so unique.

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 7 months ago

    4:24 - Tom gets accidentally banned

  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller 7 months ago

    I saw dans name and clicked

  • Wizardo, lord of magic
    Wizardo, lord of magic 7 months ago

    I am immune to hammers

  • Richard Pike
    Richard Pike 7 months ago

    This was amazing! This is (one reason of) why I subscribe!

  • Redfire
    Redfire 7 months ago

    matt can program?!

  • EvilEnjar
    EvilEnjar 7 months ago

    I saw this stream and I was wondering why they banned so many people

  • steven kutschat
    steven kutschat 7 months ago

    HA! That was great :D

  • FARBerserker
    FARBerserker 7 months ago

    Congratulations. You have made banning people harder both technically and physically.

  • Tom Williams Productions

    That infinite gauntlet idea sounds epic

  • Nubs
    Nubs 7 months ago

    They should add a way to watch the stream in the VR head set like there's a screen close by

  • maximusprime98
    maximusprime98 7 months ago

    could you implement this into, say, VR chat? but actually, have to hit the avatars in game.

  • I'm Hades
    I'm Hades 7 months ago

    Make the infinity gauntlet. Only the person with the strongest will may end half the universe

  • Firepal64
    Firepal64 7 months ago


  • Giggy010
    Giggy010 7 months ago

    So that's what was going on in that Two Point stream

  • Unwoven Sleeve
    Unwoven Sleeve 7 months ago

    This is amazing

  • Bilbo Baggins
    Bilbo Baggins 7 months ago

    I'll be waiting for v2

  • JoyTheGeek
    JoyTheGeek 7 months ago


  • Delta Sight
    Delta Sight 7 months ago

    where's the actual stream?

  • Celanis
    Celanis 7 months ago

    HTC Vive is awesome.

  • Vinum Pike
    Vinum Pike 7 months ago

    So you made a maul, cool.

  • Sigyn
    Sigyn 7 months ago

    Now we gotta ban Sorig90 for that ridiculous donation

  • kairon156
    kairon156 7 months ago

    As someone who grew up on the internet I'm happy to see a VR Ban Hammer.

  • Pink Cat Fedora
    Pink Cat Fedora 7 months ago


  • betalars
    betalars 7 months ago

    Wait ... wait ... is this the blender interface? Did this maniac actually use blender to make a real time virtual reality thing or am I just seeing it wrong?!?

  • DeathnoteBB
    DeathnoteBB 8 months ago

    Is this what was happening in the background of Nerd3’s Two Point Hospital stream?!

  • Naxspry
    Naxspry 8 months ago

    Finally, two of my favourite TVcliprs have collaborated, with two lovely guests also. More of this! :)

  • JammySammy
    JammySammy 8 months ago

    Could this be added into other games as a mod or a side add-on to other games? An app running in the background, like it can overlay onto your current VR experience and bring up a smaller hammer and desk which you then banhammer.
    You're playing VR chat, however you can see the chat, you see it.
    You have someone to ban.
    You get the Ban Hammer kit out A VR Overlay comes up and you ban them in that, either massive, or a small desk hammer ban.
    Kind of like VR inside VR because I'm sure there would be a way to do that.. Maybe?

  • Geeves
    Geeves 8 months ago

    Getting banned will never be as fun as this way.

  • k then
    k then 8 months ago

    Nerd3 was streaming 2-point hospital 3:25

  • OneBurntWitch
    OneBurntWitch 8 months ago

    If I may add a note; provided it doesn't break it, customize your hammer. I'll look for the one I drew when I was a mod somewhere but the handle was bejewelled. Also totally showing this to all my mod friends.

  • Cale Greenroyd
    Cale Greenroyd 8 months ago

    Execute Order 66

  • Connor Oud
    Connor Oud 8 months ago

    Hammers for Toast

  • Raimond Galicia
    Raimond Galicia 8 months ago

    Version 2.0. With the Gauntlet, you snap and one of two people brought up disintegrate from the screen.

  • Sir Plemington
    Sir Plemington 8 months ago +1

    I REQUIRE CITATION NEEDED. I understand it’s hard to get all of you in a room, but I need sustenance.

  • Hannah_5634
    Hannah_5634 8 months ago

    The tech diffs and dan should do a full stream or something together

  • Albin Jynnesjö
    Albin Jynnesjö 8 months ago


  • Daemonstorm Animations
    Daemonstorm Animations 8 months ago

    This reminds me of when someone used Doom as a system admin tool to kill processes on the servers. Each monster in the game was linked to a process running on the server. Killing it in the game killed the process.

  • Don Valentino
    Don Valentino 8 months ago

    Anyone else watched this stream and was VERY confused on wtf was happening in the background

  • Tom Will
    Tom Will 8 months ago

    Twitch need 1001 of these and they need 1001 people swinging an assortment of 1001 weapons and it all needs to be on a live stream of it's very own.

  • [redacted] watkins
    [redacted] watkins 8 months ago

    footage of Joel Of The Sun practising for the next arctic games

  • alex liggins
    alex liggins 8 months ago

    Ooh matt at the end there

  • Sticks The Fox
    Sticks The Fox 8 months ago

    "Chat says bye", what chat actually said was "NOO NOT CHUTNEY!" hahhaha

  • Renmusxd
    Renmusxd 8 months ago

    Reminds me of psDooM - a game where all the demons in Doom were Daemons on your processor which you could pkill with a shotgun or chainsaw.

  • Quick Games
    Quick Games 8 months ago

    that looks so god damn fun, i need that in my life now

  • EtaMuTau
    EtaMuTau 8 months ago

    Poor Despacito

  • Jlerpy
    Jlerpy 8 months ago

    The cyberpunk future!

  • Ωmega
    Ωmega 8 months ago

    So when's the Infinity Banlet coming out?

  • Rian rushwood
    Rian rushwood 8 months ago

    Hey nerd cubed I love both you and Tom

  • Callen
    Callen 8 months ago

    I thought this was an officialduckstudios video

  • Scott Ryan
    Scott Ryan 8 months ago

    I was In that stream

  • Heck Frick
    Heck Frick 8 months ago

    Oh crap it's nerd3

  • Rafael Trujillo
    Rafael Trujillo 8 months ago

    Pls no bannerino

  • Burning Wang
    Burning Wang 8 months ago

    We need to see more of toast!

  • Burning Wang
    Burning Wang 8 months ago

    It’s toast!

  • Mark McGough
    Mark McGough 8 months ago

    I really want to see a behind-the-scenes on the making of this actual video. not the ban system, but this video. the rotoscoping and stuff. Impressive.

  • MerryShrug
    MerryShrug 8 months ago


  • MerryShrug
    MerryShrug 8 months ago

    i like how the hammer kind of bounces from chris giggling

  • ann onn
    ann onn 8 months ago

    *@Tom Scott* Switzerland has an underground firing range for tanks. I just heard about it, and thought it might be the kind of thing you'd be interested in making a video about. Apparently, it's underground mainly to reduce the noise, but also to keep things secret. It seems there is not much info about it, especially not in English. It is called "Wittaumatte firing range", it is near Thun. Cheers!

  • Fuzz Art
    Fuzz Art 8 months ago

    *we flew a kite in a public place*

  • Felenov-official
    Felenov-official 8 months ago

    Hit Tom with it

  • ProCactus
    ProCactus 8 months ago

    What a stupid waste of technology

  • Jim Engström
    Jim Engström 8 months ago

    So pointless, I love it.

  • The Generalissimo
    The Generalissimo 8 months ago

    It's Dan! Who would have known that these two would have ever come together?

  • Sir Spoof
    Sir Spoof 8 months ago

    That was F*cking SICK in slow motion!!

  • Zanna
    Zanna 8 months ago

    That greenscreen effect is really impressive! Do you intend to release any kind of behind the scenes on how it was done?

  • Cthul-who
    Cthul-who 8 months ago

    How long until it's compatible with VR-Chat?

  • Natheniel Becken
    Natheniel Becken 8 months ago

    I cant imagine how you deal with the depth-level of the CGI.

  • Squirrel Games
    Squirrel Games 8 months ago

    This is amazing

  • Crazy Productions
    Crazy Productions 8 months ago

    Dan, Matt and Tom, holy crap

  • ThetaReactor
    ThetaReactor 8 months ago

    Reminds me of PSDoom, the old sysadmin tool that allowed one to kill system processes via a Doom game. Blowing up memory hogs with a BFG is satisfying.

  • Magnus Buinevits
    Magnus Buinevits 8 months ago

    Waiting for the park bench episode on this

  • Sideswipe
    Sideswipe 8 months ago