Binging with Babish and Sean Evans Battle to Make the Perfect Filled Calzone | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on May 22, 2018
  • Calzones are one of the world's most beloved filled foods. But which ingredients make for the perfect stuffed pizza? Andrew Rea-the mastermind behind the wildly popular cooking channel, Binging with Babish-is here to face off against Sean Evans in a calzone cook-off for the ages. That's right, it's the season sendoff you've been praying for. In typical Binging with Babish fashion, Andrew whips up a Seinfeld-inspired pizza pocket, filled to the brim with the kind of cheese, pepperoni, and eggplant wolfed down by George Costanza. It's a difficult dish to beat, but Sean has an unlikely ace up his sleeve-a calzone clone of one of America's favorite Tex-Mex meals: The Cruchwrap Supreme. Will Andrew's sitcom special be enough to impress legendary pizza man Mark Iacono, or will Sean break his losing streak and finally bring home a W from Lucali? Find out on the very special, Season 2 finale of Sean in the Wild.
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Comments • 1 885

  • AgentShoelace
    AgentShoelace 2 days ago

    Ben Wyatt would love this!

  • the.mighty.kyuss
    the.mighty.kyuss 2 days ago

    Guacamole always wins.

  • Kyle Bishop
    Kyle Bishop 3 days ago

    Even the adds on your channel make me hungry.

  • Wypeyourmouf
    Wypeyourmouf 4 days ago

    binging mcbabish lol

  • Levi Steven
    Levi Steven 5 days ago

    Anyone else cringing at how they're butchering the pronunciation of calzone?

  • Duall Elite
    Duall Elite 5 days ago

    Legend has it if they rub their heads together when all the planets are aligned, a new galaxy is made within the observable universe.

  • Carson Stewart
    Carson Stewart 6 days ago

    thought that wuz vsauce

  • TheKn1sh
    TheKn1sh 9 days ago

    This is better than the avengers

  • KGF_Mr Gamer
    KGF_Mr Gamer 10 days ago


    BASSBASS 11 days ago

    Andrew got dunked on

  • Narmina Hamid-Zada
    Narmina Hamid-Zada 12 days ago

    Is sean high?

  • Juan Andrade
    Juan Andrade 13 days ago

    That taco one looks fucking disgusting

  • Erica
    Erica 13 days ago

    Andrew is so competitive hahahah

  • Name Not Decided
    Name Not Decided 14 days ago

    I work at a tacobell this nigga Sean is the typa dude I deal wit daily I bet that nigga was pissed when they discontinued the triple double

  • Dick Dale
    Dick Dale 15 days ago

    I love babish so much but sean really brought his A game today!!!

  • Josiah Harden
    Josiah Harden 15 days ago +1

    This video should have been titled "Binging with the Baldies."

  • Joseph Lawhorn
    Joseph Lawhorn 15 days ago

    Who bakes lettuce???

  • Josh Fowler
    Josh Fowler 17 days ago

    it's pronounced cal-zo-nay. not cal-zone. fucking Americans. also, think that counts as a Babbish win since the chef preferred his without sauce. surely that's what it's all about

  • Bob123
    Bob123 18 days ago

    The Bald Brothers.

  • Tyler Tesgue
    Tyler Tesgue 19 days ago

    That triggered me so much. #teambabish4life

  • DroupSoup
    DroupSoup 20 days ago

    Sean, your head looks like a calzone

  • Shahat Alam
    Shahat Alam 22 days ago

    but u forgot to lightly toast the buns lol

  • guerriero.anticomunista ariano1922

    I'm Italian, and that is shit

  • James Kaplan
    James Kaplan 23 days ago

    Okay I know it was just an element of Sean's calzone, but I would have disqualified him for the lettuce.

  • Tronald Dump
    Tronald Dump 24 days ago

    "Well I need to prep my eggplant because eggplant is a really uh... its a moist vegetable, Sean."
    Oh Andrew, we never knew you were like that.

  • thefallingpi
    thefallingpi 24 days ago

    two bald men speak italian

  • AhMarfield
    AhMarfield 24 days ago

    3:13 Veneer! [drinks]

  • Neko Tachi
    Neko Tachi 26 days ago

    Food daddy Babish won the viewers heart.

  • Gane
    Gane 26 days ago

    *Two Bald People cooks calzone*

  • Ryan Kim
    Ryan Kim 28 days ago +1

    lol I just realized that a calzone is literally a pizza pie

  • Bob Lob
    Bob Lob 28 days ago

    Losing to Sean must suck

  • The Slighted
    The Slighted Month ago

    new episodes when

  • Nick Harshman
    Nick Harshman Month ago +1

    “Everyone knows the rules” I see you Sean with the little nod to barstool

  • Glenbert Alimpulos
    Glenbert Alimpulos Month ago

    Battle of the roll-ons hahaha love these 2

  • jesse445566
    jesse445566 Month ago

    why no sauce??? smh...

  • Noemi Vdh
    Noemi Vdh Month ago

    Shell???? That's a Tostada Mijo

  • _ِ_
    _ِ_ Month ago +1

    " *I need to prep my egg plants because they are really ah...* "
    _Puts on glasses_

  • brad goins
    brad goins Month ago

    we got a barstool reference at 10:20

  • candysniffsnorter
    candysniffsnorter Month ago

    Great episode!

  • Lionel Hutt
    Lionel Hutt Month ago

    Mark Iacono looks like hes' Jon Wicks' dad

  • Systematic_
    Systematic_ Month ago

    Battle of the Bald

  • Kyle Cameron
    Kyle Cameron Month ago

    How awkward was that...

  • robbielex
    robbielex Month ago

    Sean always balling with the solid gold watch!

  • Its Just Topaz
    Its Just Topaz Month ago


  • kaotikz
    kaotikz Month ago

    I think if i ever planned a trip to NY id want to hang with sean babbish and brad from its alive

  • Angel Martin del Campo

    1 bite everybody knows the rules

  • Rob Toogood
    Rob Toogood Month ago

    Lucali looks so damn cool

  • Khasib Mccray
    Khasib Mccray Month ago

    He made a burito

  • Marc Moncada
    Marc Moncada Month ago

    Interview Babish on Hot Ones.

  • euphoric
    euphoric Month ago

    is it just me or is sean fried

  • sartorian darkstorm

    im not one for eggplant, seans looked so much better

  • Jacob
    Jacob 2 months ago


  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 2 months ago

    Babish is one of my favorite humans

  • Deen11
    Deen11 2 months ago

    Damn Sean after my own heart, The crunchwrap when it first came out I fell in love with it, now I want a crunchwrap calzone!

  • 1 louis
    1 louis 2 months ago

    There is no pepperoni in Italia !! Or more precisely yes, but it's what you guys call bell peppers ! You monkey.

  • 1337CaptainHadock
    1337CaptainHadock 2 months ago

    Mark seems like a good guy and i bet he makes sure his food is top notch - there is too many slacky fucks out there who doesnt take pride in making good food from good (fresh) ingredients!
    If i ever come to North America and it's close enough to Brooklyn - then i'll make sure to swing by!
    Untill then, i'll have to go to the birth place of these delicious types of food. Italy :D

  • Ed Zachary
    Ed Zachary 2 months ago

    Sean made a chimichanga not a calzone lol

  • Jake de Medeiros
    Jake de Medeiros 2 months ago

    “Eggplant really is uh...”
    *puts on glasses*
    “i t s a m o i s t v e g a t a b l e, s h a u n”

  • siddhant warbhuvan
    siddhant warbhuvan 2 months ago

    That's Keanu Reeves looking guy

  • Nexus
    Nexus 2 months ago

    Their duo should be called balding with babish

  • J ay
    J ay 2 months ago

    Just gotta say I'd go with the eggplant myself. A little parm in the dough and a spicy Italy sausage with smoked Gouda and spinach.

  • Noah Hartle
    Noah Hartle 2 months ago


  • Athena Verene
    Athena Verene 2 months ago

    Goddammit Andrew. Sigh

  • Not a Somm
    Not a Somm 2 months ago

    there was a trojan commercial before this with peanut butter and i thought that cliff "nut butter" filled bars sponsored them looool

  • Extra Fishes
    Extra Fishes 2 months ago +1

    I would kms if Sean Evans had to narrate my life

  • Steven Alvarado
    Steven Alvarado 2 months ago

    Andrews look so much por appetizing

  • Nathan Green
    Nathan Green 2 months ago

    Two bald men making a calzone...this is the best thing I’ve ever seen

  • Nive Yoga
    Nive Yoga 2 months ago

    Bald boy is upset :p

  • gildarmesh
    gildarmesh 2 months ago

    the asterisk made me laugh

  • Jack Richardson
    Jack Richardson 2 months ago

    Two nazis make a pie xD

  • Landon Cooper
    Landon Cooper 2 months ago

    When we gonna get babish on a hot ones episode? I wanna see how well he does.

  • The Randomest moe
    The Randomest moe 2 months ago

    Love this

    NOVAK 2 months ago

    My bald dads

  • Nick Faught
    Nick Faught 2 months ago

    Need George Steinbrenner, George Costanza, and Benji Wyatt on here as the panel of judges

  • Niels Kivioq
    Niels Kivioq 2 months ago

    i fell bad for wanting to tuch me self

  • damiggggg
    damiggggg 2 months ago

    Sean looks super high when he starts making his calzone lmao

  • zarrar khan
    zarrar khan 2 months ago

    The baldness is strong with this one

  • Time Knight
    Time Knight 2 months ago

    calzone to me is basically pizza with lesser toppings but more valuable

  • Mario
    Mario 2 months ago

    two bald guys competing to make the best calzone, my night is made

  • Haizum74
    Haizum74 2 months ago

    Calzone - pronounced 'kalts-zone-ee'

  • manystar
    manystar 2 months ago +1

    who is the super sexy DILF in the middle

  • Rasheik Bailey
    Rasheik Bailey 2 months ago

    I want to see you guys with Gordon Ramsey

  • Rasheik Bailey
    Rasheik Bailey 2 months ago

    Its official people love food thanks Andrew and sean

  • Ark Pharoah
    Ark Pharoah 2 months ago

    bruh is that steve o in the beginning?

  • Azim ladhani
    Azim ladhani 2 months ago

    That is not a calzone it is a cruchrap

  • JadenK
    JadenK 2 months ago

    Sean didn’t make a calzone

  • Daniel Goldstein
    Daniel Goldstein 2 months ago

    How has Babish not been on Hot Ones yet?

  • aemon hateslemon
    aemon hateslemon 2 months ago

    Battle of the balds 😂

  • Jacqueline
    Jacqueline 3 months ago


  • Rei
    Rei 3 months ago

    I would have advised Sean against cooking lettuce. Andrew did an episode of BwB where he said there's nothing worse than cooked lettuce, so I bet he was silently stewing but didn't want to give away his tricks lol. Also, sour cream is supposed to add a cool, refreshing flavor to whatever you're eating. I wouldn't want it hot!

  • Juggz
    Juggz 3 months ago

    Anyone else thinks Sean was high during this

  • Dexterity
    Dexterity 3 months ago

    Food collab of the century

  • Nathan Homistek
    Nathan Homistek 3 months ago

    Guacamole absolves all sins apparently. This is seems to be an event where Babish is paying some dues for his increasing fame. I love his channel.

  • Nutellakuchen
    Nutellakuchen 3 months ago

    NUT BUTTER :cirLewd

  • Theeran Thurairajah
    Theeran Thurairajah 3 months ago

    No parks and rec reference, 😔disappointing

  • Stephen Codekas
    Stephen Codekas 3 months ago

    Hey yo babby, need some warder?

  • Marcus Lohrke
    Marcus Lohrke 3 months ago

    if babi didn't use a TV idea and let his creativity fly he would have one

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 3 months ago +9

    After watching this at 2:42am I proceeded to get out of bed and walk to the refrigerator completely naked and *DEMOLISH* a bag of kraft shredded cheese. I was really that hungry after watching this, true story.

  • Chris bacon
    Chris bacon 3 months ago

    Does anyone know where the song at 8:37 comes from

  • Kanye West
    Kanye West 3 months ago

    Sean is getting iconic