Laws Broken: Dark Knight (Can Batman Use Self Defense? How Many People Did the Joker Kill?)

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • Why so serious? Because you’re going to jail for 12,000 years, that’s why.
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    This week we’re covering the greatest movie Batman movie ever made -- perhaps the greatest superhero movie of all time: The Dark Knight.
    Today we’re answering two different questions. Since we know the Joker is doing all kinds of illegal things I tallied up all the different crimes to determine HOW MANY life sentences. Because there is a lot of murder. For Batman, we answer the question, can he use the self-defense justification to fight crime? Or is Batman just as guilty as the criminals he fights?
    Who is legally responsible for all the death and destruction?
    Find out today!
    Stay until the end when tally up the sentences for both the Joker and Batman.
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Comments • 11 862

  • Mathias Berg
    Mathias Berg 27 minutes ago

    Objection: Arkham Asylum is for the criminally insane, Bruce Wayne and likely also this Joker would go to Blackgate prison.

  • BaDitO2
    BaDitO2 4 hours ago

    it would be kinda more intresting, how you plan a legel defense for the drak knight joker, since he got captured in the end and would stand trial.

  • I'm not a Lawyer but I play one on YouTube

    New York law doesn't look kindly on much. Now Texas law that's a different story.

  • Logan Show
    Logan Show 7 hours ago

    Batman AKA Bruce Wayne’s residence is under attack from uninvited paramilitary style aggressors wearing masks for intimidation and mental distress, he uses non lethal force by choice in defending his residence from the uninvited attackers, he shouldn’t be charged with anything ignoring everything else Batman does.
    You don’t have a duty to withdraw at your home?

  • Jeremiah Nelson
    Jeremiah Nelson 7 hours ago

    Objection with WayneTech Batman/ Bruce Wayne probably had most his computer laws written into terms of service or something (I'm not a lawyer or anything though so just guessing).

  • Yeti or Not
    Yeti or Not 7 hours ago +1

    No mention of Harvey Dent's felonies? *insert mad Joker laugh* I know that's not the point of the video... but still. The irony is not lost on me.

  • Krispy Kreme
    Krispy Kreme 7 hours ago

    14:08 objection if Batman was put on trial for this he would be unmasked so wouldn’t that mean he can claim self defence as he was in his home

  • Julian Munoz
    Julian Munoz 7 hours ago

    I mean at the fundraiser wasn’t that his house so he didn’t have a duty to leave and self defense was probably applicable?

  • William Umstattd
    William Umstattd 8 hours ago

    Wow Texas law really is better. Because of stand your ground laws half of this would fall under self defense because Batman fears for the lives of those around them. There is no requirement to retreat in Texas.

  • AbstracTAssassin 30
    AbstracTAssassin 30 9 hours ago

    "I'm not wearin' hockey pads."

    I will never forget that line.

  • Koby Pruett
    Koby Pruett 9 hours ago

    objection: In the scene where joker and his henchmen are holding the party hostage, Bruce Wayne aka Batman, did not have an obligation to retreat because he owned the estate and he has a right to defend his home.

  • Kaboom
    Kaboom 10 hours ago

    Well technically Batman is a vigilante that is a crime.

  • Vordt of the Boreal Valley

    In the party scene That is Bruce's pent house, So he did not have a duty to retreat.

  • Samuel Lord
    Samuel Lord 11 hours ago

    How the hell does the guy at 9:06-9:10 die?
    He gets cut in the mouth area, not the neck. Sure there will be a lot of bleeding, but nothing that would kill.

  • FreeCookieProductions
    FreeCookieProductions 12 hours ago

    I'm not to sure where Gotham is influenced by in the comics but in the film its suppose to be Chicago. It's also filmed in Chicago. Not New York

  • DanielisAwesome52
    DanielisAwesome52 12 hours ago

    So I don't remember the specifics of the Party (I think its a Dent run thing, not Wayne) But if it was Wayne's party, and Joker's men had all exits from that room blocked (obviously not since Batman got in somehow) would Bruce be allowed to fight them for the protection of the people in the room? (Also moving past the masked situation)

  • nilloc93
    nilloc93 12 hours ago

    technically that smoke grenade would be attempted murder (assuming the manager survived) those are highly toxic which is why on my pryo course in the military we were instructed to never use them in a confined space like a vehicle or a small room and that the gasses were not to be inhaled "in dense quantities" without a respirator.

  • lcjr
    lcjr 13 hours ago +3

    Joker: *Takes a hostage and puts a gun to her head*

    Legal Eagle: Okay so here we have a loitering violation.

  • Isaiah Maurer
    Isaiah Maurer 13 hours ago

    Objection: Gotham has always been a stand-in for Chicago, not NYC. Metropolis was the NYC comparison.

  • Fernando Torrealba
    Fernando Torrealba 14 hours ago

    Objection: when Batman beats up the Joker's henchmen, he's doing that in his own home and therefore he should not have the duty to retreat.

  • Harley Phillips
    Harley Phillips 14 hours ago

    Objection: (14:20) Bat man (Bruce Wayne) is on his own property (his apartment) meaning he is not loitering

  • Alamda Ali
    Alamda Ali 15 hours ago


  • donners304
    donners304 15 hours ago

    Objection!!!! (Always wanted to say that by the way) If Batman bugging peoples phones is highly illiagal why can the likes of Facebook and Google do it all the god damn time?

  • Sonick 2win
    Sonick 2win 15 hours ago

    objected because wouldn't batman(Bruce Wayne) not have to flee because it is his home

  • Butters
    Butters 15 hours ago

    You should also get into acting, and play in the joker 2 movie as jokers atterny

  • waaweegee ?
    waaweegee ? 16 hours ago

    Does Gotham follow the same rules as NY? Either way, i really like this concept, its pretty fun. Also, slick transition into the sponsor, that was nice.

  • Elliott Hunter
    Elliott Hunter 16 hours ago

    Objection: Joker simply neutralized a potential threat to his bodily person. The individual who then approached him showed reasonable intent on physically harming him. The charge of murder shouldn't fit as it was more reactionary rather than intended. Justified Self-Defence.

  • N&F random
    N&F random 17 hours ago +1

    I know it's been done else where, but can you do, is it legal for the Jedi to arrest Palpatine?

  • E. Gordbort
    E. Gordbort 17 hours ago

    22:00 casual 10,000 years in prison

  • Captain Patches Trapped in Patches

    Objection: during the party, Batman has no duty to retreat because it’s taking place in his own home

  • Tactical Mischief
    Tactical Mischief 21 hour ago

    You didn't even go into the firearms and explosive ordinance violations. The bank manager was using a shotgun that is a Short Barrelled Shotgun (SBS) that is restricted under Federal Law in the 1934 National Firearms Act. All the bad guys running around with machine guns banned under the 1986 Hughes Amendment. NY SAFE Act banning the sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Batman using rockets to blow up obstacles in the road.

    TNT MAN 21 hour ago

    Objection in the party the joker and his minions are treas passing on Bruce Wayne's property so he is protecting his property

  • stickmangrit
    stickmangrit 22 hours ago

    OBJECTION the party scene is IN BATMAN'S HOME, which you previously stated does not fall under the requirement to withdraw

  • Paigeclicks
    Paigeclicks 22 hours ago

    Cool story, still murder - Jake Peralta

  • Vidroiu Alin
    Vidroiu Alin Day ago

    Question : if you would have the ability to fly unaided (without a glider or plane, like Superman ), would you still be considered to have done something illegal by flying in a city like New York?

  • Testimentsnow
    Testimentsnow Day ago

    Except he is in his own house when dressed as the Batman so not loitering. And Batman was protecting himself and his guests from Intruders who illegally entered his home and threatened him and his guests.

  • SirDomblesan
    SirDomblesan Day ago

    I've fallen in love with Legal Eagle's videos. Is it just me or does Legal Eagle look alot like Ryan Reynolds?!

  • John Michael
    John Michael Day ago

    Anyone notice how Batman got significantly more time.

  • Hell Shake Pootis

    A certain gold digger name Kat show this video to his husband the pigroach.

  • Ryan Meyer
    Ryan Meyer Day ago

    Objection! Arkham is for the insane. Blackgate prison is for regular thugs and criminals.

  • Joshua Mogle
    Joshua Mogle Day ago

    in Batman's defense, he did destroy that machine at the end of the movie... and if you want a batman that's far worse... try Aflec...

  • mastur ceef
    mastur ceef Day ago

    Objection: you're forgetting the joker runs a gang. All of those charges should be longer because they're committed in service of a criminal enterprise. He also robbed a bank, evaded police (on multiple occasions, which should be more charges). And aren't terroristic threats illegal?

  • Airmanon
    Airmanon Day ago +2

    60 million years... and most of it because of hacking...

    • USAGI
      USAGI Hour ago

      If not for the backing he would've just been in jail for 200~ years, right?

  • Frank Soukey
    Frank Soukey Day ago +1

    I would love to aee Laws Broken: Zootopia.

  • toonbat
    toonbat Day ago

    So you're saying BATman is guilty of BATTERY. Who would have guessed?

  • Berto Castillo
    Berto Castillo Day ago

    Can you do one on the final destination series, with all the freak accidents and unsafe environments and who'd be liable

  • Coda Mission
    Coda Mission Day ago

    Although Gotham is heavily influenced by New York City, and Gotham is a nickname for NYC, Gotham City is almost always depicted in DC media as being across the Hudson- Gotham City is in New Jersey.

  • the retro savage
    the retro savage Day ago +1

    The Matt Murdock of TVclip

  • T.R.S
    T.R.S Day ago

    Batman can get out of prison in 30 million years on good behavior

  • Ryan Kilpatrick
    Ryan Kilpatrick Day ago

    So I'm a Junior in High School and have taken a government class and am interested in becoming a lawyer, plus I've watched like 12 of these videos so I'm learning but don't know a lot
    Bruce Wayne is Batman
    Batman is defending a party he threw for Harvey Dent.
    *For Example* If someone breaks into your house they have taken you hostage in your own home. He has a gun. Police are not their yet. And your neighbor comes in and attacks the thief/terrorist now.
    Why would he have a assult charge against him?
    14:08 In the context of Battery, does that mean an assult charge or brutally protectioning yourself. Because Joker's guy have guns

  • th3gr8makar0sc 666

    wait i thought bruce Wayne owned the building were the party took place

  • Duke Airsoft
    Duke Airsoft Day ago

    Objection: would batman's actions against the joker be lawful since he was technically in his own penthouse? (Assaulting the jokers henchmen and that loitering charge)

  • th3gr8makar0sc 666

    no, but good smaritan laws might help

  • Dylan Ambroselli

    Objection joker was inside of one of Batman‘s house so we have had the right to defend himself

  • Hannah Sypniewski
    Hannah Sypniewski Day ago +11

    Objection: Batman is a billionaire. Hes not going to jail.

  • Powerofthewaaagh

    Objection! The police are *not* blameless in Batman's actions, and the "fruit of the poisonous tree" almost certainly would apply. By use of the Bat Signal, the Gotham PD is effectively endorsing Batman as a paralegal agent - because they directly request Batman's aid, he is in effect an extension of their authority.

  • STC
    STC Day ago

    I can't believe US flew a large cargo plane across Hongkong airspace as if Chinese air defense doesn't exist xD.

  • Hoarsebard
    Hoarsebard Day ago

    OBJECTION: Arkham is not a prison. It's a mental asylum. Which, to be fair, Bruce definitely qualifies for, but still.

  • Talesin- God of the Internet

    EVERYTHING in this video is wrong because Gotham = Chicago, not NY

  • ArchAngel121996
    ArchAngel121996 Day ago

    if batman were to be arrested i think he would be fine