This or That | Live from Detroit

  • Published on Aug 24, 2019
  • This or That is back with Kobe and Cap who are joined by a live audience in Detroit to help celebrate LCS Finals. This whole show was brought to you by so make sure to go check it out!
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  • Salmontres
    Salmontres Month ago +1


  • Dusan Cupic
    Dusan Cupic Month ago +3

    NA > NA LUL

  • Daniel. Indra. Tunas

    the morelikely slides I think still go with liquid. why?? do I need to mention the "4"??

  • SoLiX
    SoLiX Month ago +2

    You can't say TL is that strong because they beat IG. IG has been on the downswing this whole year. That isn't saying much.

  • Kyle Kliamovich
    Kyle Kliamovich Month ago +7

    Live audience made it really fun. That was cool

  • IanMerete
    IanMerete Month ago +12

    2016 TSM would beat 2019 TL, but 2019 TL could make it out of groups

    • XxMasterPt
      XxMasterPt Month ago +2

      2016 TSM was so cocky! If they humbled themselves they could've done better

  • C9 The
    C9 The Month ago

    "doublelift is a staple of NA league of legends" just NA though not international league of legends

  • HOP ME34ME
    HOP ME34ME Month ago

    2016 TSM

  • Brandon Purdey
    Brandon Purdey Month ago

    "Gotta go with old TSM" lol, doesn't have Reggie or Dyrus, it's not the old TSM.

  • Gambit G
    Gambit G Month ago +1

    Sneaky will because DL will win worlds then retire on a high note knowing he is the best.

  • Keepo420
    Keepo420 Month ago

    Kobe been lifting

  • GhostWolf
    GhostWolf Month ago

    Terrible, should be Phreak and Jatt

  • MrN0Nam3Us3r
    MrN0Nam3Us3r Month ago +22

    I remember TSM 2017 dominated NA and were like: "guys, this group's gonna be easy, I can't imagine not getting outta group" only to get slapped by misfits in a group-tiebreaker

  • xorinzor
    xorinzor Month ago +1

    Getting really annoyed how the LCS has become a complete sellout.
    Keep this up, and you're gonna lose viewers. Nobody wants continuous ads in their faces.

  • Vraaden
    Vraaden Month ago +2

    Who is the new Captain America? Falcon or Sona.

  • ahmed al murar
    ahmed al murar Month ago +1

    Kobes tattoo seems so unprofessional kind of annoying to watch this with that in your face

    • ahmed al murar
      ahmed al murar Month ago

      @Matt Daddy idk doesn't seem like a professional thing to do at least cover up wear long sleeves if you want to have tattoos

    • Matt Daddy
      Matt Daddy Month ago

      ahmed al murar how is a tattoo unprofessional lol

  • b0sse
    b0sse Month ago +1

    Please keep "CLG Kobe" away from casting. His CLG fanboy bias is so unproffessional.

    • Matt Daddy
      Matt Daddy Month ago +1

      b0sse he right tho? clg won lol

  • Tiger58
    Tiger58 Month ago +30

    7:15 Damonte comforting Huni was the most wholesome thing

  • RPG Sprenkel Demon
    RPG Sprenkel Demon Month ago +2

    2016 tsm vs 2019 tl hauntzer was killing in the top lane and was a great engager/tank (gnar) same with sven u can argue he was just getting into form (if u ignore the ward meme) impact doesn’t lose lanes (doesn’t int) xsmithy keeps everyone safe, bjgsen in his prime vs Jensen in his prime (may not be totally accurate but it’s basically equal) double double doublelift (I’m assuming he got better with time) biofrost was a great engager and corejj is sold, basically a fight between great front to back team fights with great engagers vs solid players who don’t loss very hard and pounce on mistakes I take tl

  • PsychoWhite
    PsychoWhite Month ago +1

    Today is the finals boiiiiis

  • Dakota Garcia
    Dakota Garcia Month ago

    that was dope

  • Camboro
    Camboro Month ago +7

    So many people downplaying how strong IG were at MSI saying that they aren't even making worlds.... by that logic... its the same IG that ran over everyone at MSI going 9-1 (actually relevant) and the defending world champions that 3-0'ed G2 and Fnatics

  • Smemes
    Smemes Month ago +66

    Being at the Dive and ToT live was so awesome! The casters/analysts are insanely friendly in person and just as funny off camera. See you all again tomorrow! :D
    Edit: The "YEAAHH" in the background at 8:01 was me

  • Brendan Chang
    Brendan Chang Month ago +21

    Flowers calling Kobe out for mixing up the "This" and the "That."
    The hero we need!

  • eric indrawan
    eric indrawan Month ago +3

    Bring back bunnyfufu

  • Sh4ggy
    Sh4ggy Month ago +10

    1. Clutch
    2. Jensen/Nisqy
    3. Doublelift
    4. Cloud9
    5. Qiyana
    6. 2016 TSM
    7. Just hurts
    8. TL 4-peat
    9. Flowers

  • Nepgear
    Nepgear Month ago


  • QueerBoy
    QueerBoy Month ago +1

    I cannot believe y'all made me look at Faker crying again. I literally tear up just thinking about that moment. (I will never forgive Bang, sorry 100T)

    • rishabh singh
      rishabh singh Month ago +2

      @Isaac C yeap, the bot lane literally joined SSG in the finals AND they put Faker on Karma in Game 3.

    • Isaac C
      Isaac C Month ago +1

      QueerBoy bang was the varus who flash ulted to end the skt dynasty right ? 😂

  • Azzuly
    Azzuly Month ago +2

    Imagine trash talking EU when noone can respond LOL

    • Sonny Johansson
      Sonny Johansson Month ago

      @TyLer Ericcsen I take it you havn't watched LEC. It's quite hilarious actually.

    • TyLer Ericcsen
      TyLer Ericcsen Month ago +1

      Why do you even watch NA? Go back to your boring region

    • VIPER5921
      VIPER5921 Month ago +5

      I mean the EU casters do it all the time

  • Maxime
    Maxime Month ago +2

    TL is overdue for a loss

  • Cameron Stuart
    Cameron Stuart Month ago +1

    Lol c9 fans

  • Miles DeWaele
    Miles DeWaele Month ago +41

    Man Kobe is great. I'm glad he has been gaining popularity and notoriety

  • gfrp
    gfrp Month ago

    the best slides forever................................

  • baked fish
    baked fish Month ago +98

    never knew kobe had a tattoo, hes always wearing a suit

  • Tomas Claude
    Tomas Claude Month ago +20

    Kobe talking about the dive, but they haven't upload it yet

    • Umji iz my laifu
      Umji iz my laifu Month ago +4

      Because it was also live, just finished on live broadcast

  • Zirob
    Zirob Month ago +4

    Cpt Flowers looks strange irl...

  • Zirob
    Zirob Month ago

    Imaging thinking that the only reason EU won is because NA beat a team that got 3-0d by last place spring Snake esports.

    • Carlos Jimenez
      Carlos Jimenez Month ago

      Imagine thinking that current results have anything to do with what went down at msi. Ig still went 9-1 in groups

    • Daniel Jung
      Daniel Jung Month ago +2

      what are you talking about you salty eu cuck

  • WeAreHumannequins
    WeAreHumannequins Month ago +13

    Team Liquid fourpeat is destiny, the 4th meme lives on and then TL goes back to finishing 4th

  • Pleasure Me
    Pleasure Me Month ago +2

    Will they upload the dive live?

  • Rick Niu
    Rick Niu Month ago +28

    'qiyana is gonna be permabanned'

  • Artanis a
    Artanis a Month ago +6

    You forgot our eu logic
    If liquid beat ig and g2 beat liquid then g2 is better ig

    • Artanis a
      Artanis a Month ago

      @MewMing4 see understand it

    • MewMing4
      MewMing4 Month ago +2

      PVB beat g2 and g2 beat liquid and liquid beat ig which means PVB best team

    • MrN0Nam3Us3r
      MrN0Nam3Us3r Month ago +2

      Thats NA logic to justify their strengh every year, the whole region's record is making it once to semifinals in worlds, meanwhile in EU we've had how many semifinals-teams? around 10? can't even count.

  • John Francis Hankins

    Doublelift is trash!

  • Dan Maybe
    Dan Maybe Month ago +7



  • jorgelenny47
    jorgelenny47 Month ago +22

    6:10 definitely the best NA has ever put on. Now if you compare it with 2019 g2, 2018 fnatic, 2015 fnatic/origen or even 2017 misfits, you might be a bit short cap. Just sayin

    • y li
      y li Month ago

      @Joshua Esteban what? Misfits literally beat that TSM roster. Wtf. TSM fan logic is amazing

    • Joshua Esteban
      Joshua Esteban Month ago

      Dude misfits is not close to them

    • Scriblee
      Scriblee Month ago +8

      yikes 2017 misfits is a stretch dude sorry

  • Rambo
    Rambo Month ago

    So who had more right? :D

  • Matthew Denson
    Matthew Denson Month ago +1

    wish i was there :' (

  • mike pereyma
    mike pereyma Month ago

    Bring back jatt

  • Antonije Radicevic
    Antonije Radicevic Month ago +1

    We beat skt

    • eteom OwO
      eteom OwO Month ago

      Caps got penta against SKT. Caps penta > 15:57 iG for sure

  • Artur Schneider
    Artur Schneider Month ago +105

    Was really hoping Flowers to pop a couple of bars while Kobe does the beat, oh well

  • Marcus Economy
    Marcus Economy Month ago +11

    kobe needs to stop shopping at baby gap

  • Richárd András
    Richárd András Month ago +3

    6:07 ???? LUL ????? TL would not even make top 3 LEC

    • Richárd András
      Richárd András Month ago

      Miłosz Michaliszyn kid ? EU superior compared to NA since season 1

    • Sebastian Wolf
      Sebastian Wolf Month ago

      @Miłosz Michaliszyn you seen msi right? Doublelift admitted that Eu is better so grow up kid

    • Duy Anh Tran
      Duy Anh Tran Month ago

      Miłosz Michaliszyn but it is lol... who won msi 2019 btw?:)

    • Miłosz Michaliszyn
      Miłosz Michaliszyn Month ago +1

      That eu kids thinking eu is good region XD

    • j Revis
      j Revis Month ago +11

      Jin air would win lec

  • Alexander PEREYMA
    Alexander PEREYMA Month ago +10

    Ruin actually played a lot of rumble this season

    • Keenan Baker
      Keenan Baker Month ago

      @43210o that might hold water if Ruin hadn't played two games of Gangplank, two of Renekton, two Jayce, two Ryze, two Aatrox, three Kennen, as well as the two games of Rumble.
      Regardless of that, two games on a champion out of eighteen isn't "a lot" no matter how many unique picks were played.

    • 43210o
      43210o Month ago

      @Keenan Baker Probably for Ruin specifically because Ruin had so many different champs played during the regular season. I don't think he had many champs played more than twice

    • Keenan Baker
      Keenan Baker Month ago +1

      Do two games constitute "a lot" these days?

  • Martinho Lopez Castro

    What did 2016 TSM to be considered that great?

    • MrN0Nam3Us3r
      MrN0Nam3Us3r Month ago +1

      I remember TSM 2017 dominated NA and were like: "guys, this group's gonna be easy, I can't imagine not getting outta group" only to get slapped by misfits in a group-tiebreaker

    • Martinho Lopez Castro
      Martinho Lopez Castro Month ago

      @Pedro Thiago Who cares about the domestic results of a Wildcard? They couldn't even get out of groups in worlds

    • Pedro Thiago
      Pedro Thiago Month ago

      TL never get out of groups. They get 4th in MSI and wonnered a single bo5. Nothing too great. They were 3-0'd in Finals.

    • ivan huang
      ivan huang Month ago

      Obviously these were just speculation but, it shows how good relative to the rest they were. (And maybe dlift getting kicked by clg gave tsm a lot of fans)

    • Pedro Thiago
      Pedro Thiago Month ago

      @Martinho Lopez Castro As well, 2016 TSM did well at worlds, being 3-3 in group phase with two of the best teams in the world: Samsung (korean dinasty era) and Royal Never Give Up.

  • Namlev
    Namlev Month ago

    So lame and cringy

    • Surume Man
      Surume Man Month ago +7

      Thx for the introduction but this is a comment page of a youtube

  • Jay Sargeant
    Jay Sargeant Month ago +8

    They mean the same IG that is not even going to worlds

  • Yeonseok
    Yeonseok Month ago +5

    2016 TSM all the way

  • Damian Moore
    Damian Moore Month ago +143

    So who had more slides correct I feel like I remember Kobe being consistently right with stuff during the regular season

  • Urban Larsson
    Urban Larsson Month ago +30

    Captain flowers is my man. He is way to good for Riot and LOL

  • Levin Ramos
    Levin Ramos Month ago +2

    u a tot

  • Ilia Kotsev
    Ilia Kotsev Month ago +75

    captain flowers neck vein really freaks me out

    • A F
      A F Month ago

      Ilia Kotsev Hence I said it’s okay

    • Ilia Kotsev
      Ilia Kotsev Month ago

      @A F ok if u want to be more specific u can call it jugular but i dont see how that makes it any less freaky

    • Eternally Angelic
      Eternally Angelic Month ago +3

      @Scriblee It's a big target for Darius.

    • Huhu Lili
      Huhu Lili Month ago +1

      @Scriblee but what if he elbow blocks

    • Scriblee
      Scriblee Month ago +3

      at least you know where to strike if Captain Flowers ever tries to attack you