A Crushing Valentine's Day


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  • Lisa Lazuli
    Lisa Lazuli 8 hours ago

    Tori is so relatable!!!!!

  • Jack Shorter
    Jack Shorter 16 hours ago

    In the sketch where the mad scientist ruins valentines day i swear tori was one of the single women. Eventhough tori wasnt apart of the cast then.

  • Taffi Swann
    Taffi Swann 19 hours ago

    Me everyday 😅

  • Abby Grace McGee

    its not etheorpian its sico cats

  • Joshua Steward
    Joshua Steward Day ago

    Dogs r WAYYY better than cats.......... Did u know that they choose certains RATS to detect plutonium..... Cats really
    Just suck dont they?

  • MeiMei Senpai
    MeiMei Senpai Day ago

    3:32 When You Think Your Crush Likes You But This Happens 3:34

  • Naomi Jamieson
    Naomi Jamieson 3 days ago

    "This is my cocoon of love. Every one in the cocoon loves me.":Tory
    "That's why it's so small.": Stephen
    Those two seriously act like siblings. I mean I couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Clutch TrickShots
    Clutch TrickShots 3 days ago

    Tori is HILARIOUS!!!

  • The Pope
    The Pope 4 days ago

    the ad before this one was really morbid

  • Heather Toomey
    Heather Toomey 5 days ago

    This was the best!

  • MistyPaws
    MistyPaws 5 days ago


  • Lesley Petersen
    Lesley Petersen 5 days ago

    Tory's crush:"I like your hair!" Tory: "its showered..." Me: well duh.

  • Manasa Mudiganti
    Manasa Mudiganti 5 days ago

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    a face like yours, belongs in a zoo
    dont worry ill be there too
    not in a cage, but laughing at you

  • Hunter Ramey
    Hunter Ramey 5 days ago

    He walked in with an Xbox one controller but Stephen had an Xbox 360 controller

  • Anastasia Wood
    Anastasia Wood 6 days ago

    This is literally me and my brother

  • Kallee winters
    Kallee winters 6 days ago

    "This is my cocoon of love, everyone in the cocoon loves me"😄😄 SOOOOO ME

  • Avigail Sandberg
    Avigail Sandberg 8 days ago


  • Emylie Czap
    Emylie Czap 10 days ago

    That was amazing...... this is one of my favorite vids😊

  • Jolene Mylan Young
    Jolene Mylan Young 11 days ago

    I was kind of a little sad/upset/weirded out by why there were new Studio C members, but this sketch made me like Tori. She's hilarious.

  • timothyfloogle
    timothyfloogle 11 days ago

    don't speak those words to me

  • Warner Hodgins
    Warner Hodgins 11 days ago


  • Babs Checkett
    Babs Checkett 14 days ago


  • Purrito
    Purrito 14 days ago

    They are like brother and sister

  • Life on the road with Jayda

    Tori makes me laugh so hard

  • Joan Lickona
    Joan Lickona 15 days ago

    "You are a foolish boy with foolish women who---oh...*tries to look attractive in blanket*

  • Joan Lickona
    Joan Lickona 15 days ago

    I didn't think much of Tori till I saw this.......pure gold 😂😂😂😂

  • Silkchance Bear
    Silkchance Bear 15 days ago

    I love this sooo much!

    CHEESE IZMYLIFE 16 days ago +1

    Tori is one of my favorite people now!

  • Bella Downie
    Bella Downie 17 days ago

    Really funny

  • Lory the Mormon
    Lory the Mormon 19 days ago

    0:16 XD

  • SJ Nielsen
    SJ Nielsen 19 days ago

    I absolutely love Tori! She is so good at acting!

  • Alisha Good
    Alisha Good 19 days ago

    #Cocoonoflove 😉

  • madi lynn
    madi lynn 19 days ago

    Tori is 100% me all the time

  • Ghost Cat
    Ghost Cat 19 days ago


  • Donutcrazyness 28
    Donutcrazyness 28 20 days ago

    Dont worry im a potato too

  • luna Scally
    luna Scally 21 day ago


  • Sadie Richert
    Sadie Richert 24 days ago

    I am disappointed for toriy😧

  • wilgames350936
    wilgames350936 24 days ago

    I know the blankets are awesome

  • Jennifer Holland
    Jennifer Holland 24 days ago +2

    Tori and Stephen must be related

  • Katie P
    Katie P 24 days ago

    Tori's the best ❤

  • Sugar Girls
    Sugar Girls 26 days ago

    I winder if Tori and Stephen are siblings in this sketch

  • Giulis the Devil
    Giulis the Devil 26 days ago

    Why does this person remind me of alphas from undertale so much?

  • Lost Dreamer99
    Lost Dreamer99 29 days ago


  • CosmicKiwi
    CosmicKiwi 29 days ago

    Tori is adorable

  • Tracy Stout Behunin
    Tracy Stout Behunin 29 days ago +1

    Tori you are soooo funny!!! Great skit and great addition to studio c.

  • Be Magical
    Be Magical Month ago

    This is my cocoon of love............

  • NutellaTheDonut !
    NutellaTheDonut ! Month ago

    “This is my cocoon of love.” I feel yah, Tori.

  • Mikenna Baker
    Mikenna Baker Month ago

    I watched this sketch when it was a divine comedy and it has been like my favorite thing ever. I freaked out when I saw this on studio c!!!

  • Ella Bree
    Ella Bree Month ago

    This video makes me laugh every time and I watched this 8 million times😂😂

  • Lebogang Mokalake
    Lebogang Mokalake Month ago

    Lol, very interesting young lady, like her already

  • Bored Baker
    Bored Baker Month ago +1

    This feels like every Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had... it’s so depressing.

  • Aubrey Kirksey
    Aubrey Kirksey Month ago

    This is awesome!!!😂

  • Jessica Moore
    Jessica Moore Month ago

    This sketch reminded me of my brothers girlfriend so much she's funny that way

  • Frisk Dreemurr
    Frisk Dreemurr Month ago

    “Everyone in the cocoon loves me”
    “That’s why it’s so small”
    DYYYYYIIIINNG🤣 same though.

  • Sean Ross
    Sean Ross Month ago

    This was hilarious. I gotta know how Tori kept in character while dragging her face across that carpet. That had to burn like heck.

  • Minor Meals
    Minor Meals Month ago

    Why are you so lonely tori? You are so pretty!

  • Helpless Waiter
    Helpless Waiter Month ago +1


  • Karna Starsong
    Karna Starsong Month ago

    Me except that I would have dogo

    HORSESNDOGS9 Month ago

    I love how committed she is to the act! It's almost like watching a live action rendition of a cartoon! Great work everybody :D

  • Sunset Coast
    Sunset Coast Month ago

    Everyone in the cocoon love's me
    That's why the cocoons so small

  • doidletp
    doidletp Month ago

    Who's the second girl that came in?

  • S Rogers
    S Rogers Month ago


  • weard95
    weard95 Month ago

    why's tori a earth worm when she goes to answer the boy at the door? GO TORI

  • Brooke Miller
    Brooke Miller Month ago

    Funny but thx 4 reminding us how lonley we r

  • Caroline Marvin
    Caroline Marvin Month ago


  • Monty Maddox
    Monty Maddox Month ago

    I want a friendship like this (>^

  • Bored Baker
    Bored Baker Month ago +1

    This is so me

  • Muscledbeef112
    Muscledbeef112 Month ago

    She actually did pretty good in that one

  • GianTheGamerYT
    GianTheGamerYT Month ago

    Stephen is a playa

  • Corryn Sams
    Corryn Sams Month ago

    "I hate chocolate sale at Walgreens eve"

  • Leonard Hofstadter
    Leonard Hofstadter Month ago +1

    At first, I thought the thumbnail was Tessa Netting!

  • Katherine Ballard
    Katherine Ballard Month ago

    I love tori’s wacky overall style

  • Christine DeFalco
    Christine DeFalco Month ago

    Love my brother Steven is caught up in video games too

  • The Mitten Fire Show

    I am legit tori every single day just hiding with blankets pillows and chocolates and I just cry and be awkward alone

  • Ava Harrison
    Ava Harrison Month ago

    That's me on Valentine's Day

  • Emily Fies
    Emily Fies Month ago

    Just realized that Stephen insulted Mallory by saying she was 40, since she's only 2 years younger than Tori, who was 42...😂

  • Brandie Beyrodt
    Brandie Beyrodt Month ago

    Avnidisfn kenfvinedinin😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • GG Daisy
    GG Daisy Month ago +1

    I'm laughing so hard OML XDDD

  • ErinAnd EmGame
    ErinAnd EmGame Month ago +1

    Tori is me 😂😂

  • Titan Galaxy
    Titan Galaxy Month ago

    How did I never realise that Stephen's playing that Mike Tyson sketch

  • Monleigh Ikiua
    Monleigh Ikiua Month ago


  • Lizzy _
    Lizzy _ Month ago +1

    I looooooooove this way to much

  • Rachel Dannheisser
    Rachel Dannheisser Month ago

    I envy Tori because of all the chocolates she gets to stuff her face with

  • little psycho
    little psycho Month ago


  • Ruby M
    Ruby M Month ago

    Prrrrrrety sure that wasn’t Fifa on the screen.

  • Beananator Rosenstein

    FLY MY BIRD!!!!

  • Elaneth Renouf
    Elaneth Renouf Month ago

    I love the lotr reference lol

  • Joann Tuinei
    Joann Tuinei Month ago +1

    This is literally me on Valentine’s Day

  • Coolet 27
    Coolet 27 Month ago

    "tori, can you die somewhere else please?"

  • Maile Palacios
    Maile Palacios Month ago

    This is #life

    EMMA HERRERA Month ago

    that's me on valentines day!!!

  • Lola McPhail
    Lola McPhail Month ago

    This is me

  • Cheryl Kohl
    Cheryl Kohl Month ago

    She is ME

  • Skylarthe Booklion
    Skylarthe Booklion Month ago

    I really love your sketches but could they not be so heteronormative

  • Words to Liv by
    Words to Liv by Month ago

    both of those siblings make me disappointed in myself because I've been both of those people at different times in my life lol

  • Joseph Conant
    Joseph Conant Month ago

    He pulled out a Xbox one controller, and Stephen had a 360 one... ?!

  • Kids Comedy Cooking Channel

    Lol, this is hilarious😂

  • Charcoal Thundercloud

    “Going to your senior prom alone ages you”
    I feel that. I recently went to my prom alone and it was not as fun as everyone had claimed.

  • Argee Lor
    Argee Lor Month ago

    Tori doe hahahaahahahahaha

  • I_am_ a_pineapple
    I_am_ a_pineapple Month ago

    When Tori eats those chocolates, that's how I eat when I don't have a Valentine :(