World's Worst Teachers - 9 Insane Things That Got Them Fired

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • Teachers are supposed to be important influences that guide us through the troubling pitfalls of growing up, but sometimes it's just a job to them and they are working for a paycheck. In today's video we've found some of the worst teachers that have ever existed, from being a bad influence, to down right stupid, here are the worst of the worst.
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  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith Hour ago

    I had a teacher that was old but if you misbehave or so you're hand will be hit by a ruler and if you crossed the line a slap to the face.

  • Mixed Ideas
    Mixed Ideas 5 hours ago +1

    5:03 says BRITISH police didn’t get fooled: *SHowS ANimATion OF AMERICAN Police* all brits watching *loses brain cells*

  • Chris young
    Chris young 17 hours ago +1

    hey guys i would love to see mayne hul vs ebony maaaawww

  • Wholesome
    Wholesome 18 hours ago

    Imagine snitching on the first teacher

  • glossyari
    glossyari Day ago

    In fifth grade this girl had a runny nose in math class, and she picked up a random crumpled paper towel from the floor. She used the paper towel and showed it to some guy at her table, and he screamed "EW!" While our math teacher was teaching. She realized who showed the paper towel and shamed her for how nasty she was, and how no one could like her because of that. When the girl cried, our teacher recorded her crying. And while we had an assembly a week later, she showed the video as a "presentation". The same girl started crying again, while being shamed by the whole 5th grade and teachers. She didn't come back 3 months later, and when she did, our math teacher started crying because SHE was going to get fired from doing that, and was suspended from working at that school for 2 years.

  • lib xo
    lib xo Day ago +1

    In today's age, There is no need of teachers. We can learn everything online by just sitting at home. teachers just abuse there power

  • Shrikantiah TDR
    Shrikantiah TDR Day ago +1

    Going by these standards; 90% of the teachers in India will get fired and atleast 30% will face criminal charges.

  • iDawg
    iDawg Day ago


  • Saturn V
    Saturn V 2 days ago


  • ramdoms vids bg
    ramdoms vids bg 2 days ago


  • Elijah Barker
    Elijah Barker 3 days ago

    Anyone else notice that they had salt lake city way off?

  • Cꪊρi ᦔ ડꫝꪮt ꪑꫀ

    My 6th grade religion teacher watched the boys change for gym.

  • Brandon Robins
    Brandon Robins 3 days ago

    I had a teacher like Terrell. Gave me detention for acting out. I got ADHD and high functioning autism

  • EAMON 2020
    EAMON 2020 4 days ago +1

    i wonder if a feminist teacher who chases you around afetr school when you're dismissed because you didn't correct your own homework would make it onto this list

  • Reagan Strahm
    Reagan Strahm 5 days ago

    One time I groaned that we had a spelling test and my friend said “U don’t like spelling test” then my teacher said “He doesn’t like anything” then my other frien got involved so my teacher made fun of me the next day she did apologize but the principle did talk to her

  • dorothydandridge
    dorothydandridge 5 days ago

    Jolly ranchers in the hair is a cultural practice. I've seen it many times.

  • blackdvar gt
    blackdvar gt 5 days ago


  • Squid Gamer
    Squid Gamer 5 days ago

    i had a teacher who humiliated me. he called me and asked me if i rode the bus. i said yes but i missed it a lot. then he started laughing.

  • Adam Webb
    Adam Webb 6 days ago

    Who knew this would be click bait for a liberal agenda.

  • Hayden2
    Hayden2 6 days ago

    I have a teacher that gets in kids faces saying "Ms.(her name), Ms.(her name), I don't listen and I have questions." if they ask to many questions.

  • Anthony Delucia
    Anthony Delucia 6 days ago

    The only teacher I didnt like not get along with is my 7th and 8th grade math teacher she made fun of me for being disabled but my 7th and 8th grade history teacher is my best friend so it didn't upset me to much

  • cool stuff
    cool stuff 7 days ago

    British police wear blue and black mostly

  • cool stuff
    cool stuff 7 days ago

    The uk is not harry potter land we helped make the a bomb and also invented the computer look up alan turing soyeah (i knownits a joke dont worry im hust having a joke)

  • Random Tuber
    Random Tuber 7 days ago

    My 1st grade teacher bullied me :(

  • mkwebs
    mkwebs 7 days ago

    That first guy shouldn’t of gotten fired

  • Shiny Prisma Why is dead

    *of all places Indiana is on this list*

  • nightshade moonstone

    A pe teacher almost killed my brother by making him run even when he said he couldn't anymore

  • Luna Equinox
    Luna Equinox 7 days ago

    That autism one really got to me. As an autistic kid, I fear those kinds of things

  • Ron Becker
    Ron Becker 7 days ago

    Number 3 wasn't even a bad teacher though nor insane. (The art teacher)

  • Astin Vanhellsing
    Astin Vanhellsing 7 days ago

    Hey now the last one had a hint of misandry

  • ooftastic boi
    ooftastic boi 7 days ago

    This is my 2019 school year in imoji language

  • Brian Walters
    Brian Walters 8 days ago

    Yooooo that last one is off.
    The MALE teacher was the gyrating one giving the lapdance. Why TF was she fired!?!?

  • Casey Stuver
    Casey Stuver 8 days ago

    The hippie comment was a pretty biased comment that I don't find very professional.

  • Brian Walters
    Brian Walters 8 days ago

    So.. Homeboy got a lap dance and the chick got dragged? Nah blood...

  • Brian Walters
    Brian Walters 8 days ago

    The art teacher shouldn't have been fired

  • Noam Freeman
    Noam Freeman 8 days ago

    Oh wooooow now Canada’s only America’s tophat,
    Do we mean nothing to you?!

  • Zelda Williams
    Zelda Williams 8 days ago

    A facsimile of jagermeister.....😂

  • Phoenix Fire bird
    Phoenix Fire bird 8 days ago

    Notice how all these teachers are American ...

  • Giganfan1 & everyone else

    The one with dancing teachers, so a male teacher didn't get in trouble, but a female did? Is this sexist or am I hearing this wrong?

  • Izaak Zaharas
    Izaak Zaharas 9 days ago

    lol that last one 😂

  • Franklin Wang
    Franklin Wang 9 days ago +1

    I once had a teacher who would beat you with a ruler if you got a question wrong. My friend got bruises from her.

  • EJ Padilla
    EJ Padilla 9 days ago +2

    My religion teacher got fired because she said we needed an exorcism

  • Michelle Sim
    Michelle Sim 9 days ago

    Once my teacher slapped me
    And pinched other ppl ears
    Nothing happened to her she decided to quit

  • Dusttale Sans
    Dusttale Sans 10 days ago

    do you know my teacher called me deaf

  • Joan Mock
    Joan Mock 10 days ago

    My worst techer was my 4 grade techer now I have a chrush on her.

  • Kassi Beal
    Kassi Beal 10 days ago

    A kid was laughing in my class and My chemistry teacher stood on the chair had a breakdown yelling, threw a folder at us and quit the week before school was out. We all got As for the semester.

  • Nightbot Ok
    Nightbot Ok 10 days ago

    1000ths comment

  • Jakers13toga
    Jakers13toga 10 days ago

    I had a horrible Video teacher back in Middle school. When ever anyone would make a small mistake he would humiliate us in front of the entire class. He also forced all of his political beliefs on to us and the videos we made. Over all he was the worst person I’ve met.

  • Tremere
    Tremere 11 days ago

    No one is harsher to or more judgmental to women than other women

  • C Marshall
    C Marshall 11 days ago

    My school's old nurse was fired and arrested because it was found out she was having affairs with the students. You can find out more if you look up her name. I can tell y'all in YT's private messages tho

  • Luke Hofer
    Luke Hofer 11 days ago

    My science teacher slaps everyone

  • Bedhead 101
    Bedhead 101 11 days ago

    I had a teacher once who yelled at us and went on rambling about this and that and didn’t teach us anything.

  • ItsYaya T
    ItsYaya T 11 days ago

    You guys forgot Nicole Landry, who kicked a blk kid w/ Down syndrome in the head

  • Dakota Ream
    Dakota Ream 11 days ago

    the first one was amazing wym bad teacher

  • Eddi Hurta
    Eddi Hurta 12 days ago +2

    I was known as the demon kid before I hit high school, Than I was known as the Arsonist

  • Eddi Hurta
    Eddi Hurta 12 days ago

    My Teacher was named Miss Bacon...And one time I said "What's Shakin Bacon?" and she suspended me...After that I tortured her so bad she moved to Hawaii and I only seen her 1 time 20 years after that!

  • Shane van Boxtel
    Shane van Boxtel 12 days ago

    My princeple ones choked a kid he was fired of course

  • Chang Kade Yang
    Chang Kade Yang 12 days ago

    I got scolded by the teacher SO BAD for just not knowing how to open the door(the doors stuck obviously...)

  • Eliza S__
    Eliza S__ 13 days ago

    My mom had a meeting with my elementary school principal once and she said during the meeting the principal pulled out a half empty bottle of alcohol (it was also the middle of the school day)

  • Oski !
    Oski ! 14 days ago

    Why didnt u mention my english teacher?