A Crushing Valentine's Day


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  • Audrie Schmitt
    Audrie Schmitt 26 minutes ago

    How do you slid on the ground on your face with glasses

  • Alisa Young
    Alisa Young 4 hours ago


  • Christopher Olson

    One of first I ever saw with Tori.
    Taught me she can really act (sketch?). Given role, she can really come into her own.

  • Sarah McDonnell
    Sarah McDonnell Day ago

    lol lol lol!!!

  • Wolfe s Smith
    Wolfe s Smith Day ago

    Is Stephen playing lunch out

  • Somerandomguy
    Somerandomguy 3 days ago

    This is me every year.

  • Lily Kelson
    Lily Kelson 5 days ago

    "I Showered........................."

  • iPengwin
    iPengwin 5 days ago +1

    that was the greatest outro

  • Jenna Morgan
    Jenna Morgan 6 days ago

    This is my cocoon of love
    That’s why is so small

  • Lillie Caldwell
    Lillie Caldwell 6 days ago

    this is soooo great

  • Kyler Eggleston
    Kyler Eggleston 7 days ago

    Since when was Mike Tyson's Punch Out on the x box?

  • Kaylin Lugo
    Kaylin Lugo 9 days ago

    2:51 My brother would tell me that!! 😂

  • Kaylin Lugo
    Kaylin Lugo 9 days ago

    This is how every Single Pringle acts on Valentines Day 😂

  • adammd9
    adammd9 10 days ago +1

    This sketch made me laugh so hard

  • Spring Dancer
    Spring Dancer 11 days ago

    love this make more like this !

  • Dancer Kenna
    Dancer Kenna 13 days ago

    0:06 is me on my period

  • Morgan Toral
    Morgan Toral 14 days ago

    They changed the beginning!

  • JA Jack N
    JA Jack N 15 days ago

    Anyone else Tori in this situation?

  • Becher Mit Kaffee
    Becher Mit Kaffee 16 days ago

    It's so funny :D You did a great job!

  • Jb5Jones
    Jb5Jones 16 days ago

    Did anyone notice that Stephen had an Xbox 360 controller and Aaron had an Xbox One controller.

  • Dallyn
    Dallyn 18 days ago

    Tori is definitely me on Valentine’s Day! 😂❤️

  • Luis Banuelos
    Luis Banuelos 19 days ago

    I am tori

  • Fusion - YT
    Fusion - YT 20 days ago

    What happened to Tori? Is she still part of the cast?????

  • Clyde Greenstreet
    Clyde Greenstreet 22 days ago


  • Clyde Greenstreet
    Clyde Greenstreet 22 days ago

    My dog is my cocoon of love

  • Callie Miller
    Callie Miller 22 days ago

    I kind of wished the person would be a girl for Tori. It would be nice if Studio C introduced some LGBT+ characters.

  • Radha Ballad
    Radha Ballad 23 days ago

    I just keep watching this video

  • Mara Quitain
    Mara Quitain 24 days ago

    No matter what Tori does,I'm still gonna love the the original cast. Never ever EVER the new ones. Just saying. I perfer Natalie,Mallory,Stephen,Whitney,Jason,James,Matt,Stacey,Jeremy and Adam ONLY!

  • uncrispedbacon
    uncrispedbacon 26 days ago

    I relate to Tori a little too much

  • Spoil Milk
    Spoil Milk 26 days ago

    i laguhed so hard at this and the way she walked with the blanket

  • Mary Goranov
    Mary Goranov 27 days ago

    How did her glasses stay on?

  • Koala Pineapple
    Koala Pineapple 27 days ago

    Tori is amazing I love her

    NAZAREE O#LOVE Month ago


  • Tadalada03
    Tadalada03 Month ago

    I LOVE Tori

  • Atlantic Waves
    Atlantic Waves Month ago

    Wish Studio C was still COMEDY and not CRINGE...

  • Abby Brustad
    Abby Brustad Month ago +4

    1:37 *squat walks like a hobgoblin* “ooohhh you know what, Steven? If I were as popular as you are in high school, the lunch ladies would never have mistaken me for one of their own”

  • Callie Miller
    Callie Miller Month ago

    Awww I love Tori! I relate too much

  • Radiant Voices Choir

    I have never related SO HARD to a sketch this is just me every v day

  • Poppet Pup
    Poppet Pup Month ago


  • EdgeLord1800
    EdgeLord1800 Month ago

    i am Tori on Valentines day

  • Elizabeth Stephens
    Elizabeth Stephens Month ago +1

    I love this sketch so much!!! Tori is amazing in this one!!

  • Elizabeth Stephens
    Elizabeth Stephens Month ago

    Almost 1mil views!

  • Cara KJ
    Cara KJ Month ago


  • Madi Ciesla
    Madi Ciesla Month ago

    tori is so creepy like that one guy in the hobbit whos ubsessed with a ring

  • geekout16
    geekout16 Month ago

    Best. Valentines. Sketch. Ever.

  • Shuru10
    Shuru10 Month ago

    Idk why but "Fly little bird" killed me :')

  • Raquel Lind
    Raquel Lind Month ago

    This is my favorite! !😺😺😺😺😺

  • Scarlet Escolano
    Scarlet Escolano Month ago


  • Lemon Lagoon
    Lemon Lagoon Month ago +1

    Best episode ever.. WE NEED MORE TORI

  • Morgan Toral
    Morgan Toral Month ago +1

    “Tori could you go die somewhere else please?”

  • Morgan Toral
    Morgan Toral Month ago +1

    “Tori could you go die somewhere else please?”

  • Morgan Toral
    Morgan Toral Month ago +1

    Loved it!!

  • Stop being mean to me

    Every single guy or girl hates Valentines Day why? Because its about love?
    Cmon dude chocolate is the best part about Valentines Day
    I think I'm the only person in my family who genuinely loves the holiday

  • Angela Balliet
    Angela Balliet Month ago

    *Fly little birdie*

  • Abigail Hamilton
    Abigail Hamilton Month ago +1

    "Fly little birdie" the best.

  • Luchs Katze
    Luchs Katze Month ago +1

    Tori is me

  • Brys 816
    Brys 816 Month ago

    Can we appreciate that he is playing punch out Will an Xbox 360 controller and the sounds aren’t in sync

  • Parker Schaugaard
    Parker Schaugaard Month ago

    Tory your awesome

  • Addi B
    Addi B 2 months ago

    This is to relatable 😂😂 I love it!!

  • Jul
    Jul 2 months ago

    Tori is great

  • InsertNameHere
    InsertNameHere 2 months ago


  • Xxxwild Wolfxxx
    Xxxwild Wolfxxx 2 months ago

    You didn’t earn this!!!

  • Aidan Mullen
    Aidan Mullen 2 months ago


  • Jose Palma
    Jose Palma 2 months ago


  • Finley Barnes
    Finley Barnes 2 months ago

    I'm like tori

  • Hailey A
    Hailey A 2 months ago

    Too many great quotes here to chose from! 😂😂😂

  • II.trix. II
    II.trix. II 2 months ago +1


  • Infinite Wonders AJ
    Infinite Wonders AJ 2 months ago

    That is my "love" life in one four minute video :')

  • Ana Patton
    Ana Patton 2 months ago

    This is depressing and funny😂

  • praise be
    praise be 2 months ago


  • Weirdishness
    Weirdishness 2 months ago

    Please do a reacting video to this!?!?!!?!?😂💝💝💝💝

  • Somebody The Stranger
    Somebody The Stranger 2 months ago

    99.999999% comments: it’s pronounced cats

  • Snowflake
    Snowflake 2 months ago

    I love tori so muchhhh!

  • beeliever
    beeliever 2 months ago

    i love Stephen x Whitney so much

  • Super C
    Super C 2 months ago +1

    Lol Tori is so funny in this sketch

  • grace the person
    grace the person 2 months ago

    Tori is me

  • Eliza DoesThings
    Eliza DoesThings 2 months ago

    She sounds like Voldemort

  • SpottedKarp
    SpottedKarp 2 months ago

    this could have been gay

  • Cute Watermelon
    Cute Watermelon 2 months ago

    That was you wife Steven:)

  • Kate Morrill
    Kate Morrill 2 months ago

    Tori is one of my favorite cast members now, but that doesn't mean I don't like the rest of them.

  • quebrandocadei
    quebrandocadei 2 months ago

    I thought his name was Ben they said it in the beginning

  • Jes Kvell
    Jes Kvell 2 months ago

    that new girl scares me

  • Gwenthellama heh
    Gwenthellama heh 2 months ago

    0:50 me ^ _^

  • Supcake
    Supcake 2 months ago

    Friend zoned!

  • Edward Kamel
    Edward Kamel 2 months ago

    I like Prock side with her crush because I want to like sold

  • Kayleigh DeZwaan
    Kayleigh DeZwaan 2 months ago

    I felt bad for Mallory

    • Kayleigh DeZwaan
      Kayleigh DeZwaan 2 months ago

      And the whole time she talked when she saw th chocolate

    • Kayleigh DeZwaan
      Kayleigh DeZwaan 2 months ago

      She got so sad when she saw all the chocolate

  • Meagan Froisland
    Meagan Froisland 2 months ago

    I so can relate to Tori!!😂😂💔

  • Weirdishness
    Weirdishness 2 months ago

    I relate on a spiritual level😂

  • Madelyn Poling
    Madelyn Poling 2 months ago

    Tori might be my spirit animal now

  • IAmCookoo27
    IAmCookoo27 2 months ago

    This is so relatable 😂😂😂

  • Adler Horstemeyer
    Adler Horstemeyer 2 months ago

    I am tori on so many levels

  • EagleStrong
    EagleStrong 2 months ago

    I have watched this at least seven times, seriously, I’m not kidding

  • Carolina Espinoza
    Carolina Espinoza 2 months ago

    I think Tori is cuter

  • Christian Saffayeh
    Christian Saffayeh 2 months ago

    One is a xbox one controller and the other is a xbox 360 controller

  • KittyCupcakes XoXo
    KittyCupcakes XoXo 2 months ago

    That was so funny!! I really enjoyed it!!

  • cutesy cookies
    cutesy cookies 2 months ago

    I like how they don't make Whitney or Stephen kiss anyone other than each other because they're married😊 Like if u agree😉

  • Lisa Lazuli
    Lisa Lazuli 2 months ago

    Tori is so relatable!!!!!

  • Jack Shorter
    Jack Shorter 2 months ago

    In the sketch where the mad scientist ruins valentines day i swear tori was one of the single women. Eventhough tori wasnt apart of the cast then.

  • Animation_Creation
    Animation_Creation 2 months ago

    Me everyday 😅

  • Abby Grace McGee
    Abby Grace McGee 2 months ago

    its not etheorpian its sico cats