Jimmy Kimmel & Jimmy Fallon Finally Clear Up Who Is Who

  • Published on Oct 25, 2019
  • People frequently confuse Jimmy Kimmel with Jimmy Fallon and vice versa. So as a public service, Jimmy (Kimmel) got in touch with Jimmy (Fallon) and they made a video that will hopefully clear this little headache up once and for all. #KimmelinBrooklyn
    Bill Murray, Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo’s Dirty Canoe Ride in Brooklyn tvclip.biz/video/c6T33GnzwKM/video.html
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    Jimmy Kimmel & Jimmy Fallon Finally Clear Up Who Is Who
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  • Nikita
    Nikita 16 minutes ago

    The difference between Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon is that Kimmel is sarcastic and Fallon is funny in nature

  • Apulux
    Apulux Hour ago

    Not our fault y’all look alike and have same name 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • 2 XStream
    2 XStream Hour ago +1

    I think Jimmy should go in a boxing match with Jimmy

  • Jessy Araiza
    Jessy Araiza 2 hours ago

    Imagine Jimmy Kimmel and Fallon had a talk show but they interviewed celebrities together

  • Rinpuia Ralte
    Rinpuia Ralte 3 hours ago

    I like Jimmy more but the other jimmy is okay too. 😂

  • Andrew Van
    Andrew Van 5 hours ago


  • Beh Reh
    Beh Reh 7 hours ago

    what !! did we just become best friend

  • Mr Fantastic yellow
    Mr Fantastic yellow 10 hours ago

    That poor old lady

  • Alph4Master
    Alph4Master 16 hours ago +1

    They're also the same height

  • RevolZ
    RevolZ 18 hours ago

    Ted mosby in himym = jimmy fallon + jimmy kimmel

  • El Matador
    El Matador 19 hours ago

    One played Trump and one blew Trump's hair. Now one is in Gulag and the other is in Auschwitz.

  • Naufal Sholahuddin R
    Naufal Sholahuddin R 20 hours ago

    I think jimmy neutron is smarter than this

  • Roasted Fam
    Roasted Fam 20 hours ago

    I thought they were the same person

  • sagesse the hebrew
    sagesse the hebrew 21 hour ago

    Jimmy is better than Jimmy

  • Gabby Gershom Bassey
    Gabby Gershom Bassey 22 hours ago

    Jimmy fallon is such a bad actor

  • Girl Nxt door
    Girl Nxt door Day ago

    Omg this is like The Parent's Trap

  • Modern Whiz
    Modern Whiz Day ago

    Both have fake laughs

  • johab eo
    johab eo Day ago +1

    I am still confused

  • Shae Gemini
    Shae Gemini Day ago

    The laugh..the difference on their laugh

  • Cyrus McWind
    Cyrus McWind Day ago

    Kimmel makes jokes people dont loke.
    Fallon makes jokes that interrupt people. Kimmel? Fallon? I'll go with Fallon.

  • Oscar Navarro
    Oscar Navarro Day ago

    This was depressing.

  • Tobi #1
    Tobi #1 Day ago

    Me to

  • Bot
    Bot Day ago +1


  • kickbuttme
    kickbuttme Day ago


    PUMPKINIII Day ago

    Is the Jimmy Fallon show?

  • Hueco Mundo
    Hueco Mundo Day ago


  • Jeron White
    Jeron White Day ago

    One jimmy has a fake laugh

  • bhavesh lohana
    bhavesh lohana Day ago

    It's like that Mr. Bean episode where he meets his doppelganger

  • Sicko Joseph
    Sicko Joseph Day ago

    Jimmy Kimmel stands and Jimmy Fallon sits down.

  • Camilo Gutiérrez

    This is just so cringy

  • nytrogen six
    nytrogen six Day ago +1

    this is like that video Smosh made called "Stop copying me" but with a twist

  • Chris Mathias
    Chris Mathias Day ago

    Both are making ch***ya

  • Gautham V
    Gautham V Day ago +1

    Keep your Jimmys!

    we're team COCO✌

  • Ali Zaman
    Ali Zaman Day ago +3

    Jimmy Fallon
    Jimmy Kimmel
    Both have the same amount of letters.

  • N Gm
    N Gm Day ago

    I hate jimmy Kimmel but I loved this little skit 😂. . Team FALLON all the way

  • prajwal lokesh
    prajwal lokesh Day ago

    this like a episode from mr bean animated series

  • Montay 2x
    Montay 2x Day ago

    Why is this not trending 😂

  • Bread S
    Bread S Day ago

    Do toms

    Tom cruise vs Tom Holland vs Tom hiddleson

  • Ibrahim Al-Bayati

    *2 jimmy from another universe ..*

  • Genjo Shimada
    Genjo Shimada 2 days ago


  • JockNessMonster Jock Edwards

    I just want James Corden to come

  • Pacfam42 YT
    Pacfam42 YT 2 days ago +2

    What’s the LDS joke at the end supposed to be about??

  • 3A Animals
    3A Animals 2 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel should just change his name into Briefcase Joe.

  • Channel 9 Games
    Channel 9 Games 2 days ago

    Dwight vs Dwight essentially.

  • Dredwin Games
    Dredwin Games 2 days ago +1

    This isn't that hard. One is funny. One is not.

  • Geo Emmanuel
    Geo Emmanuel 2 days ago

    Jimmy is funny, the other Jimmy is not

  • Big Faggot
    Big Faggot 2 days ago +1

    A couple months ago i thought that Jimmy Kimmel was just an older and slightly less chubby Jimmy Fallon

  • Random Overload Daily

    Oh, poor Jimmy! I’m sorry for such confusing times...

  • dankyeet7 7
    dankyeet7 7 2 days ago

    I like the Fallon one. The Kimmel one not so much❌🤬🤡🤡🤡

    WOLF CHROME 2 days ago +1

    how about jimmy corden

  • Migz 45
    Migz 45 2 days ago +1

    Biggest crossover event in history

  • Marianne Sarmiento
    Marianne Sarmiento 3 days ago +45

    jimmy kimmel: what the f-
    *him realizing there are kids watching this video*

  • Jesse Houston
    Jesse Houston 3 days ago

    Jimmy is a stupid ass name either way

  • OldMcDonald YT
    OldMcDonald YT 3 days ago +13

    When Jimmy Kimmel is mumbling he sounds like Eric Andre

  • Jule Le
    Jule Le 3 days ago

    I have a brother named Jimmy.

  • deoumipotatoes
    deoumipotatoes 3 days ago

    i actually get so confused between which and which

  • Aisyah Humairo
    Aisyah Humairo 3 days ago

    i never realized these 2 shows and hosts r different. all i know itss the jimmy show

    S0LEVIDEN 3 days ago

    I watch both of them

  • Wyatt Earp
    Wyatt Earp 4 days ago

    Where's Jimmy Neutron?

  • Not Ash
    Not Ash 4 days ago

    Wheres Jimmy Neutron