Terminator Dark Fate SPOILER Review - John Connor

  • Published on Oct 31, 2019
  • Terminator Dark Fate Spoiler Review today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & movie review! Opening Scene! John Connor Death!
    Terminator Dark Fate Movie Review with SPOILERS today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of Terminator Dark Fate in 2019! Ending explained! Opening scene with John Connor death! What was James Cameron thinking?! Enjoy this SPOILER breakdown of Terminator Dark Fate in 2019 now that you've seen the full movie! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on TVclip today!
    WTF?! - 00:00
    Some People Do Like This - 00:16
    First Ten Minutes - 1:14
    T800 Problems - 2:52
    Hello, Dyson Family - 5:28
    Skynet Lite - 6:38
    Dani Doesn't Work - 7:08
    Linda Hamilton - 8:00
    No Picture of John - 9:12
    Stick to the Mission - 9:39
    Arnold - 10:05
    Terminator Stepdad - 10:41
    Still Want T2 Next Chapter - 11:17
    Conclusion - 11:47
    Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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  • Brandon Burney
    Brandon Burney Day ago

    Descent but it definitely could've been better.
    I just got out of watching the movie and yeah the first ten minutes was just.... Good Lord. Linda was a lot of fun to see again she's still got it after all these years. Arnold was pretty contained even his story wasn't actually woven together that well.

  • Max Hirsch
    Max Hirsch 5 days ago

    Time can be cruel- global nuclear wars are (presumably) cruel. In light of that, and given the presumption of parallel and branching universes in these narrative scenarios, IS it terrible that one of the former heroes is killed off in a reboot of sorts (again: parallel universes branching off)? Yeah, sounds like the movie has its share of weaknesses, including narrative irrationalities and particularly missed opportunities that Grace suggests- but in regard to the alienating reboot factor of JC's death, this sounds akin to the Star Trek Discovery controversy.
    I think that people get too attached to a nostalgia factor and demand a rigid canonical continuity. Others among us don't believe that reboots kill past narrative installments- they're simply branching narratives.

  • K. M.
    K. M. 9 days ago

    I always thought Grace was a blind femanist. Glad to see she gave the femm leads in this movie a fair shake. Nobody beats Linda Hamilton and segoury Weaver as the original and still best feminine bamfs.

  • Baz Taylor
    Baz Taylor 13 days ago

    I got the feeling this was an entire planned trilogy packed and condensed into one movie.

  • Rus Virani
    Rus Virani 15 days ago +1

    1:54 "John Goner" lol

  • Rhys Chen
    Rhys Chen 17 days ago +1

    Both Terminator Salvation and Terminator Genisys are better than Terminator Dark Fate

  • Nolan Powe
    Nolan Powe 18 days ago

    @gracerandolph TERMINATOR 2 WAS SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!

  • Erik Torbjørn Bjørnsson

    The first ten minutes of the movie ruined the rest. It could have been Citizen Kane after the first ten minutes and it wouldn't have saved it.

  • shazad Khaliq
    shazad Khaliq 20 days ago +1

    Terminator 2 the end fu?k the rest.

  • hyperjak810
    hyperjak810 21 day ago

    The T-1000 was an experimental prototype, they probably only had the one. Then sent back some others at the same time that Sarah probably killed and has since killed

  • RictusErectus
    RictusErectus 22 days ago +2

    I wont even waste 2 hours or so of my precious time on this heap of garbage.

  • Brendan Day
    Brendan Day 22 days ago

    The dialogue in this .. cringe.. saying I’ll be back just for it’s own sake makes no sense

  • Sophia Wilson
    Sophia Wilson 22 days ago

    Maybe the humans army couldn't get to T1000 they only get a T800's series?.

  • ltdm100
    ltdm100 23 days ago

    If skynet sent multiple model T101's, wouldn't they have showed up in 1984? That's when the T101 was a bad terminator. But the mission in 1984 was to kill Sarah Connor, not John; so the bad terminator arrives in 1984, gets lost for 14 years, finds them in Mexico in 1998, and blows John away in the first 10 min of the movie without knowing who John is?
    Fuck this bullshit.

  • Dmg Control
    Dmg Control 23 days ago

    They don't want anything to do with franchise 3, salvation, and Genesis. So dark fate went straight from 6 to actually terminator 3 because it's after 2 . Miles research was continued even though he died in t2 it becomes legion in my opinion I'm not sure about it because his company are the only ones that kept he terminator datas

  • jasona9
    jasona9 23 days ago

    7:11, Natalia Reyes as Dani...."Not future Mary, but future Jesus"....LOL. I agree with you Grace. Natalia is a BEAUTIFUL Latina, but was incredibly miscast in this role. I don't blame her. She didn't write this film or cast herself.

  • jasona9
    jasona9 23 days ago

    Great review Grace! I consider myself a loyal fan of the franchise. I didn't care for the sequels beyond T2, so was excited to learn those would be ignored, and that Dark Fate would be a sequel to T2. James Cameron, Arnold and Linda got a DO OVER and STILL managed to waste the opportunity to save the franchise. Shame!

  • Black Cheese
    Black Cheese 23 days ago

    It's unfortunate that Genysis broke off many of those potential story points, as Dark Fate tried to avoid repeating anything it had done. That's why no Danny Dyson or big John Connor role in this one. I really dug the movie, though!

  • MrZeeshawn
    MrZeeshawn 23 days ago +1

    Im buying this movie 🍿. Dark Fate was awesome! My daughter and I are very big Terminator fans. It kept with the tone of the first two movies. This is Sara Conners Trilogy and story. This is not John Conners story. Leave your expectations and what you want the story to be before watching this. Sara Conner and the Terminator is the franchise.

  • alec rabuse
    alec rabuse 24 days ago

    Opening credit flashback scene from T2 was by far the best part of this "T3" and then 2 mins later the movie gets hit by a sledge hammer......why wouldn't they make Arnold a bad Terminator again? The role that made him an action icon. Would have been simple. And simple is great. T1 for example

  • mac 10
    mac 10 24 days ago +2

    The T1000 was an advanced prototype in T2 which usually means it's a one off and not in mass production

  • Professor
    Professor 24 days ago +1

    Dark Fate of the Terminator franchise indeed. In T2 the T800 did say that the T1000 could not imitate mechanical machinery or moving parts. That makes sense as to why T1000 couldn't appear as a T800.

  • Bob G5511
    Bob G5511 24 days ago

    OMG, awful movie.

    • Black Cheese
      Black Cheese 23 days ago

      Did you actually see it though? Was fine at worst...

  • Anthony Fuller
    Anthony Fuller 24 days ago +1

    Stop it. Stop whining.

  • OnThisSideoftheSky
    OnThisSideoftheSky 24 days ago

    We’ve gotta tear down all these males, kill off John Conner, emasculate Arnold into being a stay at home dad, so we can make all the room for these strong independent women! Smash the patriarchy!

  • Kelsey Waterman
    Kelsey Waterman 24 days ago +1

    Maybe it's becasue I'm more of a casual Terminator fan but I really enjoyed this movie. Also random bonus when I saw this in theatres my dad and I got a large popcorn and accidentally (I think) upgraded to one of those commemorative popcorn tubs from Spider-Man: Far From Home (we payed the same price as a regular large popcorn though)

  • Rex Williams
    Rex Williams 26 days ago

    James Cameron 'Mr Story'?.......Have you seen Avatar and Alita Battle Angel?

  • ferrari rosso
    ferrari rosso 26 days ago

    they want kill the choosen one. got it ?

  • Felipa
    Felipa 26 days ago

    Ternamet these video

  • kidstl me
    kidstl me 26 days ago +1

    Okay let's get some shit straight it should have ended with Terminator 2 but Terminator 3 is not half bad I like how he terminated the TX... basically he blew his load in her mouth and sometimes I have to do this to my wife from time to time to keep her in line... anyway anything after T3 is full of shit... Arnold is full of shit he should have made a sequel to commando why he didn't I do not know and little Hamilton you need to stop smoking you sound terrible.... screw you both nobody told you to make a bullshit sequel Terminator 6 now go drink yourself to death assholes

  • 30somethingmanchild
    30somethingmanchild 26 days ago +1

    In T2 I think they say the T1000 is a prototype. I would assume the only one. Hence the T800 who murders John (which was an awful way to start the movie)

  • Cybernet Systems
    Cybernet Systems 27 days ago


  • Tony Young
    Tony Young 27 days ago

    John Goner . . .LOL Did you do that on purpose? I also hated that scene.

  • I Love Drums
    I Love Drums 27 days ago

    I saw this movie and some parts were good, I like seeing young Sara with Jon wish we could have seen more of that

  • Anthony Rogue
    Anthony Rogue 28 days ago

    Grace was sexy. But enough with the time travel. If only there was movies based on Terminator Burning Earth and Terminator Hunters & Killers. Frank Miller's 300 was based on his graphic novel.

  • Will
    Will 28 days ago +1

    John GONnor hahaha

  • Why We Love Film
    Why We Love Film 28 days ago

    I don't think I've ever seen you use an emoji in the thumbnail before. That's when I knew you felt strongly about this...

  • God Chaos
    God Chaos 28 days ago +1

    I think if Rise of the Machines, Salvation and Genisys didn't exist, people would have enjoyed Dark Fate better. Can't really explain it but every idea those movies came up with, this movie did it better. T1 and T2 will always be the best.

  • delfunkster
    delfunkster 28 days ago

    I wanted to like it...I didn't. At all. They put a third act into the first act and then I had to plow through two hours. Everything was shoehorned in. I am a Terminator fan and it was not impressed. Salvation was better than this. I was so sad that John was killed off. What a cheat!

  • Jean-Francois Joanisse

    IRONY : James Cameron HATED the start of Alien 3 for killing off 2 of the major characters from the previous film he made.

  • Elder Yautja
    Elder Yautja 28 days ago

    Cameron has never been Mr Story. I always think it was his (now ex) wife Gale Anne Hurd who probably had a hand in bringing up Terminator 1 and 2 and Aliens to the level they are. Without her influence his scripts are derivative at best.

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 28 days ago

    Despite the stupid how did Skynet do anything if it never existed, why WHY would a terminator just pull the hair of someone that just attacked it and throw her on the ground. Oh and by the way, the reason that you have that choice with the T101 in the past just living it's life is because of RLM's Half in the Bag review of Gensys. Mike and Jay actually discussed the idea of it getting a job as a construction worker.

  • David Russo
    David Russo 28 days ago

    They're setting up the next film for John to be saved at that moment, so he can reprise his role again. It will happen. They will continue with this. Dani will have something to do with it.

  • Articuno224
    Articuno224 29 days ago

    I loved: T1, T2 and The Sarah Conner Chronicles (Tv Show)
    I liked: T3
    T4 was OK
    T5 was bad
    But this one not only looks bad but completely shits on the franchise. I'm not even gonna see it, when I first heard that John dies I was like "Whaaaaaat? Obviously you're joking cause that can't be true. Apparently it is... The TV Show is the real sequel for me

  • Langford_artist
    Langford_artist 29 days ago +8

    They literally ruined the entire story of terminator by killing John just for the sake of women in 2019

  • Tigre Monster
    Tigre Monster 29 days ago

    hamilton needed more lotion on that leatherface

  • Morales
    Morales 29 days ago

    The franchise ended with Salvation.

  • Edward Reeves
    Edward Reeves 29 days ago

    The opening scene is so inspiring! I think all sequels should start in similar fashion:
    Maleficent 2 - Ingrid kills Aurora in the first scene in the woods, making her saving in the first part obsolete.
    John Wick 3 - John gets exonerated by the mafia in the first scene, making the hunt set-up by the prequel useless.
    Glass - Kevin and David Dunn get killed by the police in their first confrontation, leaving their arcs unfinished.
    Dark Phoenix - The film starts with Jean already being Dark Phoenix and in the full control over her powers.
    Any more bright ideas?

  • Mark Mcalpine
    Mark Mcalpine 29 days ago

    The hope of this franchise surviving on died with John. Come with me if you want to live and die in Guatemala

  • kenneth ruffin
    kenneth ruffin 29 days ago


  • Jesus Ramirez
    Jesus Ramirez Month ago

    Special effects sick

  • Jesus Ramirez
    Jesus Ramirez Month ago

    This movie was awesome!!! (not perfect of course)! Cant wait for the toys (Sarah Connor such a character). Black Skeleton Terminator is Sick. Terminator is Back!

  • John Mackrory
    John Mackrory Month ago

    I missed the first 10 mins of the film - lucky me 😜

  • Xcaliber 722
    Xcaliber 722 Month ago

    Yes, Grace! They, shitted on folks with that shtick of Edward Furlough being the movie 😠! Please terminate this film Grace!!!!

  • Kris Xela
    Kris Xela Month ago

    What no one talks about the Rev 9???

  • Lord Daro
    Lord Daro Month ago

    Now that the idea has been put into my head, I really wan't to see a terminator sitcom too.

  • Mr D
    Mr D Month ago

    I liked it.

  • Artis Jones
    Artis Jones Month ago

    😂😂😂 Carl's wife Definitely had a name! Terminator stepdad! New series on hulu?

  • Elizaveta Uvarova
    Elizaveta Uvarova Month ago

    Honestly I had VERY low expectations and I’m not a hardcore Terminator fan so I thought the movie wasn’t terrible. I mean it was in no way great or even good. The script was basically Terminator 2 all over and dialogues were atrocious, every time someone opened their mouth I just cringed. But the acting was okay and action scenes were pretty good and Schwarzenegger made me chuckle once or twice. But I still think that this franchise should die.

  • mc2 Tech Reviews
    mc2 Tech Reviews Month ago

    Excellent point made about Danny Dyson. What a missed opportunity it was for them to not include him in Terminator: Dark Fate.