Who's The Baby Daddy: Jimmy Kimmel or Matt Damon?

  • Published on Feb 14, 2017
  • Jimmy and his wife Molly have a baby on the way. They don’t know the baby’s gender, they would like that to be a surprise. When they recently went to the doctor’s office, they did get a surprise. It was a bad one.
    Jimmy Kimmel Meets the Man Who Spent $100k on a Cheeto (tvclip.biz/video/byn90MFYGKY/video.html)
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    Who's The Baby Daddy: Jimmy Kimmel or Matt Damon?
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  • Runtime: 6:49
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  • Little A
    Little A 3 hours ago

    What the 😂😂😂😂😂

  • sidra aboawf
    sidra aboawf Day ago


  • Kayla Minor
    Kayla Minor Day ago


  • Devesh Kumar
    Devesh Kumar 2 days ago

    The perfect parody for Bridget Jone's Baby 😂

  • Ajie Afianto
    Ajie Afianto 2 days ago

    Thats why the divorce.

  • Ana Montes de oca
    Ana Montes de oca 3 days ago

    Kimmel is so underrated

  • arani guha
    arani guha 3 days ago

    Gosh!! 😒

  • Ashish Lehri
    Ashish Lehri 4 days ago

    Lengths ppl will go to for views...sad

  • purujit parashar
    purujit parashar 4 days ago

    You want a daddy who made out with librace

  • Manohar Mendan
    Manohar Mendan 5 days ago

    They should do a movie together!

  • D DeSilva
    D DeSilva 5 days ago

    Jimmy’s wife is a great sport.. I can’t imagine many wives playing along with this

  • Mono Jit
    Mono Jit 5 days ago

    This was epic

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas 5 days ago


  • Vedraj r.m
    Vedraj r.m 6 days ago

    So they literally labelled her as a big W

  • Norman loves Memes
    Norman loves Memes 6 days ago

    *took my video camera On my mobile phone* wow jimmy Wow

  • Kathiravan Ganesh
    Kathiravan Ganesh 6 days ago

    I like Matt and Jimmy feud but it's awkward joke I don't like that

  • Sara Abdul
    Sara Abdul 6 days ago


  • Scott Walker
    Scott Walker 8 days ago

    The unbourne identity 😂😂

  • quantum midget
    quantum midget 9 days ago

    I really wish Jeremy Renner had walked in as the father;
    "She's a slut"

  • Teem Blacc
    Teem Blacc 9 days ago

    A black lad hahaha ofc hahahaha

  • Arnold Yumbe
    Arnold Yumbe 9 days ago

    This was funny 😂😂

  • Lu Kaplan
    Lu Kaplan 10 days ago

    Priceless 🤣💜👍

  • Y.O arya
    Y.O arya 10 days ago

    I love this😂😂

  • Mond Abaya
    Mond Abaya 10 days ago


  • Jason Legg
    Jason Legg 10 days ago

    What an elaborate way for Jimmy Kimmel to get a paternity test done to be sure.

  • Britney Nin
    Britney Nin 10 days ago

    this is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Jake Savin
    Jake Savin 10 days ago

    They shoulda had the Mexican guy Guillermo come out as the real father

  • fantasy world
    fantasy world 11 days ago

    Hilarious 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Rob C
    Rob C 11 days ago

    Beyond hilarious!

  • Rusher0229
    Rusher0229 12 days ago

    2:43 You mean "The Unbourne Identity"?

  • Asarcus
    Asarcus 12 days ago

    The only real reason I watched this show is because Guillermo would crack me up everytime.

  • Moe Mugisha
    Moe Mugisha 12 days ago

    This is an epic skit.!

  • chuckie14469
    chuckie14469 13 days ago

    Lmao 😂

  • Benjamin BtMcdoodle
    Benjamin BtMcdoodle 15 days ago

    Why is Molly sitting closer to Matt than Jimmy

  • Forest Hills
    Forest Hills 15 days ago

    Great show!

  • Forest Hills
    Forest Hills 15 days ago

    Was Jimmy using his black guy voice?

  • amanda niewinski
    amanda niewinski 16 days ago

    Was that Martin Short?😦

  • Tony Ke
    Tony Ke 20 days ago

    Wait so is the African American guy really the father of the baby? I'm not trying to sound stupid or dumb, I'm just confused. Obviously Jimmy is married to Molly and they needed to mate in order to have the baby right?

  • Tony Ke
    Tony Ke 20 days ago

    Man this video makes my day lmao

  • Selene
    Selene 20 days ago

    It would have been funny if Guillermo was the baby daddy!!

  • Earth Is Not Flat
    Earth Is Not Flat 21 day ago +1

    I mean, not to be rude but is it safe to assume she's a slut

  • awesome man
    awesome man 21 day ago

    Is this real?!?!

  • Flora
    Flora 22 days ago

    When Maury said that neither Jimmy nor Matt was the father I legit thought Ben Affleck was gonna walk onto the stage lol

  • Ryan Liu
    Ryan Liu 22 days ago

    This entire skit was so weird

  • Rahul Patel
    Rahul Patel 22 days ago

    I thought it was the midi chlorians

  • I am your father
    I am your father 24 days ago +1

    Plot twist I'm the baby daddy

  • Well In The Light
    Well In The Light 25 days ago

    Lol so silly

  • Lavdrim Ajeti
    Lavdrim Ajeti 25 days ago


  • claire davis
    claire davis 27 days ago


  • My Answers To Everything

    one daddy can be accused of sexual harrassment

  • Vakhtang BoLoTashvili
    Vakhtang BoLoTashvili 29 days ago

    6:24 that girl in the audience looks like Miley Cyrus

  • VINO9411
    VINO9411 Month ago +1

    Did all the boys in the gang bang take a DNA test.
    Molly TOOK IT LIKE A CHAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JD Diggy
    JD Diggy Month ago +7

    Jimmy's wife is a saint for doing this for the sake of comedy.......

    • Maaz Kalim
      Maaz Kalim 4 days ago

      +Munawar Khan ...Though not necessarily for this crossover-skit…!!! 😓

    • JD Diggy
      JD Diggy 5 days ago

      Munawar Khan if she is that makes sense

    • Munawar Khan
      Munawar Khan 5 days ago +1

      she's a writer

  • JD Diggy
    JD Diggy Month ago

    So I have now idea when this hopefully fake feud started but this is hilarious.......

  • carlos julio pardo loves ramen noodles

    This show has taken to whole new level lmao

  • Riddle me this
    Riddle me this Month ago

    The Un-Bourne identity more like it

  • J Shepard
    J Shepard Month ago

    I can't imagine Matt Damon would stop whining long enough to impregnate someone. "Oooh, this feels too good." "You satisfy me too much." "This is too much like fracking."

  • Bruce David
    Bruce David Month ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is that Terd that refuses to Flush!

  • CatGoesMeWOW
    CatGoesMeWOW Month ago


  • TheOuterLimits
    TheOuterLimits Month ago

    You have to agree this was fantastic Sketch

  • Faddoucha Alg
    Faddoucha Alg Month ago

    This is genius 😂

  • Potato Betsy
    Potato Betsy Month ago +1

    This is like a weird fanfic

  • J Jonah Jameson
    J Jonah Jameson Month ago

    Thought it was gonna be ben affleck

  • hani516
    hani516 Month ago

    You promised me to stop F#$% my girlfriend" -----> "Yes I did, she is not your GF!"
    what's wrong with you .is that something you can joke about it???? .
    she is your wife and mother of your sons ...and you call your self a man???...

  • arnold segal
    arnold segal Month ago

    These fkn guys...lmao!

  • the native ninja
    the native ninja Month ago

    jimmy kimmle,I'm sorry but I think you and Matt Damon likes each other

  • Christian Rowbotham

    I thought Guillermo was the father

  • Zach J
    Zach J Month ago

    Same that would of been funny if it was Guillermo

  • C4hee 1331
    C4hee 1331 Month ago +1

    Damn i lost it when Samuel L Jackson came out

    GURL PRASHNAAA Month ago

    Molly kinda looked sad when he said matt is not the father

    GURL PRASHNAAA Month ago

    He's no way the father of molly's baby,he doesn't even have a d***.😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • David Martin Gil
    David Martin Gil Month ago

    WTF is even going on😂😂😂 I'm even more confused then when I've Seen both of their faces😂😂😂😉 (just a little joke on the side don't get to offended)

  • Pip 1984
    Pip 1984 Month ago

    Bahahaha! 😂😂

  • A. Laine
    A. Laine Month ago +1

    Actually Jane do looks like Matt Jaja Jimmy doesn't have blue eyes.

  • Althe Beast
    Althe Beast Month ago

    I can’t believe the doctor was the father

  • smasila
    smasila Month ago

    Wait a minute, that's not Maury!

  • tiverton road
    tiverton road Month ago

    cue hyped audience - the most realistic of them all

  • QueenJai .K
    QueenJai .K Month ago

    This is so freaking funny 😂💕

  • Luciana Laurel
    Luciana Laurel Month ago

    "Do you want a daddy baby who made out with Liberace?" Hahahahaha😂😂😂

  • Kirsty nicole
    Kirsty nicole Month ago

    i feel this just sums up men in a nutshell haha

  • Mr. Creature
    Mr. Creature Month ago

    This has been one of the best fueds going. I like how they can have fun with it.

  • thomas3bulus
    thomas3bulus Month ago

    wtf is that miley cyrus at 6:25?? :D

  • Lucos di Campos
    Lucos di Campos 2 months ago +1

    5:10 - When you got that black connection

  • King Peterson
    King Peterson 2 months ago

    This is the most fake beef of all time

  • Belinda Cech
    Belinda Cech 2 months ago

    I do ultrasounds and all I can say is she may have been 28 weeks but the ultrasound they showed at the beginning was only 9 weeks. And then they called the Maury episode "the unborn identity" and I died.

  • CBJ Jackets on the power play


  • Rachel K
    Rachel K 2 months ago

    Sick of this stupid ad!!!

  • IanMaCee
    IanMaCee 2 months ago +1

    I'm preganté with Maury's baby

  • Jojo Jojo
    Jojo Jojo 2 months ago

    I'm pregnent too😂

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 2 months ago +4

    matt damon could be my daddy

  • AAD
    AAD 2 months ago

    3:17 What is that celebrity chef loser doing there? :)))

  • Dee Sleezy
    Dee Sleezy 2 months ago

    they couldn't have paid the real maury????? wtf? cheap cunts

  • Maya Yaghi
    Maya Yaghi 2 months ago


  • Ignas Filipovas
    Ignas Filipovas 2 months ago

    This is wrong in so many ways

  • Just a big shlonged Kantonian

    The best part is that this is actually a very accurate depiction of Maury's show lmao

  • Denise Delangeli
    Denise Delangeli 2 months ago

    😂😂😂 You want a daddy baby that made out with Liberace " 🤣🤣

  • Nick Barss
    Nick Barss 2 months ago

    5:16 that’s what I do when it’s time to eat

  • Eruult Chuluunbaatar
    Eruult Chuluunbaatar 2 months ago

    Still not Molly’s business?

  • sylivia kayezu
    sylivia kayezu 2 months ago

    Daddy will me Emmy loser or Emmy nominee? Same thing. Lol

  • Tim Meredith
    Tim Meredith 2 months ago

    I was pretty sure that was Martin Short, but I had to look it up to be sure. Just to save you some time, it is ✅