Binging with Babish and Sean Evans Battle to Make the Perfect Filled Calzone | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on May 22, 2018
  • Calzones are one of the world's most beloved filled foods. But which ingredients make for the perfect stuffed pizza? Andrew Rea-the mastermind behind the wildly popular cooking channel, Binging with Babish-is here to face off against Sean Evans in a calzone cook-off for the ages. That's right, it's the season sendoff you've been praying for. In typical Binging with Babish fashion, Andrew whips up a Seinfeld-inspired pizza pocket, filled to the brim with the kind of cheese, pepperoni, and eggplant wolfed down by George Costanza. It's a difficult dish to beat, but Sean has an unlikely ace up his sleeve-a calzone clone of one of America's favorite Tex-Mex meals: The Cruchwrap Supreme. Will Andrew's sitcom special be enough to impress legendary pizza man Mark Iacono, or will Sean break his losing streak and finally bring home a W from Lucali? Find out on the very special, Season 2 finale of Sean in the Wild.
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Comments • 1 710

  • Bryan Pichardo
    Bryan Pichardo 23 hours ago

    I’m so happy Sean got a win here

  • Lurk SD
    Lurk SD Day ago

    Love these two bald heads

  • Jacob Raji
    Jacob Raji Day ago

    Tbh i don't like eggplant with anything 😂

  • Retro & Rom
    Retro & Rom Day ago

    Calzones, strombolis, hoagies. Best foods.

  • Otto von Bismarck
    Otto von Bismarck 2 days ago

    *Low Cal Calzone Zone intensifies*

  • Dax Mort
    Dax Mort 2 days ago

    Babish has a real thing for eggplant, it seems.....I mean, from the two videos in which he mentions it. That counts.

  • Stacey Abar
    Stacey Abar 4 days ago

    I recently JUST found Binging with Babish, and it's a delight to see that they did a collaboration. Thanks for this, good luck to both of you in the future!

  • Dawson
    Dawson 4 days ago

    That's alot for a taco Bell ad.

  • Charles Pwnage
    Charles Pwnage 4 days ago

    it's not a calzone tho

  • sofie lambek
    sofie lambek 5 days ago

    9:46 hair, blonde hair - how?

  • The minty Angel
    The minty Angel 6 days ago

    Why babish I thought you were perfect

  • Cody Cavanaugh
    Cody Cavanaugh 6 days ago

    Video about calzones.
    Makes a fucking taco.

  • The Stank
    The Stank 6 days ago

    Imagine winning in a cooking competition against the legendary Andrew Rea

  • Kristina Baker
    Kristina Baker 6 days ago

    Taste test should have been blind, that's what I was expecting & who wants the makers of the food you're judging sitting right next to you watching...

  • Kristina Baker
    Kristina Baker 6 days ago

    Now I want Eggplant & veggies Stromboli
    For me Stromboli > Calzone

  • Mari Anna
    Mari Anna 7 days ago +1

    But when is he going to be in Hot Ones?!!

  • Chestnut Bulldog
    Chestnut Bulldog 8 days ago


  • HeyItsRyan
    HeyItsRyan 10 days ago

    hey vsauce, Michael here

  • 福白汪
    福白汪 11 days ago

    2 bald guys appropriate Italian culture

  • a guy
    a guy 12 days ago

    Moist eggplant

  • Pain Bae
    Pain Bae 12 days ago

    What came first the calzone or the empanada?

  • A Account
    A Account 12 days ago

    This show is fucking beautiful.

  • Nikke DosE
    Nikke DosE 13 days ago

    Love when Sean is stoned :D eyes looks tired.

  • Vebrik
    Vebrik 14 days ago

    Two bald men fight over pizza pockets

  • TayborTalk Gaming
    TayborTalk Gaming 15 days ago

    *_NUT BUTTER_*

  • AuroraEndante
    AuroraEndante 15 days ago

    "Gravity and fingers - the two greatest forces in the universe." - That's what SHE said!

  • Logan Miller
    Logan Miller 17 days ago

    smack a couple slits on top to prevent it from blowing up like a balloon ;)

  • Williamqtlowrey
    Williamqtlowrey 17 days ago

    Bab needs to be on hot ones

  • Devon Diehl
    Devon Diehl 17 days ago

    Leaving the skin on the eggplant, rookie mistake

  • Babrukus
    Babrukus 19 days ago

    Cooked lettuce? Instant loss.

  • Shannon Classen
    Shannon Classen 20 days ago

    How's is eggplant , pepperoni and cheese a classic combination?

  • mac los
    mac los 20 days ago +1

    In all honesty he didn’t really make a calzone he made a burrito and the other guy oversimplified something that he didn’t realize he’s not cooking for people that expect quality in their food he’s cooking for people that put french fries in their burritos and are like that’s bomb🤨

  • Doopadoo Man
    Doopadoo Man 20 days ago


  • Horizons
    Horizons 20 days ago +1

    Quit flexing on me with that gold watch im poor.

  • Alex Gilmore
    Alex Gilmore 20 days ago

    I really wanted the special guest to be Adam Scott lol

  • Albert Wessling
    Albert Wessling 21 day ago

    How many tries did you needed in the oven? Seems like three different calzones from 07:54 to 08:00

  • Matthew Bush
    Matthew Bush 24 days ago

    My man Sean is high as hell. Love it. 😂

  • Frederik Centervall
    Frederik Centervall 25 days ago

    Sean is high af

  • Joshua Baron
    Joshua Baron 26 days ago

    Sean Evans vs the Shashlik king Boris.

  • NotHacking _
    NotHacking _ 26 days ago

    John wick looking ass

  • Trobizzle93
    Trobizzle93 27 days ago

    I shouted when sean won. Can not believe it!

  • FabiM _
    FabiM _ 28 days ago

    *This reminds me of a bag of chips when you open it and about 50% is full*

  • John Thomure
    John Thomure 28 days ago

    Babish was robbed

  • WhoFramedMSG
    WhoFramedMSG 28 days ago

    Cooked guac is a sin

  • Søren Peter Kaagaard Thuesen

    Mmm, a good ol' bald off. Love it.

  • jose rodriguez
    jose rodriguez 29 days ago

    When did he go against brad?

  • Chickknight Greenleaf

    is Sean drunk or something???

  • Officer K
    Officer K Month ago

    Sean Evans is my spirit animal

  • gravecactus
    gravecactus Month ago

    babish still wins the facial hair category. i'm slightly offended in a way that so many men don't have facial hair. i do. babish does. grow some hair, folks.

  • Brandon Oliver
    Brandon Oliver Month ago +1

    Love that accent!

  • Pablo Perez
    Pablo Perez Month ago

    Sean is fucking cringy, damn.

  • Ryan Butler
    Ryan Butler Month ago

    Missed opportunity to have Adam Scott as the judge...

  • Ian Curran
    Ian Curran Month ago

    One bite everyone knows the rules

  • Mack V
    Mack V Month ago +1

    Awesome collaboration.

  • Joey's Feedback
    Joey's Feedback Month ago

    That Pizzeria owner looks like as if he was Keanu Reeves dad.

  • Ian Cuneo
    Ian Cuneo Month ago

    We should merge binging with babish with hot ones,have babish make the hot wings he must eat. And obviously use the sauces.

  • strag1964
    strag1964 Month ago

    Put some guac on anything...and its GREAT!

  • Dylan Hirsty
    Dylan Hirsty Month ago

    I got inspired to make a calzone now

  • Tom Haflinger
    Tom Haflinger Month ago

    Definitely wise not to put the green stuff on the inside, because warm/hot guac is not as good as cool or room temperature. However, that guac doesn't look homemade. It's got that glossy sheen that usually comes from xanthan gum, which gives it a snotty consistency. Packaged guac usually has an acidity from the preservatives that differs from the acidity you'd typically get by just adding lime juice. I can't stand the stuff, but I love the real thing.

  • Canadianbong Hoots86

    Those cliff bar ads were stupid

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford Month ago

    Bill the butcher cutting

  • Abdullah Abubaker
    Abdullah Abubaker Month ago

    Watching this while fasting is hard af

  • its_not_enrique
    its_not_enrique Month ago

    It’s the battle of the balds

  • Jesse V
    Jesse V Month ago


  • Chris Moreno
    Chris Moreno Month ago

    The look on Sean's face when he wins, too funny.

  • soulistheanswer
    soulistheanswer Month ago

    Is there such a thing as an _un_filled calzone?

  • BatSTUD
    BatSTUD Month ago

    Sean doesn't cook. Babish does. Fuck this judgment.

  • gorilla glue
    gorilla glue Month ago

    I probably would have split Sean's calzone and put some lettuce in at the end. I dunno about cooked lettuce...

  • Andrew Mead
    Andrew Mead Month ago

    Andrew: You got a double biter. Sean: Everybody knows the rules! lol Classic

  • David Perryman
    David Perryman Month ago

    Sean just made a burrito

  • RadThatsAwesome
    RadThatsAwesome Month ago +2

    Oh BOY, Vsauce and Agent 47 cooking. A dream come true.

  • YooWeirdo
    YooWeirdo Month ago

    Ben Wyatt would be proud.

  • Darth Trigon
    Darth Trigon Month ago

    “Calzone” - Ben Wyatt

  • alonso
    alonso Month ago

    Andrew Rae? All this time I thought his name was Babish.

  • Toledo Tourbillion
    Toledo Tourbillion Month ago

    Babbish is such a classy guy.

  • Rammed - Official
    Rammed - Official Month ago

    But babish wins because he gets on the menu

  • Mohamed Mahmoud
    Mohamed Mahmoud Month ago

    I do not like to cook lettuce

  • Zarathustra
    Zarathustra Month ago +4

    It's a moist vegetable, Sean.

  • Nick Sushkevich
    Nick Sushkevich Month ago

    The Kardashians of food channels.

  • Sudharshana Ganeshkumar

    why do i want them to touch their bald heads together

  • XX
    XX Month ago

    It troubles me more than it should that shawn wore a hoodie for a cook off

  • Nathan Hughes
    Nathan Hughes Month ago

    10:19 one bite reference. Everybody knows the rules.

  • Julian J. Franco
    Julian J. Franco Month ago

    You know the rules , one bite

  • Chili Poppa
    Chili Poppa Month ago

    Attack of the Bal-Hedz

  • TheDenialTwisstt
    TheDenialTwisstt Month ago

    This made me smile thanks fo the vid guys you solved my existential dread for about 1.5 minutes but I still find it weird that you're both bald and isn't it also weird that you're a bunch of white dudes i dunno maybe maybe not who knows but i love food. gee wiz look like a crunch wrap supreme biggidty bam shazam.

  • Fawaz Stipho
    Fawaz Stipho Month ago

    Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec. is in awe.

  • chrisrockzo89
    chrisrockzo89 Month ago

    I love BwB and Hot Ones, but I really find myself very close to stopping the video whenever Sean Speaks. Idk why I really dislike the way Sean speaks. Overall good video tho.

  • Aditya Pradana Mahardhika

    Calzone is sad pizza

  • Zion Scott
    Zion Scott Month ago

    he put sour cream in the oven

  • SpankBuda .......
    SpankBuda ....... Month ago

    Sean Calzone was inspired by Taco Bell.

  • Clax
    Clax Month ago

    "Going for the double bite" "Everyone knows the rules"
    AYYY someone watches barstool

  • derrack1
    derrack1 Month ago

    grats to Sean and well played by babish to stick to his movie Shtick

  • Pikachu Clicks
    Pikachu Clicks Month ago

    A little disappointed Andrew's calzone wasn't based on parks and rec

  • Jethro Attfield
    Jethro Attfield Month ago

    Is it just me or do you never see sean actually cook, he just has his ingredients magically infront of him

    • GrimmR34PER555
      GrimmR34PER555 Month ago

      Because the focus of this show is the guests and their cooking, not the host. Yes, Sean cooks. He's a cook. He's a good cook. But the point of the show isn't to watch the host cook.

    • Jethro Attfield
      Jethro Attfield Month ago

      And its always better...

  • Gordon Mendez
    Gordon Mendez Month ago +1

    They got John wick as the judge

  • Ahmad El-Saadi
    Ahmad El-Saadi Month ago

    Andrew should've threw his coat in the oven too word to Kramer

  • Chris Auchterlonie
    Chris Auchterlonie Month ago

    is Sean drunk?

  • The Avenger
    The Avenger Month ago

    Two of my favorites

  • tragischen angst
    tragischen angst Month ago

    this is one of the most funniest episodes hahaha

  • Captain Buggy
    Captain Buggy Month ago

    Sean 3-0.