Boujee's 2nd Birthday Party! | JuJu Smith-Schuster

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Happy Birthday to my son, I love you!
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Comments • 418

  • M Kaur
    M Kaur 4 days ago


  • Erica P
    Erica P 4 days ago

    How cute!!!

  • Peter Beh
    Peter Beh 6 days ago +1

    Post more about boujee!!! I love ur channel by the way

  • CasualAlfalfa
    CasualAlfalfa 8 days ago +1

    Maybe you think he’s crazy ,but he only loves his dog so much and I feel that

  • Demoniio SS13
    Demoniio SS13 9 days ago

    Bestfriend goals

  • Frederick Lakes Jr
    Frederick Lakes Jr 10 days ago

    This is Twilight zone like.

  • Brody Michael
    Brody Michael 13 days ago

    If you could sub to my channel it would mean the world juju you the man!!!

  • Super Trooper
    Super Trooper 16 days ago

    I got a dog can I come

  • MagicNiteStar
    MagicNiteStar 18 days ago

    I love bulldogs i used to have one but he died :(

  • How to Eat Croissants

    It’s they eyes that get me they always sit there wide eyed

  • Marcos Bustamante
    Marcos Bustamante 21 day ago

    when the dog has more friends than you

  • Christine Nazarian
    Christine Nazarian 23 days ago

    That is the CUTEST DOG EVER!!!

  • Brandon King
    Brandon King 23 days ago

    Juju. This tells who u really are bro. Humble And the man

  • sxyskybluiz
    sxyskybluiz 24 days ago

    I just came across your page and I've been watching a lot of videos once again you melted my heart with this one. I'm a dog mom so I know how much our babies mean to us. I also work in rescue would you ever think about helping rescue out. You do so many amazing things and a lot of these places especially the one that I work with rely solely on donations and a lot of the times come out of their own pockets to provide. If that's something that you would do I would love to see a video on that. And your baby boy is so stinking cute

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 28 days ago

    My brother isn't a dog but he got the same bday as Boujee. Can we come to the next one?? Lol

  • Smiley face emoji
    Smiley face emoji 29 days ago

    All respect to you juju

  • Sebastian Lento
    Sebastian Lento Month ago

    Hi juju I sal you at the pro bowl and hi

  • Jason Fassio
    Jason Fassio Month ago

    Happy birthday to your dog and u are my favorite player

  • King Aman
    King Aman Month ago

    He is so cute

  • King Aman
    King Aman Month ago

    I wish your dog a happy birthday

  • FaZe Xorbz
    FaZe Xorbz Month ago

    Happy b-day

  • Jenna Marie
    Jenna Marie Month ago

    Your dog has a better birthday party than me and I love it😂

  • Joey Mock
    Joey Mock Month ago

    U da best juju ...showing love bro

  • Bryce Miller
    Bryce Miller Month ago

    This is why he is my favorite nfl player

  • o Niobium o
    o Niobium o Month ago

    Happy belated birthday Boujee!!! ❤

  • Josh Allen
    Josh Allen Month ago

    Juju I need you to play bc I have you in fantasy and you have been injured and I'm in championship plz play

  • Drizzzyy
    Drizzzyy Month ago

    Juju why u ain’t invite me

  • baby yoda
    baby yoda Month ago

    Boujees life is better than mine

  • Quick ClipsYT
    Quick ClipsYT Month ago +1

    Packers are winning Super Bowl 1-10 10 you 100% agree 1 you 0% agree

  • Davevid45
    Davevid45 Month ago

    Enjoyed that very much Juju.

  • Oso Land EDTZ
    Oso Land EDTZ Month ago

    Need that old intro back brody, it was lit asf 💯🙌🏾

  • Keiran Grant
    Keiran Grant Month ago

    I have two French bulldogs and an English bulldog. They’re the best dogs ever

  • Trey Perez
    Trey Perez Month ago

    Juju almost has 1 million subscribers

  • Aaden jacobs
    Aaden jacobs Month ago

    Just saw you in a corvette on the way to the field

  • chris ramus
    chris ramus Month ago

    where ab and ben at.....

  • Yo Bro
    Yo Bro Month ago +1

    My dog was born on New Year’s Eve

  • Gene Smith
    Gene Smith Month ago

    1:33 nice butt

  • Aiden Martinez
    Aiden Martinez Month ago

    who else was singing happy birthday with them

  • Phillp Plays Roblox

    Ju ju I am sorry I am a eagles fan but how did you feel when you got drafted to Pittsburgh??

  • Irrelevant Much
    Irrelevant Much Month ago

    Bro juju is literally the best I’ve grown up liking the Steelers and we had the killer bees but now we have a guy with so much talent and brings the team all these wins and I feel bad for the cornerbacks 😂 your the best juju

  • Joshua Little
    Joshua Little Month ago

    also i subscribed and hit the bell

  • Joshua Little
    Joshua Little Month ago

    Hi I love the steelers i am also a huge fan thank you for inspiring me to become a wide receiver in football i hope your head is good after that big hit.

  • i Bra’yden Bu՚gat՝ti !

    God had a pencil B had a highlighter god made the world B made it brighter

  • i Bra’yden Bu՚gat՝ti !

    Also today is my friends 10th birthdays but I’m already 10

  • i Bra’yden Bu՚gat՝ti !

    I’m a cowboys fan but you my fav player and I’m getting a juju Jersey for Christmas

  • Genericgio
    Genericgio Month ago

    Damping in can’t even have this for a graduation party😔😂

  • Juan Quintana
    Juan Quintana Month ago

    I want to play fortnite with you can we plz play

  • BumGaming
    BumGaming Month ago


  • song antics
    song antics Month ago

    happy birthday from the whole 6th grade football team

  • TheMagestic BG
    TheMagestic BG Month ago +1


  • Pax Vlogs
    Pax Vlogs Month ago +1

    I love that dog

  • Owen Polhamus
    Owen Polhamus Month ago

    Kinda lit ngl, wish i was jujus dog...

  • Alexandria Underwood
    Alexandria Underwood Month ago +2

    if this is how juju treats boujee, imagine what he’s gonna treat his girl. i’m tryna fill in a application 😂

  • Melissa Duhon
    Melissa Duhon Month ago

    He is so rich I have never been to a birthday and he gives 100 bundles away I respect that big fan and rip juice wrld

  • Rival
    Rival Month ago

    Lemme know if he got a insta... gimme da tag

    6BURGH PRIDE Month ago

    Hey that's funny I was born on October 17th as well and I'm also a Steelers fan.

  • hmb beast
    hmb beast Month ago

    Hey juju can we play Fortnite one day it will make my day Ik I’m a niners fan but I still respect ur team there doing good this year good luck on Sunday against the bill’s hope to see ur team make it to the superbowl

  • Frances Burwell
    Frances Burwell Month ago +1

    Juju I am a Steeler fan say happy birthday to your 🐕

  • Omar G
    Omar G Month ago

    Who's faster, Boujee or JuJu?

  • Suzette Martens
    Suzette Martens Month ago

    HBD Boujee!!! Love ur stuff JuJu. Keep it up. ur a beautiful example of positivity as a member of the NFL but more to humanity. I'm an old Native Am. gal from Washington state who loves football. I also like to c u young folks really making an effort to use ur platform in the best ways. Young extremely talented and having fun while staying fit. Great 2 c MANY of u young professionals in the sports world. excelling at ur craft and at life.Sincerely, Hoop