1950s Fashion Is Not What You Think It Is

  • Published on May 23, 2019
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  • Karolina Żebrowska
    Karolina Żebrowska  4 months ago +2084

    sorry if the music is too loud, I didn't have the time to fix it, just imagine someone is playing it on the radio hehe

    • Drusillia Leavel
      Drusillia Leavel 29 days ago

      The music is ok. Just a tip for you buy eyelashes thick or long and brush them too the exteriors with burgundy lipstick. it worth try ;-)

    • G S
      G S Month ago

      You are wrong about skinny models. Except the photos you showed during that part they usually tried to emulate hour glass figure. You forgot Elizabeth Taylor. It was all about bigger stuff with cinched waist. Even ads for extra padding,how to add weight.

    • average avery
      average avery Month ago

      I didn’t hear it tbh...

    • mental
      mental Month ago

      I actually appreciated that I could hear the music which was cool and also hear the speech. I thought it was mixed perfectly.
      Oh well

    • Anna Hart
      Anna Hart Month ago +1

      Clintarella comes across as a impolite, ill-mannered, negative and pretentious person. Ignore her tartish attack.

  • ly_enada_ Por Alyne Souza
    ly_enada_ Por Alyne Souza 26 minutes ago

    Omg I wish this chanel existed when I was in college ❤

  • kaylashalaylaaaaa

    I grew up watching I love lucy, so that's what i immediately associate for 1950s fashion. Lucy wore a lot of blouse & pants sets with an apron dress on top, and also this weird coat dress combo that I've actually seen nowadays in places like free people. A type of blouse/robe/coat that cinshes at the waist but has no front section where the front of the legs are. Almost like a cape?? Not sure what they're called. (I just looked, it's called a "housecoat") She also wore polka dots and Ethel wore a lot of plain cotton dresses with embellished scoop necklines.

  • Multi Fandom Mochi

    I really just want to find some modern made 50s clothing. Like some pants and sweaters. A non gimmicky circle skirt. But Everything is just costumes or crap made rockabilly. 😑😒. Like no I don’t want anchors all over my dress.

  • Joy Shuman40
    Joy Shuman40 2 days ago

    Thank you for your input. Very informative!💗

  • Sew Ginger
    Sew Ginger 9 days ago

    Would you say the clothes in Call the Midwife are accurate? Interested to here your view ☺️☺️

  • Marshmallow Pillow
    Marshmallow Pillow 11 days ago

    I love the smell of 30s and 40s

  • wykkydtruth
    wykkydtruth 13 days ago

    It also depended heavily on the "class" of the woman and where they were going. Hats and gloves were expected most of the time. Also, girls wore skirts/dresses to school and pants/pedal pushers at home for play and saddle shoes. Some girls with longer hair copied Veronica Lake's hairstyle, (yes, even though she was popular in the 1940's). (this was in California)

  • nick evans
    nick evans 14 days ago

    One additional comment in re Dior's "New Look"; early public outrage occurred at a fashion shoot in the rubble of post war Paris that juxtaposed the ruins of Europe against a fantasy of 'plenty' at a time when many Europeans were homeless, starving and coping with staggering loss of life. While Dior's lavish designs were certainly welcome by some after years of rationing, to many, the fact that the "New Look's" inspiration was mid-18th Century French Court as well as the obscene amount of fabric used in construction was horrifically outrageous.

  • Kristóf Katona
    Kristóf Katona 15 days ago

    U look like my Mum when she was 20, and I dont know how to feel about it.

  • Stacey Kersting
    Stacey Kersting 21 day ago

    1950's food... My mom never ran out of cabbage or onions. If we weren't eating stir fry, we were eating something served on a bed of onions or a bed of cabbage. Thanx, Mom. We're all still quite slim and very healthy. The hat and glove thing was for church, job interviews and maybe your attorney's office. My mom was assistant to a supreme court judge, and, yes, a 6' tall, slim, slim goddess. She had skirt suits and sophisticated dresses for work. She often made them herself from Vogue's designer patterns...all with straight skirts. Yes, she wore a girdle, too...predated pantyhose...they had garters on the bottom. The petticoat thing was more for kids. We wore them to school or church. My mom'd put on a dress, often with a fuller skirt, and lipstick to go to the grocery store. Funny thing...these dresses ,as tiny-waisted as they were, if store bought, were from Lane Bryant. They used to be a 'tall girl' shop. She ordered all her shoes from them, too. They carried the larger sizes,even a few size 13's. At home, she wore shorts or pedal pushers (capris). She had very short hair...think Audrey Hepurn.

  • emi san
    emi san 22 days ago

    thank you sooo much I was doing a drawing challenge and it said 50's, and I didn't want to do the "typical" 50's that isn't a curate (sorry, english isn't my first language)

  • Scarlett Bardot
    Scarlett Bardot 24 days ago

    You have such a unique, regal beauty...you’re so beautiful 😍

  • Dorothee P.
    Dorothee P. 25 days ago

    In the 50's the fabrics were almost ALL woven materials that needed to be ironed. Blouses, skirts, slacks, scarves, all were ironed. Full slips were worn under EVERY dress for several reasons: To protect the garment from sweat & oils, to provide a sleek feel under itchy wools, for modesty sake lest light shine through your skirt revealing your body's sillouette, and to prevent it from 'riding' so that the drape would be correct preventing any embarrassing 'cling'. Half slips were worn if the top half was easy to wash, or would somehow 'show' a full slip. Bumps & jiggling was a no-no, you had to be 'firm' so women wore girdles for any not-casual event, like work, church, cocktail party. Most shoes were sturdy & made of leather and even high heels were comfortable. Perfume/cologne was an important part of getting dressed. There was an ABUNDANCE of smoking, which is why not many people were overweight. Everyone behaved in a respectful, civilized manner, there was seldom a wild gesture or anything more strenuous than standing or sitting, so tight fits in clothes were normal.

  • fireflame lawless
    fireflame lawless 25 days ago

    I'm new to your channel but I really like learning about different types of clothing from different decades. Can you do a video about 70s clothing? Like normal every day type clothes people would wear on a daily basis.

  • P Larose
    P Larose 28 days ago

    Schoolgirls wore the “fluffy” petticoats under their full skirts. Slacks were‘t allowed in school and the boys wore dress slacks. Jeans were frowned upon unless they were new. You changed your clothes after school to protect your school clothes. Most of the girls had short hair, it was just the style like long, straight hair is today. Penny loafers, black moccasins, and white bucks were the most popular shoes in my school for everyday. We usually wore flats for days we were to dress-up...with stockings. You learned about garter belts at a young age. Hats and gloves were required for church, weddings, funerals, etc. Yes, even for the young. You were to learn what was proper. I grew up during that time and we didn’t have the stress or distractions of today. While smoking and drinking were common; drugs weren’t readily available and movie stars, the wealthy, and the mafia were the only ones connected to drugs that we heard about. Sorry for this rambling...thanks for your info.

  • Uncultured Swine
    Uncultured Swine Month ago

    Anyone has the problem of loving 1880s-1960s fashion , soo you have to have a nick wardrobe or settle on a few decades.

  • Aatala
    Aatala Month ago +1

    So the “Rock” style back then is basically the equivalent of “emo” now?

  • Eltipoquevisteayer
    Eltipoquevisteayer Month ago

    5:09 How does that even function? it arrives at anime levels

  • Paola Estefanía Flores Martínez

    I loooooove youre videos ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Vicky Jones
    Vicky Jones Month ago

    Pointy bras.

  • Ona Luna
    Ona Luna Month ago

    Love your hair and makeup!

  • FinFan 83
    FinFan 83 Month ago

    Finally someone pointed out the lenght mistakes explicitly, it is very much needed. Nobody realises that usually that you can even have 3 lenghts along the decade. Also the overuse of polkadots is greatly adressed here

  • missanne290
    missanne290 Month ago

    Women's rejection of the 'New Look' in 1947 reminded me of the rejection of the midi skirt in 1970.

  • ultimatesummoner
    ultimatesummoner Month ago

    You need to invest in a better mic. Loads of static and background noise. Really hard to listen to you.

  • Kay Candelario
    Kay Candelario Month ago

    The movie Carol had pretty great accuracy on the fashion of this era

  • Emilie Laudie
    Emilie Laudie Month ago

    I think Marilyn is perceived as not as thin as some other 1950s starlets because she has a plump, full face. She was lucky that she could be that thin and still not look kind of emaciated in her face as most very thin models do. When I am at my thinnest my cheeks look Hollow and people always tell me I'm too skinny even though I'm really only like a size 4 to 6. Perception is such a funny thing. I think Marilyn Monroe was actually something like a modern-day size 2 and yet everybody perceives her as practically average. LOL. Also, I think the ratio of her thigh and arm measurements to her waist measurements make her look fuller as well. Oh, and she had boobs which tend to disappear on most women when they get very, very thin.

  • Canadian Monarchist 1992

    Regarding measurements, I thought you and some of your viewers might find this page interesting. www.glamamor.com/2013/08/sizing-up-old-hollywood-heights-weights.html

  • Lily Lowe
    Lily Lowe Month ago

    Can you do a review of call the midwife costuming?

  • rotarydial000
    rotarydial000 Month ago

    My mother was a teen in the 50s and she said the same thing about the petticoats. She said, “I don’t know why everyone thinks we wore petticoats. We did want that full skirt look, but the way we did it was by having full circle skirts. We would lay them on the ground in their full circle and then starch the heck out of them so when they were worn, they stuck out like that.”

  • Tam Bek
    Tam Bek Month ago

    The whole video was awesome, but the ending... the ending was *_iconic_*

  • Julie Espitia
    Julie Espitia Month ago +1

    Oh wow I learned so much! My family and I are throwing my grandma a late 50's early 60's party this year, she's turning 80 and we wanted to celebrate emulating the time period for when she was young, so for when she was 15-20. I'm researching what to wear and I'm still not sure what would be the most accurate for the era 🤔

  • Tornado Warning
    Tornado Warning Month ago +2

    My mother in law grew up in San Francisco and she said women always wore gloves and men always wore hats. She actually walked across the Golden Gate Bridge the day it opened!

  • Lea Frydman
    Lea Frydman Month ago +1

    Want to know about 50s fashion... just watch 1950s movies in color... it says it all... more recently watch the movie Carol with Cate Blancett

  • Мурка Полоумная

    Just love you from the first video for bringing awareness about 50's fashion which is so wrongly "remembered" nowadays!

  • Seaturtle Poppy
    Seaturtle Poppy Month ago

    So many people associate the 50s with innocence and “the way we were” that they slapped our cherry euphemism into/onto the fashion style of their time ... that’s my take on it anyway.

  • Jo Edridge
    Jo Edridge Month ago +1

    So glad you mentioned how people say about Marilyn Monroe was plus size always really stresses me out when you can clearly see she is a normal size

  • Jessica Mercure
    Jessica Mercure Month ago

    I was there. And you are right. Except we didn’t even have the word rockabilly yet. And the bandanna, I never saw them. Gloves were worn to go downtown or a special occasion. The petticoats were for special occasions and they were really scratchy. You’re right about the Mary janes. And the small head or hair.

  • Dawn Worthy
    Dawn Worthy Month ago

    You appear to not understand how regional socio-economics effects fashion. Additionally, you seem to want to make generalized statements but fashion is specific. Perhaps you should consider talking to people who are from the times you want to talk about instead of figuring it out for magazine.

    ELISABETH M Month ago +2

    The ideal silhouette that I remember was slender hour glass shaped, feminine, conservative and modest. Blue jeans were vulgar and it was racy to tie your blouse at the waist instead of neatly tucking it in. I was born in ‘51 and wore my hair in braids, mother’s hair chin or short length, and her curls were neatly styled in a page boy most of the time. We wore white shoes only between Spring and Labor Day... we dressed in gloves and wore hats to shop down town or for worship. I also remember a lot of neatly pressed cotton shirt waist dresses for daily wear. There was a lot of ironing!
    Yes, fashion was very adult oriented, because frankly, there were fewer teenagers...the baby boom and youth spending power had not come of age and fewer children had been born during the war. Adults made the financial decisions...

  • Becuase Im bored Toni
    Becuase Im bored Toni Month ago +1

    I usually think of a housewife with victory rolls in a pink dress when I think of fashion from the 50's

  • Johnny C.
    Johnny C. Month ago

    I am a mom and married but i totally have a girl crush and that is you 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • M Z
    M Z Month ago

    Black Eyeliner?!
    Women with blond and even brown hair used to use dark brown eyeliner...
    Look here at 5:50 tvclip.biz/video/y3bB-13dtnQ/video.html

  • Elise Code
    Elise Code Month ago

    I’ve noticed people also tend to think fashion was unchanging throughout a decade and as soon as the next decade rolled in, it changed dramatically. When I say the style in which I design is “late 40s-early 50s” (New Look), they can’t handle that; they’re surprised when I say the big change was in 1947, not 1950. I was once asked to choose between the two decades and I had a really hard time because I don’t love wartime or later ‘50s fashion. You touched on this a bit, which I liked.

  • Elise Code
    Elise Code Month ago

    I’m a fashion design student and my designs are in the style of New Look, so I knew all this, but I watched for interest’s sake. Nicely done.

  • Fuzzy Friends Rescue Volunteer

    You're totally right!! I grew up playing dress up with my mom's clothes from the 50's. Mom had 3 sisters and a brother and was an older teen / young woman in the 50's decade. Regular upper middle class family. When you went into town, a social call or to church then hats, gloves and stockings were necessary and expected. Gloves were white so they matched everything but things weren't "coordinated to the extreme" like on magazine covers. Everyone wore fluffy petticoat under all dresses unless it was a straight skirt, except it wasn't a huge petticoat like people think it was. Mom had 3; one for each length of dress that was popular at the time: knee, tea length and floor. Floor was for formal dances, tea length for nice events and most skirts were below the knee. She favored kilts to avoid said petticoat. "oily" hair was considered "shiny healthy hair" so shampoo & set was only once a week. She slept on rollers to have curl. And you're right about those stupid polka dots. No one wore them except in the movie Grease. Kids wore saddle shoes if they were cool or loafers if they were boys or studious (at her school.) Her mom once bought her the wrong color saddle shoes and everyone poked fun at her. They didn't have processed garbage food as we do and most moms cooked 3 meals a day from scratch or had a maid to cook and hardly anyone overdid it when they ate so obesity wasn't a "thing" as it is today. You're totally right!

  • MayaApieyah
    MayaApieyah Month ago

    Because of this, I got some 50s inspired skirts. Thank you

  • And Now Icy
    And Now Icy Month ago +2

    I grew up in the 50's. The fashion was very distinctive. You always got dressed up when you want out. The casual clothes were matching tops and pedal pushers (capris). Women DID look glamorous. Also, there were very few plus size people. To this day, I carry much of the mindset of the fifties. It was imprinted in my mind to look feminine and glamorous.

  • mariah arthur
    mariah arthur Month ago

    I'd really love an 80s vid like this, with how poeple dressed but it's not just short shorts and hair band tees

  • Marely Rosales
    Marely Rosales Month ago

    When I was little (like 8 years old) I was obsessed with musicals so I thought in the 50’s every one just knew how to sing and would break out into songs all the time lol

  • A R
    A R Month ago

    I Love Lucy- she was always wearing lots of hats/gloves, petticoats, and corsets.

  • I’m mildly Bored. Apologies.

    More proof that Karolina is a vampire

  • Hannah Nerd
    Hannah Nerd Month ago

    In 3019, when they try to do any 1800's outfit, they will think that they had high heels with short dresses lol

  • Mylène Du Paul
    Mylène Du Paul Month ago

    Hello, interesting video. Also for hair: victory rolls, were 40's, not 50's, and hair flowers were not worn everyday but more like when dressing up and going out dancing.

  • vk flynn
    vk flynn Month ago

    Please keep looking at the camera, it's very off putting when your eyes are roaming all over the place.

  • metronamebelle
    metronamebelle Month ago

    I see a lot of sea foam in my mind of the 1950s...am I right or wrong?

  • Sarah LeBrun
    Sarah LeBrun Month ago

    I like to think of Rockabilly as the subculture that survived. Unfortunatly that means it's one of the 1950's fashion styles that gets the most exposure and therefore skews people's understanding of what most people in the 50s actually wore.

  • Cheyenne Lin
    Cheyenne Lin Month ago

    as for the cherries, i think it might have come from lolita (1955), but not from the decade, but from people remembering the decade.

  • Cheyenne Lin
    Cheyenne Lin Month ago +1

    i think mad men does a great job at portraying the early 60s (in the first season) which still retains some classic late 1950s style. Betty Draper is styled completely differently from the younger women who work at Don's office (Peggy wears a pony tail whereas Betty wouldn't be caught dead in one). Not to mention we get to see in later seasons how the sixties evolved

  • Allama Goosa
    Allama Goosa Month ago

    My mom was a kid in the fifties and the only thing she's ever really said about the fashion was this, that she wanted so badly to wear the skirts with the big petticoats that the high school girls wore. She loved how they were so big that when they got on the bus they'd brush the seats on both sides of the aisle. It's interesting to hear that kids were not really "part of fashion" during the fifties AND that big petticoats weren't super typical, because that explains why my mom was always under the impression that the big petticoats were part of the high school uniform. Because she wouldn't have seen adults wearing them much. Of course, she entered into high school in '62 and was heartbroken that they out of style (even for kids) and were not in fact, part of the uniform.