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  • Vivz McCrea
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  • hildasolano7389
    hildasolano7389 Day ago

    U have a sister in Chicago. She's was adopted by a rich couple in Santiago, Chile. You two look identical. She's 27 now. Her name is Mercedes.

  • Luigi Botta
    Luigi Botta Day ago

    ¡Que Bonita chilena! 😍😘🇨🇱

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany 2 days ago

    I wasn’t adopted, but my dad died when I was nine months old, so I don’t remember him and I don’t know much about him or his family.

  • none of your buisness

    I hope you find your birthparents ❤

  • Tanya Butterworth
    Tanya Butterworth 3 days ago

    On ur birth family

  • Tanya Butterworth
    Tanya Butterworth 3 days ago

    What ur family name

  • 29chilena
    29chilena 3 days ago

    I have no clue if you will see my comment but I was adopted from Chile in the 80's also. I've had kinda the same questions you have in yr video and would like to connect someday to see if my siblings are just like me. I am blessed for the life I have been given, but I saw this huge thing about illegal adoptions during the time I was born and am praying that I want a stolen baby. Now in my 30's I am more curious to find out and/or find them just don't know how to go about doing it and like you said finding the time is even more difficult.

  • djnyc
    djnyc 4 days ago

    Omg its snooki

  • Savanna Furr
    Savanna Furr 5 days ago

    My adoptive family werent that nice ..... My bilogical mother said she didn't want a ugly ass white baby but I really want a connection with my bilogical mom more than anything do have any suggestions for me.... BTW I LOVE U 😘😘

  • monbooboo the fool
    monbooboo the fool 7 days ago

    wow this made me cry. I love how Nicole's just completely content with the entire situation and it's just beautiful that there's no hatred or deep upset with her story. It's beautiful and inspirational.

  • Jennifer Mallon
    Jennifer Mallon 8 days ago

    Not to be morbid, but the longer you wait the less likely some of them will be around, you know?

  • Kahlimah
    Kahlimah 8 days ago

    My friend's sister is chilean born in the 80s and was stolen from her birth parents as a kid. Their parents never new until they researched it. They thought they were saving a kid from a poor family. Turns out she was stolen from a hospital and sold to an adoption agency. They met their birth parents and apparently it was the hardest, most emotional experience especially for the birth parents because they weren't even able to communicate with her as she didn't know Spanish. Please take some time to see if this is the same situation for you as you were born right when it was at its peak. Especially because the story of why your birth parents gave you up literally mirrors the story my friend's family were told.

  • Josefina Marin
    Josefina Marin 10 days ago

    I really liked this video, I am a chilena, I live here and I was born here and thst's so wird cause I never wolud've thought of having a sligthly conection with you but I have hahah it's super nice that you took it so well and you are open to meet them someday.

  • Sagal
    Sagal 10 days ago

    Wow, this is nice I didn’t know that.

  • Katia Hernas
    Katia Hernas 10 days ago

    Loved this video. I related to every single thing you said. Im adopted and also an only child, also from upstate (albany area). There was never any need for me to seek my birth parents because I knew that the love my mom gave me was the best I could ever have.
    I also feel that "what if I wasn't adopted?" like what would I be doing if I was still in Russia. Thanks for sharing your story!!

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  • Maud Trenité
    Maud Trenité 12 days ago

    Why did I not know snooki was adopted wow im a dumb bitch

  • Jakub Graf
    Jakub Graf 12 days ago

    I was adopted from Eastern Europe at 3 years old to a British mother and grew up in new York and I am same believer as you, I love my mum good luck hun x

  • Alejandra Mendez
    Alejandra Mendez 12 days ago

    If you're married? Where's your ring and your husband.....

  • María Ah
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    Amo Santiago, Chile 🇨🇱 ¡súper chido que creciste en una familia con amor!

  • china doll
    china doll 12 days ago

    You could contact Constanza del Rio Director. Nos buscamos it’s a non government Organization in Chile

  • Nataly Castillo
    Nataly Castillo 12 days ago

    Te amo nicole❤️
    Eres la mejor❤️❤️

  • Anna Maria
    Anna Maria 12 days ago

    Great story! I’ve always wondered about this. Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Esperanza's Channel
    Esperanza's Channel 12 days ago

    Yaasss your latina by blood im so happy love you girl 💙💙💙💙

  • Ashley b
    Ashley b 13 days ago

    I was adopted as well but I love my mom who did adopt me

  • Lilly Dann
    Lilly Dann 13 days ago

    My home town is so close to yours! Wow 😱

  • JM JT
    JM JT 13 days ago

    The child always suffers being torn away from it's birth mother. There is more than we know that bonds a child in the womb to it's mom. Very sad when they feel pressured to give their own babies up. At 6 months old there must have been quite a connection and subconscious memories. Let's face it, the alcohol and wild ways may have been a side effect.

  • JM JT
    JM JT 13 days ago

    You look and your mannerisms are fully Italian. Beautiful.

  • Adriana s
    Adriana s 13 days ago

    Snooki is Latina

  • Elizabeth Letellier
    Elizabeth Letellier 13 days ago

    Isn't is Chilean ( CHILL-LAY-AN) not chileana??

  • Rökhoal
    Rökhoal 13 days ago

    Why dont you send them money .. i think you should take care of them like they cared about you. Chinese ppl would have killed you. Thre you off a cliff. :/

  • Rachel Torres
    Rachel Torres 13 days ago

    I hope you find your birth parents and do another video about it

  • Monique Bevan
    Monique Bevan 13 days ago

    Netflix or someone should turn this into a doco series! Starting from now all the way through to her meeting her birth family ❤❤❤

  • Juan Angel
    Juan Angel 13 days ago

    “Just in spanish” 😂😂😂😂😂💜

  • Monique Bevan
    Monique Bevan 13 days ago

    How did I not know you had a page until today! OBSESSED 😍
    LOVE YOU xxxx

  • Mia
    Mia 13 days ago

    Ooh i knew you were spanish

  • Sandra Kako
    Sandra Kako 13 days ago

    I wonder if your birth parents have seen you on TV or the internet and know about you.

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  • Chely
    Chely 14 days ago

    was it a closed adoption?

  • Jacobsen Clan Vlogs
    Jacobsen Clan Vlogs 14 days ago

    I always knew my birth parents. Looking back now? I wish i hadn't. They wasn't who I thought they would be. I hope for you if you ever get to meet them that they are what you imagined. The best of luck! Btw, I have a good friend who looks just like you. We lovingly call her "Snooks"

  • Kelly Quintero
    Kelly Quintero 14 days ago

    Why does she look like the possum from Zootopia?

  • Lily Aileen
    Lily Aileen 14 days ago

    Giiiiirl I have the same shirt

  • Catalina Reveco
    Catalina Reveco 14 days ago

    If she wasn't adopted, she would still be American, not Italian, wtf are you talking about. Having heritage doesn't change your nationality.

    • Belletaina
      Belletaina 10 days ago

      she was adopted by an italian-american family

  • Fernanda Valencia
    Fernanda Valencia 14 days ago

    Chilean pride !!! Love you snooks!! Kisses from a Chilean girl from NJ

  • Jazmine Keewatincappo
    Jazmine Keewatincappo 14 days ago

    Love the video,💛

  • Jazmine Keewatincappo
    Jazmine Keewatincappo 14 days ago

    I wanna adopt when im a little older.. 💛💛

  • StupidRandomThings
    StupidRandomThings 14 days ago

    You shut go to Chile and look the culture

  • bless fallonme
    bless fallonme 14 days ago

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  • Leesa Katt
    Leesa Katt 14 days ago

    We are so alike on so many levels with this, I feel like I haven’t related to someone as much as I’ve related to you during this video! I was adopted when I was 6 weeks old, I don’t ever think about my birth family. I always knew I was adopted too and one day I questioned my parents about it! I’m an only child too! I wish we could just talk in person about this, people hate talking about it and it’s so hard to find someone you can relate too. :( my birth mother couldn’t afford to keep me and she kept her other kids so in a way I feel a bit hurt but I’m more then happy they did because I’ve got such a wonderful life with my family now! I can never call my adoptive family my adoptive family, it just makes me feel strange because I’ve grown up with them as my real parents and there’s literally no difference whatsoever. My mum never used to want me to meet my real mum because she got really hurt about it, she’s passed now and I feel like I should still keep her wishes but I’m the same as you I’m still curious. Stay strong, I know sometimes it does get hard and sometimes you do feel bad about it!

  • Kimberly Martinez
    Kimberly Martinez 14 days ago +1

    What if you were never adopted but abducted from your parents, maybe that's why they won't talk about it. Your parents may still be looking or wondering where you are. Just a thought 🤔❤️

  • Sandii LovesU
    Sandii LovesU 14 days ago +2

    Yes definitely do a vlog on meeting you're birth parents I can't wait to see it 💕🔥

  • soyunuser
    soyunuser 14 days ago

    When you was born, maybe you read this a lot but maybe you wasn't given but you was stolen from yor birth parents. It's just something that you should know, just to not hating on your birth parents or adoptives parents, the guilty of all of this was the dictatorship by that time

  • Kali Brower
    Kali Brower 14 days ago

    please do a video about wanting to adopt, i am unable to have kids but have always wanted to have a baby of my own❤️❤️ love you always!!! -kali

  • Meghan O'Brien
    Meghan O'Brien 15 days ago

    Have you ever considered adopting to give another child the chance you were given in life?

  • C B
    C B 15 days ago

    I think her adoptive parents are really sweet

  • Rosario Uribe
    Rosario Uribe 15 days ago +9

    Come to Chile Nicole!! I am you Chilean fan dude ❤️❤️🇨🇱 there’s a lot of cool places to visit, also you kids would love the country!!

  • Da'Vida Sadulski
    Da'Vida Sadulski 15 days ago

    It’s a tv show “ Long Lost Family “

  • Da'Vida Sadulski
    Da'Vida Sadulski 15 days ago

    Go see long lost family they’ll help you !!!

  • Cata
    Cata 15 days ago

    Be proud to be chilena yaaaas

  • Cata
    Cata 15 days ago

    I can see chile in your face

  • Cata
    Cata 15 days ago

    You do have chilean features

  • Cata
    Cata 15 days ago

    You look really chilean

  • francisca adasme gutierrez

    Im Chilean and i have yo say, you do look Chilean, a beautiful one, ill be great if you meet them, ill be happy to be your translator! Actually in Chile the language its very particular. Love you!!

  • Shishtar Amelia
    Shishtar Amelia 15 days ago

    I knew you were adopted but I didn’t know you weren’t actually an Italian

  • The Jackson's
    The Jackson's 16 days ago

    I'm adopted. @ age 5 1/2

  • Ali V
    Ali V 16 days ago

    Isn’t it “chilean”?

    • Ali V
      Ali V 16 days ago

      No no my mistake, chilena is right. Learned something new 😁

  • Ashly Luna
    Ashly Luna 16 days ago

    If you meet them film ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!

  • Silvia Halme
    Silvia Halme 16 days ago

    I think they are not alive..if we speak about country like Chile where people don’t usually live really long

    • Silvia Halme
      Silvia Halme 13 days ago

      A. Szokell what I am saying is that if she wants to meet her biological parents she should visit them soon as doesn’t matter in what country they live in..but nicole should think about that before it is too late😞

    • A. Szokell
      A. Szokell 13 days ago

      Are you serious? The life expentancy in Chile is higher than in the US, 80.5 vs 79.3.

  • MaggieOnline
    MaggieOnline 16 days ago

    the time where you were adopted is just when the government was kidnapping people and selling their babies away. you may have a grandma still waiting for you

  • Chris
    Chris 16 days ago

    i died wen u said hola i’m an asshole about it

  • Melisa Hernandez Diaz
    Melisa Hernandez Diaz 16 days ago

    I REALLY HOPE YOU CAN GO TO CHILE AND MEET THEM !!! if you do vlog it!!!

  • J Donsante
    J Donsante 17 days ago

    You should take a dna test. You could still have Italian dna, the Portuguese, Spanish and Italians were in South America.

    • J Donsante
      J Donsante 17 days ago

      And your kids are so cute!

  • Phoebe Madison
    Phoebe Madison 18 days ago

    My husband was adopted and has met both of his birth parents. Let’s just say we are at a million different houses on the holidays lol

  • Sweetness 35
    Sweetness 35 19 days ago check out my adoption story and others! 😄

  • Simon 8
    Simon 8 19 days ago

    I love that Snooki doesn’t mind telling her apoted story 🇨🇦👩‍🎤🤱🏽

  • Kristine Faunce
    Kristine Faunce 20 days ago

    Your mom loves you like you are her own flesh and blood, it probably hurts her making her feel like shes not enough and doesn't want to be loved by you any less if you were to meet your bio family. I know that's not the case and you would still love her the same but its probably a scary thing for her. She wants to be enough for you. But at the same time you do deserve the chance to know where you come from. Both need to be sensitive to both of your needs.

  • Mandy Trout
    Mandy Trout 21 day ago

    I know your a busy chica but I've learned in life don't put things off. We can always find a reason of why not too do something but life is short and your not promised Tom and I would do it now while it's on your mind. God forbid too much time goes by and you lose a birth parent or sibling, etc. You just never know then you would wish you didn't wait.

  • rottiecoltkris
    rottiecoltkris 21 day ago

    Beautiful story! I know you are busy, but I hope you can meet your birth family soon. I say this because life is too short and we never know what tomorrow will or won't bring. I just don't want you to miss that chance. Good Luck on your journey

  • Stephanie Fernandez
    Stephanie Fernandez 23 days ago

    Nicole you're so beautiful! Please don't put this off for so much longer.... remember time waits for no one & they get older by the minute... just don't want you having any regrets... love u girl

  • Sarah Kirsten Rose
    Sarah Kirsten Rose 24 days ago

    I found my biological family after 30 years. I assumed they dint want to know me since they could have just contacted the adoption agency the same way I did and communicate that they wanted to meet. Unfortunately, the agency screwed things up and my bio mom THOUGHT that I had her info and just didn’t want to know her. Thanks to ancestry DNA, my bio mother’s cousin found me and we pieced together how we were related. I met her a week or so after and we have been developing a relationship for 3 months. I have two half siblings and look a lot like my brother. I’m black and white but my adoptive family is white so I always felt so different from them. Even though my bio mother’s husband is not my bio father, he treats me as one of their own. I know who my bio father is but he wanted no part in my mom’s pregnancy with me and signed his rights over without ever seeing me so I don’t think I’ll be reaching out to him. Thank you for telling your story. It’s so interesting to see other people’s journeys and thoughts on adoption. It’s a beautiful thing and being reunited with my bio family (which I thought would never happen) has made it that much more beautiful ❤️

  • yesi reveron
    yesi reveron 24 days ago

    The story that your father told you I do not think is accurate. You should find out better, in those times there was a dictatorship in Chile and it is well known that many couples were killed and their children were taken away and they were given up for adoption. Probably your parents who raised and loved you do not want you to be sad with those look this article "a donde fueron a parar Los niños de la dictadura chilena"

  • Emily Y. Chase
    Emily Y. Chase 25 days ago

    Isn’t Chilli lol it’s CHILE !!! 😂😂

  • Molly Hepburn
    Molly Hepburn 25 days ago

    My dad is adopted and I would love to meet my grandparents but he isn't bothered! We are Scottish, but my dad has a foreign look about him like a kinda Spanish, Italian, Mexican look, so I'm really interested to know about my ancestors! Hopefully one day I can find out some answers!

  • Sandra Lopez
    Sandra Lopez 26 days ago

    Make another video

  • rachel chelsea
    rachel chelsea 27 days ago

    Do you ever wonder what your real name is?

  • sparked fire
    sparked fire 27 days ago

    I was also adopted i havent seen my mom in years...

  • mandalee
    mandalee 28 days ago

    I think this just made me fall more in love with you. Not in a lesbian way but in a sister way. You have a good heart. Your husband and babies are lucky to have you, and I'm sure you are lucky to have them to. Blessings to your sweet family from Oklahoma ❤💜💙💚

  • Dipped In Moonlight
    Dipped In Moonlight 28 days ago

    Im not content with it.

  • Omababydoll
    Omababydoll 29 days ago

    US families illegally adopted 100s of Chilean children during Pinochet dictatorship you should look this up.

  • Marisa Basso
    Marisa Basso 29 days ago

    In Philippino and western European....but raised ITALIAN. GIRL WE ARE ITALIAN......EVEN THOYGH WE ARNT! we need our Know what I mean?

  • Marisa Basso
    Marisa Basso 29 days ago

    I did my ancestry DNA last year. Found my family through DNA matches 3 months later! I searched 20 years. Do ancestry and 23 and me. It works.

  • Andrea Lizama
    Andrea Lizama Month ago

    Maybe in Chile you wouldn't be as successful as you are right now. (And obviously you haven't had the life that you have right now and your beautiful children). So as you said it was all meant to be. Happy for you (I'm from Chile btw.). Saludos! :)

  • Christine Ayala
    Christine Ayala Month ago

    Girl if you are going to look for your parents you should definitely get mtv to do a tv special. I mean golden opportunity in the making there.

  • maria8417
    maria8417 Month ago

    I’m adopted too from Guatemala!! I found out the truth about my adoption story!! It’s a story the world show know!! but for now I know how you feel and all this urges to meet your birth family

  • Ludmila Sandrita
    Ludmila Sandrita Month ago

    now I can't stop seeing how chilean you look! i was blind before, haha. I'm Argentinian, we are different, but you should totally go to Chile, It's an amazingly beautiful country and a safe country, you'll be surprised, and you'll see that most of people look like you.

  • Darina K
    Darina K Month ago

    You look indigenous

  • The Mama Lounge
    The Mama Lounge Month ago

    I HATE being the only child as well, I had two kids back to back just to make sure there wasn't only one. Feels on that!

  • Stephanie Galindo
    Stephanie Galindo Month ago +245

    Idk if you’re into history but have you ever thought about how Pinochet was still the dictator in Chile when you were born. At this time they would take the children from the people opposing him (or desaparecidos), and giving them to adoption agencies. Have you ever thought of finding the agency your parents used and figuring out if you were taken from your mom illegally? Maybe she’s been looking for you but has no where to start... idk just a thought.

    • Molly Papazian
      Molly Papazian 6 days ago

      Yes, true. What is the conclusion for Nicole. I wish everyone involved peace & health

    • monbooboo the fool
      monbooboo the fool 7 days ago

      Holy hell that's so fucking deep...

    • Tristram Shandy
      Tristram Shandy 7 days ago +1

      This is true. I would be too curious to know if I was one of those children to ignore it. Often the adoptive parents had no clue they were getting children that had been taken without the birth parents consent.

    • Valentinna Paz Gómez Gálvez
      Valentinna Paz Gómez Gálvez 10 days ago +5

      Isaac and Steph Austin I’m chilean and that is true. They literally took the children away and sold them to USA or European countries.
      We still can see mothers and families looking for their kids, they are still suffering, it’s so sad and terrible.
      I really think Nicole is one of the stolen newborn babies

    • Camila Alonzo
      Camila Alonzo 11 days ago

      Omg 😨

  • Rav3n
    Rav3n Month ago

    Omg this would be a great series/reality venture where you go on a journey to find your birth parents and siblings. Hell maybe Shane Dawson can help but it together 😍