Laws Broken: Dark Knight (Can Batman Use Self Defense? How Many People Did the Joker Kill?)

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • Why so serious? Because you’re going to jail for 12,000 years, that’s why.
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    This week we’re covering the greatest movie Batman movie ever made -- perhaps the greatest superhero movie of all time: The Dark Knight.
    Today we’re answering two different questions. Since we know the Joker is doing all kinds of illegal things I tallied up all the different crimes to determine HOW MANY life sentences. Because there is a lot of murder. For Batman, we answer the question, can he use the self-defense justification to fight crime? Or is Batman just as guilty as the criminals he fights?
    Who is legally responsible for all the death and destruction?
    Find out today!
    Stay until the end when tally up the sentences for both the Joker and Batman.
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Comments • 9 918

  • Coldpotatoesfromsaturn

    Isn't Gotham based in Chicago??

  • AJ Haas
    AJ Haas 8 hours ago

    Would Batman go to trial? ...
    If so would jury nullification be a thing for Batman?
    Or insanity as he does not see what he is doing as immoral? something on the lines of P.T.S.D. from having his parents killed and the general joker madness of Gothem.

    • AJ Haas
      AJ Haas 7 hours ago

      Also the jokers magic trick: multiple people have survived T.I.P.I's (Transorbital Intracranial Penetrating Injury) and including some with a pencil. Still attempted murder if not (the relitivly unlikely) murder just wanted to say that not that it matters much

  • Inari The Kitsune
    Inari The Kitsune 8 hours ago

    Many people have survived the pencil trick, Because Science did an episode on the Nerdist channel

  • KotorFan3231
    KotorFan3231 9 hours ago

    Objection: what was Gotham police doing to stop all the Joker's Acts?

  • KotorFan3231
    KotorFan3231 9 hours ago

    You didn't cover the end of the movie? The confrontation with the Joker and Two-Face.

  • Aaron Unterseher
    Aaron Unterseher 11 hours ago

    There is a defense, in North Dakota at atleast, that allows one to break the law if by doing so would preserve life or prevent serious disfiguring injury (deadly force)...
    Wouldn't a fair sum of Batman's crimes fall under that?
    Altho vigilantism is a crime would it nullify that as a useable defense...
    The joker was border line attempting to insight civil war with in the city... Sooo... Wouldnt the court view extremes vs extremes during a trial?

  • Black Horned Mountain Chicken Of Doom

    In the henchman fight scene you said self defense doesnt apply because of his obligation to withdraw but he is in his own residence so wouldnt that justify self defense?

  • Roman Zadorozhnyy
    Roman Zadorozhnyy 21 hour ago

    Wasn't Gotham supposed to be based on Chicago?

  • chemtrooper
    chemtrooper 21 hour ago

    Have you read all those books behind you. Or are they hollowed out vessels that hide blow?

  • MrUsoutlaw
    MrUsoutlaw 22 hours ago

    Objection. During batmans fight with the jokers goons at the party. I believe that is currently his place of residency. Would be not be allowed to defend guest to his home?

  • tbirddddd
    tbirddddd 22 hours ago

    One thing I wonder is what does the court do if a defendant's name cannot be determined? Assuming they are unable to determine his identity by any means, would Joker be allowed to assume the name of his choice? Would he be given the name John Doe? Has something like this ever happened in US law?

  • TheWretchedOwl
    TheWretchedOwl 22 hours ago

    Is there a law about performing surgery without a license the way joker did to that guy he put a bomb in? Would have thought that would come up.

  • tbirddddd
    tbirddddd 22 hours ago

    Wouldn't it make more sense to use Chicago penal code, since many scenes were filmed there?

  • TheReviewRevolution

    I'm going to give this a try, but Objection. Bruce was dressed as Batman at a private fund raiser in his own penthouse. By your definition, the loitering charge is incorrect. He is not congregating in a public place rather a private residence. Also Bruce refers to those guests as "my friends" so the action against armed home invaders in the act of protecting person and property could be see as acceptable based on the Castle Doctrine. I'm in Texas not New York, and not sure if this would apply but thought I'd give it a shot.

  • The_Floppy_Noddle _bumm

    So at 16:40 if batman would of had sat him down and talked to him would that be consider a integration or still illegal. Second question so i was watching a show called fbi and in the show when they are integration the pepole they threat them with laws that will puy them to jail is that consider illegal?

  • Silverdarlin
    Silverdarlin Day ago

    Objection: Batman is Batman and the law acts differently for Batman...

    Because he's Batman

  • Chef Dean
    Chef Dean Day ago

    Also, loitering is designated verbatim public or retail private property, not residential. Certainly not an attired event. Then it's simply trespassing. 😅 Furthermore, upon review of decidedly brilliant and thoughtful comments & replies; The court of YT is hereby considered in totality legal expertise meeting or exeeding Bar requirements in New York State. Thereby, acknowledging previous Group Commenter Party as fellow Counsel, and video counsel's lack of response, this Court has been ruled in absentia !

  • Chef Dean
    Chef Dean Day ago

    14:00; Please forgive my Aspie arse if a Chef disagreeing with Counsel is a neurotypical societal faux pas. In lieu of original quote of third party self defense X number of hostages in room ÷ number of armed assailants V trained/unarmed opponent protagonist . . . any concise ruling must be not only Not Guilty ruling, but Dismissed Case. Furthermore, the query as to Jury/Judicial trial status precedes former counter. Your witness, Counsel.

  • randy moss
    randy moss 2 days ago

    Intersting that he ignores all of the weapons violations regarding short barlled shotguns, bombs and explosives, fully automatic weapons, brandishing, unlawfully concealed weapons etc.

  • Caleb Atienza
    Caleb Atienza 2 days ago

    Objection: But if I may be so bold, it's these rights that the criminals have that they abuse as loopholes which makes them slip through the fingers of Gordon.
    The great thing about Batman is that if you are a criminal who abused your freedom, he will walk all over your excuses (and probably your fingers) to make you pay for what you have done.
    Batman makes it clear that you cannot escape the consequences of your actions. That is just one reason Justice rides the night sky on dark wings.
    Batman elbow drops the crime rate because criminals are afraid to commit crime and they should stay that way

  • beedolphin1
    beedolphin1 2 days ago

    I would like to know about being a survivor in a lifeboat. I have read the book Adrift, the story of John Rutledge which sank in February 20, 1856. The only survivor is Thomas Nye and it would seem he was adrift in the Atlantic Ocean near Newfoundland for nine days. It's interesting to see what laws would be in effect if you were in a lifeboat and survived and yet the thirteen others who were with you ranging from a infant to a old man, ended up dying. I know in the way of being in the open Atlantic that rules are in a way not really followed the same as they are on land. However if someone is brought back to land, like Thomas Nye, would he be held accountable to his actions in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Wojciech Zdziejowski

    I'd rather be spied by Batman than by the US government

  • theflamingpi
    theflamingpi 2 days ago

    Dashlane makes it easier for Batman to steal your passwords because now they are all held on one location.

  • theflamingpi
    theflamingpi 2 days ago

    Batman isn't in public at the party. He is not loitering. It is a private event in Bruce Wayne's privately owned location.

  • theflamingpi
    theflamingpi 2 days ago

    Gotham is Boston. Metropolis is New York.
    It's easier with Marvel because they just use real place names and Spider-Man is real anyway.

  • nick johnson
    nick johnson 2 days ago +1

    Most comments here are wrong. Gotham is a combination of Chicago and NYC below 14th street on the coldest day in November.

  • Patrick Davies
    Patrick Davies 2 days ago

    At the start is it legal to drive while wearing a mask?

  • EpileF Felipe
    EpileF Felipe 2 days ago +1

    If the people of Gothan used Dashlane, the Joker would've won. How ironic, huh?

  • Nick F
    Nick F 2 days ago

    Isn't that a sawed off shotgun in a bank and your using New York law?

  • Ethan Ledina
    Ethan Ledina 3 days ago +1

    The joker should have some kind of littering fee right?

  • Bat Weasel
    Bat Weasel 3 days ago +2

    Joker was showing a magic trick, as soon as the guy tried to touch him in self defense he improved the trick where he committed 2nd Degree Murder. (Premeditated, He knew someone was going to go up to him, and hurt him).
    Also Self Defense

  • deedee bites
    deedee bites 3 days ago +1

    objection... bank manager is in fact using self defence... but with a sawed off shot gun... which im pretty sure is still illegal in new york

  • DAnyal Ahmed
    DAnyal Ahmed 3 days ago +2

    Lol 60 million year, that's what you get for protecting Gotham

  • Michael English
    Michael English 3 days ago +3

    OBJECTION!!! Couldn't batman use the Good Samaritan Law to beat up joker and his henchmen during the party scene.

  • TheHortond
    TheHortond 3 days ago

    I object. I think batman had the right to self defense against the jokers men in that fight. They were home intruders and Batman had no duty to retreat. In Colorado we have the "make my day law" Batman would have the affirmative defense against any violations of the law civil and criminal. Its the purest form of self defense.

  • Shadow Claw4762
    Shadow Claw4762 3 days ago +2

    Would the fully automatic guns break the law in New York? Or the military weaponry as well?

  • D.DoT-Z
    D.DoT-Z 3 days ago +2

    God this makes me hate the law
    Sorry but when do we accept that someone has a duty to save lives when they have the capabilities to do so regardless of whether they’re wearing a badge or not?

    *Man about to shoot up a room full of kids*
    *You, an owner of a gun shoots the man*

    “YoU hAd a DuTy tO WiThDrAW”

  • NewVirtue
    NewVirtue 3 days ago

    But Batman is bruce wayne so if he fights joker and his henchman at bruce waynes party is it not self defense? And loitering also wouldnt apply since its his own party right?

  • Reyemyu Falskyon
    Reyemyu Falskyon 3 days ago

    That plug lol

  • Nemesys
    Nemesys 3 days ago +1

    Councilman DJ I disagree with your observation of the indoor pyrotechnics most likely Wayne Enterprises has permits for That purpose as they are of weapons manufacture

  • Mrgrim 169
    Mrgrim 169 3 days ago

    Objection Gotham is In Seattle or New Jersey not nyc

    • Mrgrim 169
      Mrgrim 169 3 days ago

      And that one scene was in Batman’s home so he has the right to defend it

    • Mrgrim 169
      Mrgrim 169 3 days ago

      And arkham is not a jail

  • banana hands
    banana hands 3 days ago

    Childhood?..... dark knight?...... 🤔

  • SkullAngel002
    SkullAngel002 3 days ago

    14:53 - Yeah I feel like Nolan should have shown Bats activating his cloak for this scene. But to clarify the fall mystery, it was shown in the prior film (Batman Begins) the cloak was made from Memory Cloth (from Wayne Enterprises' R&D Division) and the fabric could become rigid if given an electric current. This is why Bats can produce glider wings on demand throughout the DK trilogy.

  • Josh Steiner
    Josh Steiner 4 days ago +2

    Batman is justified in vigilantism due to a corrupt city government and terrorists/criminals within the city limits.
    He's a hero goddamnit!

  • Adrian Östberg
    Adrian Östberg 4 days ago +2

    Can’t you say that he is acting in self defence, where the people in Cotham city is the people in danger

  • Adrian Östberg
    Adrian Östberg 4 days ago +1

    Batman is employed as a detective by the cotham Police

    • Aaron Unterseher
      Aaron Unterseher 11 hours ago

      You actually have a fair arguement here.... Beings the LT. With the pd enables and encourages Batman's behavior Batman would become a functioning agent of the police department

  • naynay sploogle
    naynay sploogle 4 days ago +2

    your clearly grasping at straws with the bus scene and you and I both know could easily be contested in court and the victor would entirely be decided by the judge with different results each judge.

    • Aaron Unterseher
      Aaron Unterseher 11 hours ago

      Considering every other murder that took place with in the same incident that would be lumped in 1 single trial... Would be pretty hard to sway a jury to not convicted for 1 murder charge

  • Commando303X
    Commando303X 4 days ago

    What the hell? You aborted your segment barely into the movie.

  • naynay sploogle
    naynay sploogle 4 days ago

    I HAVE to watch this with increased speed sorry.

  • MordeCOGNeko ShinnyKaiser

    Is there a crime for unlawful interrogation?

  • Well Technically
    Well Technically 4 days ago +5

    What if Batman acted as a bounty hunter on behalf of Gordon?

  • TheNITRO68
    TheNITRO68 4 days ago

    Batmans outside the law for one reason, so he can do what the law cant, bring criminals to justice.... as he isnt owned by them with temptation like the law is.....

  • TyrantBossMedia
    TyrantBossMedia 4 days ago

    F-U Grammerly!!!!!!

  • Joel Mccrea
    Joel Mccrea 4 days ago

    Interesting that you said "if you believe its reasonably necessary"...because I would say "Yes I believe its absolutely necessary to stop these people" which in my mind then would make it legal. What i find strange is that you said "I believe" which the state or noone else can control. This wasnt an objection or anything, just a curious note on it.

  • Frank Phillips
    Frank Phillips 4 days ago

    But the real question is, can the mob bosses launch a class action suit against Batman? Would they stand a chance of winning? Additionally, would the identity of Batman be required in disclosure? Wayne has deep pockets my friend.

  • Zephadus Joltspark
    Zephadus Joltspark 4 days ago +1

    23:00 - Bravo, sir. Hell of a segway into the sponsorship offer.

  • Blake Flemming
    Blake Flemming 4 days ago

    Isn't it permissable because Joker's henchmen are committing burglary in Bruce's residence for self defence to be usable in that one instance

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 4 days ago

    Nah dude, a smoke grenade would definitely kill him if he doesn't get it away before it goes off, that shit starts fires.

  • cryofpaine
    cryofpaine 5 days ago +9

    So would you say that Batman and Rachael violated the laws of physics?

  • Ithinkthatsillegal
    Ithinkthatsillegal 5 days ago +1

    I think you forgot that it was Batman's apartment during the campaign fundraiser fight. I think he could argue self defense in those charges as the jokers crew crashed his party; it's the one fight he hasn't gone looking for.
    PS: always saw Gotham as Chicago and Superman's Metropolis as New're out of your jurisdiction?

  • Timothy McQueen
    Timothy McQueen 5 days ago +1

    Although Gotham is a stand-in for N.Y.C., it technically resides in New Jersey, though I'm not sure if there is much difference between the laws in both states.

  • Reyos Blackwood
    Reyos Blackwood 5 days ago +1

    14:15 objection
    Loitering requires a public space - a penthouse apartment would not qualify as a public space, it's a private residence, so no loitering violation occurs, even more so when Bruce Wayne is the owner of said property.

  • Reyos Blackwood
    Reyos Blackwood 5 days ago

    14:00 objection
    No duty to withdraw exists under new york law if you are on your own property. As batman and bruce wayne are the same person, batman has no duty to withdraw when the Joker and henchmen invade his penthouse during the party.

    • Reyos Blackwood
      Reyos Blackwood 3 days ago

      @j p This is not about what he could be accused of, but what he could be convicted for. the alter ego would be discovered if he were successfully arrested, let alone when it went to trial.

    • j p
      j p 3 days ago

      yes lol but then batman would have to admit he's Bruce Wayne

  • Hyena-Gaming
    Hyena-Gaming 5 days ago

    Objection:Gotham is based about JERSEY

  • HelloParkingMeter6
    HelloParkingMeter6 5 days ago +1

    Pencil through the eyeball is often non lethal and depending on the trajectory can have absolutely no significant effect on the individual. Pencil guy is fine.

  • LoST x Havok
    LoST x Havok 5 days ago

    19:40 pretty much 5G

  • xxlCortez
    xxlCortez 5 days ago

    Isn't insanity changes the verdict of the joker?

  • Intertayne
    Intertayne 5 days ago

    Batman would have gotten a much lighter sentence and spent thousands less if he had taken one of the several opportunities he had to simply shoot the Joker in the head.

  • Michael Canada
    Michael Canada 5 days ago +5

    Morally, everything Batman did was justified. Laws should be bent for heroes.

  • John Irby
    John Irby 5 days ago +1 duty to retreat...stand your ground...castle doctrine...the standard for justifiable deadly self defense is different from state to state.

    • John Irby
      John Irby 3 days ago

      @1 2 lol yes it would... 😂

    • 1 2
      1 2 3 days ago +1

      Texas Batman would be a much shorter movie