dmg hack private server metin2

  • Published on Jan 20, 2011
  • Teach how to use dmg hack
    Best Private server metin2

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  • MrCaBoom
    MrCaBoom 3 years ago +1


  • Andrew
    Andrew 3 years ago

    what is the music name?

  • fack thepolice
    fack thepolice 3 years ago

    esto no es nigun hack es una mrda no sirbe miren mi canal ai 3 hacks el kit.mix hackr1 i el send atack i swtich siento haber echo spam pero es por k esto no sirbe

  • Wolffy
    Wolffy 3 years ago

    my is 500k xD

  • Bence Csik
    Bence Csik 4 years ago

    hülye gyerek surának eröt

  • Adrian Nedeloiu
    Adrian Nedeloiu 4 years ago

    MA spunetim si mie un dmg hack da sa mearga

  • Razvan Serban
    Razvan Serban 4 years ago

    nu mere bai invata sa faci hack

  • HyP3rKk
    HyP3rKk 5 years ago


  • catalin1012
    catalin1012 5 years ago

    link death

  • gheorghitza098
    gheorghitza098 5 years ago


  • radu mostoghiu
    radu mostoghiu 5 years ago


  • joYnTk PUNKY
    joYnTk PUNKY 5 years ago

    ;x hamMeRMT2? ;D

  • joYnTk PUNKY
    joYnTk PUNKY 5 years ago


  • joYnTk PUNKY
    joYnTk PUNKY 5 years ago


  • Handsome Kiddo
    Handsome Kiddo 5 years ago

    song please!? I love this song but i dont know the name.. :((

  • diogoxina69
    diogoxina69 5 years ago

    0:49 :o

  • Nicola Torri
    Nicola Torri 5 years ago

    0:38 yea you like This

  • Nicola Torri
    Nicola Torri 5 years ago

    my is 49kk ._.''

  • SavleR
    SavleR 5 years ago

    34k, low.. my record is 712k ;d

  • mariuster
    mariuster 5 years ago

    if i am a newbie and try to understand what you say i have more chances to do that by myself without your video...

  • V for aVider
    V for aVider 5 years ago

    sto gr pos nomizeis piga 66 lvl apo 40 se 1 bdomada?

  • MLG Editing
    MLG Editing 5 years ago

    are hackera eleoc to dokimases sto gr?? xa0xa0x0ax0ax0a0

  • Valentin Eduard
    Valentin Eduard 5 years ago

    Merge Hackul?

  • cataYTheBest
    cataYTheBest 5 years ago

    Ms de hack..

  • Isaac Sinani
    Isaac Sinani 5 years ago

    Whats name of music pls pls :D

  • Szőke Anita
    Szőke Anita 5 years ago

    nem lehet meg csinálni nem kerese öket

  • Varg Vikernes
    Varg Vikernes 5 years ago

    What the fuck ... ?
    Google translate sucks,don't use it dude.We don't understand a shit.

  • SirRarx
    SirRarx 5 years ago

    0:50 ;D

  • tucsok007
    tucsok007 5 years ago

    1.DjRaban - Anima Libera
    2.009 Sound System - Dreamscape

  • Michał Gliński
    Michał Gliński 5 years ago


  • Airhiter
    Airhiter 6 years ago

    Wer das glaubt ist selbst schuld und dumm

  • Fabio Lopes
    Fabio Lopes 6 years ago

    Music ??

  • Schas
    Schas 6 years ago

    did anyone see those sexy girls :O

  • Μακης gk
    Μακης gk 6 years ago

    @mostary1999 thanks

  • bruno pereira
    bruno pereira 6 years ago

    @maklad1000 anima Libera

  • MLG Editing
    MLG Editing 6 years ago

    @Xx4m0uR4sS sto gr file dn nmz epd lei p servers... :p

  • Μακης gk
    Μακης gk 6 years ago

    @PowerFull42 music?

  • V for aVider
    V for aVider 6 years ago

    working on metin2 gr too

  • Alfrun Bjarhildur
    Alfrun Bjarhildur 6 years ago

    da merge , da e cam greu sati dai seama, mie numi arata DMG de mai mule ori doar odata, dar in rest toti cad pe langa mn and fak un skill. :d

  • Prigoreanu Adrian
    Prigoreanu Adrian 6 years ago

    what name song for 0:23

  • soukis123
    soukis123 6 years ago

    when i make remake comes out a window which wittes bacround help cancel and pause what i have to do?

  • Robert Corneliu
    Robert Corneliu 6 years ago

    @PowerFull42 oh...oke :((

  • Giuliano amko
    Giuliano amko 6 years ago

    sidnt work for me... it says error LOG when login window wants to open.. now i have to uninstall client and download again -.-

  • Chillermax1993
    Chillermax1993 6 years ago

    dont work ... On instinct 2

  • Robert Corneliu
    Robert Corneliu 6 years ago

    music pls

  • Robert Corneliu
    Robert Corneliu 6 years ago

    musci pls