A Crushing Valentine's Day


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  • Ashwinee Kumar Singh
    Ashwinee Kumar Singh 18 hours ago

    Valentine video was awesome too!!! not the story but the acting was mesmerising...im sorry couldnt hear the "girl with the silver locks" name but keep the good acting !! i love ur acting

  • Ayla Ozturk
    Ayla Ozturk 2 days ago

    Rule Number One: Don't be you.

  • Staging Your Castle
    Staging Your Castle 10 days ago

    HAHAHAH that was HILARIOUS! " u are a LOVE magician teach me ur ways!!! "

  • Klisi Koritsi
    Klisi Koritsi 10 days ago

    I saw the divine comedy sketch before this! :)

  • Annalyn McAwesome
    Annalyn McAwesome 11 days ago

    I ship Tori and Aaron. Lol

  • C Jordan
    C Jordan 12 days ago

    Whoever is scrolling down I hope you have a nice day(or night)

  • Aaron Van
    Aaron Van 12 days ago

    3:06 It’s a toripillar !

  • Calemations
    Calemations 13 days ago

    that wasnt fifa.

  • Ruiben 360
    Ruiben 360 14 days ago

    I'd date her if I ever get the chance

  • Kiera LeBlanc
    Kiera LeBlanc 14 days ago

    I love Tori!

  • Karis Kroeker
    Karis Kroeker 15 days ago

    l'm totally Mallorie every Valentines day... my friend's brother is Stephen, and my friend id Tori... like if it is the same for you!!

  • Patricia and the gang
    Patricia and the gang 17 days ago

    So true

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie 18 days ago

    OMG this is my life!!!!!!😂

  • Arka Azizul
    Arka Azizul 19 days ago

    Tori acted like Golum!!

  • Hope Elkins
    Hope Elkins 19 days ago

    this was my bday!

  • Clark Family
    Clark Family 19 days ago


    you are my spirit animal

    • Clark Family
      Clark Family 19 days ago

      please like this you guys i have no friends.........

  • Zafara
    Zafara 19 days ago

    One of reasons this is funny is because a lot of us can relate to it.

  • Soph U
    Soph U 20 days ago

    Who else was just chanting in their head "GAY, GAY, GAY" when Aaron showed up. The bromance is real

  • gibichai yay
    gibichai yay 22 days ago

    I didn't know I was the boy Tori until today

  • Derva Kommt von hinten

    is that girl a new regular? i really dont like her. she isnt funny at all

  • AshNicFeld
    AshNicFeld 25 days ago


    I don’t even know who that was 😂😂❤️❤️

  • °~°kiwi queen°~°
    °~°kiwi queen°~° 25 days ago


  • Magdalene M2021
    Magdalene M2021 25 days ago

    omg this just makes me want to stuff chocolate in my mouth

  • Katie Tran
    Katie Tran 27 days ago


  • Ella Stiles-Hall
    Ella Stiles-Hall 27 days ago

    “This is my cocoon of love” ha me

  • StopMotion Kandy
    StopMotion Kandy 28 days ago

    Mallory is so cute with braces

  • James Robson
    James Robson Month ago


  • James Robson
    James Robson Month ago

    3:00 is so funny

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson Month ago +1


    • AshNicFeld
      AshNicFeld 25 days ago

      IKR she makes me laugh SOOOOO HARD 😂😂

  • mo
    mo Month ago

    She is wonderful!

  • TheOneAndOnly593
    TheOneAndOnly593 Month ago

    Don’t worry I do not think you will be alone forever. Maybe ..........………… 1 to 700 years to wait

  • Existential Galaxy
    Existential Galaxy Month ago

    "Tori could you go die somewhere else please?"

  • Quakka Butts
    Quakka Butts Month ago +1

    This video is beyond a mood

  • Blake Downs
    Blake Downs Month ago

    Tori is such a good actress.

  • aspen anderson
    aspen anderson Month ago

    Tori needed to join Studio C a lot earlier. She's amazing xD

  • AlexanderHamHam o3o

    “This is my cocoon of loveee”

  • Lauren Rogers
    Lauren Rogers Month ago


  • Cherry Pie
    Cherry Pie Month ago


  • Paul Cornum
    Paul Cornum Month ago

    I love Tory's whining in the beginning it is so cute

  • icyyhot baku
    icyyhot baku Month ago

    tori is my spirit animal

  • The Pegacorn
    The Pegacorn Month ago +1


  • Mark C.
    Mark C. Month ago

    “This is my cocoon of love”
    “That’s why it’s so small”
    Me- awwwwwwwwwwww
    Me ten seconds later: burn!
    Me twenty seconds later: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Me thirty seconds later: jeez why are you so heartless Steven?

  • Mark C.
    Mark C. Month ago +1

    HAPPY SINGLES AWARENESS DAY!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love this sketch!

  • Ally quin
    Ally quin Month ago

    The most relatable sketch,ever made,👌❤

  • Afonso Ferreira
    Afonso Ferreira Month ago

    One of the best I have ever saw from the new studio C karacters

  • Kelsie Marlow
    Kelsie Marlow Month ago

    One day, at the ripe age of 42, I will adopt two orphan children. Or how do you say it?
    It’s pronounced..................cats

  • Unicorn _ lover
    Unicorn _ lover Month ago


  • Rubeus Kosover
    Rubeus Kosover Month ago

    Steven was supposed to be playing Fifa but he was clearly playing punch out soooo
    They LIED

  • Daisey Pan
    Daisey Pan Month ago +2

    Stephen:That's probably because why it's so small
    Me: I would laugh...

  • Kathy Wussow
    Kathy Wussow Month ago

    Tori is funny 😂

  • AwesomeMan4558
    AwesomeMan4558 Month ago

    Tori is amazing!

  • Maggatrix
    Maggatrix Month ago

    I thought he was gonna give chocolates to Stephen lmao

  • Sonja Ippolito
    Sonja Ippolito Month ago

    I was hoping a girl would be there for Tori lmao

  • Jongho
    Jongho 2 months ago

    2:06 - 2:10 100% need a gif of this to make memes with.

  • Anthony Weinhaus
    Anthony Weinhaus 2 months ago

    I love the way she craps to the door

  • Alanna Naylor
    Alanna Naylor 2 months ago

    Oh Tori I love you. You’re a amazing. And this was perfect. Aaaaaand I could totally see you doing hat in real life 🤗

    • Alanna Naylor
      Alanna Naylor 2 months ago

      And by that (hat lol) I mean those mad blanket skills and climbing on people

  • WolfieGirl _Scribbles
    WolfieGirl _Scribbles 2 months ago +2

    She is me

  • Ava Schwegler
    Ava Schwegler 2 months ago

    i love you steaven

  • Buck aroo
    Buck aroo 2 months ago

    This is the best skit so far

  • ImpossibleGirl
    ImpossibleGirl 2 months ago

    This my favorite sketch with Tori.

  • I don’t even know but I once went to New York

    FIFA IS NOT PLAYED W A Xbox 360 and an Xbox 1 controller

  • rey delatorre
    rey delatorre 2 months ago

    Honestly I love this skit!

  • The Ginger Heads
    The Ginger Heads 2 months ago

    23-27 super roast

  • Cade Ellsworth
    Cade Ellsworth 2 months ago

    Funniest sketch I’ve seen in a while

  • Jez R
    Jez R 2 months ago

    This is lame

  • Corgi Lover!
    Corgi Lover! 2 months ago

    That is me at valentine.

  • Sophia Skojec
    Sophia Skojec 2 months ago +3

    I hate chocolate sale at Walgreens Eve...

  • DiCaproductions
    DiCaproductions 2 months ago

    This is Tori's breakout sketch to me. This is the one that made me say "Yep. She's a good one"

  • J.J.
    J.J. 2 months ago

    Definitely my favorite studio c video

  • Havilah Hill
    Havilah Hill 2 months ago

    So relatable

  • Joke Studios
    Joke Studios 2 months ago

    Oh my god this is my favorite sketch I pretend to be tori sometimes

  • Kj27 Wolf
    Kj27 Wolf 2 months ago +2

    9 months and I'm still watching this video every time it comes to mind.
    This has got to be my most favorite video yet!

  • marlie Ashe
    marlie Ashe 2 months ago

    Mal's sweet☺️💘

  • marlie Ashe
    marlie Ashe 2 months ago

    Poor mal!😞😢

  • AshNicFeld
    AshNicFeld 2 months ago

    If I were as popular as you are in high school THE LUNCH LADIES WOULD HAVE NEVER MISTAKEN ME AS ONE OF THEIR OWN!!!! I DIED 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Domozilla 4572
    Domozilla 4572 2 months ago

    Was one of those Ms. Gwendolyn?

  • kerri rehl
    kerri rehl 2 months ago

    I'm definitely tori lol the table I sat at wore so mean to me so I tried to skip lunch

  • Audrie Schmitt
    Audrie Schmitt 2 months ago

    How do you slid on the ground on your face with glasses

  • Alisa Young
    Alisa Young 2 months ago


  • Christopher Olson
    Christopher Olson 2 months ago

    One of first I ever saw with Tori.
    Taught me she can really act (sketch?). Given role, she can really come into her own.

  • Sarah McDonnell
    Sarah McDonnell 2 months ago

    lol lol lol!!!

  • Wolfe s Smith
    Wolfe s Smith 2 months ago

    Is Stephen playing lunch out

  • Therareredwolf
    Therareredwolf 2 months ago

    This is me every year.

  • Lily Kelson
    Lily Kelson 3 months ago

    "I Showered........................."

  • Pengwin :D
    Pengwin :D 3 months ago +1

    that was the greatest outro

  • Jenna Morgan
    Jenna Morgan 3 months ago

    This is my cocoon of love
    That’s why is so small

  • Lillie Caldwell
    Lillie Caldwell 3 months ago

    this is soooo great

  • Kyler Eggleston
    Kyler Eggleston 3 months ago

    Since when was Mike Tyson's Punch Out on the x box?

  • Kaylin Lugo
    Kaylin Lugo 3 months ago

    2:51 My brother would tell me that!! 😂

  • Kaylin Lugo
    Kaylin Lugo 3 months ago

    This is how every Single Pringle acts on Valentines Day 😂

  • adammd9
    adammd9 3 months ago +5

    This sketch made me laugh so hard

  • Spring Dancer
    Spring Dancer 3 months ago

    love this make more like this !

  • Dancer Kenna
    Dancer Kenna 3 months ago

    0:06 is me on my period

  • Morgana Queen
    Morgana Queen 3 months ago

    They changed the beginning!

  • JA Jack N
    JA Jack N 3 months ago

    Anyone else Tori in this situation?

  • Becher Mit Kaffee
    Becher Mit Kaffee 3 months ago

    It's so funny :D You did a great job!

  • Jb5Jones
    Jb5Jones 3 months ago

    Did anyone notice that Stephen had an Xbox 360 controller and Aaron had an Xbox One controller.

  • Dallyn
    Dallyn 3 months ago

    Tori is definitely me on Valentine’s Day! 😂❤️

  • Luis Banuelos
    Luis Banuelos 3 months ago

    I am tori

  • Fusion - YT
    Fusion - YT 3 months ago

    What happened to Tori? Is she still part of the cast?????