World's Slowest Rube Goldberg | Field Day Presents Bob Partington

  • Published on Oct 27, 2015
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    Field Day Presents inventor Bob Partington to a new audience, you guys! Bob is an inventor, director and TV personality, you’ve probably seen some of his work in commercials but never knew it was him. So we wanted to spotlight his unique genius in one of his first big forays into YouTube. See as Bob brings together some classically slow moving things, like grass growing and a turtle crossing the finish line, to create the slowest Rube Goldberg machine ever. What starts as a simple mini golf putt takes a hilariously turn, and an insanely long time to get to the hole, set to the epic beats of Kayne West’s “Drive Slow”!
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  • Runtime: 3:03
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Comments • 314

  • MattTheSpratt
    MattTheSpratt 3 months ago

    oh noo what happened to drive slow??

  • Kevin Jourdan
    Kevin Jourdan 4 months ago

    know this guy from ok go

  • Karl B. No. 195
    Karl B. No. 195 6 months ago

    2:16 To Be Continued...

  • Oli Main
    Oli Main 8 months ago

    Lost it at the popsicle part

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 9 months ago

    Dat ending though..... xD

  • shiro ichi
    shiro ichi 10 months ago


  • FadeMagedon
    FadeMagedon 10 months ago

    Does anyone actually know the song

  • John Weber
    John Weber 10 months ago

    If this took 6 weeks is him wearing the same shirt and hairstyle coincidence?

  • dan
    dan Year ago

    the end makes this even more amazing.

  • Terminal56
    Terminal56 Year ago +1

    why didn't the popcicles melt before the ball arrived?

  • Zanneel Mixmaster
    Zanneel Mixmaster Year ago +1


  • Pierce Burn
    Pierce Burn Year ago

    Luv the grass scene

  • ZambieSlayerYT
    ZambieSlayerYT Year ago

    all that hard work

  • Putiq
    Putiq Year ago +4

    "Sorry guys, i wasnt recording"

  • Brady Aus
    Brady Aus Year ago +1

    The slowest part had to be the grass growing. Field day, how Long did it last?

    • Brady Aus
      Brady Aus Year ago +2

      Oh, and how did you get the time so precise?

  • Alexgt117
    Alexgt117 Year ago +1

    what's the song?

  • bobleow15
    bobleow15 Year ago +2

    This is an art XD

  • Mark Conrad
    Mark Conrad Year ago


  • Elvis Nyasani
    Elvis Nyasani Year ago +1

    gosh, I wish I had them popsicles......too bad they wasted them

  • Dohyun Kim
    Dohyun Kim Year ago

    fuck it

  • Katzen33
    Katzen33 Year ago

    I don't get the grass one.

  • Ditto0415
    Ditto0415 Year ago


  • CaneFu
    CaneFu Year ago

    I have to admit that is pretty spectacular.

  • IbnFawzi
    IbnFawzi Year ago

    It was a par 3 hole, so you're still ok if you sink it.

  • Alexander Bychenkov

    kind of shizhofrenia is counting on you

  • 鍛治達也
    鍛治達也 Year ago


  • Lord Chimp
    Lord Chimp Year ago

    so slow #drslow

  • pp rr
    pp rr Year ago

    Wheres the full video?

  • Leafeon Gaming
    Leafeon Gaming Year ago


  • Enygma
    Enygma Year ago +1

    i love this song! Drive Slow- Kanye West

  • Tristan Wahington
    Tristan Wahington Year ago +1

    Good thing it wasn't actual speed

  • a p
    a p Year ago

    What's the name of the song?

  • Seanisawesome000
    Seanisawesome000 Year ago

    For the liquid you could have used pitch.

  • LotusEater
    LotusEater Year ago

    Nice video but not an ideal Rube Golberg machine

  • Theresa Palmeri
    Theresa Palmeri Year ago

    omg. watched this in japan, so funny!

  • Abigail Palmer
    Abigail Palmer Year ago

    That looks fake! I know it isn't, but that is so cool!

  • Zence 93
    Zence 93 Year ago +1

    Guys that Tortoise was overkill xD

  • MythicalStorm16 #Life

    Omg are y kidding me lol the popciclesand grass how in the world XD OMG IT DIDINT MAKE IT LOLLLLLL

  • MythicalStorm16 #Life

    Omg lol molasses

  • AvaTruelove
    AvaTruelove Year ago

    Gosh we watched this today in science lol
    Everyone laughed soooooo hard at the end

  • Platon909
    Platon909 Year ago

    At 1:41 there are 13 balls, and only one ball is at the 1:51. Fuck i don`t speak english. And who turns on the turtle in the right moment? It`s not a Rube Goldberg machine, because it neads the support of hueman to work. Mufucka!1

  • visded
    visded Year ago

    whats the song?

    • Field Day
      Field Day  Year ago

      +visded Drive Slow by Kayne West

  • Restive Leech
    Restive Leech Year ago +1

    I literally just watched grass grow

  • Kitsune Chan
    Kitsune Chan Year ago

    cool machine, horrific music

  • Dylan Pusinsky
    Dylan Pusinsky Year ago


  • Asian Goul
    Asian Goul 2 years ago


  • Dual Iron
    Dual Iron 2 years ago


    TBULLETPROOF 2 years ago

    Tupac Shorty Wanna Be A Thug

  • Dominick Huntema
    Dominick Huntema 2 years ago

    Song name ?

    • Field Day
      Field Day  2 years ago

      +Dominick Huntema Drive Slow by Kayne

  • hornylink
    hornylink 2 years ago

    oh god this video took so long I've had an existential crisis, youtube is ruined!

  • Skeith
    Skeith 2 years ago +1

    You could have put a 2° slope on the hole area, making it take forever to go in, but then it goes in.... And triggers the start of a pitch drop. "JOKES ON YOU VIEWER, THE RIDE NEVER ENDS"

  • jo5eph13
    jo5eph13 2 years ago +1

    ive never clicked the subscribe button faster! this is awesome!

  • iconoclastic23
    iconoclastic23 2 years ago +32

    You should have encorporated a pitch drop, that would have added a couple of decades at least.

    • Field Day
      Field Day  2 years ago +14

      +iconoclastic23 We didn't have that kinda time! 7 weeks was enough!

  • wreckcluse
    wreckcluse 2 years ago

    Such a perfect marriage of song and video. Anyone know what that sample is in the Kanye song?

  • Elliott Walker
    Elliott Walker 2 years ago


  • Statera
    Statera 2 years ago +1

    i feel like alot of you dont understand the joke this is ajoke clam the fuck down XD rube goldberg machines intself are jokes made to mock engineers so this is mocking a mocker so he can mock while he mocks. its confusing but its a joke

  • Jacq Rivera
    Jacq Rivera 2 years ago

    whats the song?

  • Nater Tot
    Nater Tot 2 years ago

    Oh well. Let's not wait for the grass to grow.



  • Daniel Stoner
    Daniel Stoner 2 years ago

    This is so epic, lmao. The growing grass killed me.

  • Ruud
    Ruud 2 years ago

    So that molasses was already dripping and not activated by the golfball.
    The turtle somehow waiting patiently instead of already eating the bait.
    The ice just starting to melt instead of it being inside a refrigurator that is turned off by the golfball :)
    What happened to the other dozen colored balls?
    Nice video but it did not meet my expectations.

  • raskalthefirst
    raskalthefirst 2 years ago

    Very cool... though technically not really a true Rube Goldberg as most parts of the machine are already operating without the ball causing it (oil, melting ice, turtle etc)
    Stil... very cool :)

  • Akbar
    Akbar 2 years ago +1

    0:51 for the turtle.

  • Ty Cetto
    Ty Cetto 2 years ago +1

    Did that push of growing plants really work? Anyway, impressive Goldberg machine! Love it!

  • Popisms
    Popisms 2 years ago +1

    *Here's the song:*
    The music in the Field Day #RubeSlowberg video is by #KanyeWest

  • Withered Perception
    Withered Perception 2 years ago

    Yes! Just Yes!

  • Redgouf
    Redgouf 2 years ago


  • NGY make
    NGY make 2 years ago

    hahaha! in the last lol I love you homie

  • Vanni Meozzi
    Vanni Meozzi 2 years ago

    super!!! nice job

  • MOSA
    MOSA 2 years ago


  • Nurain Nabilah Nazri
    Nurain Nabilah Nazri 2 years ago

    2:11 Almost to reach the goal!
    2:16 Watch your language!

  • A little bit of filming

    I got douched out by the guy at the beginning. I imagine him reading 'vice' magazine

  • Atukaski
    Atukaski 2 years ago

    You are fking kidding with me.

  • PackerPlayz
    PackerPlayz 2 years ago


  • Bruno capcom
    Bruno capcom 2 years ago

    how is called the song?

  • Trent Brenneman
    Trent Brenneman 2 years ago +1

    CNN student news brought me here...

  • 三萬五
    三萬五 2 years ago


  • Carlos Aleman Rodriguez


  • Sun Sue
    Sun Sue 2 years ago

    Good job guy

  • TheLeastExpected23
    TheLeastExpected23 2 years ago

    Anybody watch this because of iFunny?

  • Tsf Phi
    Tsf Phi 2 years ago

    Why would a tortoise be waiting there? This isn't a machine. It's a series of unconnected video clips.

    • HunterIsCooler
      HunterIsCooler 2 years ago

      It was put there by someone before the ball

  • giovanni Gonzalez
    giovanni Gonzalez 2 years ago +1

    and i agree with zerosonico.... people always want to steal a moment by posting there unncesary corny opinions. Just give the man his due and shut up.

  • giovanni Gonzalez
    giovanni Gonzalez 2 years ago

    Pretty incredible

  • Orven Williams
    Orven Williams 2 years ago +12

    This was such a great video, but the soundtrack and the bleep at the end prevents me from share with the students I teach, but I'll share it with adults. Missed opportunity for kids.

    • Shonie Zuk
      Shonie Zuk 2 years ago +5

      There isn't any profanity or adult themes in any of the audio.

    • Amy Riley
      Amy Riley 2 years ago

      +Orven Williams I saw this at church on Sunday.

    • 1371ice
      1371ice 2 years ago

      +Orven Williams Mute the video?

    • Lily Shen
      Lily Shen 2 years ago +2


    • Field Day
      Field Day  2 years ago +2

      +Orven Williams Send us an email at -

  • Jm C
    Jm C 2 years ago


  • Omar Souleyman
    Omar Souleyman 2 years ago

    I felt so mesmerized..

  • Marco Maspero
    Marco Maspero 2 years ago +1

    this was pretty awesome!

  • katie kawaii
    katie kawaii 2 years ago


  • Mhokloppers
    Mhokloppers 2 years ago

    Entertaining to watch.. But this is not a true Rube Goldberg.

  • Mirko Kay
    Mirko Kay 2 years ago

    What makes the turtle wait for the ball? And how does he know when to start walking?

  • 3g2i
    3g2i 2 years ago

    The growing grass part is genius!

  • Lucas Thornton
    Lucas Thornton 2 years ago +1

    How did they make sure something like the grass would work and it wouldn't just grow around the ball?

    • Field Day
      Field Day  2 years ago

      +Lucas Thornton Bob watered the grass that grew in the middle of the track earlier and more frequently so it would grow behind the ball and push!

  • Evi1M4chine
    Evi1M4chine 2 years ago +1

    Way too many places where you may have cheated. The ice pop thing was bogus anyway, because the ball didn’t trigger the melting.

  • Pacoaliv
    Pacoaliv 2 years ago

    it was an honest mistake

  • Farhad
    Farhad 2 years ago +1

    No No, you didn't miss, that was part of the plan! Last step is waiting for the earth to throw an earthquake!!!

  • Open OverNight
    Open OverNight 2 years ago

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    I need help to increase the database of my website
    Thank you

  • OwlieBub
    OwlieBub 2 years ago +1

    The turtle's got charisma.

  • BHuang92
    BHuang92 2 years ago +15

    This perfectly describes the rate of my internet connection........

    • TheTopMostDog
      TheTopMostDog Year ago

      This perfectly describes the internet connection of everyone in Australia for the next 15 years.

    • Nathan Donnelly
      Nathan Donnelly 2 years ago +1

      +Trevor twoclever It's also so slow that it took me 30 days to download a 500mb update for TF2...

    • BHuang92
      BHuang92 2 years ago

      +Trevor twoclever XD

    • Standard Trevor
      Standard Trevor 2 years ago +1

      +Nathan Donnelly your internet speed is so slow that you haven't changed your profile since 2006.

    • Nathan Donnelly
      Nathan Donnelly 2 years ago

      I understand your pain...